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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Outside the 3rd Dimensional Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

G'day everyone.

Yes, I am still alive, it's been very quiet for me on all fronts except for my dreams. I seem to dream all night, I am far more active in my dreams by far. A lot of my dreams are of motion void of form, in actuality, there is presently a lot of movement in energy void of form within my dreams.

We often relate motion to form as all form relies on motion to exist. The reason for this perception is due to ourselves being conditioned to only relate motion to form, in actuality I find that there is more motion void of form than there is motion of form in the whole of existence. Form is simply an abstract notion or impression of the expressions of formless energies, in other words form owes it's existence to formless energy flows, not the other way around.

Everything that man creates is created through form or is expressed through form, a 3rd dimensional aspect. To comprehend the existence, we put everything within a 3D aspect, within this, conditioning ourselves to believe that all motion is of some kind of form, even vibrations become form. As soon as we measure or evaluate anything, we have put it into a 3D aspect, this is simply done this way so our 3rd dimensional mind can comprehend the existence of these motions. Of course if it can't be measured or evaluated, it simply can't exist to the 3rd dimensional mind.

For man to create anything, the mind thinks in 3D, so everything that man creates has a 3rd dimensional aspect to it, all motion simply becomes some kind of form. This is quite natural and normal for a 3rd dimensional mind to perceive like this.

It's seems laughable to suggest that the majority of motion has no form, but only to a mind that can only perceive in 3rd dimensional aspects. As soon as our mind goes outside 3D aspects, the existence of form becomes like a grain of sand on a beach. Indeed, 3rd dimensional aspects seem insignificant. The expression of motion through form is indeed this insignificant in the whole scheme of existence, however, like each individual grain of sand on a beach is significant to the existence of a beach, form, 3rd dimensional aspects and perceptions, are also significant to the whole scheme of existence!! 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Getting Out There Spiritually

Written by Mathew Naismith

I recently came across a person, of the name of Matt Kahn, that so many people seem to be presently raving about, this person seems to be the flavour of the moment and justifiably so. Matt, within the following video, seems to be speaking of the aspects I have for so long been expressing myself, there is however a fundamental difference between people like Matt and myself, even though I know about marketing, I don't market myself, basically, I tell it how it is without the gloss and glitter. This is one of the traits of a mystic, a true mystic will never market themselves, they can't.

Think on this, did Buddha or Jesus market themselves in this same way? Well, they didn't need to for a very good reason but there is a very good reason, other than financial benefits, why many spiritually ware people need to market themselves to attract a wider audience, unlike people like myself. Because we are used to be entertained so much, highly stimulated, we will often ignore anything that isn't highly stimulating, Matt uses numerous marketing ploys including the correct body language to be noticed by a larger audience. Matt knows to be accepted today, you need to market yourself, it's the sign of the times, this is just the way we are.

The following video by Matt is in relation to feeling good now, it's very effective.        

Matt, in away, mentions about religion and how it should no longer serve a purpose in our lives, religion has played it's part in our 3rd dimensional evolution. Religion certainly served a purpose, it gave a mostly illiterate people a kind of an understanding of a consciousness beyond human conscious comprehension for the most part. Religion today still serves this same purpose for a lot of people even for a more literate society for a number of reasons, one being that human consciousness as a whole seems to have lost faith. Religion today still feels this void.

Matt also mentions about negatives and positives, focusing on the negatives as negatives, reinforces the negative, not the positive. How many of us are trying to avoid being negative or being around negative people? Within this motion, which Matt mentions about early on the video, we are in actuality reinforcing these judged negatives by enacting against these judged negatives with positives. As Matt mentions further on in the video, we will not see these same judged negatives as negatives but positives in the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension being the next conscious evolution from human 3rd dimensional consciousness.

Ego was also mentioned by Matt, never was the ego judged as just being negative by Matt, however, Matt did make reference to a dominating ego as opposed to an ego. I state controlling ego as opposed to Matt's dominating ego, it's basically the same thing.

