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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Hope In Peace

Written by Mathew

There is a lot of frustration out there in regards to peace, it's so daunting for people like me observing people in distress on relation to peace, will human consciousness ever holistically be at peace? This question isn't actually appropriate because our present perception is based on our present circumstances which is anything but peaceful. Basically, for every hundred people manifesting for peace, you have a thousand other people manifesting for unrest. For starters, literally millions of people within this reality live off of unrest, it's certainly a strange reality were people live off of unrest!! On top of this, you have groups of people and even whole country of people who will do anything to force there way of existing onto others, peace seems utterly hopeless. When you also consider that restless/unhappy people spend more money, you start to realise how many people rely on an unrestful/unsettled existence.     

It's indeed a strange existence, it's seemingly the only way human consciousness know how to exist, this of course isn't true and this is the point to focus on.

Conscious Unrest: Human consciousness has gotten to the point it knows no other way to exist but in unrest. Human consciousness desperately needs assistance to be in peace, this is obvious but this must happen from within human consciousness itself, however, this doesn't mean we only use human consciousness to desist in existing in unrest. Human conscious is too conditioned to relying on unrest to exist by to help itself from within, this is were perceiving beyond human perceptions comes into it's own.

Perceptions are based on present circumstances, can a mentally ill person who's perceptions are based on their present circumstances, assist themselves from within to perceive beyond their present perceptions based on the illness? Certainly not on their own, they always need an external awareness of  perceptions beyond their present circumstances, human consciousness is no different. Any consciousness that is wholly conditioned to live off of unrest, is unable to assist itself from within, it is obvious it needs external influences to perceive beyond the limitations of only being able to exist in an unsettling way.

Wisdom: In ancient times, human consciousness looked up and aspired to anything pertaining to wisdom, today, human consciousness is based on intelligence instead of wisdom, basically, intelligence has replaced wisdom. The strange thing about human intelligence is that it tries to express intelligence void of wisdom. Human consciousness is also unable to exist in any other way but in unrest, it's certainly as strange intelligence that human consciousness expresses. How would a consciousness that is primarily based on unrest, be able to express any true sense of intelligence?

For a consciousness to create unrest, would also have to be of unrest!!

It's wise to be aware that all perceptions are based on a conditioning of a kind, no perception is flawless, this includes any external perceptions we use to assist in helping human consciousness heal from within. In stating this, there are external perceptions to human conditioned perceptions that are a lot more peaceful than human perceptions. Can we heal human consciousness from within void of any kind of perceptions?  Yes and no.

Human Perceptions: Human consciousness is primarily based on perceptions, actually, human consciousness couldn't exist without these perceptions because human consciousness is of perceiving. Try replacing perceptions with non-perceptions. How is a consciousness, that is primarily base on perceiving by the five senses, going to react by replacing it's whole consciousness with another kind of consciousness that is void of perceptions? Such a consciousness couldn't possibly perceive or accept of being replaced altogether. Are we truly supposed to replace one consciousness with another completely different kind of consciousness to start with?

Try replacing a mentally ills person's consciousness with another consciousness that the mentally ills person's consciousness is unable to perceive in the first place, it's just not going to work. A lot of people are trying to do just this on a collective human scale. It's not healing a consciousness by replacing a consciousness with another consciousness altogether, in actuality, any such actions will create more unrest, not less.

A non-perceiving consciousness isn't supposed to replace human consciousness, it's supposed to help balance out human consciousness. It's like balancing out motion with motionlessness, physical life with spirituality, this balancing will, in my mind, assist heal human consciousness within. This doesn't incorporate us to be more positive over an above deemed negative, all this kind of action will cause is disdain for anything deemed negative. It's funny deeming what is and isn't negative or positive, such judgment is still based purely on one's own perceptions at the time!!

Black and White Mentality: I wrote the following just recently.

What judged a negative a negative?

Strangely enough, a positive judging a negative less worthy than itself.

Why then judge a positive and a negative?

Wouldn't life be simpler and more peaceful if we didn't?

I don't judge myself as being positive or negative these day because I know that such a mentality is based on a judged unworthy, I also know it's based on a particular perception, being that no perception is flawless.

Why then judge a positive and a negative is interesting. Human consciousness has  conditioned itself to judge in this way, basically, human consciousness has conditioned itself to a mentality of black and white, it's what I call a black and white mentality, there has to be a wrong and a right, worthy and less worthy.

You should by this point get a pretty good idea how human consciousness has become based on an existence of unrest, there isn't too much balancing out this unrest in human consciousness these days. There is no way that a consciousness this conditioned to unrest, is able to heal itself from within on it's own. You also should be able to get a good idea of what needs to be done to arrest human consciousness from being primarily based on unrest, an awareness of why human consciousness is so restless is a good start.

It's also wise to be aware that human consciousness is what it is, this means any change to human consciousness has to be within it's perceptions otherwise it's no longer human consciousness. Basically, if you can change a consciousness to another kind of consciousness, it's no longer of it's original state of consciousness, it's something else, humans consciousness stays as human consciousness.

