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Saturday, 5 March 2016

The World Upon Us

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s difficult to get a grip on life at times, so many influences influencing us to be and act in a certain way in accordance with our environment, remembering, our environment isn’t who we are as a whole, in actuality, it’s only a very minute part of who we are. This very tiny part of us has however become our whole being in certain circumstances thus influencing us to forget who we really are.

The world upon us conditions us to believe that there is nothing else but the immediate environment that is continually conditioning us, is this tiny part of us that powerful that it is able to influence a consciousness to forget what and who it really is?  Why is this tiny part of us so seemingly powerful over and above our truer self?

The first thing to become aware of is that no tiny part or expression of ourselves is powerful, the only power that a fragmented part of any consciousness has is it’s ignorance or unawareness of it’s whole collective self. Once any consciousness becomes unaware of it’s truer being or state, it only becomes receptive to the influences of it’s immediate environment thus taking on the perception this is all I am.    

At the human level of understanding, would we state that being and living in ignorance is powerful in any sense? No, then why perceive that any other kind of ignorance is the same? The thing is, no kind of ignorance is powerful, the only power ignorance has is within it’s own expression of ignorance making such expressions of ignorance powerless.

The following is a good example of why this tiny part of us that lives in ignorance is seemingly so powerful.  Why do so many people perceive they are entrapped within this reality? It’s all to do with an unawareness of who and what they truly are, once a consciousness perceives in accordance with their immediate environment, such consciousness becomes even more unaware of their truer self. Look at it this way, once a consciousness perceives it’s entrapped, such unaware consciousness then perceives, and often thoroughly believes, it’s entrapped thus continuing in the delusion created by ignorance which is only a very tiny part of who we are.

It’s good to remember that any hurtful destructive expression denotes a level of ignorance, no truer state of awareness and wisdom can destroy in any sense. Don’t get the idea that any kind of destruction represents power, this is how our environment has conditioned us to think. It takes very little effort to destroy in comparison to creating anything constructive; it also takes a lot more awareness to be constructively creative. On the other hand, the more ignorant a consciousness becomes of it’s truer self, the more destructive it becomes, in actuality, the more ignorant a consciousness becomes, the harder it is for such consciousness to be truly constructive especially on a collective scale.

I just don’t get how we think that being ignorant or unaware has any power in any sense, the only power or power of entrapment ignorance has, is what we give it. Once we give consciousness awareness, the power of ignorance seems that it never existed, in actuality, it never did!!   

Yes, the world upon us influences us so, only because at the inner level have we given ignorance it’s presumed power, the real power lays in awareness not in being unaware. When I say power I don’t mean control either, only a consciousness existing in ignorance needs to control, a true sense of awareness and wisdom has no purpose or need for control. The reason for this is simple; such consciousness will never find itself within a state that it needs to control anything, it’s actually impossible for such a consciousness to do so in the first place!!  You wonder why I’m not an advocate for being entrapped, powerful or controlling in anyway, the truer self has no need for such expressions; any expression would obviously denote a sense of ignorance which the truer inner self in everyone has no need for therefore doesn’t exist!! 

It’s all so simple, be your truer inner self, not the world that is upon us…….     

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Worthiness of the Finite and Infinite

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've been receiving some interesting responses to my last two posts on my blog, the finite and infinite perspectives are certainly giving us different perceptions. On one side, we have the consciousness of science stating that infinite consciousness is a consciousness in delusion. On the other side we have consciousness of spirituality stating that finite consciousness is a consciousness in an illusion......Science minded and spiritually aware people are stating that each other is in a delusional or an illusional state of consciousness!!  

In actuality, both illusions and the delusions exist but not to the extent of the obvious bias being expressed by either side, both the infinite and the finite has it's place, to me this is obvious.          

The following is an interesting reply to my last post.....  

Hi Mathew I read the blog but still find myself confused at your understanding of truer self and the deception of science and the spiritual nature of the truer self as you put it. I'm not sure what it is you are trying to get across. Do you have a special different understanding of everything compared to the two mentioned above? If so can you explain it so that clarity can be given to that theory. I'm not trying to criticise just would love to see where your thoughts are taking you as it feels a bit off the mark if I'm honest.

My Reply
Finding other people's perceptions questionable, is all about trying to be  aware beyond your own perceptions, this can also include being aware beyond human perceptions at times.  Trying to perceive beyond your own perceptions isn't, to me, being critical Damon, it's quite cool.