Matt did use the word love a number of times, this is a very effective marketing ploy in relation to spirituality, this is the glitter where's the humour and appropriate body language is the gloss. The word love is too ambiguous for a mystic to use, especially on a regular basis, too many people relate love to pain for starters, however, because most western people haven't experienced excessive pain created from love, the word love used in the western society works quite well because it's still has a favourable and appealing vibes that indeed works for the benefit of the recipients. However, "Love thy neighbour', a statement by Jesus, how many married partners took this to it's full effect and what degree of emotional pain has this one kind of motion created?   

Matt also mentions about a right direction, to a mystic, there is no right or wrong direction, there are collective journeys taken with many individual paths to follow within a collective journey, that is all. No path or journey is a wrong or right direction to take, however, using the word right is once again very appealing to a lot of people, it's likened to the words positive and love. How often are these words used by spiritually aware people these days? These words used in the correct manner, have there purpose in numerous ways to great effect.

Of course Jesus used the word love but in regards to a 5th dimensional consciousness, within this consciousness, the word love isn't as ambiguous as it is in a 3rd dimensional consciousness and neither are words like positive, negative or right and wrong. In actuality, the word love will actually be used less, not more in a 5th dimensional consciousness, the reason being is that love will be just known without having to be put into motion. Also, a 5th dimensional consciousness won't need to put love into motion as there will be no necessity to do so, this is due to the absence of chaos as we know it in the 3rd dimensional consciousness, there will be nothing to quell.

It's sad we have gotten to a state that we have to use various marketing techniques to attract a larger audience unlike Jesus and Buddha for example. People who are mystic in nature will today still conduct themselves as people like Jesus and Buddha did, however, this sadly excludes the larger audience that people like Matt Kahn attract. People like Matt are a must today, this is very evident.

People like myself are also not attracted, or more precisely, have no need to be stimulated to listen and learn, in actuality, we like it to be expressed in the way it truly is, not in the way we desire it to be expressed, there is a big difference here. Now the reason we don't need to be stimulated, is that we don't judge this reality in being just bad or negative, good or positive, we often avoid these labels as they are again ambiguous at the best of times. What is judged as being positive or negative by one person, can be judged the complete opposite by another persons. This is likened to telling a people of one culture they are wrong within there culture at the same time stating how right their culture is, this is an expression of a extreme ambiguous judgement.
It is natural for a consciousness, existing in a chaotic destructive existence, to be attracted to gloss and glitter, basically, it's natural for a consciousness to try to escape this kind of reality whenever possible in this kind of 3rd dimensional conscious reality. It is also obvious a fifth dimensional consciousness will in actuality deliberately put themselves into a 3rd dimensional consciousness, destructive or not, because this kind of consciousness doesn't judge, to the extremes like a 3rd dimensional consciousness does. Jesus and Buddha are prime examples of this. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not stating that Jesus and Buddha are just of the 5th dimension, it's just they expressed themselves through a 5th dimensional consciousness to probably help condition us to a 5th dimensional existence, an existence void of gloss and glitter.

Does this mean we shouldn't listen to all this gloss and glitter?

Not at all, 3rd dimensional consciousness's needs this gloss and glitter to be able to comprehend 5th dimensional consciousness to start with, especially in a reality that is hell bent on self-destruction. This is likened to religion telling us there is a more aware consciousness than human consciousness, it's part of a natural and necessary process a consciousness takes to evolve. However, like the way we have abused religion, we can also abuse this new age gloss and glitter, "but another new be and end all". How many of us can't get enough of this new age gloss and glitter, especially in western society? How many of these people then judge what is and isn't negative and positive to an extreme at times? Like Matt stated in the video, within this reaction, all we are doing is reinforcing the judged negatives within this motion!!

