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Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Inner Immortal Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

The inner observer: “Never fear expressing any traits of the ego, for within this action, it’s the ego that’s in control”…….Avoiding expressing the ego only gives what the ego desires, control. Yes, the ego will always deny being fearful of when in avoidance of itself, this is a sign that the ego has you totally within it’s control. Observe yourself being expressive of ego traits, most often within this you will just smile at your reactions without fearing being expressive of the ego.

We exist in a universe that is very expressive of it’s motions (the ego), suns are a very good example of this. When there cycle is nearing, they will expand and express themselves even more before their cycle ends. As of many expressions of motion (ego), the sun gives physical life and light to a very dark environment, in the  end, it will take all this away. If these suns could become aware of their own actions, they would themselves smile at such expressions void of the ego telling them they are just being destructive therefore egotistical.

Man lives according to these same cycles as these suns, learn to become the observer and smile at your own expressions instead of allowing the ego to control you even more through fear.  

I know I have been going on about being the observer lately, but in a recent comment, being the observer came up again. It was to do with a lass who was suffering from migraine headaches, all she could do while explaining her dilemma was laugh. The main discussion  was on ascension symptoms, one of the symptoms being headaches.

The following responses I gave this person helped her as I hope they will help someone else in a simular situation. It was also pointed out that these headaches are only from physical sources and not from ascension symptoms, it’s possible but unlikely in this case as I will explain. 

 "Writing this made me laugh inside", this isn't a typical follow up response you get from these symptoms coming from physical means. I feel that head pains refer to your psyche having trouble in accepting the ascension (conscious change). As the Mayans pointed out, this is one of the biggest conscious changes in human history, including the antediluvian period. Our mind, and even our soul, are conditioned to mortal existences, now after thousands of years of conditioning to mortal existences, we ask ourselves to accept immortal expressions and existences. 

I got the feeling this isn't the case with you Kaz but I could be wrong. The inner self will come through at times as a smile or even laughter. It's an awareness thing, your inner self is very aware and will smile at human interactions and reactions, in this case I think it's smiling at you in knowing that conscious changes can give us head pains at times. Trust me, your inner self has gone through this before in past lives, most people's souls have. 

Kaz, the inner self is immortal and it's coming forth more and more in more people these days, this is certainly apart of the conscious change. I'm happy you are so aware, it makes light of life.


Immortal self: Through my interactions with Kaz, Kaz became more aware that the laughter was from her inner self. The inner self (immortal self) laughs at us a lot even if we are unaware of this, this is all due to the inner self being aware through it’s own immortality.  Our immortal self is the observer, this is one of the reasons it’s so aware, the observer is also aware of their past lives as it’s the observer. Kaz also become aware of the observer being the inner self (immortal self).

Immortal self = observer + inner self
Mortal self = interactions + outer self

The mortal self can only be aware of interactions, the mortal self is never the one that is aware of the immortal observer, this can only be achieved through the immortal self. We most often believe we need the mortal self to firstly become aware of the immortal self, in actuality, it’s the immortal self telling the mortal self of it’s existence. Smiling or laughing when the ego thinks this action is inappropriate, is telling our mortal self of the immortal self existence. I often smile at my own reactions and expressions, this tells me how expressive I am of the ego which is a natural thing to express in such a reality (universe) of motion.

The mortal self however  never truly becomes aware of the immortal self, this might sound ludicrous, we might think, as soon as we are aware of our immortal self (inner self), of course our mortals self also becomes aware of this. Not at all, as soon the immortal self makes itself known, the mortal self no longer truly exists but within it’s own reality of interactions and reactions. The mortal self can only exist within it’s own reality, however, we can be expressive of immortal and mortal expressions at the same time, one doesn’t have to cancel out the other but if we choose to it will.

Take a look at how mortal expressions have cancelled out immortal expressions, even though spiritual teachings tell us of our immortal self. On the other hand, the immortal self can also cancel out our mortal expressions as well, in a reality of motion, it’s wise to find a balance between our mortal and immortal self to find true meaning and peace in life, otherwise we will just keep on flounder about.

Balance: Yes, we could all just be expressive of our immortal self, this would rid us of all this ego, it’s not the ego that is the  problem here though, it’s how we react to the ego that causes our dilemmas. We exist in a reality of a highly expressive motions, it’s a reality of expressive the egos, it’s up to us if we allow this reality to sway us to only express our mortal self or not. 

What would a controlling ego want us to do? It wants us to be expressive of one or the other, in other words it doesn’t want mortal and immortal expressions to work in unison. The ego is only truly happy when  it’s creating chaos and/or is in total control, to the ego, expressing only immortal expressions is total control as is expressing mortal expressions. A life void of a controlling ego, is about sharing the same space at the same time in perfect balance and harmony, laughing at our mortal expressions is part of this balance which a controlling ego doesn’t like, in other words a controlling ego doesn't like balance.

Balance isn't about control and it's certainly not about judging what is or isn't worthy of expressing, it's about acceptance of what is through a balanced perception. The immortal inner self is obviously of this balance otherwise we wouldn't be experiencing all of what consciousness is. We become destructive only through an imbalance, souls sadly enough have become too accustom to mortal existences, thus at the soul level, we have lost balance. Just maybe this is why so many people are aware of the soul and past lives these days, the spirit is showing us how to exist in a balanced reality again.