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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Existing Without Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

Indigo: How can we exist without some form of control? The answer is simple, observe children that are brought up in an environment void of the conditioning of control. In my case, the children I observed where what is known as indigo children, indigo children being of our more natural abilities void of egotism. When you take egotism out of our conditioning, you will notice our natural abilities will automatically came back, this is to me is what is known as indigo children.

In my observation of these children there was no control, especially between siblings and peers. Yes, parents of these children were seemingly controlling through their protection and teachings but this isn't control, it is however a natural cycle of protection and teachings very much like the rest of the animal kingdom.

In a herd situation, you seemingly have dominant male and female presence, to anyone brought up with controlling conditioning, this dominance is going to be naturally presumed as control when all it is, is an indication of protection and teachings. I think an indigo family unit is a very good indication of a conditioning that is actually void of actual control.

Natural Cycles: Now the difference between the rest of the animal kingdom and man is egotism which brings on an urge to take control, this is instead of existing by natural cycles. Any form of egotism wants to take control, it basically doesn't like being influenced by natural cycles, this is quite different in a true indigo family unit and the rest of the animal kingdom and this is another thing, our egos don't like being connected with the rest of it's natural environment either. This kind of mentality is sadly enough worsening, this is especially apparent in the way we are destroying the rest of the animal kingdom and the environment as a whole, if it can't be used to our advantage, we destroy it, if it can, we destroy it through controlling it to serve our egotism.

What I am saying here is, any form of control indicates egotism, not just the  ego, however, it's important not to confuse this control with our natural abilities of protecting, teaching and nurturing, one is of ego, the other of egotism. This also includes protecting, teaching and nurturing ourselves, I think it's important to understand this.

When we learn from others to better protect, teach and nurture ourselves, we are actually going with the flow of our natural cycles, this however changes if the protection, teachings and nurturing are more about control. In other words, when the protection, teachings and nurturing are more based on egotism than ego, this is a good indication of a conditioning purely based on control.

A Controlling Substance: In actuality, the less control we express, the more harmonious will be the reality we create. In the animal kingdom, when an animal isn't being hunted or hunting or influenced by other natural stressful occurrences, they exist in pure bliss, however, a human being conditioned by control, can never exist in this kind of pure bliss, why? Because the ego has a never ending thirst or desire for more and more, the more it desires, the more it destroys and controls.

Feeding our egotism through control, will only create a very fleeting transitory bliss, mainly because anything usually created through control, is in rejection or opposition to the natural cycles we exist in. One thing to consider here though, it's also natural for egotism to reject an existence controlled by natural cycles, this kind of existence however will create quite a chaotic existence as you could imagine. Any other force in oppositions to these natural cycles, will naturally and automatically create realities of chaos.

But we don't desire this kind of reality, so what do we do, we still use control to create a better existence, it's however quite obvious this isn't working because we are still using the very same thing that created the chaotic reality we are trying to change, control. This was going to naturally occur because we are conditioned from birth to control and be controlled.

It's strange to think that the people who desire to change this reality into something more constructive, haven't learnt from their environment, it's control that has caused us to create a chaotic environment in the first place, you can't use the same thing that created a chaotic reality to create a more harmonious reality. We might think here it's all to do with the way we use control, the thing with control is it has nothing to do with protecting, teaching and nurturing, yes, the ego will tell us otherwise but our environment, when observed void of controlling conditioning, tells us something quite different, usually the truth that the ego doesn't like and will most likely refute.  

Now we might also think the weather, like the animal kingdom, is all about control and controlling us but it's not. The weather is all about a natural cycle, this is until man influences this cycle through his controlling conditioning that is. Yes, the weather is influential but it's not influentially controlling, the weather isn't trying to influence us for it's own means, it's just going through it's natural cycles without any intentions. This is another big difference between man's controlling conditioning and the rest of creation, no other part of existence exists purely based on intentions. I think it's worth being aware, even when we have intentions to create a better existence, we are still trying to control a chaotic existence to suite our own desires.

