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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Going Beyond the Inner Self Projection

Written by Mathew Naismith

We most often perceive an inner and outer self, the inner self being our truer being and the outer self being our projected being. The truer being or self pertains to the self that is not influenced by external environments, where the outer self is primarily of and created by our external environment. For example, our five senses are primarily of our outer self thus giving us a projected image of our outer environment. Our inner self at no time is influenced by our five senses thus giving us a projected image of our inner environment. Of course if you are totally reliant on the five senses, nothing beyond the five senses can be comprehended therefore exist, this is quite understandable.

When we talk about the inner self, this is still projecting an inner environment as opposed to an outer environment through the five senses. Only through the five senses can the existence of an inner and outer environment or self exist, this is because in out, back forth, up down, are all based on our five senses. Our five senses were created by our physical environment and our physical environment is completely determined to what is in out, back forth, up down, in other words time based realities or existences. We, through our five senses, have projected an existence of day and night on a revolving planet going around the sun. We are completely conditioned to a reality of days and nights therefore time. Is not the projection of day and night the same as the inner and outer self? The projection being, one is inner so the other is outer. This is still based primarily of the conditioning of the five senses.

As in night and day, we are still projecting an image of an inner and outer self which is still primarily based on time therefore our five senses. The inner self exist only because the outer self exists as in day only exists because night exists. These are simply projections governed by our physical environment, no more. Isn't the perception of an inner self reliant on the existence of an outer self, in other words the inner self owes it's existence to the perception of an outer self, as in day and night. Within this, we are still primarily reliant on a physical existence and time to give us a projected image of an inner self. Now imagine going beyond this projection.

I have inserted a small article bellow where Sadhguru mentions the inner self. In my own words, the atman, the eternal self, refers to the real self beyond ego; this is what is known as the inner self, a self in the absence of ego. This egoless self is projected to being inner only because the present environment we are experiencing is ego. The ego is projected as being of the outer self and the self in the absence of ego is projected as being the inner self. What makes an inner and outer state in the absence of ego? Ego completely relies on time to exist, in other words motion like in out, back forth, up down, starting and ending points. In a state in the absence of ego, inner and outer selves simply don't exist, only in existences based on time and motion can inner and outer selves exist. What we project to be our eternal self is not governed by time because in this state there is no starting or ending points, it's simply an eternal state of being. Instead of stating an eternal state of being, we most often state inner self, how else is the ego self going to relate to the eternal self otherwise? This is exactly like nothing beyond the five senses can be comprehended therefore exist, this is unless we use what the five senses comprehends, in out, back forth, up down, starting and ending points.

Once you comprehend the inner self, the eternal self, let go of this projection of the inner self. In reality though, once you truly comprehend the eternal self, there is no ego in control to stay attached to the projection of the inner self as opposed to the outer self.

I truly hope this is comprehensible as I am aware where this kind of awareness can lead.       

Extract: People are always asking me, “Sadhguru, you are talking about so many subjects. Where do you get the time to read?” I say, “I don’t read.” What is there in front of me, I perceive it as it is and that is it. There is no need to carry the burden of knowledge on your head if your perception is keen enough. So perception can be raised to various levels through certain inner instruments. “Is it very difficult? Can I rise beyond my senses? Do I have to withdraw to a Himalayan cave to do this?”

Saturday, 5 March 2016

The World Upon Us

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s difficult to get a grip on life at times, so many influences influencing us to be and act in a certain way in accordance with our environment, remembering, our environment isn’t who we are as a whole, in actuality, it’s only a very minute part of who we are. This very tiny part of us has however become our whole being in certain circumstances thus influencing us to forget who we really are.

The world upon us conditions us to believe that there is nothing else but the immediate environment that is continually conditioning us, is this tiny part of us that powerful that it is able to influence a consciousness to forget what and who it really is?  Why is this tiny part of us so seemingly powerful over and above our truer self?

The first thing to become aware of is that no tiny part or expression of ourselves is powerful, the only power that a fragmented part of any consciousness has is it’s ignorance or unawareness of it’s whole collective self. Once any consciousness becomes unaware of it’s truer being or state, it only becomes receptive to the influences of it’s immediate environment thus taking on the perception this is all I am.    

