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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Personal Thoughts, Do They Actually Exist?

Written by Mathew Naismith

It comes down to do we really own our own thoughts and feelings? One perspective on this says we do, intimacy for example is often a reflection of an individual thought process making this type of experience very personal, basically a one of.  Intimacy is of course determined and created by the ego, you can't experience an intimate moment without ego. Anything seemingly personalised has derived from the ego, the ego in this case separates our own thoughts and feelings from other conscious forms.

There are however  a number of good reason why our thoughts and feelings are never truly separated from the rest of consciousness, this perspective of non-separation or non-duality is of course saying we never truly experience personal thoughts or feelings, this is of course also saying personal thoughts and feeling don't exist. Don't despair, freeing ourselves from personal feelings and thoughts is highly awakening for only in this state will a consciousness experience, and be able to express, a true form of unconditional love.

Oneness; is of course telling us that all expressions of consciousness are one, the perception of oneness tells us that personal thoughts and feelings don't exist for all is one.  

Observer; also states that we are always being observed so no true intimacy can actually take place, if there is no true form of intimacy, there is no true sense of individualism which states that personal thoughts and feelings don't actually exist.

Non-individual perspectives; relate to everything we feel and think, comes from our environment, this means every perception we have has derived from other perspectives. This is also stating that all our personal feeling and thoughts were created from perceptions and perspectives that were already existing before we were even born. 

Ownership; in a sense of true spirituality, you are unable to own anything, like you are unable to actually own material possessions, you are also unable to own non-material possessions like our thoughts and feeling.  

There is also something else to consider here, DNA carries the memories that often influences our thoughts and actions, in other words DNA represents memory and a perception that wasn't developed by us, however, we can still influence this DNA. Influencing DNA is like when we influence another persons thoughts and feelings, just because we can influence another persons thoughts and feeling, doesn't mean we own these thoughts and feelings, the same with DNA which we have by the way inherited. DNA plays a major part in our thoughts and feelings.                

I am now going to, in a sense, change the topic to something more on a personal basis.                

I've had some interesting times in relation to my family recently, the difference between my family and myself in perspective and mentality is obvious, this difference can of course cause even more disharmony in our lives. Because I don't judge one life experience being above or more worthy of expressing than another, I'm usually accepting of any expression different to mine, this is until such discord disrupts my life to the extent of changing my own perceptions and mentality.

While going through this discord, I wrote three quotes which will hopefully explain a little better what I went through in recent times.    

"The world is my oyster, this is true without a doubt, this however is only because the oyster will only produce it's true beauty in the exact right climate. Guess what, the same is with all of us, get the gist of it now!!"

Only with the right environment can we create our truer inner beauty, basically, becoming aware or bringing forth our inner beauty. The kind of reality this inner beauty can create is beyond words, but to first create this, we need the exact right environment, this of course takes one to discard anything that is going to hinder such creation. Accepting expressions of discord is one thing, allowing this discord to hinder our growth is another, we are indeed supposed to evolve but only if we are aware of the pearl within ourselves!!

In our case, the pearl already exists, it's just we have become unaware of this pearl because of the way our environment has conditioned us.          

"I've allowed life experiences to make me more aware, not condition me to life experiences, there is a big difference!!"

This quote of course relates to the way we have allowed life experiences and other people's perceptions and mentality to condition us. Instead of becoming aware through our life experiences, we have allowed these, often discordant experiences,  to influence us. This is of course instead of expressing ourselves through our inner pearl, our inner self.

However, when we allow these life experiences to make us more aware, the people who are conditioned by their experiences, see this as a threat to them on a personal level. As of my family, any person who allowed life experiences to condition them, will often lash out at anyone who has become aware and non-conditioned by life experiences. The reason for this is simple, anyone who becomes more aware through their life experiences, will tell it how it actually is, no deceit or lies. I don't know of any person who has allowed life experiences to condition them can handle any kind of truth, most often in any sense what so ever.  

"Life, what can I say, it sucks when it sucks but when it doesn't, nothing sucks, pure and simple, we make life what it is!!"

In a sense, this quote is referring to when we are expressive of the pearl , or, we have allowed life experiences to make us more aware instead of conditioned to life experiences, in this state, nothing sucks!!

In relation to my family, I must allow them to go their own way by not trying to condition them to my own perceptions and mentality, everything I say anyway is usually met with some kind of discordant rebuttal. It is wise being aware of how life experiences can condition us instead of making us more aware, it is also wise to be aware that such awareness is not a personal experience, only a person conditioned by life will think so. Such people will of course experiences life that mostly sucks......however, life itself doesn't suck, it's just our perspective of life that creates a life that sucks!!   

