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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Going Beyond Our Conscious Understandings

Written By Mathew Naismith
I was recently confronted with a query from my mother in-law; it would seem she values my opinion in regards to spiritual matters especially concerning spiritual healing. My mother in-law isn’t sure how to respond to spiritual healers as she has two spiritual healers related to her who wish to help her, however, she’s not into spiritual healing at all so her response to her relatives isn’t very favourable at all. This can be a complex issue and hard to comprehend if one has never witnessed actual spiritual healing processes.

The best way to look at this issue is to explain that everything vibrates, in other words everything was created from various vibrational frequencies, now if this is the case, it makes sense how one vibration can indeed affect another vibration. Music is a very good example, if we weren’t vibrating, how would different music affect us in different ways? The thing is, different music does indeed affect us differently, this is because we are also made up out of various vibrational frequencies, it’s basically one vibration having an effect upon another vibration, spiritual healing is no different.

For anyone not able to perceive that we are made up out of vibrational frequencies, this is still going to be hard to comprehend, I think this I due to not being able to perceive past our present conscious understanding.

Recently I was in conversation with other spiritually aware people who were reciting from old texts, they were still following trusted and proven teachings, no matter what I said, they could not perceive past their present conscious understanding, actually they just didn’t want to, this was very much in line with my mother in-law. It’s not easy trying to comprehend in a different way, especially in relation to your own conscious understanding we are familiar with.

So what is wrong with these old teachings?

There is nothing wrong with them, they served our present consciousness quite well but will they serve any newer consciousness we come across just as well? Yes and no, my mother in-law is of the old school thinking, you can’t heal people unless it’s through physical means, this is quite understandable because it’s all they know and it did indeed work at times.

Let’s look at the progression of science over time to get a better understanding here. Science evolved from philosophy and mysticism to general science over time, this was a huge step, but now we have newer sciences that a lot of people into general science are unable or wanting to comprehend, this new science is quantum physics. To comprehend quantum physics takes a different conscious understanding which can be for, some people, be way beyond general science understandings; this is due to quantum physics being of a different consciousness than general science, philosophy and mysticism. You could easily say quantum physics is a part of this new consciousness that the Mayans predicted would occur.

To properly understand these new teachings properly, one must be able to become detached from there old teachings, in this case various general science concepts; to me this is no different to becoming detached from old spiritual teachings. This however doesn’t mean all old spiritual teachings become null and void in a new consciousness, like quantum physics, a lot of the old teachings are adapted to fit within this new consciousness, this automatically occurs when taking on and accepting a new way to consciously perceive but only if we detach ourselves from old conscious understandings.

Actually, as we become more accepting of a new consciousness, a lot of the old teachings from the old consciousness change their meaning, in other words we will decipher them differently in the new consciousness, however a lot of old teachings will also have to go to be able to take on any new consciousness’s. We of course don’t have to do this if we don’t want to, we don’t have to evolve like the rest of the universe, this is our right.