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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Humbling Ourselves - The Soul Spectrum

Written by Mathew Naismith

If you are unable or unwilling to try to comprehend other perspectives and perceptions, this post is definitely not for you. Comprehending other perspectives and perceptions doesn't mean you replace one with the other or your own with someone else's, it just means acquiring the ability to understand other conscious entities perspectives and perceptions. Basically, becoming aware beyond the limitations of human perspectives and perceptions create.

Now I didn't label/head this post with, Humbling Ourselves - The Soul Spectrum, for no reason. Usually when referring to the soul, I would make reverence to the soul as a level. The soul level as opposed to human level, how else in a 3rd dimension can we make reverence without differentiating one state to another without making reference to a level?  I used spectrum because spectrum is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum. It's important to remember this as spectrum is not limited to a specific set of values, however,  levels are often  in reference to specific set values, basically, levels are limiting, spectrums aren't.

I am quite aware that I am humbling myself in reverence to human consciousness in relation to the soul spectrum. By experiencing human consciousness, my soul is humbling itself.  Now we might think I am making reference to a level here, being that the human consciousness is obvious in it's lack of awareness for only in ignorance can a consciousness become destructive but I'm not. I don't have a destructive soul by nature but some souls are destructive by nature, this is not defining levels, it's actually defining a spectrum as each soul consciousness is as varied as each human consciousness. Human consciousness thinks in levels, our souls consciousness thinks in spectrums, however, if a soul is destructive by nature, the soul itself will also think in levels.

We might then think that some human consciousness's also think in spectrums, as some human consciousness's are not destructive by nature, this however isn't the case as we often forget we are firstly of the soul and secondly of human. Quite often the souls consciousness influences the human spectrum/consciousness, when this occurs, the human consciousness is then no longer primarily of human consciousness, it becomes the souls consciousness. It's difficult for a lot of us to perceive but the soul is not human or of human consciousness, so when we are influenced by the soul, we are no longer primarily of human consciousness even though we are still physically and mentally human.          

I should point out here that science has confirmed, in various ways, that we indeed have a soul or a consciousness that can exist apart from physicality.

This is great when an obvious constructive soul is influential upon human consciousness, however,  what occurs when an obvious destructive soul is influential upon the human consciousness? The world around us at present is a good example of what occurs when obvious destructive souls are more influential upon human consciousness. It's wise to be aware that souls, destructive or constructive by nature, are not of human consciousness, in actuality, it's these different souls spectrums that has formed/created human consciousness to what it is today.

So is there a human consciousness as such?

In reference to spectrums, no, in reference to levels, yes, remembering, levels make reference to limitations, spectrums however have no limitations as they are variable.

Human consciousness is created from non-human consciousness, the reason why human consciousness is what it is, has to do with the influence different souls spectrums have had upon it, in a sense, human consciousness is also variable within it's varied expressions even though human consciousness is predominantly influenced by levels, these levels of course limit human consciousness. Human consciousness is quite amazing actually within it's variations of influences that human consciousness is created from.

So are all souls humbling themselves to human consciousness?

When we consider that only in ignorance can a consciousness become destructive, it is obvious that not all souls are humbling themselves to human consciousness but is this truly the case. We might now presume that souls that are destructive by nature, are not humbling themselves for human consciousness as a whole isn't as destructive as some souls are, meaning, human consciousness is less destructive as some souls. We might then think because human consciousness is less destructive than some souls are, these souls that are destructive by nature, can't possibly be humbling themselves as human consciousness is less destructive compared to their own souls consciousness, this isn't actually the case however. Because some souls are destructive by nature, experiencing a less destructive consciousness is humbling themselves to human consciousness.

Ignorance is obvious within it's destructive tendencies and awareness is obvious within it's constructive tendencies. A soul that is destructive by nature, humbles itself to a consciousness that is less destructive while a soul that is constructive by nature, is also humbled by a more destructive consciousness. The human consciousness spectrum is variable therefore all less variable consciousness's will be humbled by human consciousness. If we measure human consciousness by levels, human consciousness is either horrid or beautiful, however, when we perceive human consciousness in spectrums, it's neither one or the other because human consciousness is too variable within it's influences brought about by variable souls that influence such a consciousness.

In all, every soul seems to be, to one extent or another, humbling itself to human consciousness. The reason for this lies in the spectrums of human consciousness, not the levels of human consciousness.

In a sense human consciousness is beautiful within it's variations, it's quite amazing actually but only because I perceive the spectrums of human consciousness, not measure human consciousness by levels. Levels define a limitation and judgment, spectrums define limitlessness and an unbiased observation.