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Something about Pure Consciousness, Itself

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would share another private exchange I had with another bloke, with his permission of course,  concerning oneness being the big “I”, this of course means we are little”I’s” of the big “I”. We also relate the big ‘”I “to being consciousness itself or pure consciousness as well. It’s quite an interesting exchange which brings more to light to what my last post titled Spatiality-What’s What was about.   

You might also like to visit James’s blog as well as it does put a slightly different emphasis on what I’m about mainly because I’m a little less educated than James obviously.

G’day James
 Oneness being an “I” & as soon as we are aware of ourselves is expressional of the ego is just a thought I had however if you would like to fill me in more I would be so pleased to hear from you.


Hi Mathew,
Nice to hear from you.  It's sundown on the California coast here and I'm about to unplug from the net for the day.  I'll share some thoughts on your interesting Noetic post soon and you can let me know your thoughts.


Hi Mathew,
Here are a few thoughts which I've laid along side yours.

"In our individual human form we make many references to the ego “I”, what is oneness, is it not also an individual therefore of the ego “I” ?

I'm thinking it would be a Transcendent I, that qualifier lifting it above the mundane sense of identity...

"It was said to me, “any reference to just being an “I” is of the ego..." I am an ego is not equal to I am the Transcendent I.

"... there is only one oneness which would have to be an “I” so this is inferring that oneness is also of the ego."

Some esoteric literature distinguishes these by capitalization, i.e. by using "self" and "Self" and by using "ego" and "Ego."   In the ageless wisdom, then, all little egos or I's or selves are relatively illusory  extensions of the great Self or Identity which is Unity.  Our sense of I or identity is derived from, borrowed so to speak, from the One Identity, and is a reflected or vastly stepped down version of the spiritual Self.  "As above, so below" (but the below is the distant and limited echo of the "above.")
"So many people these days make reference to either feeling at one or being at one (oneness), seen as we only have one oneness this oneness must be an “I” which is saying these people are being egotistical is it not or is it"
My point above is to suggest that it would be a mistake to equate the Transcendent Self with the little ego by using a single term for both, and most especially since a term like "egotistical" carries the wrong baggage.  
"I think the ego goes beyond human perception; would it be, as soon as we are aware of ourselves being at one or not we are of the ego? The very act of awareness seems to relate to the ego"

I think it would be more correct to say that moving toward higher awareness leads to the transcendence of ego and the discovery that we are not the limited, isolated and embodied self we thought, but vastly more than that.

"...but I was a vastness somehow, that in no way contradicted or conflicted with my limited individuality... I was both my individual self and in some greater way,
'I' was also everything."    The Sound of Light, Irina Starr

Best Thoughts,

@ James
This is well explained & quite legible James, thank you.

All I am doing is going by my own experiences. The big “I” isn’t of egotism but it still of the ego as soon as the big “I” became aware of itself I feel. As soon as it became aware of itself smaller “I’s” appeared so that the big “I” could experience itself in-depth.

I do have the understanding that the Big ”I” isn’t of time so everything has always existed including the ego & egotism however this doesn’t mean we have always physically existed because we are of time which has a start & end point but everything we are experiencing  has always existed in pure conscious form. Egotism & everything else we are experiencing has always existed otherwise it wouldn’t exist for us to express I believe but the big ”I” didn’t know of this until it expressed itself through us. I believe it didn’t know of its own existence until time was used to help it become aware of itself even though it always existed. I’m not saying here that the Big “I” as opposed to us little ‘I’s” is egotistical it’s just nothing can exist without it having always existed, egotism has always existed within the depth of the big ”I” as has everything.

It’s a strange concept but when I go into certain conscious states I feel what I have explained here is true however I am aware that the human psyche can play tricks on us.

Best wishes,


but everything we are experiencing  has always existed in pure conscious form.
That rings right. 

Egotism & everything else we are experiencing has always existed otherwise it wouldn’t exist for us to express

I'm thinking the "everything," including "egotism," "existed in pure conscious form" (or formlessness), but that this archetype or essence or existing potentiality was just that, and as such, was not actually the "formal" egotism we experience.    Spirit or divinity lives in timelessness and is absolute.  Forms arise in time and are relative.

