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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Absolute Truth & Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a person ask me for more information on being at one v feeling at one so I added my reply to this person at the end of this post which I hope will help others define more clearly in where I am coming from. 

Recently it was suggested to me that there are no absolute truths especially in what I or anybody else writes about especially at the human level which is true in my mind. To me it’s nearly impossible for any human to totally express absolute truth, for one, our emotions get in the way & two we are humans with attachments otherwise we wouldn’t be here & all attachments can distort truths especially when emotionally driven by extreme emotions so is there an absolute truth? To me absolute truth is of the creative source or the universal consciousness & the closer you are to this source the more truth one will express however like I said there are no absolute truths in human form.   

To be truly at one we would have to be of absolute truth otherwise we couldn’t truly be at one because we only have half-truths so anyone with half-truths can’t be truly at one, we can feel at one but we can’t truly be at one however like I said the closer we are to the source the more of the absolute truth we become aware of & the more at one we will be not just feel.

Oneness also depends on our acceptance & the more accepting we are of the universal consciousness the more aware one will be as well. Any kind of distain like of the ego or of anything that makes us feel bad at the human & soul level hinders such oneness, we might feel more at one because we have rid ourselves of such bad feelings but because we still have distain for any part of the universal consciousness we can’t be anything else but feel at one not actually be at one & there is a big difference between being & feeling at one. Being at one just doesn’t denote how close one is to the source but how accepting one is of all what the source or universal consciousness is. Everything is a part of the universal consciousness no matter what it is.  Feeling at one however is emotionally driven but is the start of actually being at one because when we start to feel at one we know we have become reconnected to the source/universal consciousness but of course this only denotes a connection not actually being of the source/universal consciousness itself.  

So what this is saying is being at one denotes absolute truth where’s just feeling at one denotes half absolute truths but we must remember none of us beings can obtain absolute truth & one should never try as all you would be doing is flogging a dead horse especially if it’s not meant to happen. We should also remember here that emotional driven desire to feel good through various spiritual practices like denouncing the ego for instance actually takes you away from true oneness, it will give you a feeling of oneness but it won’t give you true oneness which denotes half absolute truths.

We have been told from 3rd dimensional teachings that the ego is bad & that there are no absolute truths but we are no longer in the 3rd dimension & must start thinking differently to 3rd dimensional thinking in this new age consciousness with new age thought. Breaking these old attachments from these teachings isn’t easy but if one wishes to be all accepting & be as close as possible to the source in human form me must start thinking in new age consciousness but of course if one is happy just feeling at one that’s fine as well as all is accepted but someone in this 3rd dimensional thinking can’t expect to be truly at one & in total balance with this new age consciousness as I’m finding out myself.  

Supplementary insert:

G’day Whitewave

Don’t take what I say is truth & it’s certainly isn’t absolute truth it’s just my interpretation of truth through my own perception because I am also still learning myself.

What I did here is relate oneness to half-truths & absolute truth. Feeling at one is related to half absolute truths where’s being at one with the universal conscious is absolute truth which is very difficult for emotional humans to do I believe but of course not impossible. I have the understanding Jesus & Buddha for instance might have accomplished this, to some degree anyway.

Most people here on IS have begun the first stage of knowing about absolute truth which is the universal consciousness or source, once we start feeling this oneness we have made a connection however we can at times think we have the absolute truth at this stage which of course we don’t. This feeling alone is very important but one must beware not to get emotionally carried away with it which is extremely hard not to do, most of us do this at one time or another at this stage.

As we become more connected or closer to the source absolute truths become a little more apparent & at a certain stage they just flow as if by magic without any effort. When this happens you know you are quite close to the source & are starting to become being at one with the source instead of just feeling at one. Until we get to this stage one should always be wary of how our human emotions play tricks on us telling us we know it all & what I perceive is absolute truth. There are indeed pit falls in becoming aware & it’s certainly not an easy road to tread but a road, in my mind, worth traveling.

I know a lot of people say there is no absolute truth but to be at one there has to be an absolute truth otherwise oneness wouldn’t actually exist, when you start thinking as one & being as one that is absolute truth.

The biggest trick is, is actually knowing not just believing we are one entity & then the next trick is if we want too is actually being that one entity but of course many of us like myself won’t attain this & I don’t think we should even try unless it’s necessary.

I hope this cleared it up for you Whitewave remembering I’m only talking in half truths.