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Friday, 15 May 2015

Why Do We Need Science?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a good internet friend of mine share what she thought was significant, that science can prove that reincarnation can occur and that the soul exists. 

One of the replies she received from this was as follow, Why do you need science to prove what is already known?

This is a significant question in more that one sense, why do we need science or, to be unbiased, any other means to become aware if everything is already known, this includes ancient and new texts of all kinds, this include the Kabbalah, bible, yogic and Tao practices, quantum physics and so on. It is obvious we still need these soul searching practices to become aware of what we are not aware of in our present state of consciousness.

Our present state of consciousness is important to understand here to answer this question, to do this we need to ask another question, what is  our present state of consciousness? You can't say we are enlightened, in my mind no truly enlightened consciousness, conscious of it's own enlightened state, wouldn't be able to exist in such a reality as to be apart of such atrocities and mayhem, they would have to totally separate themselves from such actions.

Is this saying people like Jesus weren't enlightened? Not to the extent we would like to believe they were, to be a part of any kind of chaotic reality takes one to be unenlightened to one extent or another, we are all prime examples of this, in other words we are all in an unenlightened state, the true question isn't if we are enlightened but how unenlightened we are from our true enlightened state.

Within this true enlighten state, all of what is, is already known, in this state there is no need for any kind of soul searching practices, this isn't the case when we are in an unenlightened state. Basically we are involved in an unenlightened state of consciousness quite unaware of it's truer enlightened self, within this state of consciousness, to become aware of our enlightened self again, we use soul searching practices like science and various spiritual ideologies.

Science also gives us confirmation, especially through quantum physics, that certain spiritual practices we follow and believe in are genuine or not to one degree or another. Science has proven that meditation is healing, not just to the mind but the body as well, this is important for anyone who isn't wholly into utter blind faith. Anyone who practices in meditation knows this already but many people don't, this is where science comes into it, science might not be important to some people but it is to others.

The other significance of the question, Why do you need science to prove what is already known, is to ask such questions shows us that we are evolving from old soul searching practices, we are awakening and no longer feel we need such practices and knowledge to evolve. Yes, some of us are bias within separating science soul searching practices from other soul searching practices, this however still shows us that we are evolving away from the old consciousness that needed such practices to become aware.

So in all, to question do we need science is a very good sign that our consciousness is for ever evolving, this evolving consciousness also includes all the soul searching practices we use to become aware, look at how quantum physics has allowed science to evolve. Any soul searching practice or ideology that isn't evolving, really does need to be left behind otherwise we will stay within this non-evolving consciousness until days end. 

You might be anti-science but at least this soul searching practice is evolving through the likes of quantum physics unlike many spiritual/religious ideologies of today.

A good example of this is, do we need to learn to meditate and the answer is yes, why? Because we still need healing from a consciousness that is still in an unenlightened state, the question is now, would we need to learn to meditate if we weren't in an unenlightened state and the answer of course is no. This means to learn old practices of meditation, is of the old consciousness that still needs old soul searching practices to become aware and heal. Now does quantum physics use old soul searching science practices to become aware and the answer is no, certainly not to the same extent as general science, quantum physics has allowed science to evolve within a new consciousness as all soul searching practices need to do in my mind.

To me we are in an unenlightened state from an enlightened state, in this state of consciousness, we need soul searching practices to become aware, however, we also need to allow these soul searching practices to evolve.