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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Spirituality-A Contradiction Within Itself??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Contradictions occur quite often within spirituality so we need to know what firstly defines a contradiction? Opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas, being aware of our physical and non-physical selves is a contradiction, how could a limited perception perceive that we can be aware of existing in a physical form and non-physically at the same time, this is obviously a contradiction. Spiritual awareness on the other hand teaches us there are no true contradictions, this is mainly due to consciousness being infinite within it’s expressions.

When we use logical reasoning to reason, we are limited to these contradictions,  we are unable to become aware past these perceptions of contradictions, spiritual awareness doesn’t work like this.

Many times have I been told I’m contradicting myself even, surprisingly, from other people who are spiritually aware, this to me however is a huge compliment, it shows me how my own perception isn’t limited to human perception, especially human perception that are limited to these contradictions.

How can you be of motion and motionless at the same time and how can you be in oneness while experiencing a fragmented consciousness? To a mind that is unable to perceive past human perceptions, these are contradictions, this however stops these people from becoming aware of anything past these perceived contradictions.

It’s advisable not to listen to anyone who says that you are contradicting yourself, this is unless you are going to take this kind of statement as a compliment because it is a compliment. Anyone who doesn’t contradict themselves while becoming aware, are not truly becoming aware, this is like not making mistakes while learning, spiritual awareness works the same except it’s not a mistake to contradict yourself, it’s actually a  sign of one’s growing awareness.

Consciousness is so vast and infinite, at times it seems to contradict itself but it doesn’t, not when you become aware enough to know better.