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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Looking Glass of Grey

Written by Mathew Naismith

In my resent post titled Human/Non-Human Perception I received two unfavourable responses & when I read them I realised we all see & feel our souls differently which is seemingly brought on by what shade we are looking at our souls through, in other words if we look at our souls through rose coloured glasses that is what we will perceive our soul to look & therefore feel like. The person in question who was quite noticeably upset by what I wrote has in my mind a light soul, in other words a soul of love so that is what she will perceive her soul & everybody else’s soul to be however I on the other hand look at my soul & life period as being grey neither of love nor hate, dark nor light just greyish shades.

In my mind people of light souls of love are here to heal what we have done over the centuries as a species however they will only see souls being of love & light & of course that is only their perception of things. It’s impossible for them to see anything else & maybe they shouldn’t either as this will I feel diminish their effect however on the other hand people who only see darkness within the souls & the world will also have their own perception of theirs & everybody else’s soul as well, what they see & feel is what their own perception is telling them to be true so what is true? Neither & all, it’s neither because it’s grey & it all because it’s grey, it’s all of different shades of grey I feel neither one nor the other however consciousness being what it is we can perceive what we want to perceive so in fact it’s all true this is why there is really no true right & wrong or black & white & if it’s all true it must be different shades of grey however we can perceive these different shades of grey as being white or black or right & wrong at any given time depending in what we want to see & feel.

This of course is saying nothing is just of light nor dark, love nor hate but of something that has no real definition but of course being human we need definition to recognise it from something else like hate from love for instance.  So is this also saying the creative source (God) isn’t of love? Yes that is exactly what it is saying however God will be what we perceive it to be through how we see it to be, it’s our perception of what we want to be not what actually is.  

Humans in having to need of definition has given rise to black & white, wrong & right but consciousness itself isn’t just of definitions & in actual fact nothing is definable in pure consciousness & this of course is where we get the idea that the ego & related judgment are demeaning, anything of definition is of the ego & judgement so the creative source can’t be definable therefore of neither love nor hate but very balanced & nonjudgmental towards any shades of grey.  

Many souls are here right now to heal what has been done so of course they will only want to see & feel love & light because that is what they are here for which will collectively bring us together under love & light however these souls must also be aware of what other souls are all about as well & to stop making judgment onto them as it all has its place within the collective consciousness otherwise it just wouldn’t & couldn’t exist or be.