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Sunday, 22 September 2013

True Acceptance is The Key

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is going on from my last post titled The Illusion of Time & Space/Physicality, synchronicities a funny thing indeed.

Presented by cosmicwarrrior:
William Cooper - Truth Isolation

G'day cosmicwarrior

Yes it's a little bit that way.

Becoming spiritually aware isn't an easy road to tread & it's even harder if you are using spirituality to run away from something or have some sort of psychological issue that you are using spirituality to calm yourself in some way. Spiritual awareness can bring out the gremlins in more than one way, in ourselves & the rest of humanity, one must be wary of this.

The real truth in time & space, (duality), doesn't exist, it's only what we perceive to be the truth at any given time. Time & space give us the duality's of truths, there is no one truth in realities of duality, time for one changes truths at a drop of a hat so is there a real truth? No time & space, (non-duality), gives us the real truth as it's of oneness however living in realities of duality again gives us dual truths which is only a portion of the real truth. We are only living & experiencing part of the conscious knowing in realities of duality, time & space, so no we can't experience the real truth because then we wouldn't be in a duality reality.

So why are we living in & creating realities of duality? In a pure oneness state we can't physically experience all of the knowing of the universal consciousness so we break it down into separate portions which is basically separate truths, (duality), this is why we are so different to each other, we are all a separate portion of the whole real truth. This is actually saying we are experiencing the whole real truth but in separate forms, now how special is that!!!! No wonder I look upon this reality in amazement at times.


This explains quite clearly, I feel, why self-discovery through sciences as well as spirituality is important & is all a part of spirituality. Science/psychology is helping us to put these conscious pieces together again & when we do this, in how many years’ time, we will see quite a different reality to what we are experiencing today. You could argue spirituality does this anyway without science/psychology so why would we need science & psychology to help put these pieces of conscious truths together? Science/psychology are about realities of duality & spirituality is about non-duality reality. If we were to put these conscious truths together through just spiritual means we would lose this duality reality however if we use science/psychology as well as spirituality we will have the best of all worlds/realities I believe. On the other hand if we continue to use science/psychology on their own the obvious will continue, we will keep floundering about like lost children.      

This of course comes down to using all the tools we have at hand in unison in finding out the whole real truth & by doing this we will indeed be able to live the whole real truth & knowing of the totality of consciousness in a coexisting duality/non-duality existence. This is a huge WOW because everything will be truly at one when this happens & it will happen one way or the other I feel. Like I have always said, “true acceptance is the key”.