This brings us to journeys and paths: Human consciousness is a journey which many paths can be taken, a good example of this is each person has their own path to follow but while on the human journey of experience. Some paths are like the human journey itself, they are of unrest within  their own unique ways, of course the reason why the human journey is unsettled, is due to many paths of this human journey having a path of un-restfulness. If on the other hand most paths within this human journey was at peace, the human journey itself would reflect this peacefulness. Human consciousness isn't naturally unsettled but this unsettledness is part of human consciousness to be able to be expressed but so is peace.

The answer to changing the human journey is to change the path of each of us to something more peaceful. Change the path, you change the way the journey is being experienced, however, has anyone got the right to change, especially forcefully, other people's paths? The answer is of course no but we can influence people to change their path by giving these people a choice of paths. This is of course done by displaying your own path to others so they may now know they have a choice, in the end however, a person has a right to choose or stay with an unsettled path. If in the end this means human consciousness/journey is to stay unsettled in any sense, so be it. This is exactly why no so called true higher consciousness will interfere with the human journey, it has no right, only untrue consciousness's will do this, it's good to be wised up to this.

Any real change to the human  journey itself, must be made by or through a human, this is why it's a good idea to perceive beyond human perceptions. To begin, try not to become too fixated to human ideologies or practices and know when to move or evolve on from these ideologies and practices. Also, move away from the, very human, mentality of black and white, all this mentality does is add to the unrest.             

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Religions, Ideologies and Paths

Written by Mathew Naismith

The importance of religions, ideologies and paths to the human psyche is quite apparent as human history plainly shows, after all, most of our history is made up from such attachments. 

Recently I had a person state that their religion (ideology)  isn't an ideology, it's a path, of course if it's not an ideology it's also not a religion. Buddhism is certainly a religion, it has doctrines and belief systems that define what Buddhism is about, without such guidelines, the human psyche would have nothing to attach itself to.  Basically,  the human psyche represents the ego in some way, in a true sense, the ego is unable to attach itself or comprehend an ideology without labels. For starters Buddhism, like any religion, has a label, Buddhism is obviously of the ego for the ego created it.

It would seem the human psyche needs the ego to comprehend anything, to do this of course entails the ego to attach labels on anything it wishes to comprehend. Of course the ego goes further than this when an attachment occurs to such labels, with such labels in this case, doctrines and concepts are formed, basically making such ideologies the be and end all. One example is to state that God doesn't exist in any sense, of course not all Buddhists conform to this doctrine, such Buddhists are able to perceive that everything has come from one source that a lot of religions call God. In a sense, there is a God in one source but not as in a deity of any kind for all of what is, is of this one source.

You also have religions that have more than one God and Goddesses, Buddhism see this as an attachment to the ego, in doing so, looks upon it's own ideology as being more correct in some way above these other religions. Having to have a label to follow is ego, to express it's own ideology (path) as being more correct in any sense is even more of an ego. I should point out that not all Buddhists express themselves in this way, there is no need for all has it's place within this one source for it is of this one source no matter how it expresses itself.

I should also point out here that Christianity is also well known to be the path to righteousness, this known path doesn't make Christianity not an ideology just because it's all to do with a path to righteousness!! 

I've noticed that certain Buddhists and Christians also talk down Hinduism when Hindus can choose to be polytheistic, pantheistic, monotheistic, monistic, agnostic, atheistic or humanist. Hindus don't have to be governed by strict doctrines or barriers that stop a Hindu from perceiving beyond normal human perception, all ideological concepts and beliefs are obviously accepted within Hinduism. In a sense, Hinduism seems to represent all of existence, being the oldest surviving religions probably says it all.  Don't get me wrong here, I'm not advocating Hinduism over  and above all other ideologies, I'm just stating that Hinduism seems to have no doctrines and barriers that other religions have taken on. Think on this, advocating there is only one God period or that God doesn't exist in any sense, is the ego setting up barriers when consciousness itself has no such barriers. Consciousness itself isn't limited to certain perception of one kind or another,  it's boundless for it has no controlling ego telling this consciousness what and what not to perceive.

I love synchronicity. I recently experienced  a state of just being, there was no labels therefore no ideologies or paths or past and future, only the present of just being.  Within this state, there was interaction of individual forms and energy sources but not in the same sense as in our state of consciousness. Within this state, there was just being for no purpose or intention which gave this state a sense of serenity. The reason for this serenity was obvious to me, labels, ideologies, paths and the perception of a past and future gives consciousness more motion, as soon as we give any energy form more motion, the less serene it becomes.

Look at it in this way, a racing car speeding at 200 miles per hour is less stable than driving at 10 miles per hour, especially on a slippery surface. The more movement we drive the racing car at, the less stable it becomes, we are no different to a racing car. The more labels and ideologies we have, the more motion we create thus the more unstable a consciousness is going to become.

A racing car on a slippery surface becomes unstable because of it's interaction with another energy source, being a racing track,  that isn't conductive of another energy source driving at high speed on it.

In our case, we have ideologies or paths that are non-conducive to other ideologies and paths, the more motion we express within our fixation of our  own ideologies, the more unstable we make consciousness. This instability will of course cause us trauma and chaos.!!