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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ascending or Expanding on Our Awareness???

Written by Mathew Naismith

Are we ascending from a state that is less worthy or just expanding on our awareness? 

Rising up: In my last post I spoke about ascending, as in widening our awareness to our truer self as opposed to rising above a deemed unbecoming state of some kind. I received an interesting response to this post, ascending means to rise, this is true but rising above another deemed or judged state doesn’t quite fit within true spirituality. Once we judge a state less worthy than another, we have separation when we should be working towards oneness, in other words instead of more separation while becoming more aware, we should be less about separation not more I feel.

To rise up out of what, a lower level of existence? This is judgment and separation to start with, ascension to everyone doesn't mean to rise up.

Ascension in spirituality for some people means to expand on one's awareness, this can be often seen as rising up out of an unaware state but that's not what is actually happening, especially when you consider we are always in an ascended state. How can you ascend (rise) from an already ascended state?

The reason we don't think we are ascended is because we are unaware of this, all what being ascended means is becoming aware of our ascended state, a state of oneness, it's all to do with an expansion of awareness, not the rising up of awareness.

Instead of explaining this awareness as an expansion, we explain it as an ascension, a rising up out of a state of ignorance. It's really not the right terminology to use in spirituality in my mind.

The reason we use ascension is it feels like we are rising up out of an unaware state, however, you can’t become aware unless you are unaware to start with, this is like ascending, you can’t ascend when you are already ascended. Actually there is no such thing as ascension, to have an ascension you need an unascended state to start with, this unascended state  only exists because we are unaware of our truer nature, our truer self. They don’t call it spiritual awareness for no reason, spiritual awareness to me is about becoming aware of our truer nature, not ascending from a judged unworthy state.

I very rarely say what people want to hear, people want to hear we are ascending which is quite understandable, we don’t exactly exist in a harmonious constructive existence. Any feeling of rising above such an existence is going to feel like an actual ascension, a rising above a most unbecoming state of existence. This is fine but only to a certain point, once we judge what is and isn’t an ascended state, we have more separation when we should be doing quite the opposite. There is absolutely no separation in  a true oneness state, the more aware we become, the more of this oneness we are of, or should be!!

An expansion of awareness; as opposed to an ascension, means while we are becoming aware, the more likely we will experience states of oneness, this is due to not separating an ascended state from a non-ascended state for example, there is only oneness no matter what we experience. This is why I see ascension as an expansion of awareness rather than a rise from a judged unworthy conscious expression/experience. Is a destructive inharmonious existence unworthy or even wrong? No, because  it’s just another way to express consciousness, instead of going with the flow, we go against it, the reason we go against it is because we are unaware of the natural flow of cycles. This choosing to go against the flow is natural believe it or not, what isn’t natural is the actual expression of going against the flow.

Look at it this way, it is natural for man to war because he’s so unaware of his natural state, it’s not natural for him to war to the extent of total extinction of man and beast. The more aware we become, the more natural will be our state of existence, this is all due to expanding on our awareness, not rising up from an unnatural state. Warring is not an unnatural state if such consciousness is unaware, it’s not unworthy, what is unworthy is warring when we are supposed to be aware.

Not accepting the continuous passing cycles is going against the natural flow of these cycles, however, while in an unaware state of consciousness, this action is natural to an unaware state of existence, what isn’t natural is the continuation of rejecting such cycles to the bitter end. Each cycle is awareness building, do we go against this natural flow and ignore such awareness building cycles until the end?  It’s really unnatural to exist primarily for an end, this is because there is no true end of anything, energy itself is infinite. Does any other animal exist to utterly destroy it’s own species and everything else? We are actually in an unnatural state but it doesn’t make this state of existence unworthy, what it make it is self destructive.

The natural cycle: Being self-destructive isn’t unworthy, it’s just another way to express this consciousness no matter how unnatural such expressions seem. Being self-destructive is but another cycle, however, it’s not a natural cycle, a natural cycle is about becoming more aware of our natural selves, our truer selves, as each cycle passes. Yes you could say we are ascending from such a state but it’s more that we are expanding on our awareness as each cycle passes.

