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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lightworkers Energy Flow

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me it’s more about balance of energy flows that makes a lightworker what they are, this is why they are able to work in community based organisations without feeling the effects of what we call negative flows from others.  A true lightworker doesn’t feel this negativity in others, what they feel is an energy flow fluctuations without judging a difference between themselves and others. This is mainly brought on by their own balanced energy flow. This balance seems to deflect any negativity and in fact where most people will see a negative, lightworkers won’t.

Another difference between a spiritually aware people and a Lightworkers is spiritually aware people will avoid what they deem as negatives however lightworkers will most often do quite the opposite.  I should say here, don’t take what I say as gospel, it’s my own personal view.

So am I saying, if we feel what we deem as negative flows from others were not lightworkers?  It’s actually quite the opposite, if you don’t feel these deemed negative flows to start with you’re not a lightworker. What a true lightworker will do is deem negatives and positives as just energy flows, they won’t deem an energy flow as being negative or positive. This takes a while to get to this state of aware consciousness, it doesn’t happen overnight.  The funny thing is it usually takes a certain amount of human knowledge to get to this stage however not always of course.

This human knowledge doesn’t have to even be of a spiritual content to spark the lightworker within, I knew of a number of people who obtained their lightworker attributes through studying in psychology and/or sociology. We seem to deem, to be a light worker or a spiritually aware person, we need to study up on spiritual ideologies, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of ideological beliefs can hinder one bringing out the lightworker from within by fixating ourselves to one ideological standard.  Being a true lightworker to me is about balance.

So are we lightworkers if we are still picking up on what is deemed to be negative? If we are still defining a difference between negative and positive, I feel we are haven’t quite brought out all of the lightworker from within.  What we need to do from here is not to see a difference especially an opposing difference but just an energy flow fluctuation, when we can do this we have brought out the lightworker within I believe.  For example, if we are seeing the ego as just being negative we haven’t brought out the whole of the lightworker from within, being able to see the ego as just a different energy flow fluctuations is a good start to bringing out the whole of the lightworker from within. 

The below link describes what a light worker is in a slightly different way to what I did here.