At the human level of understanding, would we state that being and living in ignorance is powerful in any sense? No, then why perceive that any other kind of ignorance is the same? The thing is, no kind of ignorance is powerful, the only power ignorance has is within it’s own expression of ignorance making such expressions of ignorance powerless.

The following is a good example of why this tiny part of us that lives in ignorance is seemingly so powerful.  Why do so many people perceive they are entrapped within this reality? It’s all to do with an unawareness of who and what they truly are, once a consciousness perceives in accordance with their immediate environment, such consciousness becomes even more unaware of their truer self. Look at it this way, once a consciousness perceives it’s entrapped, such unaware consciousness then perceives, and often thoroughly believes, it’s entrapped thus continuing in the delusion created by ignorance which is only a very tiny part of who we are.

It’s good to remember that any hurtful destructive expression denotes a level of ignorance, no truer state of awareness and wisdom can destroy in any sense. Don’t get the idea that any kind of destruction represents power, this is how our environment has conditioned us to think. It takes very little effort to destroy in comparison to creating anything constructive; it also takes a lot more awareness to be constructively creative. On the other hand, the more ignorant a consciousness becomes of it’s truer self, the more destructive it becomes, in actuality, the more ignorant a consciousness becomes, the harder it is for such consciousness to be truly constructive especially on a collective scale.

I just don’t get how we think that being ignorant or unaware has any power in any sense, the only power or power of entrapment ignorance has, is what we give it. Once we give consciousness awareness, the power of ignorance seems that it never existed, in actuality, it never did!!   

Yes, the world upon us influences us so, only because at the inner level have we given ignorance it’s presumed power, the real power lays in awareness not in being unaware. When I say power I don’t mean control either, only a consciousness existing in ignorance needs to control, a true sense of awareness and wisdom has no purpose or need for control. The reason for this is simple; such consciousness will never find itself within a state that it needs to control anything, it’s actually impossible for such a consciousness to do so in the first place!!  You wonder why I’m not an advocate for being entrapped, powerful or controlling in anyway, the truer self has no need for such expressions; any expression would obviously denote a sense of ignorance which the truer inner self in everyone has no need for therefore doesn’t exist!! 

It’s all so simple, be your truer inner self, not the world that is upon us…….     

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Inner Self-The Observer

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve had some interesting physical occurrences happen to me recently , it seems to have everything to do with synchronicity, however, this post isn’t about such occurrence but what these occurrences have made me aware of recently.  Synchronistic moments like this aren’t all to do with the experiences from the moment we experience the synchronicity, they can be about what we are going to become aware of because of such experiences.  If we allow it, each experience allows us to build upon an awareness that at the present moment we might not be aware of but become aware of in another present movement.  

Another present moment isn’t in the future, it’s all in the now, however, because we exist in time, each moment is separated by time making it another present movement even though it’s only of the now.  If everything was truly of the now in time, we would know all there is to know right now in the present movement, this of course isn’t the case in time, how many of us are aware of everything within it’s totality right now?  This is where I think synchronicity comes into it, it gives us more synchronicity with the present moment, the now, by allowing us to become aware of things in the present moment. 

I wasn’t clear until recently what my life has been about, well up to this extent anyway.  I had a choice in my mid-teens if I was going to take the spiritual path of awareness or the ignorant path of just being humanly expressive, I took the latter.  Now up to this point I could ask any question and get an immediate correct answer, I was pretty well connected.

At this stage in my mid-teens it was obvious, to me now, that I did not judge that living in ignorance was any better or worse than a life of spiritual awareness, I did not judge one being better above the other.  Living in this ignorant state wasn’t a problem for me because I didn’t judge one path being better or worse than the other, it was simply just another path.  

The interesting thing was, when I made this decision I had a chronic injury with an associated chronic pain, I knew if I followed a spiritual path of awareness, this would greatly help me with my physical and mental traumas but I still chose a life of ignorance. The strange thing is I didn’t have much of a problem in choosing life of ignorance even though I would be expressing the ego in every sense to some extent.  See the thing is I never judged the ego or judgement itself as being bad or negative in some way; it was just another path one can follow.