I look at control as a controlling substance like alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking, they are all based on control, the funny thing is, we haven't got control, the substance we are feeding our desires with has. In our case, it's egotism that has got control as soon as we use control to control ourselves and the rest of our environment.

Yes, I look at control as a intoxicating substance because it's just as highly intoxicating as alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking, especially when used excessively, which is usually brought about by our reaction to something in life. Basically, as we use alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking in reaction, we also use control in the same way and  the more we react, the more intoxicated and  drug-addicted we become to control, it of course makes us feel so good!! It's really advisable to stay well and truly clear of control to create a more harmonious reality in my mind, just go with the natural flow and forget about what egotism is trying to sucker you into is my advise but as usual, I could be quite incorrect here.

If our controlling conditioning instantly disappeared, this reality would turn into a reality quite unimaginable to a lot of people, it would feel like pure bliss. This reality for some people already exists, it's not a fallacy or wishful thinking, it's a reality based not on more control but less control. You take away our controlling conditioning, you take away the chaos in our lives, it's as simple as that.    

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Coping Better with Natural Life Cycles

Written by Mathew Naismith

A natural life cycle; is in reference to numerological and astrological aspects of one’s life, what we are born into that reflects and influences our thoughts and actions. This is an individual scale of influence, collectively we are also influenced by these cycles on a collective scale. Take the Mayan calendar for an example, such calendars talk about cycles of influence on a massive collective scale, for example, we are now entering into a period that is more influenced by the feminine rather than the masculine, in other words we are going to be more predominantly influenced by the famine self. This doesn’t mean we are not going to express the masculine, it just means we are going to be more expressive of  the feminine self within this cycle.

The masculine cycle to me was about being expressive of the ego and everything of the ego, this meant also being in a cycle that is conductive to egotism. The feminine cycle is also about the ego but on a different scale of things. We are going to learn more in how to express the ego without being overly and predominately expressive of egotism. This means we are going to now learn how to express the ego more femininely instead of masculinely, in other words the expression of the ego is going to be far more passive.

Like any cycle if we were more aware, this cycle, that was predominately influenced by the masculine, could have been expressed in a more passive way, we could have made these experiences of such cycles a lot less chaotic, it really didn’t need to be as chaotic to the extent we expressed it. Yes, we were going to express egotism, this was always going to be apart of this cycle, but, we didn’t have to express this cycle to the extent we did. This cycle was naturally influenced by the masculine which allows us to experience, especially at the soul level, various aspects of egotism, we however didn’t need to be so masculinely expressive.

Spiritual awareness; is also to me about being aware of certain expressions without actually having to physically express such expressions, if we were aware, we could have expressed egotism without the such physical affects. This actually occurred, many spiritually aware people, and spiritualists, experienced such egotism through their awareness without actually being physically expressive of such traits. Buddha is a very good example of this, he made himself aware without giving in and expressing such traits, this state is of course called an enlightened experience.

But in all we obviously chose, at the soul level, to be as expressive as we were of the masculine to the extent of expressing egotism physically to it’s maximum. Of course if we were more aware, we would have known that we didn’t have to empress the masculine to the extent we did, instead we deliberately stayed unaware so we could be as expressive of such traits as we were.

You look back to what these spiritual people tried to teach us, you can see that they were trying to teach us to be aware of these traits without having to be as physically expressive as we were of such traits. We were made aware but we lacked the wisdom to carry out these instructions, in other words we chose to allow such cycles to influence us to the maximum physical effect.

Such extreme expressions do however have a purpose, we are now aware of how each cycle can influence us to the extreme making such experiences quite unnecessarily chaotic. If we were aware, to the extent of knowing we didn’t have to be so physically expressive of such traits, we needn’t have had to experience the associated chaos from such a cycle as we did. However, because we kept ourselves unaware, these extreme expressions became a necessity, we are now aware of how each cycle influences us and how we can lesson the affects of such cycles by just being aware. All we have done is express consciousness to the extreme.  