Truer Self: Look at your truer self being everything that is infinite, it's a state of being that has no boundaries of the finite, in other words a starting and ending point, it's basically a state of eternalness. In most religions this was portrayed through the knowing of a God and/or Goddesses or anything portraying an eternal aspect. We have always had a connection with our eternal self  through spirituality in one sense or another. It's obvious to me there is something to the infinite self, why would so many people express such  an interest in the infinite if it didn't have some kind of truth about it?  We have obviously felt a connection to the infinite self, our truer or inner self/being.

Science: If I at all portrayed science being of deception, I'm sorry for that, this was not my intentions. Science is of the finite awareness, an awareness based on finite perspectives where's spirituality is based on infinite perspectives. Within any ideology or concept, it's not the ideology or concept that becomes deceptive, it's the people behind such conscious perceptions.

Spirituality = infinite + eternal states of consciousness + infinite awareness 

Science = finite + transitory states of consciousness + finite awareness

It's interesting how general science preconceives that consciousness also dies when the human self dies!!   

Don't be mistaken that these two quite different perspectives don't come together, they often do when a consciousness using such perceptions has no biases/boundaries to contend with. Some of the newer sciences of today use both finite and infinite perspectives as they did before modern day science. I think using both perspectives certainly seems to give us wisdom. This wisdom comes about by perceiving that there are no true boundaries, therefore, there are no preconceptions.

To me, it is obvious why we are lacking wisdom today, we have set up boundaries and biases between infinite and finite conscious perceptions and being. A truly wise person never preconceives what is and isn't, they always stay open to any possibility beyond their own perceptions.

Damon, you yourself have expressed this through querying a perception different to your own......It's not easy staying open to perceptions we have no idea of , only in the wise will we observe this.           

Note: The discussion between Damon and myself is still in progress, I will update this post in accordance with our discussion.

Actually that helped thank you I agree with your explanation   

Monday, 21 December 2015

A Truer Depiction of Our Truer Self

Written by Mathew Naismith 

I had my last post, The creation of the mind, queried in an interesting way which brought forth an even more interesting response from me. Spirituality is indeed about the infinite self more than the finite where's science is quite the opposite in most cases. Science is a good depiction of our finite self where's spirituality is a good depiction of our infinite self, as usual for me, one is neither more or less worthy than the other as both depictions give us a realisation  of our whole truer self as I will explain.

Was this just an exercise in talking out loud random thoughts or is there some point to it?

My Reply
There was a point, the point is, the mind is created by conditioned preconceptions, in other words the mind couldn't exist without preconceptions. Our truer selves on the other hand is about conceptions that already exist, there is no true preconceptions within this perception.  

 "Truer selves" what does that mean?

My Reply
The self that isn't defined by preconceptions, a self that is eternal and not just of a transitory state of existence.    

I will elaborate on this further. Spiritually has always been about the infinite self where's the sciences have been about the opposite, the finite self, this is even the case when searching for the source of all creation.  For example, the depiction of a God or Goddess in spirituality, is a good indication of our connection with the infinite where's general science has always looked at the finite. Everything in general science has a start and end point like when we pass on (die), that is it, there is no more but spirituality looks beyond this perspective.

As science knows today, you can't destroy energy, only the form an energy source has created like our human form for example, however, when the human form dies, everything dies because the human form is known to science to be who we are as a whole. Spirituality looks at this differently, it's the spirit or consciousness that is who we are as a whole, this of course goes on after we die which means a depiction of our truer self goes on, the human self is never known to be who we truly are in spirituality.

What I find strange is that science knows that you can't destroy the fundamental basis of creation, energy itself, all you can do is transform energy, so if all we are in human form is a transformed form of energy, isn't the energy that created human form itself infinite therefore will go on after we die?  

However, even after we die, we are not talking about the truer self here, in this state we are still in a transitory state, a state that is still infinite in most cases. The state we are in depends on our consciousness's perceptions and preconceptions. If a consciousness after the demise of the human self is still perceiving in finite perceptions,  such a consciousness will still express preconceptions. Preconceptions are of course not a true depiction of our truer self because preconceptions work on the expressions of the finite self, not the infinite self.

This is where science makes no logical sense at all, if the building block of all creation is infinite, energy itself,  isn't this building block who we truly are, remembering all transformed forms of energy are just that, a transformation of energy from an infinite source we often call God or the source of all creation itself? 