I also think that things like egotism or selfishness, in the absolute sense, serve a divine purpose, are part of freedom, and are a natural part of the divine play.  Yet, in the relativistic sense, they become--as we cling to them--wrong, bad, evil, or whatever word we like.  It is the evolutionary, the relative, out of which good and evil, right and wrong arise.  For a primitive man, who has little sense of ego, of identity, egotism is good and his divinely ordained future.  For most of us however, no so much.

Best Thoughts,

Excellent stuff indeed. I was also thinking that the ego isn’t what we would perceive the ego to be in pure consciousness, the ego has no form or meaning as pure consciousness, nothing does. Time therefore beings are what give it form & meaning which of course a lot of people couldn’t possibly comprehend because of set ideologies sadly enough. I feel the ego is given form using time which of course also has always existed. Time doesn’t separate, as we would presume, but identifies portions of consciousness & creates them in individual form thus giving ego form & meaning & of course this also goes with all human traits/emotions even love which is also of the ego.  The funny thing is we are pure conscious no matter what portion of consciousness we are playing out.

Yes, it’s all has a divine purpose within the game we play however being beings with attachments we turn these traits into something sinister or encouraging  & the more extreme the attachments are the more sinister or encouraging these traits are going to be I believe. No extremism in my mind is a good thing. The writings on the wall but very few people can see it.

You inspired me to write a post for my blog earlier on today which didn’t go down well at all when I posted it unlike my previous post which I thought was in line with what I wrote today, it just went a little further. It does however debunk a lot of ideologies & views out there at present within the spiritual community.

All my blessings,

 If you are interested here is the link to the said post:

I read the post in your link.  Below are some pieces on my blog where I address many of the same issues that you were grapping with in your post.

Best Thoughts,

Haha, we do write about the same thing but in a slightly different way, I'm not as educated obviously so I will explain what you have written here in a simpler manner. I couldn't agree more in what you have written here, good one indeed, great blog period. 

Do you mind James if I blog what we have discussed in our emails to each other, I love to share as it just might get the subconscious motivated in the people who read this stuff. We are indeed about acceptance & concord with our environment it would seem however to get people thinking outside the square one must step on some toes to get them thinking about their discord & non-acceptance as it does affect us all.  

Av a good one,


Sure, feel free to share our exchanges...

We are indeed about acceptance & concord
with our environment it would seem however to get people thinking outside
the square one must step on some toes to get them thinking about their
discord & non-acceptance as it does affect us all.  

R. W. Emerson agrees with you: 
“People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.”


Monday, 24 June 2013

Learning from & Living within Discord

Written by Mathew Naismith

Some choose to live within discord & others in harmony & of course you have people like me who live within both which denotes full acceptance of what is, it depends upon your will in what reality you want to live in & of course what reality you still probably need to learn from in some cases.  Everyone has a right to live by their own free will however if we like it or not one’s own will will affect others either it be in discord, harmony or both. We have obviously chosen to live within a reality like this where everyone has their own free will to live by which in turn adds to the discord or if you like creates discord because any variant is going to create some sort of discord if we like it or not unless we become accepting of all free will. So does living within discord & harmony give one more balance? It has to because your accepting of all not just what makes one feel good, this is like you have to have the bad to appreciate the good in life type thing, it denotes balance which has very little opposing polarities thus conflict.

I must mention here that what we mistaken for discordant conflict might actually be beneficial as not all of what is negative is just negative, as I have stated in past posts both polarities of neg & pos have their own neg & pos within them, what seems to be just good or bad to one person will seem quite different to others because of their own free will they live by as mentioned earlier in this post.  Using myself as an example; while communicating with someone on a forum site I will at times change tack depending on what the other person I deem needs to learn as we are all indeed each other’s teachers, one minute I will be in harmony with them & then the next I will be in discord & of course they will do the same at times, we are learning from each other’s diversity & yes at time while teaching I too will be the student.  What if we all just lived in love & forgot about discord? Like I said earlier some of us still have lessons to learn that can only be learnt through being discordant plus it all comes down to our own free will which we should all try to be a little more accepting & understanding of, in this comes true acceptance.

If we all chose to live within a reality of love & harmony to escape realities of discord that would have to be a sign of total harmony wouldn’t it? No not at all because we still have an obvious conflict & non-acceptance of what is discordant, in our new reality of love & harmony we are not discordant but we haven’t learnt to be all accepting of all obviously as only through acceptance of all can one truly be at harmony & to do this one must be willing to live out lives of disharmony as well until we become accepting of all not just the things that make us feel good or desire.  The best way to do this is live within both polarities at the same time. I would like to mention here that a person who is truly all loving & in harmony won’t notice discord at all as they will only notice a difference if that!!