A good telltale sign to a true comprehension of 5th dimensional consciousness, is once a consciousness is no longer attracted to this gloss and glitter, such a consciousness is well and truly on it's way to truly comprehending 5th dimensional consciousness, after all, 5th dimensional consciousness isn't about gloss and glitter but a truer sense of balance as opposed to extremes.  

Sunday, 20 September 2015

3D v 5D Mentalities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I recently wrote a post about 5th dimensional (5D) mentality, I of course received 3rd dimensional rebuttals. To me, each dimension has it's own mentality, the Mayan Indians in central America have pointed this out. We are entering the feminine from the masculine, there is an obvious difference between the masculine and the feminine mentalities, one creates a robust mentality while the other creates a more delicate mentality, yin and yang. 

3D Witch Hunt: I think everyone has a right to think as they like and to express this thinking if it doesn't hurt anybody else, however, some people don't think we have the right so they force their own views and ideologies upon others. This occurred quite recently to me. I had a conversation with another person who was highly aggressive and abusive, he didn't like my view in my post about 5D mentalities. He was notably very abusive and highly deceptive within he's remarks, all he did though was prove my point about 3D mentalities being of self-deception and ignorance.   
In all, it's important we are able to freely express ourselves especially if it's not hurting anybody else, so many times have I seen spiritually aware people railroaded by certain people who dictate to other how they are allowed to express themselves. This kind of mentality so reminds me of the mentality of  religious extremists, you have to think like this or else. In my case, I was only subjected to extreme abuse and continuous harassment but it's still a witch hunt which shows certain forms of mentalities just haven't evolved over time.

I inserted the discussion in this post but I decided to remove it, I found it too aggressively demeaning and harsh to share, however if you want, you will find this discussion on Our Humanity Google community under the heading of 5th dimensional mentalities.

Yes, witch hunts are still going on today, their either cutting off heads, blowing up innocent people or being extreme within their abuse and neglect of other people. The thing to remember,  these people are reacting in this way because any other dimensional mentalities other than their own is a threat to their unevolved antiquated mentalities, the more they react to other views beyond the 3rd dimension, the more I realise we are on track. This kind of reaction only confirms that our views beyond 3rd dimensional mentalities are spot on.

There is another thing to remember, anyone who can only perceive through 3rd dimensional mentalities, can no way see beyond the 3rd dimension, they are literally quite unable to. This gives me more appreciations of myself being able to do this, I just can't perceive being only able to perceive in 3D but this is the only way some people can perceive as shown in my recent conversation.

Which hunts like this can only occur through deception and ignorance, this is why you won't experience witch hunts in a full 5th dimensional reality, the mentality of witch hunting just can't exist within such realities.      

Dimensional Mentalities: I did however find this conversation quite constructive to my ideas of 3rd and 5th dimensional mentalities. To me this conversation quite clearly shows an obvious difference between 3rd and 5th dimensional mentalities, this however isn't saying my own mentality is of the 5th, it's just I'm wised up to the difference. I should also state; this doesn't make 3rd dimensional mentalities wrong in some way either, it's just showing an obvious difference between certain mentalities.

What I am saying is, the difference between the dimensions is mentality, each dimension has it's own unique mentality, it's actually the mentality that creates the dimension. For an example, I once tutored disabled people, their perspective on 3D was quite different to the average person, they had very little perception of 3D, however, some of them showed a  better perception of dimension other than and beyond 3D.  The reason was obvious to me, they weren't influenced by ego, therefore, they were not receptive to self-deception and ignorance. When you take deception and ignorance (ego) out of a mentality,  you are going to end up with a totally different mentality than that of a 3D mentality.    

To me the 5th dimension is all about taking the controlling ego out of a mentality, however, this doesn't mean taking the ego out altogether,  just the controlling factors off the ego.

3rd dimension = a controlling ego
4th & 5th dimension = non-controlling ego
6th dimension = virtually no ego what so ever

To me, the 3rd dimension is influenced by a controlling ego, the  fifth dimension however is about being influenced by an ego that is no longer in control, it seems that each dimensional mentality is created step by step.  One dimension is of the controlling ego, the next dimension is void of a controlling ego, and still, the next dimension will be virtually void of the ego altogether. Could you imagine a mentality no longer influenced by any kind of ego?