Now when we die, is it consciousness that transforms or is it the human body? In most cases, the consciousness won't transform into it's truer self, it will stay in a finite state of consciousness. The human form will of course naturally transform into another kind of energy source but the consciousness self can stay the same as if it's still in human form, Ghosts/spirits are a good example of this. This isn't a depiction of our truer self, a depiction of our truer self is the realisation of the infinite within all things. The truer self is the realisation that anything finite is not representative of our true self, only can the realisation of the infinite depict our truer self. 

This however doesn't make the finite expression of self not a part of us, the finite part of ourselves is really only a very small part of our whole self, but, it's still a part of our whole being. The infinite self isn't a depiction of our whole self as we might also perceive, the depiction of the infinite and finite self is representative of our whole truer self no matter how small the finite part of our self is. What we have done in a reality like this one is make the finite our truer self, or, make the infinite self our whole truer self. In actuality in accordance with oneness, the infinite self is our truer self but to me, the whole truer self is representative of both the infinite and infinite self, basically, the whole truer self represents all of what we are expressive of, not what we only want to be known to be expressive of what we are!!  

It will be interesting if the discussion with this person continues.......

Ok So we're not talking facts based subject matter or science we're talking some kind of  wandering mind hoping to define something you don't understand.
I don't believe in your concept of creation, so I'll struggle to make any sense of the other things you have said here, frankly, with all due respect and I mean you no insult,  it's gibberish nonsense to me.

As for energy when you die that's a very simple thing to answer, no mystery and a quick google search turns up a better worded explanation or two than I can provide so I'll quote you a couple simple explanations I found online:

The energy within your body is largely found in three forms: heat, chemical and electrical. When we die the electrical energy, which is used by nerve cells to transmit signals around the body, dissipates in to heat as the electrical potentials required to maintain it are lost when the body’s cells die. The heat energy trapped within the body dissipates into the atmosphere so that your body cools to the temperature of its surroundings.
The chemical energy is maintained within the chemical bonds of the substances that make up the body. These bonds are broken either by burning during cremation, which releases the energy as heat and light, or through decomposition. The bacteria and other organisms which decompose dead organisms use the energy to grow and develop. So the energy in our bodies gets used to generate new life and will pass on up the food chain potentially to be reincorporated into another human being.

Or maybe this version:
Where the energy goes is dependent really on where you are put after death. If you are buried you are decomposed by micro-organisms in the soil which will break down all the chemical bonds in your body. Chemical bonds are where the energy is stored in your body and the organisms feasting on the body use this energy. Another thing that can happen is the nitrate in your body is fixed in the soil, this is a vital food source for plants. So the energy in the body is used by lots of different organisms and vegetation to continue life – no energy is lost.

Hopefully that takes some of the "mystery" out of the long reply you took time to write, for which incidentally I thank you taking time to do.
Have a great day.

My Reply it you don't understand or I Neil? How much do you understand between the difference of infinite and finite consciousnesses?  I've worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life Neil, I have a good understanding of psychology and please don't be one of those people who say psychology isn't a science!! 

The psychological aspects of finite and  infinite consciousness is well defined, for example, the difference between science perspectives and spiritual perspectives is obvious would you not say? 

Reading the rest of your reply certainly proves my point between the two very distinct perspectives. You yourself within this reply have proven my point. There is no way you are able to perceive in infinite perspectives, anything other than this is of course defined as dribble or gibberish, however, I am not of the same preconception, see what I mean about preconceptions now Neil!! 

Your own preconceptions defines a boundary where's mine doesn't, this however will also physiologically occur with people who can only perceive in infinite perspectives, I find it all quite interesting. 

I don't believe it's a lack of ability on my part to understand it's more a case of my understanding leads me to believe it's gibberish.
I do not dispute aspects of psychology can be considered scientific but "spirituality" seems personal perspective on life and not scientific conclusion.
I also appreciate that studying how people arrive at some kind of spiritual perspective can be scientifically studied but spirituality itself, there's nothing scientific about it in my opinion.

Now don't even if I were to go along with this whole finite / infinite perspective conversation, (which frankly sounds like a pointless exercise),  I'd still ask the question, what of it?
If it's an exercise in trying to understand another's thought process, fair enough but beyond that?

