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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Spiritual Crossroads, What To Do!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m having an interesting chat at the moment with a very insightful lass of the name of Anita Stevanović in relation to one of Anita’s posts on Google community on the topic of inner peace. 

Most of us, including myself, are at crossroads between old world mentalities and new world mentalities, this crossroad isn’t easy to traverse for most of us. One of the reasons I think this is one is proven and the other not so proven, yes old mentality might be judged as being chaotic but at least it’s proven where’s this new mentality isn’t….well actually that isn’t quite true if we looked back in human history.

Before the Christian crusades, all religious orders were accepted under the protection of the Muslims, most of them lived quite contently and securely together for a few hundred years until the crusades.  At times during the crusades, these other religious orders fought alongside of the Muslims to protect their dominions against the Christian crusaders. This wasn’t altogether of this new world mentality, because it was still about destruction and dominance, but it gives us a slight insight of how new world mentality actually works to an extent.  So in affect, this new world mentality of constructiveness as opposed to destructiveness has been proven to work even though it was still under a dominance of a Muslim ruler and protector.

There is another big difference between the old and new world mentality, one is dominated by a controlling destructive ego and the other one isn’t.  A controlling ego just doesn’t fit within the criteria of this new world mentality, if there is any controlling ego there is no new world mentality, the controlling ego is only of old world mentality I believe because it’s the driving force behind old world mentality .  

Now let’s look at our present mentalities, many are at cross roads of the old and new, some are just of the old and some mostly of the new, we have got to expect some kind of discord between these variations of mentality.  Recently I have become aware of this within my discussions and disagreements with others, some disagreements with others run smoothly but others are totally conflictive, why the difference?

I realise I’m one of those people at these crossroads, because I don’t judge old mentality as being bad or even negative, I’m too accepting of old world mentality which is obvious because I’m still at the crossroads after many years of being spiritually/scientifically aware. I realised when I’m in a disagreement with people who are more into this new mentality the discussion doesn’t become conflictive. When I’m in a discussion with people who are also at these crossroads, between old and new mentalities, the discussion is more likely to become conflictive however it’s still unlikely that the discussion will turn into name calling and making destructive insinuating remarks towards each other.  When in discussion with people who are more into the old world mentality that is when these discussions can turn into something quite unbecoming and destructive which I believe is represented by a controlling ego.

We all have a right to view the world through whatever mentality we accept as we have a right to express this acceptance; the problem is we just don’t understand why we are not accepting of each other’s views when expressed.  

It has become quite obvious recently I no longer belong within the old world mentality so I, like many, need to move on from these crossroads.  The noticeably wider gap between my old and new world mentality has obviously become too conflictive and harmful to me and others for me to hang onto. I realise it’s no longer productive for me to hang onto any part of this old world mentality any longer no matter how accepting I am of it. The signs are there for all of us to move on; all we have to do is become aware of them.