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Monday, 6 July 2015

Do the Laws of Attraction Belong in Spirituality 2?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sorry people for the mix up, I woke up this morning and had to revise my post I posted on my blog yesterday, I was somewhat rushed yesterday and not in my normal space as such. 

It's approximately 36 hrs after I first posted this post on my blog, this is my third revision, this time mainly to do with with syntax errors. No one is perfect but what better way to learn than through actual experiences. No matter how imperfect you are, express yourself, actually, the more imperfect you are, the more you have to share because the more you have experienced, in other words, never try being perfect as you are a reflection of perfection by being imperfect through your valued imperfections!!          

The way we use the laws of attraction: Again there is an ambiguous answer to this question because the question itself is ambiguous, is the question referring to the laws of attraction defined by a controlling ego or not?  This makes a huge difference in the way we use such laws, to me a controlling ego doesn’t belong in true spirituality/religion, but at times the ego is needed to grow in awareness, this is of course only viable if we don’t become too fixated to such traits in the first place.

I will again use doctors and nurses, in opposition to multinationals and politicians, to explain this topic, this is due to certain groups of people using the laws of attraction in quite a different way to other groups of people.

Could you imagine multinationals and politicians attracting what nurses and doctors attract? We certainly use the laws of attraction in different ways, this I feel is due to how controlling the ego is, could you imagine a doctor only attracting a certain clientele?  Actually this does happen but only when such people are primarily controlled by the ego, most doctors and nurses use the ego to help all who are ill, not just the one’s they desire to help.

When religion/spirituality becomes destructive, what happens to cause this?  At the moment we are experiencing religious fanatical fundamentalism, we can certainly say in this case such religious people  have become fanatical but why have they truly attracted such traits?  The law of attraction is defined by how we think, or more precisely, what we have allowed to control us to attract such extremist ideologies, what actually creates/attracts such extremism in the first place?

You cannot have extremist ideological views unless you are controlled by the ego, it’s the controlling factors of the ego that creates such extremism, a non-controlling ego cannot create or attract such traits, this is natural law. It would be nice if more of us were aware in how the controlling ego influences us to express such extremist ideological views but that isn’t the case. This is due to us being quite unaware in how such controlling egos influence us in how we use the laws of attraction.

An example; you have multinationals westerners on one side who express high degrees of egotism and on the other side you have religious extremists doing the same, everybody else is what’s called the meat between the sandwich, in other words everyone who isn’t controlled by the ego is between these two, what is called egomaniacs, thrashing it out. In this case, the law of attraction on a collective human scale is defined  and primarily influenced by controlling ego’s, this is all about the laws of attraction being used to influence/control the collective.

Using the laws of attraction egotistically in this way, in my mind, never belonged in spirituality/religion, it’s always attracted destruction. Now lets look at doctors and nurses again or even shamans and spiritual healers as a whole, they use the laws of attraction in quite a different way, this is all due to being aware of how controlling the go can be.  Yes, at times some doctors and spiritual healers can become primarily influenced by the controlling ego, however, it’s usually less likely for a true spiritual healer to be influenced by such egoistic traits than a doctor, this is primarily due to such people being aware of how controlling and influentially destructive the  controlling ego can be. 

Now is a doctor or a spiritual healer  attracting ill people to primarily serve there own desires and even needs?  No, this is why the laws of attraction don’t belong in spirituality if influenced by a controlling ego, the ego will always influence us in this case to serve ourselves, to primarily serve our own desires. I see this happening so much in Westernised spirituality these day it’s not funny.

To me we need to be more aware in how we are using such laws, the new consciousness is to me all about being aware in how to constructively use such laws instead of misusing them, on the other hand the old consciousness is about demonizing everything not of our own personal ego.

How consciousness works: This brings us to how consciousness works, as a whole, and how the laws of attraction has everything to do with this consciousness, meaning, you can’t attract anything without consciousness. 

Consciousness I feel works in this way,  the way we look at the world defines what reality we will create, by judging a wrong or a right, worthy or unworthy, only enhances such unworthiness, in other words it’s our reactions to anything we are  ignorant too that defines how unworthy or wrong something is going to be. Demonizing the controlling ego, for example, only enhances it’s effects, the controlling ego obviously has a place within consciousness otherwise it wouldn’t exist, so it’s worthy, this however doesn’t mean me shouldn’t be aware of it’s destructiveness.

Another good point to be aware of; is destruction less worthy than being constructive? Most people would probably say yes but it’s not, the destruction of our body when we pass on is as much a natural occurrence than being born. Basically everything  and everyone is worthy no matter how they express consciousness, things become more destructive only when we react and judge an unworthy. Could have Hitler or Genghis Khan been so destructive if they didn’t judge something unworthy, once the ego takes control, we attract destruction, this is natural law for all living things. This might sound stupid to some people, but could you imagine the sun being egotistical, it would try to take over the universe and destroy everything else within this process, even itself. In  other words the sun would only attract destruction by destroying everything within its path by seeing everything else as being unworthy to itself.

In the West, we see religious extremists as being unworthy, has this not enhanced their destructiveness?  This is how consciousness works especially when controlled by the ego, we will only attract what we see and judge. The funny thing is, consciousness works in a simular way to psychology, you create what you think and feel.

The psychology of the collective consciousness; is worth being aware of through observation as opposed to judgment, this is due to judgment being created through  bias observations instead of unbiased observations. This is like how helpful it is being  aware of our own mind psychologically without bias, as we become more aware of the collective mind/consciousness, the healthier we will become and the more constructive the reality we will create. Basically, by becoming aware of the collective mind/consciousness, the more we are treating the illness that creates such realities. Being aware of how the controlling ego influences in how we use the laws of attraction, is a good step in the right direction in my mind.