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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Quickening of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I utterly love these days when I hear other people becoming so utterly connected to the universal consciousness, some call the grid, that they can feel their own inner knowing. Realising anything and everything we will ever need to know is just there for us to become aware of.  Once we become this connected we realise it’s always been there at the tip of everybody’s finger tips.

Below is a brief exchange between another person & myself on this matter.

It is pretty amazing when you take a step back and 'see' what the picture really is saying to you in that moment.

I just had a feeling a few minutes ago and that was my thoughts are becoming faster than the technology around me. The internet is running slow, the information provided on it is becoming obsolete and outdated. And it feels like if we just connect to the grid and our higherselves, not only will we be provided the information naturally, but I think it will be more truthful then the opinions they are written in.

I could not agree with you more & it's really great you are feeling this.

The noticeable difference in the quickening of human time is, I believe, our consciousness catching up to the universal consciousness. The strangest thing is, this conscious quickening feels slow but when compared to human consciousness it's a lot faster.

This is a very good indication that you are becoming quite connected to this universal consciousness(grid) gaia-love, I'm thrilled for you.

When I was in my mid-teens I could ask any question what so ever & get an immediate correct answer, I'm now fifty yrs old. I did by my late teens break off this connection for various reasons.

If we don't compare this quickening to human consciousness, why does it feel like we have slowed down? Thinking, the mind cannot handle such expanded knowing & awareness so everything seems to be racing along however once you become disconnected from the mind all this knowing is just there so you are so right when you said, "not only will we be provided the information naturally, but I think it will be more truthful then the opinions they are written in," you couldn't be more correct in my mind.

You will end up reading a book for instance & get visions & insights & not necessarily pertaining to what the book is about either however be careful in relaying this info onto others, they won't understand you & they will probably ostracise you because of their misunderstanding. If this happens try not to take it personally.

Much Blessings,

It’s funny to think this quickening of time is actually a good sign that we are becoming more connected to this grid these days. The mind is racing around like a lunatic trying to decipher and put into form what we are receiving through the universal consciousness (grid) but all it needs to do to make sense of it all is just become a little more aware of where this knowing is truly coming from.  This of course is going to be hard for people stuck in certain ideological thought patterns that don’t allow for such awareness however eventually they will cross that mental barrier to a far more heightened awareness.  Human history has shown many times over you cannot fight off conscious changes indefinitely, it’s a naturel process.     

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Knowing isn’t what Knowing is!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Yes, what we know we know but do we know what we know without question? If not we really never knew in the first place, it was just an assumption of us knowing!!”

I wrote this quote up out of the blue without a post in mind which isn’t usual for me.  It seems like a simple quotation, if we are no longer questioning it’s not an assumption however when I inserted this in the thinkers Google community I got a funny reaction to it. It was read like this, “but do we know what we know without questioning? It was elaborated by saying breathing, going by the quote, is an assumption.  Yes, if we read it as, “but do we know what we know without questioning”, I can see where the misconception was. In this case the quote would be referring to all questioning being an assumption, I found this interesting!!

The quote of course is relating to, if we are no longer questioning it’s not an assumption as breathing is no longer an assumption because we know why & how it works through questioning.  It comes down to this, if we are still questioning are we still assuming, thinking too much?

The human mind is all about knowing, it can’t function without input/knowing so if it’s still questioning it’s still assuming however faith works the other way around funny enough. We know without question is saying anyone with faith isn’t assuming anything unless they question such faith, in this case it becomes but another assumption. Because some people were thinking too much on the thinkers Google community they made an incorrect assumption to what the quote was referring to. Thinking is obviously of assumptions so when we lesson the thinking processes we are of course going to lower the chances of assuming too much.

Now to a person who only logically thinks this doesn’t make sense, faith is of assumptions because faith is hard or impossible to prove so if you can’t prove a faith it’s only an assumption obviously. How about if we looked at this in another way.  Science today, through all it’s questioning, is still trying to find out how the universe was created, it’s still all theory, theory denotes questioning & of course assumptions. Going by the quote, all questioning is based on assumptions until we know like with breathing, once we know it’s no longer an assumption. We once didn’t know how & why we breathed until we asked the appropriate questions to such things. Faith doesn’t need to ask such questions in the first place mainly because it doesn’t use the mind to reason; faith isn’t of assumptions like science for instance.  

When we ask questions within any faith we are always assuming like in science & like science once we have had these questions answered we are no longer assuming. There is absolutely nothing wrong with assuming unless we think too much, once we start doing this we will more often than not make wrong assumptions.  