True harmonious loving people will smile at these differences & think the said people have a lesson to learn still & leave it at that but on occasions will try to help the said persons however we all have our own road to tread in our own way so no matter what is said we still have to keep to our own road & probably learn the hard way just like humanity as a whole is doing.  

Friday, 21 June 2013

Living in Love & Accepting Discord at the Same Time

Written by Mathew Naismith 

The post I recently read on this blog is quite interesting to read but so are the comments so I thought I would post part of the discussion here on my blog with the relevant link, it’s all about finding love & accepting & living within discord & still feeling the love.  

misschelliesessence says:           

 June 20, 2013 at 1:18 pm             

Dearest Mathew – I love this conversation! You would not believe how similar we are, this last comment of yours blew me away. I felt the same way you did, living in the discord and being happy with it. I don’t feel it’s all that bad as long as you do feel safe, at home and vital there. We all have different paths to walk, journeys to follow and experiences to observe and learn (from). You are a beautiful and LOVELY ‘ratbag’ and even though you may live in the ‘discord’ it is clear to me that you are still a very loving person and that is what is most important in life, finding that love place and living it.

I ABSOLUTELY believe you have been in continuous pain since age 6! Mine started at age 7 and I am writing a blog about it, how it came about (I can see it now), how it affected my life for 30+ years and how I came to heal from it :) We have much in common however, my parents – all three of them – were alcoholics and I lived all the affects that a child of alcoholics do: extreme poverty, neglect, mental and emotional abuse. It took me a long time but I too, forgave them. There was a point after my own children were born that I was VERY angry with them, I felt they did NOT care for us. Feeling and knowing the unconditional love I had for my babes I did not feel they did they best they could since I felt I would do ANYTHING to make sure my children were loved, protected and provided for. But feelings, thoughts, beliefs and opinions change as we open our minds and hearts and after all that I realized that they did in fact do the best they could, even with the mental and emotional abuse – they didn’t know any better.

As for the discord in life, mine has all but disappeared and only comes around once in a while. I have no issues with what people consider negativity, it is one of our greatest teachers and when I do experience it, I welcome it – ask what am I suppose to get out of this – accept, embrace and love it. I have gotten to a place where I cycle through it very fast now as I just allow it to move through me. When I was in pain and dis-eased it was because I hung on to them, would dwell on them and beat myself up over it. I always say, ‘if we beat ourselves up physically, the way we do mentally we would all be broken, scarred and bruised’ and do you know what? I WAS! Which is why I say that.

I am truly grateful that my blog struck a cord with you – I get giddy when I hear feedback like that, so thank you very much! We must all do what makes us happiest in life, regardless of what it is and as long as we ‘do no harm to others’ we are free to live how we wish, want, need or dream. Thank you so much for sharing with me and all who read my blog. I LOVE it when others share it’s a beautiful thing and something we could all benefit from if we learned to do it more! SO SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU! Namaste dear Mathew! -m. xo

My reply:

WOW what can I say, it is funny how people who have been through the mill become more accepting however a lot of people who have gone through the mill don't make it like I nearly didn't a few times in my early life or some become totally conflictive right through out there lives & do unto other what was done unto them, I am no 49yrs old & I made it!!!

You seem to have a beautiful disposition & outlook Michelle as for me I live, at times, in discord but I’m not living in discord which a lot of people mix up. While I live in discord of life I have helped a fair amount of people because they relate to me as I do of them.  I’ve worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life the last time was working with disabled people of all kinds including people who have been in jail, disability comes in many forms. I had one disabled bloke a few years older than me who cried at the drop of a hat, after a stint with me & another co-worker you couldn’t make him cry even if you wanted too.  If I text book treated him he would be still in a mess, I didn’t treat him with kids gloves or something different from the rest but as an equal & when I incorporated this with humour I had an immediate response.  I was firm but humorous at the same time which helped him not to take life too seriously.

I involve myself with discord & at times become that discord but the love I feel around me at times brings me back to earth, I am exceptionally fortunate but a lot of people aren’t in being able to flip flop like this.  It is funny because people have a hard time working me out when they see me flip flop, they see me in discord & judge me on that then they see me in total peace & harmony, some people think I’m trying to trick them but it’s just me using the tools I have at hand to help others. It’s great to be able to use so called negatives in a positive way.

Lots of love to you too Michelle