I'm not sure where you think the scientific explanation of energy I supplied can be considered a "perspective" if that's what you're implying.
If so then it sounds like you are in denial of science and that's probably something worth spending more time considering. (not for me for you ;) )

I suspect at this point the conversation has run it's course for me so apologies if my future replies are not so swift or do not happen.

My Reply

The perception of gibberish is a psychological barrier to start with, it shows that one is unable or unwilling to look beyond their present perceptions. 

You seem to perceive spirituality to be an aspect of the personal self, I don't, for me to perceive so would be yet another barrier to becoming aware of perceptions beyond my own. Most science minded people often make this mistake and so do a lot of spiritually aware people by the way. 

To ask what of it sounds awfully strange to me, especially from anyone who is slightly scientifically minded. Finite and infinite perceptions create the reality we experience, any extremes will obviously create a reality of extremes. Why you don't find this relevant has got me, maybe too many bias psychological barriers is my guess, think on this. 

You obviously see science being more worthy than spirituality, I don't Neil, this is the big difference between you and I, my barriers and biases are minimal.  

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Creation of the Mind

Written by Mathew Naismith

Spiritual awareness is about being aware, even of the things around us we don't want to be aware of. Being aware of how the mind was created is certainly a part of this awareness, and in actuality,  it's probably one of the most important things we need to be aware of. We really can't say we are spiritually aware unless we are aware of what  influences us the most, the mind!!

I have never expressed about the perspectives of the mind before, this is quite new to me  but very relevant as our reality is basically purely based on the minds perceptive  perspectives. This is quite peculiar because the mind is purely based on preconceptions, this is due to the mind only being only aware of what it is aware of. It's however quite different  for our truer self as our truer self is aware of everything as there are no barriers brought about by preconceptions.

Yes, the mind is purely based on preconceptions in my mind, however, you could also state this too is a preconceived perception unless one's truer self  has at any time observed the mind, not the mind observing the mind!!

Spirituality is also about our truer self observing the mind, within this, there is no preconceptions unless the ego mind starts to observe and judge itself. I stated ego mind  for a very good reason, the mind is representative of the ego, in other words the mind is ego. Could you expect an unbiased perspective of the ego judging the ego  through observation? This of course isn't going to occur mainly because the ego mind is purely based on preconceptions. Everything the ego mind is aware of predominates every perspective, this means everything the ego mind is aware of influences the perceptive of everything else it becomes aware of, it becomes the basis of all things.

Example: Humans base intelligence on knowledge, the more we know the more intelligent we are, to do this of course takes a large brain making everything else of a small brain inferior. Of course anything that doesn't have a brain is even less inferior and less worthy. It's no wonder the mind is also known as the ego mind, the mind is obviously pure ego when it perceives it's more worthy and above all else. In actuality, a minds intelligence predominately based on knowledge perceived through an ego mind isn't really that intelligent. A truer form of intelligence would create without destruction, this kind of expression is extremely rare in written human history, we are anything but intelligent which is proven within our own actions throughout human history.

A mind only aware of it's immediate surroundings, can only perceive to what it is aware of, for another example, a person who has never been out of their town/village, will perceive that all other towns, villages and cities are likened to theirs. This is the same if a mind isn't aware of the world outside of it's province, state or country. This is also the case if a mind isn't aware of anything beyond it's own planet or planetary system, such minds will have a preconceived perceptions of what is beyond it's own awareness. Such minds will also have a preconceived perception of what is or isn't beyond our own physical state or dimension. What is going to occur in perceiving in this way, is that we will only become aware of what the mind perceives,  a mind that perceives like this will stay ignorant to everything else, the ego mind will of course make sure of this.

When you observe the mind, all you observe is ego and preconceptions, the ego mind is obvious within it's expressions, nothing else can exist unless it's perceived through the mind, within this, everything else becomes unworthy to the ego mind!!

The mind is purely created from preconceptions, the more egotistical we become, the more preconceived perceptions we will obviously have, everything else being unworthy to an egotistically controlled mind is a prime example of preconceptions. Such minds will of course put transitory possessions such as wealth before anything else it perceives as unworthy to itself. When you look around the world today, this is obvious, it's as if the mind is becoming even more preconceived within it's expressions, this of course is going to occur the more controlling the ego becomes.