The strangest thing is what I was aware of in my mid-teens stayed with me, once aware always aware or once reconnected always reconnected.  Being reconnected of course isn’t what is really happening because we never really became disconnected in the first place; the feeling of becoming reconnected is due to our ignorance of our true nature. 

Even though I chose a life of ignorance from always being connected, by becoming aware of my connectedness in my mid-teens helped me with my traumas right through my life.  This was all due to not deciding to follow the path of spiritual awareness, my ego wanted me to follow this path because it made more sense but I didn’t. You could say that by following a spiritual path of awareness instead of ignorance would have improved on my own life immensely, that of course was obvious to me at the time but what was also obvious is I had no judgment of one path being any less worthy to follow than a much easier path. 

What this has given me is at the human level of perception, is I don’t truly see anything else being any less worthy than something else seemingly more positive, this sort of judgment doesn’t come into it.  You could say if I followed the spiritual path of awareness that I would have been still humanly perceptive, however, I knew that wasn’t going to be the case even at that time in my mid-teens. 

If I followed the spiritual path of awareness at the moment in my life I could only perceive through spiritual perspectives, this would have totally taken away how I perceive humanly. What actually happened was, because I was already aware of my connectedness I perceived through both human and spiritual perspectives, however, this took me to decide to live a life of trauma in my mid-teens.   

When I write about being of fewer intentions, or like in my last post saying that ignorance is just as important to our selves (souls) as awareness, many people can’t see this mainly because they have judged ignorance or the lack of intentions as being negative or bad in some way.  Because I have done what I did in my mid-teens, I don’t have such judgment, this I believe is due to being able to perceive both humanly and spiritually.  I’m not being egotistical here, all I did is go with the flow of the path I chose.

Is bettering yourself through becoming more aware than before more positive?  Most people will say yes for the obvious reasons, we are more positive and in a much better state, better than what though?  Better than before, but isn’t this a high level of judgment, isn’t this putting one state of existence over and above another?  The funny thing is I realised I recently don’t do this except when I’m only perceiving through a human perspective which I don’t judge as being one thins or the other in itself.

In a human perspective, improving on one’s life has always been better and positive but this entails a high level of judgment and putting one kind of existence or path above another, we still have our levels of superiority. 

How do we get around this?

I know there are a lot of people who are not going to like what I’m about to say, it all comes down to intentions, try not to have intentions especially active intentions while becoming aware by not seeing that you are improving or bettering yourself, in other words don’t have the intentions of improving yourself in any sense of the word, just let it all flow, go with the flow no matter what your ego wants.  The ego loves intentions because it’s all about intentions, think on this for a moment, in every action and thought the ego has intentions. 

We can however choose to be expressive of passive or active intentions if we need to have intentions, the controlling ego is certainly more about active intentions, this doesn’t mean we should have intentions in trying to be more passive, we should in my mind avoid even passive intentions if possible.

Passive intentions = passive actions and thoughts + judgement + living for needs and desires

Active intentions = forceful actions and thoughts + judgmental + living for desires

No intentions = no intentional actions and thoughts + no judgment + living for only a need

So how do we express no intentions?

When I perceive through my human self, I express intentions, usually passive intentions but at times active intention, this is due to not judging one being less worthy than another, however, when I perceive through my inner self I don’t seem to have intentions. This is mainly due to not judging one life experience or path being less worthy than another.  Lessoning intention has to me everything to do with not judging any part of life any more or less worthy than another; my inner self just doesn’t judge in such ways, it observes instead.

What’s the good of observing if we haven’t got an intention to implement such observation? 

Just by observing through the inner self is enough, just through being the observer one will make changes quite automatically without intentions. Allowing your human self to become the observer through the inner self however is an expression of passive intentions; in this case we have an intention to allow our human self to observe. If we only perceive through the human self and are in judgment, we will need to still express intentions, try being aware of your passive and active intentions while remembering that the ego is all about active intentions.

Humanly it comes down we have to express intentions either we choose to express these intentions in a passive or active way is up to each individual, however, I think it wise to be aware that the ego is about active intentions. My advice is; if you can’t observe through the inner self try being only expressive of passive intentions, this will at least get us away from the controlling factors of the ego.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Living from Inner Happiness

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all I would like to say how sorry I am that Robin Williams took his own life, he made millions of people not just laugh but laugh at themselves, it’s a sad loss to us indeed.  We can speculate all we like in why such a man would have taken he’s own life but it all comes down to not being able to find inner happiness within oneself I feel.