We are at a stage we need to become aware, this cycle we are entering into will assist us in this but only if we detach ourselves from the last cycle. It’s not easy for the ego to let go of egotism, after all it’s the only expression the ego knows how to express. The ego really doesn’t want to know of any other expression as a child doesn’t want to know of the hardships and tribulations of adulthood, after all, a child should be expressive of just being a child. The thing is, we are no longer children on a collective scale, we need to grow up and accept the next cycle as each cycle is awareness building.  Can a life cycle of a human being stay a child, stay within the cycle of a child?  The natural progression through human cycles is inevitable, we too on a collective scale need to be aware that collectively we are also governed by cycles, we need to be aware that we need to accept each cycle as it comes along as we do while going through each human cycle. To me, I see the collective cycle working in the same way as our human cycles, we need to learn to embrace each and every cycle as it comes along.                     

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ascending or Expanding on Our Awareness???

Written by Mathew Naismith

Are we ascending from a state that is less worthy or just expanding on our awareness? 

Rising up: In my last post I spoke about ascending, as in widening our awareness to our truer self as opposed to rising above a deemed unbecoming state of some kind. I received an interesting response to this post, ascending means to rise, this is true but rising above another deemed or judged state doesn’t quite fit within true spirituality. Once we judge a state less worthy than another, we have separation when we should be working towards oneness, in other words instead of more separation while becoming more aware, we should be less about separation not more I feel.

To rise up out of what, a lower level of existence? This is judgment and separation to start with, ascension to everyone doesn't mean to rise up.

Ascension in spirituality for some people means to expand on one's awareness, this can be often seen as rising up out of an unaware state but that's not what is actually happening, especially when you consider we are always in an ascended state. How can you ascend (rise) from an already ascended state?

The reason we don't think we are ascended is because we are unaware of this, all what being ascended means is becoming aware of our ascended state, a state of oneness, it's all to do with an expansion of awareness, not the rising up of awareness.

Instead of explaining this awareness as an expansion, we explain it as an ascension, a rising up out of a state of ignorance. It's really not the right terminology to use in spirituality in my mind.

The reason we use ascension is it feels like we are rising up out of an unaware state, however, you can’t become aware unless you are unaware to start with, this is like ascending, you can’t ascend when you are already ascended. Actually there is no such thing as ascension, to have an ascension you need an unascended state to start with, this unascended state  only exists because we are unaware of our truer nature, our truer self. They don’t call it spiritual awareness for no reason, spiritual awareness to me is about becoming aware of our truer nature, not ascending from a judged unworthy state.

I very rarely say what people want to hear, people want to hear we are ascending which is quite understandable, we don’t exactly exist in a harmonious constructive existence. Any feeling of rising above such an existence is going to feel like an actual ascension, a rising above a most unbecoming state of existence. This is fine but only to a certain point, once we judge what is and isn’t an ascended state, we have more separation when we should be doing quite the opposite. There is absolutely no separation in  a true oneness state, the more aware we become, the more of this oneness we are of, or should be!!

An expansion of awareness; as opposed to an ascension, means while we are becoming aware, the more likely we will experience states of oneness, this is due to not separating an ascended state from a non-ascended state for example, there is only oneness no matter what we experience. This is why I see ascension as an expansion of awareness rather than a rise from a judged unworthy conscious expression/experience. Is a destructive inharmonious existence unworthy or even wrong? No, because  it’s just another way to express consciousness, instead of going with the flow, we go against it, the reason we go against it is because we are unaware of the natural flow of cycles. This choosing to go against the flow is natural believe it or not, what isn’t natural is the actual expression of going against the flow.

Look at it this way, it is natural for man to war because he’s so unaware of his natural state, it’s not natural for him to war to the extent of total extinction of man and beast. The more aware we become, the more natural will be our state of existence, this is all due to expanding on our awareness, not rising up from an unnatural state. Warring is not an unnatural state if such consciousness is unaware, it’s not unworthy, what is unworthy is warring when we are supposed to be aware.

Not accepting the continuous passing cycles is going against the natural flow of these cycles, however, while in an unaware state of consciousness, this action is natural to an unaware state of existence, what isn’t natural is the continuation of rejecting such cycles to the bitter end. Each cycle is awareness building, do we go against this natural flow and ignore such awareness building cycles until the end?  It’s really unnatural to exist primarily for an end, this is because there is no true end of anything, energy itself is infinite. Does any other animal exist to utterly destroy it’s own species and everything else? We are actually in an unnatural state but it doesn’t make this state of existence unworthy, what it make it is self destructive.

