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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Feeling the Rush II

Written by Mathew Naismith

I ended up with some interesting reactions in regards to my last post, the contrasting reactions surprised me somewhat. I’ve inserted one of the replies in this post from a Warren Sutherland as I found it quite interesting and compelling, I hope you will too.

Our True Identity is what's called a paradox: the physical self, and the reflected self.

Zero(reflection) One(physical) separating the understanding of our identity is the start of an amazing journey, leading to the center of who you are individually and the same truth all life shares.

The truth of your identity if realized, will put your ego in it's proper place.

The ego has its function, and is necessary in order to grow, improve the understanding of ourselves, otherwise we just grow complacent.

The mind is always comparing good and evil, rich and poor, past and future, greater than or less then and never equal to.

The mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.

Most think the mind is the most important organ in our body because of its contained wisdom.

However the heart has a more ancient wisdom and knowing that the whole body stems from the heart, contains a deeper more ancient wisdom.

The heart, that is where our true identity is known and it lives in the now or present moment.

Feelings are the true universal language, since we are always feeling something every moment of our lives it speaks truth more than our voice.

When someone is filled with emotion like sadness or anger they don't need to speak or say the issue, because the feelings are speaking loud enough.

Everyone can sense it, and know it without verbal confirmation because we pick up the vibrations that they send out and we interpret them to the best of our ability, that we can identify with.

Feeling who you are is the truth flooding through you, that rush feeling you were talking about is more pure light flowing in than we have ever allowed before.  

Mind: To me the mind is ego which is human consciousness however our feelings are more to do with universal coscnioiuness, if the ego mind is in control, (the master), it can turn these universal conscious feelings/messages into lusts/desires I believe. You can see now how the mind, while being the master/controller, is able to manipulate and screw up a perfect message turning it into what I call fragmented consciousness which is what human consciousness is, in my mind and everybody else’s mind I feel.

Heart: The heart or heart centre of ourselves, once brought forward, can quite automatically, like Warren stated, “will put your ego in it's proper place.” This means if you haven’t found your heart you will always struggle to tame the ego, in other words, stop it being the master. Meditation and other spiritual practices certainly help with this however you will always have to struggle with it to one extent or another.  

I would advise here that no one look at struggling with the ego as a bad thing; this will only bolster the ego to become even more controlling unless you want it to be more controlling that is!!  

I have on many occasions come across people who said they have no or little ego however when pressed you, and sometimes they, find out they really didn’t have the ego controlling factors under the master of the heart but the mind. Believe it or not, the heart centre of oneself never lusts but the mind consistently lusts this is why it’s a good idea to quieten the mind through various practices.

This is funny stating the heart never lusts but when you think on this when we feel love, love only becomes lust when we think not when we only feel.  It’s the mind playing it’s usual tricks on us.  However the ego isn’t bad just because it plays these tricks on us, we make it seem bad when we allow it to be the master rather than the slave to the heart and our feelings.

Emotions: Warren is quite correct again in mind when he mentioned about how we should be able to pick up on other people’s emotions, empaths of course are good at this. The problem with most of us is we allow the ego mind to master it over our heart centre and feelings, once we learn to allow the heart and the massages from our heart, (our feelings), to become master over the ego mind we will become empathic quite automatically I believe.

The rush: It’s amazing when we become more aware and knowing of this rush how it can and does transform our lives but only if we want the heart to master over the ego controlling ways. The heart never really becomes master/controller but a pacifier to the ego, in other words the ego becomes slave through pacification of the ego passively. It’s truly beautiful and electrifying only because we still have an ego but an ego that is pacified and not dominant for once.  

Again don’t take anything written here as the utter truth, it’s only an expression of feelings!! 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spirituality-Feeling the Rush

Written by Mathew Naismith

Becoming spiritually aware can be totally electrifying exciting our emotions to emotions that we never thought existed or could never possibly experience in such a reality.  We can feel utter bliss where’s before we felt despair so of course we are going to protect these feelings against anything that remotely threatens such emotions.

What would be the point in becoming spiritually aware through many trials and tribulations to have it squandered away by yet more negativity. At the human level of understanding we are going to avoid this and rightfully so but have you ever asked yourself, “Why are my emotions so electrified?”  Most of us will say it’s because of our newly found awareness but that I feel is only partially so. What if we had always lived with these electrifying emotional feelings, would the effects of such occurrences be as compelling and electrifying?

If we didn’t have such a contrasting reality to these electrifying feelings would these feelings be as electrifying?  I believe divine beings don’t get such a rush as we do as their emotions are more controlled by being consistently in this state of physical omission. It’s the norm for the divine to feel this electrifying ecstasy so until they come in contact with less aware beings this rush doesn’t seem to exist for them in the same way it does for us. What I feel gives them this rush is less aware people’s reaction to such spiritually induced emotions; they can feel our electrifying reactions to these emotions.

The big question is now, who is really divine to whom and is spiritual awareness all about feeling this electrifying ecstasy? I feel it’s all about feeling this electrifying feelings, that is what makes us aware of the light within in the first place, after this it becomes the norm like a lot of actual spiritualists have obtained to one extent or another.  The question is now is, where do these electrifying feelings and this light come from in the first place?

That’s an easy question to answer, from the divine within.

Actual spiritualists don’t get this rush mainly because it’s of the ego unless it has a purpose beyond their desires.  They still feel extremely enlightened but it’s different to the actual rush that a less aware person experiences, it’s very similar to a divine entity as it’s a far more controlled emotion mainly because their emotions aren’t driven by the ego. 

So what is the difference between an enlightened person and a divine entity? 

One still has an issue with the ego and the other hasn’t.  A spiritualist knows the ego is always present; it’s all around them for starters however a divine entity doesn’t have this problem, that is what makes them divine I suppose.  The divine are able to experience and enjoy these emotional rushes through less aware beings without the threat of the ego becoming controlling again. Yes spiritualists can do this but only to a certain extent, they are quite aware they are not divine or should be aware of such things.

This comes back to the question, who is divine to whom, really? Is it what gives the divine these rushes or is it the divine that gives rushes of electrifying emotions to less aware beings? To answer this clearly we should remember these rushes create pure light that is why they are so emotionally electrifying to us.  What gives a light bulb it’s glow, electrifying an element of course, what is above is also below, same principle believe it or not!!

The paradox is, if we didn’t have the divine within we wouldn’t glow however I feel if we didn’t have the lesser aware self the divine wouldn’t glow as it does through lesser aware beings as ourselves.  The divine is the electricity and we are the glow, a balance made in heaven believe it or not as they both serve each other. 

Please don’t take what I have written here as gospel, it’s not.