Meditation, praying, chanting & even singing lessons the thinking process by focusing on one or two thought processes, we are at this stage thinking less or not at all especially when we are in the zone. While we are thinking less we are asking less questions, which going by the quote, lessons the chances of us assuming too much.

Would have we advanced the way we did without questioning thus assuming? No I don’t think we wouldn’t have advanced the way we have without questioning so would have we advanced in a different way? Instead of advancing through thinking & knowing could have we advanced in a different way which would have obviously given us a different outcome? Some people of faith know the answer therefore are no longer assuming but others still asking questions are obviously still assuming like questioning thus assuming faith is of assumptions itself!!       

To end this post I’ve inserted one of my replies to the thinkers Google community.

Questioning is of assumptions until we find the answer & then it's no longer an assumption. Strangely enough faith isn't of assumptions because it doesn't question especially if it's blind!!  We assumed faith was built upon by assumptions because we questioned faith, once you start questioning you are making assumptions. What I am saying, there is nothing wrong with assuming for in this lies the answers.         

Monday, 24 June 2013

A Life of Many Shades

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Life is about many colours, it’s the way we perceive the shades that makes the difference”….Love Mathew

Living in Different Shades of Life: Ask yourself what is life, is it what is presented to you or is it the way you perceive or take life either it be in darker shades or lighter shades? We perceive life through many shades of colours & the longer we live the more shades we are most likely to experience & from these shades we learn & become more knowing of each other but most importantly knowing more of ourselves as each shade is teaching us something about who we are & what our environment is all about, in actual fact it’s the way we perceive these shades that moulds/creates our environment so what we see within our environment is who we are collectively.  For an example a person who loves city life will see within their environment something quite different to someone who loves country life, this is the way we perceive the shades of life so is one more negative or positive over the other? No because it’s the way we personally perceive life but what isn’t too positive is when one disrupts other people’s shades of life too much. Look at it this way, if a city loving person came out to the country & only saw condominiums & their own shades instead of the county person shades & change the country to simulate their shades they are in fact changing the country loving people shades, this is when life becomes complicated, negative & conflictive when it needn’t be.

I was born & brought up in the country myself & couldn’t see for many years anything much positive about city life until recently, I can now see what people see in city life because all one has to do is see in different shades of colour to appreciate what’s around them however we must all be wary that everyone deserves to be left within their shades of colours if there not hurting or disrupting others. I would like to mention it’s nearly impossible for anyone living in the darker shades of any life to see anyone else’s shades of life; negativity is plain & simple ignorance where’s positivity is of knowing & awareness however all shades are our teachers in teaching us about ourselves & our environment but one must always remember the darker shades are of negativity therefore ignorance, one can only learn so much from this. We have holistically been living within these darker shades since the dawn of man, it’s probably about time we changed our shades or modes of thoughts & let go of ignorance & take on knowing & awareness which are of course of the lighter shades of life.

A Balance of Shades: It’s not just the lighter or darker colours that make us who we are but how we perceive each colour in it’s shade for example we could live in the lighter shades but all the lighter shades might have a darkish hue about them, it’s this hue that also makes us who we are & gives us our mode of thoughts to live by.  We just don’t live by colours or even shades but also the hue of each shade which give us our individuality & each individual is diverse from another & that is what we learn from however, this is the trick, we will only learn from each other if we positively live in the lighter shades as this denotes knowing & awareness as mentioned previously, we can’t learn from each other while living by the darker shades alone as this denotes ignorance, an ignorance of each other.  So is this saying light represents knowing & awareness but the dark only ignorance so it seems obvious no one can learn from ignorance? Everyone learns form ignorance but it’s up to us in how long & how much in the darker shades we want to go, as mentioned one can only learn so much from ignorance & learning from ignorance alone has no self or holistic purpose as ignorance is just plain ignorance however if we use the darker shades as well as the lighter shades in unison we become more aware & knowing. Is this saying the more we live within the lighter shades the more aware & knowing we will be? No because we can only also learn so much from the light as well but in conjunction the lighter & darker shades will teach us everything we will ever want to know.   

I will put this a different way, we need to light of knowing to learn from ignorance fore without light we will stay ignorant & visa-versa, the light is as knowing as the dark is of ignorance which is saying without the ignorance we wouldn’t have true knowing. So what is there to know about ignorance as it’s only of ignorance? Most of us are ignorant of who we truly are but by using the lighter shades of knowing & awareness we can then become more knowing of ourselves & our environment, in other words we are using ignorance to rediscover ourselves so the dark shades of life play a huge part in our knowing & awareness, ignorance is forcing us to become aware unless we want to stay ignorant of course which has no purpose & leads nowhere.