The natural cycle: Being self-destructive isn’t unworthy, it’s just another way to express this consciousness no matter how unnatural such expressions seem. Being self-destructive is but another cycle, however, it’s not a natural cycle, a natural cycle is about becoming more aware of our natural selves, our truer selves, as each cycle passes. Yes you could say we are ascending from such a state but it’s more that we are expanding on our awareness as each cycle passes.

We can indeed keep judging what is and isn’t worthy, trying to rise up to a better existence is  judging an unworthy, however, what has judging what is and isn’t worthy got to do with oneness?  It can be quite difficult not judging what is an isn’t worthy so how do we perceive past what is and isn’t worthy? One answer to this is oneness, don’t just think that oneness exists, be that existence of oneness itself, the way to do this is stop judging what is and isn’t worthy. Everything is just an expression of consciousness, once we judge what is and isn’t worthy of the expressions of this consciousness, we create realities just like we are experiencing right now.

To me ascending is an expansion of awareness, not the rising up from an unworthy state of consciousness. If we haven’t judged a right or wrong, why are we ascending, as in rising, from a certain state of existence when there is no true right or wrong?  We are still judging a right or wrong, an unworthy and a worthy, all this is going to do is continue the existence we are experiencing at present. Real reality changing takes us to  think and express consciousness quite differently to what we are conditioned to express, in my mind this will take us to desist in judging a worthy and an unworthy, a wrong or a right.

What creates chaos? Motion, each  expression of consciousness represents motion, judging a right or wrong, worthy or unworthy represents a huge amount of motion, the more motion we express, the more chaos we will create and express. This is why in real spirituality they tell us to quell the mind which lessons our motions of expressions and in turn the chaos in our lives. I don’t always do this myself because I haven’t judged what is and isn’t worthy of expressing, I’m quite happy to go along with everyone else’s expressions of consciousness.

Chaos: The point is, I see many people wanting to rise up out something unworthy to find a better way to exist , if we truly want a better existence, what I’m saying is stop intentionally trying to rise up out of what is judged as unworthy, all this is doing is causing more ripples, more motion which in turn causes more chaos. I see a need from people to expand on their awareness so they can go along with the natural flow of these cycles, not against them and certainly  without causing any ripples to this natural flow.

Recently, while in thoughtless states, the first messages I receive is, “this is a strange or funny existence”, this is in reference to avoiding going along with the natural flow of these cycles, why would any consciousness deliberately choose to do this?  It’s really only deliberate because we are still quite unaware of what life would be like if we went along with these natural cycles. Many of us are also fixated to such cycles so we avoid going on to the next cycle. There is nothing worthy or unworthy about physicality itself, this reality, at present it’s just not in line with the natural prepossess of these cycles. These cycles represent motion but what makes these motions really chaotic is the way we react against them instead of with them.

Adolescent stage: I wrote some time ago about how human kind is coming into it’s adolescent stage, this is very much in line in how the human kind of adolescence behaves, the reactions to life and the awareness of life one has at this stage, is the same on a human collective scale. We think we know it all at this stage so we stumble through life making numerous mistakes and unnecessary hardship upon ourselves, we can simply avoid this by going along with the natural flow of the life cycle of humans. Each human cycle is a awareness building from infancy to old age, what I feel we are doing at present on a collective human scale is fighting against entering into the next cycle of life of awareness expanding.

Yes, it’s daunting becoming an adolescent, it’s not an easy stage to get through but we could on a collective scale make this cycle a lot smoother going but we seem to be deliberately avoiding going through this cycle, we would rather rise up to being an adult straight up from childhood or avoid going on to the next natural cycle all together.

I know my perspectives are strange and quite unbecoming or incomprehensible all together for a number of people, all I’m trying to do is give everyone a different perspective, my perspectives are certainly not gospel, they are just a different perspective.