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Friday, 4 April 2014

Learning to Live With Plenty

Written by Mathew Naismith

A fundamental question I think spiritually aware people who desire possessions or betterment in anyway should ask themselves , “can I have possessions and better myself and  have a non-controlling ego at the same time? “ This seems like a dilemma but it’s not.

Like the American Indians and other ancient people, knowing you don’t personally own anything especially the ground we walk on is the key.  Most of us work hard for what we get and the harder we work the more we take ownership of what we worked hard for.  This is a good indication that the ego is in control I feel however to rid ourselves or soften the controlling factors of the ego try thinking like the following; you never personally own anything no matter how hard we worked for it.

This is so easily said but not so easy to exercise mainly because the harder we are forced to work for what we obtain the more possessive we become, it’s a snow balling effect of the controlling ego.  Compared to even fifty years ago, we have become a lot more egotistical collectively, the ego just keeps on accumulating as it goes on just like a snow ball running loose down a hill!!

It’s obvious the ego is out of control to the detriment to the very thing we rely on for our very existence, Earth itself. What kind of being would do this, an aware being or an unaware being and what seems to be causing this unawareness in such beings?

A being with an out of control controlling ego would destroy anything not serving the ego immediately; this is accomplished through an out of control ego making us very unaware of anything outside of what feeds our immediate desires. It’s absolutely incredible how powerful and destructive an out of control ego can be.  When you become the observer you can see so many simular traits of an out of control ego to what we deem as the devil/demon.  The big difference is we are controlled by yet bigger egos so there is little chance of most of us becoming more devilish like, which of course is a blessing.  

The controlling factors of the ego are all about possessions, possessions of material & mental gain. Power over others mentally is just as much about possessions than material possessions because once you are in this power playing position you do feel you own these people under you, if not the people themselves at least their minds.  

So in all it’s noticeably not easy to just say I don’t own anything no matter how hard I worked for it mainly because of the snow balling effect of the ego.  Once you get caught up in the snow balls path it’s very hard to dislodge from however it of course isn’t impossible and actually it’s easier than what it seems.  It of course all comes down to how aware you want to be which is like how much do you want to be free of this snow balling effect!!  We can have our possessions and a non-controlling ego however we must always realise we truly never really own anything personally, it’s all on loan to us including what we think!!

The ego self is a must within realities like this one however life turns chaotic when we think we possess what we dominate or acquire the use of, to release ourselves of this chaos all we need to do is stop being so possessive of  mind body and yes even soul.  After this, everything you accumulate you realise you never really own, now that’s freedom!!