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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spiritual Needs vs Human Desires

Written by Mathew Naismith


I entered into a discussion on the question of, Does letting go have any power?, as soon as I responded with the following, most people stopped responding.  I will break my responses up into sections so it's easier to follow.

Releasing ourselves from desires: I've had a worsening disability since I was six years old, to accomplish anything, I've had to be extremely motivated through my intentions and yes it worked, my desires to accomplish through such a disability was astonishing.

However, the only time I found true peace and tranquillity was through releasing myself from all desires to achieve beyond my capability, in actual fact my desires of achieving were doing me harm even though at the human psychological level I felt better.

This is the difference, at the human psychological level I needed to achieve, and to achieve I needed to desire which caused me more actual harm which needed even more motivation by me to balance things out.

Now at the spiritual level all I needed to do is be humble and release myself from my desires which I did at times, guess what happened? I was in total peace and tranquillity without having to motivate myself to achieve.

The human self thinks it needs desires to achieve but it doesn't. Desire is like a pushing and pulling effect, we pull one desire in to push another older desire out and so on it goes until we stop pushing and pulling. Guess what causes chaos and destruction ? An endless stream of pushing and pulling one desire after another.

Is it time for the human race to also give up it's desires and fixations? In my mind I think it's desired enough, it's basically at the same point to were I am and probably where a lot of people are at. Did I learn from my own desires? Bloody oath I did but there is a point of knowing when to let go completely, are we wise enough collectively to know when to release ourselves altogether? I think that's still quite questionable but we are a good sign that we are becoming wise and aware.

"To flow smoothly through life. Do some let go."

In my case when I released myself from desires and intentions, life became a lot more tranquil and peaceful, this doesn't work for everyone, you have psychologically got to prepare yourself for releasing yourself in such away otherwise it won't work. This is because we are conditioned, from birth, to have intentions and desires, latter on in life it's not easy to reprogram your mind to think otherwise.

I think it would be nice to teach children from birth to live with as little desires and intentions as possible, this happens to one extent or another in other cultures. I was talking to a bloke in India, he said they were taught from a young age to be aware of the desires of the ego, in the west we seem to be taught quite the opposite.

"Thought leads to desire which leads to Action. Letting go desire will let go Action and will improve your spiritual quotient.It does not advise you to be in a state of Inaction"

I think so, by getting away from the constant pushing and pulling effect, we will actually release our selves from chaos and our destructive ways. A state of inaction is to do nothing about this endless pushing and pulling effect. You would think this takes intentions but all it takes is to release yourself from this constant pushing and pulling effect, once you release yourself from such actions, there are no desires and intentions.

Desires and needs: I think there is a big difference between desire and need here, I look at the human race as needing to release itself after so many years of desires and intentions, the question is, do we need to desire to do this?

Desire is active intentions, this is what we have experienced as a collective all these years, now need is more about passive intentions, there is no actual action because no action is needed, all what one has to do is release oneself from active intentions. It takes a need not a desire to change this. We needed the desires to have a need to stop desiring but what I am saying is we don't need a desire to stop desiring, all this will do is continue the pushing and pulling effect I feel. It is now all to do with a need not a desire.

Wow, Mathew. How long have you been holding this inside yourself. You really have had some interesting stuff happening. That's good. Loved to read what you have said here. Keep on.

Since I was in my early teens, I am now 51 years old, I've only been coming out with this stuff for about four years now.

Like a lot of people like myself, I have basically experienced what the collective has been experiencing, a lot of motivation which took a lot of intentions and desires to achieve, however, all this did was create even more of the same.

I realised this in my mid-teens, however, I had a (need) to experience what the collective was going through on a personal level just like a lot of other people have, what better way to also become aware on a human level of understanding.

Through all my hardships, I am indeed blessed.

I'm sorry that I clash with some people, that I'm afraid is going to happen as I have an unusual perception that does at times clash with other people's perceptions. Nothing is right or wrong, it's just different.

Anger; is of the controlling factors of the ego, it's the ego being in control over our whole selves, so yes anger is very controlling.

The funny thing is once you let go, power and control become obsolete as well because there is no further need for power and control, power and control over what? This is the passive tranquil stage, there is no need of the action of opposing because there is nothing to have power over, including ourselves, because you have totally released yourself from such actions.