I shouldn’t put Robin Williams above anybody else who has taken their own life but Mr Williams did bring joy to a lot of people’s lives. Many people take their own life for various reasons, there is a huge list of reasons but the main factor behind any of these reasons is one isn’t happy within one’s life when one takes one’s own life. What makes such a brilliantly funny man take his own life, what has made anyone who has taken their own life unhappy?  Relying mostly on external sources to make us happy. It would seem Mr Williams most probably wasn’t happy because of his last show was canned (cancelled); it looks like it certainly added to his unhappiness.  Making people laugh obviously made Mr Williams happy, you could see it within his performance; he exuded this happiness because he was making people happy.  As any great performer lives for he’s audience; this is what made him the happiest as it does of any great performer.

Another great comedy performer is Jerry Lewis, it’s funny to think he is still alive today and Mr Robin Williams is gone from us. It takes a huge amount of effort to be such performers like Mr Lewis and Mr Williams but it takes even more effort to stay happy when you are no longer making other people happy.  I tip my hat to these great performers no matter what happens.   

There is a problem in society, a problem we have created ourselves in needing external sources to make us happy when all the happiness we experience should come from within.  Many people who have taken their own lives relied on external sources to make them happy. This is a problem that doesn’t need to exist if we train ourselves to be happy through our inner selves. Does this mean we shouldn’t be happy when being entertained by great entertainers like Lewis and Williams as they are an external source of happiness?  Not at all but we shouldn’t wholly rely on these people to make us happy in the first place as they shouldn’t rely on their own happiness in making us happy.  

Why is inner happiness so much better than happiness found through external means?  Judgement, judgement of ourselves, happiness found through the inner self doesn’t incur this judgement as the inner self doesn’t pertain to judgment, this is why learning to be happy through the inner self is more reliable. Once we bring in judgment in our lives, we bring in a need for external sources to make us happy; this kind of happiness is certainly not reliable.

We shouldn’t however judge judgement as being negative in some way; it depends again on our inner selves of what judgment is pertaining too.  The outer self  lives by emotions, whatever makes us emotionally feeling good or bad, whatever  we have judged  as negative or positive. Many spiritually aware people will stay away from negative people because they have judged them so and if they have judged others being negative they must have also judged themselves of being positive.  This is the outer self not the inner self, so how would the inner self perceive negatives and positives?

Feelings without emotions, the inner self doesn’t rely on emotions to give it feelings, it relies on the inner self  itself thus giving us inner happiness through the inner self without emotions.  As soon as you bring in emotions you bring in judgment.  Many people have killed themselves through this kind of emotional judgment as their happiness no longer comes through their inner selves but from external sources.  Yes external sources can make us happy for a period of time but finding happiness this way is not reliable, as soon as we judge, we are relying on external sources to make us happy.

The inner self feels and it feels to a far greater extent than our outer emotional selves as our outer selves relies on our emotions to make us happy, the inner self doesn’t have emotions but feelings  which extend way past our acknowledgment.  Once we give judgement away, the inner happiness will fill the void of such judgment a hundred fold.

I hope the bellow link will help a few people in finding this inner happiness, it’s quite basic.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Two Lives Are We

Written by Mathew Naismith

Here I am trying to get tucker on and all of a sudden I have to write again, I’ve got to stop asking question and visualising out comes when I ‘m busy, I’m a flamin worry sometimes and this is before I write.  

I asked a dopey question, why can’t I experience what the inner self is experiencing at the sometime, the outer human self is missing out here?  Not on your nelly it is, once you connect with your inner self everything your inner self has been experiencing the outer human self will remember as experiencing at the same time.  The outer self is ignorant to this because it’s not of the same mind or more precisely, conscious awareness but it’s still experiencing it.

It’s very much like dreams and astral travelling, everyone experiences these things however most of us don’t remember them mainly because we are caught up with the external existence.

