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Monday, 7 December 2015

The Evolution of Going Home

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post isn't going to be for everyone, I suppose none of my posts are. It's for anyone who feels out of sorts with this reality or for anyone who knows and/or feels this reality isn't who they really are. If this post helps out just one person who feels like this, it's all worth it.  

If you at any time feel you are not at home and at ease within this chaotic reality, you are firstly not alone and secondly, if you are feeling uncomfortable with this reality, don't ignore it, it's probably a good sign you don't belong in such a reality. We might think here, "of course we belong in this reality, we are here within this reality and not in some other reality!!". This isn't actually the case, just because you are here within this reality, doesn't mean you belong in this reality, however, it doesn't mean you don't belong either, it just means this reality is no longer an expression of your inner being.

The inner being or the inner self is all about being home. This is home to us no matter how we express ourselves within realities like this one, you can however separate yourself from this inner being to the extent of feeling you are what the reality you are presently experiencing, this of course is never the case in my mind, however, you do belong where you feel you belong and it's this feeling you should never try to ignore otherwise you will feel you belong nowhere. This feeling of belonging nowhere is quite common actually.

This might be hard to believe but to a lot of people, this is a very enlightening time, the chaos in the world is telling us who feel different that you no longer belong here, this isn't home, home is in quite a different reality. For other people however, realties like this one are still going to feel like they belong and this is home, this is who they really are, this of course isn't the case but you must always go with what you feel.

Experiencing another reality from your home reality is like leaving home, all of a sudden you find yourself in quite a different reality a lot of times, this chaotic reality is sort of like when we leave our family home the first time, it can be scary and/or exciting. This reality is like an adventure, when the adventure gets too rough for our liking,  we go back home, even if it's only for a short time. Of course if your family home is also chaotic and in discord, the adventure of a new reality is always going to seem more appealing.

This is the difference between your family home and your spiritual home, your spiritual home is never chaotic and in discord.

To me, this reality is like an adventure away from our real home, it only becomes home if we lose our connection with our spiritual home. Spirituality by the way has always had the purpose of reconnecting our human consciousness with the collective consciousness, this is home. We are not  aware of spirituality for no reason, it's always had a reason of being there within our lives.

It's strange to think the chaos in the world is reawakening our human consciousness to the collective consciousness, it's like bringing us back to reality, the adventure has run its course, it's time to go back home. Some of us are listening to this and some of us aren't, it's obvious some of us want to continue the adventure and some of us don't, it's time to go home as we realise this adventure isn't home, it's but an adventure that some of us want to call home. The illusion is that it's only an adventure, it was never home to us, yes, home is where you make it, that is what we have done until our reawakening. We have made ourselves right at home in realities like this one but in a truer sense they will never represent our real home.

I'm going to go off topic a bit here but for a very good reason.  

I had someone recently ask how can they become more accepting, they wanted to be more accepting of others and their ways and of themselves.

In recent items, I've spoken about black and white perceptions, that such perceptions give us a realisation of a wrong or right, negative and positive, good and bad, in everything. What would happen  if we didn't express this black and white perception?  This would actually mean we wouldn't judge a black person from a white person just by the colour of their skin. We also wouldn't judge my ideology is the be and end all above all other ideologies because one isn't right above all other perceived wrongs. We are indeed conditioned from birth to think purely in a black and white perception in most cases.

How accepting can anyone be when expressing such a perception?  I said to this person to firstly desist in judging a right and wrong in  everything including yourself, This is basically saying to stop judging through a wrong and right, once you can do this, you will become a lot more accepting of yourself and everything else around you.

Now what has this got to do with going home?

Like I stated previously in this post, your spiritual home is never chaotic and in discord, this means to really go home, we need to desist in any disdain we have, this means stop judging what is or isn't a right or wrong, black and white, about the present reality we are presently experiencing.

Don't try to focus on what we deem as wrong or negative of expressing, instead focus on our spiritual home rather than the adventure itself. The more we focus on this home of ours, the less chaos and discord we will feel and the more at home we will be, the adventure after all is telling us to go back home, the adventure itself has run it's course and served it's purpose of just being an adventure away from home!!