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Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Collective Reality of Free Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

I found the following thread worth sharing; it’s about letting go of beliefs that have programmed us to believe in certain ways, discarding anything else other than what a certain belief tells us to believe. The conclusion is this has nothing to do with thinking for ourselves.  We need to relearn to think for ourselves again which will take away the pain thus lead us to the light.  Robbie also gives us some handy hints in doing just this within his thread.

Story + Belief

Ok, as regulars here know, I am constantly searching within to release pain, and shift my consciousness. Recently I have a couple more things that have made a world of difference for me, and can for you too.

In the past I have posted about changing beliefs in our subconscious minds. I know this can be difficult sometimes as there may already be opposing beliefs within that resist change. They are not being difficult, it's really a math thing (i.e. +2 + -2 = 0 = resistance/cancelling out). So how do you get that +2 to stick? You need to remove the -2.

Two things that helped:

Brian Grasso - FTR Nation (FTR = Free-thinking Renegades) - regarding our "story"

Seth: The Nature of Personal Reality - awesome book!! - regarding our beliefs and much more to be honest (half way through the book. I highly encourage anyone of the path of self discovery/re-membrance to get this book.)

Here are techniques I am using with myself to great effect, and can you for you too.

The Story. We tell ourselves a story about ourselves and Life. Problem is we think it's true, and so believe, perceive, create, and receive what we believe in. I did not understand that I could change my story, and that was a difficulty for me, and likely for many others. So, point is, simply start telling yourself a different story. You do not need to struggle and be frustrated, but if you tell yourself that old story....

Example: Old story "I am filled with pain and must heal. I am unhappy, and will be happy eventually. I can't afford.. not enough.. (you get the idea). Look at that story, and wow, there it is made manifest. New story: "All of me is in balance, alignment, and harmony. I send/receive peace, love, joy, harmony, oneness, gratitude, and abundance." See the difference there? Huge difference. So, bottom line, be aware of the story you tell yourself about you and Life. The inner self listens constantly and takes as true what you input. (input = output)

Belief: We believe things are true as we grow up ("learning" from the outside-inward). The thing is none of it is really true, however we do not know this, and take what we are told about ourselves and Life is true. Not so. That is only apparent truth (appears to be, because you believe it you experience it), and not absolute truth (remember, Life is actually an illusion, 99% pure space according to science). I have been going through my belief system, and evaluating every belief that comes up, and determine if this represents who I really am in the Now. Most of these beliefs are not resonant with my true self. How to work with beliefs...

Example: "I'm not good enough. Humans suck, we are terrible and destroying ourselves and our planet. I can't afford it. I am unhealthy, and overweight." What you believe, you receive (note: Believe = Be Living). Here's what I do: "I have decided I do not believe that I am not good enough. I have decided I do not believe that Humans suck, and we are terrible and destroying ourselves and our planet. I have decided I do not believe that I can't afford what I want. I have decided I do not believe that I am unhealthy, and overweight." In this, I am telling my subconscious that the prior beliefs are no longer valid. Now I tell myself things like "in my current story, I am good enough.. humanity is awake, enlightened, and being who we really are, and have created Heaven on Earth.. I can afford to buy anything I want.. I am always in optimal health." See the big difference there?

So, yes, beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves are of the utmost importance, as our subconscious takes it as a truth and manifests it within our 'reality'. There are no limits, or 'reality checks' here, just the willingness to let go of everything you think you know about you and Life, and choose to be a conscious Creator (as opposed to unaware Creator). The only thing in your way (or not) is you.

One more thing: I also tell myself "I am being my 5D self and am fully integrated." It's that time. 2014 for me is an energy and consciousness of "[censored] it... it's that time. the old stuff it all goes. the Phoenix arises." Pardon my French...

Lastly, for the doubters, do you believe "it" because it's true, or is "it" true because you believe it?

Love you!!

G'day Robbiesan

Interesting Mr Robbiesan.

Any ideology that fixates us to a certain way of thinking & believing, & everything from this we fear should be avoided only if we really want change. If we don't want change this kind of recreating the same thing over & over again is fine.

The controlling factors of the ego tell us to fixate ourselves to certain ideologies that make the most sense to us at the time & an ideology that also makes us feel secure & safe. The ego needs to feel secure within it's cage or more precisely a closed box even though it is suffering.

At the moment I've poked holes in the box & all this light is flooding in but my ego feels secure within this box so I'm not venturing out at the moment. I allow the controlling factors of the ego to influence my life at present but that is changing. I love being expressive of the ego but I have become weary of the unnecessary destructiveness of such control.

Socially & culturally we have been brought up to think in a certain way, actually we have been collectively, as a whole, brought up in this way. It’s very hard for some people to break from this behavioural pattern & yes it is learned behaviour which has taken over from thinking for ourselves.

The light from outside this box is collective but it’s now free will thinking for ourselves instead of others thinking for us. We think, because we are now going to think for ourselves outside the box it’s not collective, that couldn’t be further from the truth I feel.

The ego loves collectiveness, it doesn’t want to be left on it’s own especially when it’s suffering & not at the top of the pile, allowing others to think for us feels secure but of course it’s not.  When the light from outside the box comes through to us at first, we see ourselves thinking for ourselves thus we feel we have lost our security, it doesn’t even seem collective but it is.   

This free will thinking from outside the box is collectively about thinking for ourselves, it’s still collective because everyone is now thinking for themselves. It’s just a different way of thinking to what we have been conditioned to accept.


I should state here that I don’t think life’s an illusion however it’s by no way all of who we are.