At the human conscious level of understanding we are missing out and at this level, because we can’t remember our inner selves experiences, these experiences don’t have much of a reflection in our human conscious selves so in fact we are missing out but only at this moment. The funny thing is, when we do become reconnected to our inner self everything our inner self has experience is still in the now but at this point in the now we are missing out because we are disconnected.

Whatever we do doesn’t matter, if we don’t become connected to our inner self right now in the now it really doesn’t matter because when we become reconnected to our inner self again it will seem like we were never really disconnected.  You can take my word for that.

If you can make the connection between our dreams (unconscious state) and our awakened (conscious) state this will help you understand the two lives we actually live at the same moment in time between our inner and outer self.  Our dream state can be quite different to our conscious awaken state, our inner and outer self works in a similar way between each other however it’s still one consciousness once we reconnect to our inner self.

Notice I said self and not selves, this is because once you’re reconnected to your inner self consciousness again you realise you were always one consciousness, it’s just human consciousness was ignorant of this. 

Now I better get tucker on before my wife hands me in for a better younger model!!  

Friday, 12 July 2013

Living Within Your Divine Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

Finding Oneness: Who wouldn’t want to find one’s truer inner divine self, well hopefully this post will assist in such a venture. Living within your divine self is really just remembering who you really are other than what you think you are or conditioned to believe & even at the soul level through fixated attachments we can forget who we are so in all what we need to do is just  remember who we really are, simple!!!

No of course it’s not simple at all & the more attachments you have from previous lives & consciousness’s the harder it is going to be to remember & most importantly accept who you are as any fixated attachment relates to the negative ego. So what has fixated egotistical attachment got to do with remembering who we are, divine enlightened beings? Fixated attachments give us egotism & individualism; it’s this non-individualism we are not accepting because once you remember who you truly are you become as one with everything, no egotistical person wants to be the same as everybody else. The fear of not being an individual is great in this state of consciousness & awareness.  

There is also another problem that will hinder ourselves knowing about out true selves which has stemmed from the previous old consciousness, idolisation of something higher than oneself. As I have stated in previous posts, to think of something higher or lower of oneself isn’t of true oneness   so if you truly want to experience true oneness one must stop idolising or thinking of yourself & others of being inferior or superior.  Being inferior has stemmed from human conditioning because there is always someone supposedly more higher in stature & power than us in one time or another in our lives while growing up. This of course has nothing to do with oneness so to start with, we must un-condition ourselves from this conditioning; this is of course done by remembering who we truly are.

I would like to state here there is no true oneness as such just a state of being at one, true oneness is of everything being as one with no individualism, we have individualism in existence so we can only be in the state of being at one ourselves which is in itself a great feeling indeed.  We ourselves can feel at one but there is always individualism in existence so not everything is at one at one given time any more.  

Remembering: So how does one remember who they are & to be at one & divine in nature & oneself?  Now this is the simple part, know your fixated attachments exist in the first place at the human & soul level, it is pointless to know of one without the other if one wants to be truly at one & divine in nature so be aware of your whole self not just the human self of having such fixated afflictions/attachments.  Now we need to look at our beliefs, are they conducive to oneness because idolising anything isn’t of true oneness however feeling at one with something else that is divine in nature is conducive towards finding one’s own divine nature & that is what we are trying to do here nothing more or less especially if you are reading this. It is fundamentally important not to idolise or denigrate anything higher or lower than yourself.  It would help a lot if one was to read various past posts of mine & any other material found in the various links supplied in certain posts.

Ridding ourselves of any fixated attachments is difficult which includes idolisation because we are conditioned from birth & right throughout human history to do just that but it becomes a lot easier when we are aware of the difficulties believe it or not because the more difficult it seems the more aware of the problem you have become & in just doing this you will find when you get to a certain point of awareness of your difficulties you will become enlightened of your truer self & yes believe it or not it is that simple however what isn’t simple is dragging out becoming aware of our difficulties, we drag it out because of our attachments & as soon as we realise this to start with you realise you are no longer dragging out becoming aware of our difficulties, you have instantly become aware & knowing of your truer self is but a stone’s throw away from this.  What we really need to do is take on a totally different way of thinking to what we have been conditioned too in the old consciousness, my whole blog is on thinking outside the square & if we can do this & start thinking for ourselves again this process of finding one’s truer inner divine self will be a lot easier.