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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Beautiful Spiritual Philosophy

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I came across a beautiful person who’s seems to always quote beautiful philosophy about life from many people so I thought I would gracefully share her with you today.  “Within sharing we have opened up new doors that where once closed through selfish designs”….Love Mathew

The good thing about philosophy is it doesn’t have to be of fact & logic but just of logical thought for in each philosophical view there is always logic. Faith believe it or not is also of logic to those who believe that faith is binding in bringing us together as one, what could be more logical than bringing us all together, “united we stand, divided we fall”.  

I thought I would share a recent discussion that I & another person had with this lovely lady as follow:

Zen Message of the Week: "If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of." ~Bruce Lee Submit your own Zen Message at:

Sue Rumack • Is there a difference between placing your energies on make work, time filling activities as an avoidance technique AND quiet contemplation and reflection without an attached activity? Both could be seen as wasting time.

Moon H. Cho • None of those activities are wasting time if you are spiritually happy and growing during the process.

Sue Rumack • agreed

G'day Moon
So apt, time is indeed wasted without the love of life however some like to waste others peoples time therefore life as we have seen so often in human history. Grow strong grow wise!!

Moon H. Cho • Mathew... This is a good point. Unfortunately, others wasting your time is part and parcel of life, so I try to have it minimized and surrender to it when it inevitably happens.

Mathew Naismith • Yes, don't fight it, accept it for what it is & move on but some of us haven't got the wisdom to do this sadly enough.

By not accepting this &/or ignoring it is non-accepting which denotes conflict however if we have the wisdom to accept then move on we are for no longer in conflict & fear of it's return.

Many people denounce the ego & have a fear of being of the ego again but if you accept it first one never has a fear of such things again & the ego within this process of acceptance will never come again as it was, automatically, I believe.

I do love your philosophy Moon, it's beautiful.

Spiritual philosophical views pertain to life itself not to any factual views usually but all philosophy pertains to logical thinking, we tend to put logics in relation to fact only but that isn’t actually the case.  “For there to be wonder one must wonder about what there is to wonder about in the first place for without this wonderment no logical explanation can be found to entice one to wonder”….Love Mathew. We tend to pertain logics to fields like science & law for instance but for one to wonder about being of faith one would need to wonder in logical form for there to be such wonderment to entice one towards such fields. “We need not separate logic from faith for in this can there only be further separation”…..Love Mathew. Spirituality & faith isn’t about separation but togetherness & oneness, because we perceive logic as being of certain fields we separate this from our beliefs & faiths as it presumably seems like an opposing field of thought & action but in this thought alone are we practicing in separation & division.   

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Objectivity as Opposed to Subjectivity

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would post this as it’s quite an interesting exchanged between people who believe in atheism as opposed to spiritualism as a whole. The problem with firmly believing in anything one can never make an objective remark to anything opposing such beliefs & in actual fact it is psychologically impossible depending on how dogmatic one is. This is a trap we all need to be wary of because if were not objective we are usually subjective which is conflictive & that is one thing we don’t need any more of in this world/reality in my mind.  

Related link:

G’day Paul

You’re very wrong with the vibration thing Paul.

A scientific experiment was conducted on how the brain reacts when people were meditating & singing hymns, with the person singing hymns the part of the brain that controls speech wasn’t active but they were still singing. How about the shrimp experiment, a plant in the next room reacted to the shrimp being boiled & of course I could go on. Most people who mediate think they stop thinking but of course they don’t but the brain does react quite differently when not in meditation or singing hymns.

Everything vibrates & of course one vibration will react to or with another vibration including thought & the human body. What a Sharman & witch doctor do is work with these vibration however scientifically unbeknown to them; nothings hoogly-boogly. 

How about bone pointing with the Australian aboriginals, if you believe it will react on your mind & body which has everything to do with psychology but it’s still all down to vibrations in how they react to another vibration. How about music how we react to different music which is but one vibration reacting to another vibration remembering thought is a vibration also our brain is made up of vibrative matter like the rest of our body so of course it’s going to react with & to other vibrations. 

You seem to have blind faith in science & others in spiritualism, I don’t have blind faith in either as it’s all a natural process especially when you understand how different vibrations react. There is absolutely nothing mystical or hoogly-boogly in the world only what we don’t understand as yet.

I wrote a quote some time ago: “There is nothing mystical about the unknown only the known, so if you are questioned about your beliefs in mysticism just say it’s only mystical to you as you not the understanding of something more than you believe!!!”.....Love Mathew

In regards to dogmatic scientists I did say certain scientists not all as you have said I stated.

If you can't prove it why say it can't possibly exist at all like yourself with the belief in Atheism, your saying, with this belief, that God or a creative consciousness can't possibly exist ever because that is what the belief in atheism means however agnosticism is different.

Look Paul I can see where you are coming from & I agree but only to a point, you’re taking this too far the other way to make any plausible objective remarks on this I feel.