We can indeed keep judging what is and isn’t worthy, trying to rise up to a better existence is  judging an unworthy, however, what has judging what is and isn’t worthy got to do with oneness?  It can be quite difficult not judging what is an isn’t worthy so how do we perceive past what is and isn’t worthy? One answer to this is oneness, don’t just think that oneness exists, be that existence of oneness itself, the way to do this is stop judging what is and isn’t worthy. Everything is just an expression of consciousness, once we judge what is and isn’t worthy of the expressions of this consciousness, we create realities just like we are experiencing right now.

To me ascending is an expansion of awareness, not the rising up from an unworthy state of consciousness. If we haven’t judged a right or wrong, why are we ascending, as in rising, from a certain state of existence when there is no true right or wrong?  We are still judging a right or wrong, an unworthy and a worthy, all this is going to do is continue the existence we are experiencing at present. Real reality changing takes us to  think and express consciousness quite differently to what we are conditioned to express, in my mind this will take us to desist in judging a worthy and an unworthy, a wrong or a right.

What creates chaos? Motion, each  expression of consciousness represents motion, judging a right or wrong, worthy or unworthy represents a huge amount of motion, the more motion we express, the more chaos we will create and express. This is why in real spirituality they tell us to quell the mind which lessons our motions of expressions and in turn the chaos in our lives. I don’t always do this myself because I haven’t judged what is and isn’t worthy of expressing, I’m quite happy to go along with everyone else’s expressions of consciousness.

Chaos: The point is, I see many people wanting to rise up out something unworthy to find a better way to exist , if we truly want a better existence, what I’m saying is stop intentionally trying to rise up out of what is judged as unworthy, all this is doing is causing more ripples, more motion which in turn causes more chaos. I see a need from people to expand on their awareness so they can go along with the natural flow of these cycles, not against them and certainly  without causing any ripples to this natural flow.

Recently, while in thoughtless states, the first messages I receive is, “this is a strange or funny existence”, this is in reference to avoiding going along with the natural flow of these cycles, why would any consciousness deliberately choose to do this?  It’s really only deliberate because we are still quite unaware of what life would be like if we went along with these natural cycles. Many of us are also fixated to such cycles so we avoid going on to the next cycle. There is nothing worthy or unworthy about physicality itself, this reality, at present it’s just not in line with the natural prepossess of these cycles. These cycles represent motion but what makes these motions really chaotic is the way we react against them instead of with them.

Adolescent stage: I wrote some time ago about how human kind is coming into it’s adolescent stage, this is very much in line in how the human kind of adolescence behaves, the reactions to life and the awareness of life one has at this stage, is the same on a human collective scale. We think we know it all at this stage so we stumble through life making numerous mistakes and unnecessary hardship upon ourselves, we can simply avoid this by going along with the natural flow of the life cycle of humans. Each human cycle is a awareness building from infancy to old age, what I feel we are doing at present on a collective human scale is fighting against entering into the next cycle of life of awareness expanding.

Yes, it’s daunting becoming an adolescent, it’s not an easy stage to get through but we could on a collective scale make this cycle a lot smoother going but we seem to be deliberately avoiding going through this cycle, we would rather rise up to being an adult straight up from childhood or avoid going on to the next natural cycle all together.

I know my perspectives are strange and quite unbecoming or incomprehensible all together for a number of people, all I’m trying to do is give everyone a different perspective, my perspectives are certainly not gospel, they are just a different perspective.                                                             

Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Natural Process of Ascension

Written by Mathew Naismith

What dose ascension mean, is it going onto a higher level of understanding? To me there should be no indication of levels within spirituality, this is due to oneness itself, you can’t be of one if we have levels as levels mean separation, not oneness or a unity of all of what consciousness is. Ascension to me within spirituality is an indication of self awareness, the more aware one is of their truer nature, the more ascended (aware) one is, there are no actual levels even when one becomes more heightened (aware) of their truer nature.

Truer nature I feel refers to oneness, the more aware we become of our truer nature, the closer we are to oneness, we are in fact becoming more aware of how of oneness we really are. There are no levels to this oneness so there is no levels to ascension, this is only the case if we go along with the natural process of ascension, if we react against this flow, we will cause this flow to flow unnaturally. This unnatural flow then tells us there are levels to the way the flow flows, for example, fast or slow, smoothly or roughly. When we allow this flow to flow naturally, there are no levels, there is only oneness within the natural flow of ascension.

