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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Constructive Energy Use

Written by Mathew Naismith

To someone like me everything is energy, including the ideologies and isms we follow or feel comfortable with. My own energy field feels comfortable with the concepts of science, spirituality, philosophy, nature, oneness, psychology, etc. I mainly focus on the similarities of these concepts instead of the dissimilarities. Too often today we primarily look at the dissimilarities while deliberately ignoring the similarities; of course we seem to be more into separating energy these days in disharmony than connecting or linking these energies together in harmony.

Some people feel comfortable with the energies (concepts) of science while others are more comfortable with the energies (concepts) of spirituality. Of course when our main focus is on one energy field, any other energy field or concept in contradiction will seem dissimilar. Our main focus is then of the dissimilarities while deliberately ignoring or being unaware of the similarities, often to prove to oneself that the fieled we most focus on is right over all other energy fields (concepts). And we wonder why we are abusing energy at a very high rate, playing one against the other all the times!!

Yes, you must go with the energy flow that you feel more comfortable with, this can be anything from science to New Age spiritual concepts such as love and light. The psychological benefits of following what you most resonate with outweighs the dissimilarities to other energy fields or concepts. However, if our main focus is on the dissimilarities between energy fields or the separation from other energy fields, this is most likely a sign of an abuse of energy to serve our own agenda or desire.

The main agenda of science is to find truth and to prove this truth through what can or can't be proven three dimensionally.

The main agenda of spirituality is to seek for truth, simular to philosophy, to often question and even answer what science is unable to, in other words question what can't be proven to exist three dimensionally.

I should state that science has answered a lot of questions spirituality as a whole has been unable to answer at present. In my mind it is a huge mistake to totally ignore the similarities of science and spirituality to suite our own agenda or desire. Science, as of religion/spirituality, can be a huge benefit to humanity when not used abusively. As religion has been abusively used in the past to suite an agenda or desire, so is modern day science. At no time judge another energy field opposed to our own energy field as being worthless to humanity while being abused. This is like saying that all abused children are worthless to humanity!!

To use energy destructively, one must primarily look at the dissimilarities between different energy fields, however, to use energy constructively, one must primarily look at the similarities between different energy fields without ignoring the dissimilarities to suite our own agenda or desire. Energy is not restricted to three dimensional aspects, of what we desire or what our own ideologies and isms determine. Energy as a whole is infinite in nature, not finite like ourselves and our three dimensional reality.