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Friday, 4 September 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

This is what occurs at times when we go into certain conscious states, we can receive messages that sound like utter dribble, I AMINI NOOK-NOOK at first glance seemed just like this, actually, it made no sense to me at all at first, however, I found that I AMINI NOOK-NOOK, with it's illustration, explains our whole existence in totality in a very clever simple way.

It's not easy explaining about our whole existence through the English language, I understand that it's easier to explain about our whole existence through other languages. This might be due to the English language being complex within it's explanations and interpretations of our existence. It would seem the English language complicates the simple, in other words the English language is excessively driven by motion. Other languages are far less of motion (ego), this is probably due to the connection of these language to the immortal motionless self through various spiritual practices and beliefs.

I AMINI NOOK-NOOK; is actually a very simple way to explain about our whole existence, this at first was not apparent to me, it sounded like utter dribble, this is until I started breaking down this English interpretation of these words. When I do this, you will hopefully see  how cleverly simple I AMINI NOOK-NOOK really is.

First of all there is I AMINI NOOK-NOOK and AMINI NOOK-NOOK without the (I), I will however first explain I AMINI and AMINI without the nook-nook as the nook-nook refers to something other than the ego or motion period. I should also state that everything is of AMINI NOOK-NOOK but not everything is of the I in front of the AMINI NOOK-NOOK as I will explain.     

I AMINI = egotism + motion + awareness and knowledge

AMINI = ego + motion + awareness and knowledge

NOOK-NOOK = egoless + motionless + God/pure consciousness + wisdom

I AMINI refers to human or any consciousness conscious of their own and other consciousness, this is defined as I-AM-IN-I, meaning, I AM IN EGO which also means I AM IN MOTION. The (I) used in front of the AMINI enhances the expression of ego to the extent of egotism.

AMINI on the other hand only refers to a consciousness not conscious of other consciousness being conscious, a tree is a good example of this, it can only be in ego, this is because a tree cannot express egotism. To express egotism, consciousness needs to be conscious of other consciousness being expressive of consciousness through motion.  This doesn't mean a tree isn't aware of other consciousness's though, it just means a tree isn't aware of consciousness being aware, to a tree it just is. Egotism on the other hand just can't accept it as it just is so it expresses more motion which gives us the I in front of the AMINI.

All motion is of ego, as soon as a consciousness expresses itself, it becomes of the ego. Egotism on the other hand actually comes from using motion, this ego, to the extreme. Egotism is highly expressive of motions, this is quite different to only expressing the ego like a tree for example. The I used in front of the AMINI to explain human behaviour is quite appropriate it would seem, we are supposed to be expressive of this (I) because we are of this (I) but we are supposed to also be of the NOOK-NOOK.

NOOK-NOOK; sounds utterly stupid until we look at the English definition of NOOK;  A sheltered and secluded place. Nook also refers to a small secluded place.

Now lets us look at consciousness itself (God's consciousness), it's minute (tiny), this consciousness doesn't need to be huge to create, in a sense this minuteness  makes this consciousness very powerful. Any consciousness that needs to express itself as something large, is only doing so because it lacks this kind of power. This kind of consciousness is highly influenced by egotism, a sign that a consciousness is expressing a surmountable amount of motion. This minute consciousness is different because it's motionless within itself, this is why this consciousness can't be expressive of the ego, remembering, motion denotes ego.

This NOOK-NOOK, this minute consciousness, created I AMINI AND AMINI from a motionless state of existence, as soon as you express consciousness, this consciousness expands by becoming of motions. Look at a tree for an example, trees come from seeds, how motionless is a seed and how tiny is a seed compared to a tree that this seed will create? The tree becomes huge compared to the seed it germinated from, this minute consciousness (NOOK-NOOK) works on the same principles as a tree seed. 

Let's look at another example, the universe itself, how small of particles did this huge ever expanding universe come from? These particles that created the universe were minute in comparison to the universe it created, this is very much like a tree and consciousness itself.

Yes, this minute consciousness is of everything but it's only an ego expression of this minute consciousness, as soon as you express any kind of consciousness,  this expands this consciousness to something much larger than what created this expanded consciousness. Again. a tree seed is a good example of how consciousness can expand from a very tiny beginning.

I have the understanding that the word NOOK is mentioned twice to emphasise it's existence otherwise it's so easily over looked.

Now the illustration that came with this message of I AMINI NOOK-NOOK, looks something like a question mark, this is by no accident, this is because a soon as a consciousness expresses itself, what it will become it  is questionable. As soon as a consciousness expresses itself, it creates motion. Now this motion is able to express any kind of consciousness in anyway, the ways consciousness can be expressed is infinite, it would seem the question mark is quite appropriate.

Now the spiral seems to represent consciousness in infinite motion, it's this spiral that creates what it does, what it creates  of course depends on how this consciousness is expressed. This reality we are presently experiencing is a good example of this.

The most important part of this illustration is the most insignificant looking part of this illustration, it's the dot at the bottom end of this illustration. This dot represents pure consciousness itself, the creator of all of what is above it. Lets look at a tree again for an example here to explain this better. The seed becomes insignificant once the tree starts to grow, in other words when the tree expresses itself through motion (ego), how insignificant has the seed, that created the tree in the first place, become to the tree?  Humans have done the same thing, how insignificant has our seed, this NOOK-NOOK, become to a lot of people? The I in the AMINI has become the be and end all, it's a huge expression of ego and because it's huge, it's become far more significant than a tiny insignificant consciousness.

Wisdom on the other hand tells us otherwise, it's actually the expressions of ego and motion that are insignificant compared to this tiny little consciousness we often call God or God's consciousness.