Ascension also refers to a cycle, one cycle isn’t above or below another for each cycle needs the other cycles to exist, could man have evolved without going through various cycles from the Stone Age to the Space Age?  We needed the Stone Age to begin the cycle of events as each cycle off event made us more aware, are these cycles from the Stone Age an indication of levels rather than ascension? Levels actually mean one level is greater than the other, how can this be when each level needs other levels to exist in the first place?  The natural process of ascension works quite differently to this, this is due to  each cycle being just as important than the next cycle. One is never greater than the other no matter how aware we become in the process.

I recently wrote a couple of things in relation to ascension symptoms that I will share with you in this post as follow.                      

WHO IS REALLY FEELING THESE ASCENSION SYMPTOMS MORE; is the aware or the unaware, the people fixated to old cycles? Anyone fixated to old cycles, will most likely react quite unbecomingly to any such changes, these people are going through hell even if  they are unaware of this. To me, the way this reality is at present shows this quite clearly, we are in fact experiencing the effects of such changes from the unaware.    

Allow the flow to flow freely for it’s within this flow will we ever truly know ourselves. The more we react, the more this flow flows un-freely, in turn, all this will do is take us away from ourselves. The more unaware any energy source is of itself, the more destructive/disruptive this energy becomes, this is but another natural process we could avoid. 

If we were all aware of our truer nature, would we be experiencing, at times, such traumatising ascension symptoms? I don’t think so, this is do to all of us going with the flow and not against it, because we are not going with the next cycle, the natural flow, such flow is going to flow unnaturally. This in turn gives us the perception of levels as the flow is unnaturally flowing fast/slow, smooth/roughly, in other words this flow has  become chaotic.

As you become aware, (ascend) you can become quite sensitive to other energy sources that are not of your own,  certain other energy sources (vibrations) that you never felt  before become more heightened to you, in other words you have become more aware of these other vibrations by becoming more aware of your truer self. This seems like a huge amount of separation, the more aware we become, the more separated we become from other energy sources fixated to older cycles.

Now we can quite easily think this is because we are on a higher level of awareness, of course we are going to feel certain symptoms of such ascensions, we are after all at a higher level of awareness. This actually isn’t the case, the reason we are feeling these symptoms of our own ascension is due to other vibrations not going along with the flow of cycles, just because we are going with the flow, doesn’t mean we are on a higher level of awareness, it just means we are going with the natural flow, not against it.

Each cycle isn’t separated from the other even though each progressive cycle teaches us to become more aware, they are still cycles as awareness is still awareness as consciousness is still consciousness no matter how it’s expressed. The unnatural flow has given us a perception of levels rather than just cycles of ascension, one cycle needing the other to make the flow flow freely.

It’s a natural process to go with the flow allowing each cycle to run it’s course, it’s also natural to go against the flow as well, the choice is really ours, do we go with the flow and smoothly experience each cycle, or do we go against the flow and unnecessarily roughly/chaotically experience each cycle? This of course all comes down to how aware we are.  

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ascending from Fear & Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is going to sound a little condescending & hypocritical of me but not really, what I am going to do is give you a site address to a person who can assist most people ascend from fear & the ego if that is the will of that person.  I personally don’t have a real problem with this reality because I can see it for what it is a playground for us to develop & experience the creative cores knowing however there are people who are tired of this playground & want to move on which is their own will to do so, mines is to go along with the flow, one isn’t right or wrong over the other just different. It is obvious certain souls need to move on & that is exactly what you should do, hopefully this will assist you in your endeavours.

Below is an extract from the main home page of this site:

The Earth is in the process of evolving Her consciousness to the ascended universe above vibration and taking those that wish to go with her.
This ascended universe is a place of completeness.  It is a place of all knowing and those that ascend there know.  It is a truly wondrous and beautiful place beyond this universe.  There is no vibration, no sound, and no light…yet the knowing achieves a far greater level of vision that does not use the senses we are used to using on Earth.  For example: you know the Deer is there and where it is, but you do not see it with vision nor hear its movements.  You know its movements.  You know everything.  In this place, no one species is more important than another.  There is total peace and center.

Here is the site address to go to:

This elderly lady seems to know what she is talking about even though a lot of what she says isn’t in line with what I am saying however I am talking from a different perspective, “It takes more than one eye to see the truth”…Love Mathew