I should say here, this is only my view on the dimensions, as of always, I could be quite incorrect so please don't take what I say about dimensions as gospel.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

3rd Dimensional Mentalities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I will start this blog off with a reply I gave to a group of people who want to ascend to the fifth dimension.

I'm not sure how many people know this, a group of ancient Egyptian's opened port wholes into other dimensions, even beyond the 5th dimension. When you observe the 3rd dimension from these other dimensions, you observe that the 3rd dimension is about self-deception and ignorance. 

When these people opened up these port wholes, the truth opened up to them especially concerning the 3rd dimension and 3rd dimensional mentality. This of course didn't go down very well with anyone fixated and expressing 3rd dimensional mentality. The people within this group were of course called all sorts of names and corruptly ostracised and banished, 3rd dimensional mentality just can't handle the truth. I suppose trying to free the slaves at the same time didn't help their cause either.

I recently observed an obvious discrepancy in a post, which the poster soon showed within their abuse and name calling. I was abused and called arrogant and obviously titled negative, déjà-vu, even though I was the one being abused. Surprisingly, this same person was supported in their actions by a few people. 

People, let go of 3rd dimension mentality, it's highly conductive to deception and ignorance which is not apart of the 5th dimension.  If you continue to fixate yourself to this kind of mentality, you won't be going anywhere.

If you want to call me arrogant, negative and ostracise and probably banished me because I know something, so be it but be very careful, this 5th dimension wasn't opened by a group of people, it's apart of a natural cycle, you will indeed be left behind if you don't stop expressing 3rd dimensional mentalities. 

The following will hopefully explain, in detail, what each dimension is conductive to, we are at present in the 3rd dimension. 

People with an obvious 3rd dimensional mentality often find me irritating, this is because I open myself up to other dimensions, this doesn't mean I actually enter into these dimensions though, it just means I'm open to there reasoning and mentality. Most spiritually aware people, who are open to other dimensional thinking, will most often receive rebuttals from people who are not open to these dimensional thinking processes, this is natural especially within a 3rd dimension.

The 3rd dimensional mentality is of self-deception and ignorance, this is natural for this dimension, trying to bring forth truth from the 5th dimension is obviously going to receive a very aggressive welcome from a 3rd dimensional mentality. This is due to 3rd dimensional mentality not being able to handle the truth, it's actually not meant to especially on a collective scale no matter how bad life gets. This however doesn't mean we can't bring forth other kinds of mentalities from other dimensions into the 3rd dimension, it just means you will receive rebuttals if you express this kind of wisdom.

This group of people, in ancient Egypt, opened up these port wholes into other dimensions, you might think this was ludicrous  to do but it wasn't. These people knew a major famine was coming but they also knew that this famine could be avoided through a simple change of mentality.  

The following isn't usually stated when discussing dimensions, each dimension exists because of a certain mentality or a certain state of consciousness, this of course can be change at any given moment. it's not this easy of course only because of our fixations to this kind of mentality. These fixations are of course brought about by our conditioning from birth, no conditioning  from birth is easy to un-fixate ourselves from, this is unless you become wised to other dimensions and their mentalities.

I should also say that I think people like Jesus, Buddha, Confucius etc. expressed themselves through the 5th dimension, it's no wonder they were ignored by fifth dimensional mentalities. The only people who would understands them, are people who were beyond 3rd dimensional mentalities, in other words people who were not just fixated to 3rd dimensional mentalities.

I wasn't going to write about the 5th dimension, it's not an easy topic to write about because 3rd dimensional mentalities usually aren't receptive and understanding of any other dimensional mentality but the mentality they were conditioned too. I will however write about the 5th dimension in the next post I write, it was inevitable I suppose.