Our truer self on the other hand is purely based on wisdom and awareness void of any influence of a mind. It's quite understandable how such as state is so pure,  it's not predominantly influenced by preconceptions as there is nothing to preconceive, everything is known.  

The mind also has a preconceived perception that everything of time is larger in mass than anything non-physical and of timeliness, in actuality the truth is quite different. When you observe the mind, anything of time becomes minute, it basically becomes inconsequential/ insignificant to our normal state of being. It actually doesn't become less worthy, it just becomes a very small part of our whole being.

The mind of course doesn't like being insignificant so it will most often preconceive how large and important it is to our whole fact, it has nothing on our truer self.          

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Deep Meditation-A View of Our Natural Truer Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

Don't panic, you don't have to have experienced a deep meditation to know what I am going to explain about here, all you need to know is that deep meditation gives us a sneak preview of our truer self,  our natural  self. Basically, deep mediation  is an expression of our normal state of being, within this state, we are a true expression of ourselves.

We might think within this state there is no thinking process therefore there is no awareness, this isn't the case and in actuality we become more aware through quite a different process than what is created by the mind. This also includes our minds after our demise, as of anything created and perceived by the mind, it has boundaries brought about by preconceived perceptions and it's these boundaries that obscure us becoming fully aware. You don't need the mind to become aware, that is but another preconceived perception we have.

Awareness and wisdom have always existed, what hasn't always existed is the expressions of preconceptions which give us a distorted awareness of what is and isn't. I'm going to state that our whole 3rd dimensional existence was created from preconceptions, to me this is obvious, the reason this is so obvious to me is that we have always expressed preconceptions, in fact, we are what we express......

Now this next part is probably going to sound a little loony to a number of people, well, we already know I'm a little loony anyway don't we!!

Last night I was sitting in my outdoor lounge chair looking up at the stars, as I often do when it's not too cold or rainy, all of as sudden I found myself within the stars, the strange part was these stars felt like my friends. The stars themselves became conscious of my existence as well as their own and each others existence, they basically became alive in a very real sense. Our own preconceived perception tell us that no other form that is obviously not living and breathing, like ourselves, can be deemed as alive and conscious of other forms, to do this for starters takes a mind of some kind to do!! As soon as we express preconceived perceptions as this, we create boundaries which hinder us becoming aware of anything beyond these preconceived perceptions.

Deep meditation takes us away from any kind of preconception, the reason for this is simple, the mind itself becomes second to wisdom and awareness, the physical mind however will still react to such wisdom and awareness but it no longer controls how aware we will become. The mind in other words will not control the experiences we will experience from this  wisdom and awareness as it's  totally void of any boundaries. Basically, when we talk about the mind, any mind, we are talking about boundaries that continually give us preconceived perceptions. Deep meditation goes way beyond these boundaries, this is why it gives us a sneak preview of our truer selves.

What I find interesting is the mind is determined by time, the physical mind to start with was created by time, even the non-physical mind is determined by time for their is always a perception of a starting and ending point. Once a consciousness perceives a starting and ending point, it' creates preconceptions through the perception of time, to me this is what basically creates minds. Once a consciousness expresses time in any sense, it creates a mind in the process which automatically gives a preconceived perception of individuality. Once this is done, realities based on duality are created.

This is why deep meditation takes us into quite a different reality, there is no reality of time because time itself really doesn't exist within this kind of reality, this however doesn't mean time doesn't exist, it just means time doesn't exist within a state of pure wisdom and awareness. The reason for this is simple,  there is no separation, no duality, everything becomes one. This oneness to me is pure wisdom and awareness, nothing more or less.

So time, therefore mind and realities created by time, don't' actually exist because this pure wisdom and awareness is who we truly are, so what is everything else?

It's not an illusion unless we think this is all we are, in this case however it becomes a delusion rather than an illusion, our minds have deluded ourselves to think this is all we are, within this perception, we have created a preconception once we perceive time and the mind is of an illusion. Of course any reality created by time and the mind is also an illusion as these expressions don't represent our truer selves. It's so easy to think everything else but the expression of our truer self is an illusion, this within itself is a preconceived perception that time doesn't exist and neither does the mind.

Once we find ourselves one with everything within this pure wisdom and awareness,  time, therefore the mind, no longer exist as a separate part, we then get a preconceived perception they don't exist therefore are an illusion. Basically what I am saying is this oneness state also gives us a preconceived perception of an illusion, this is wholly due to the human mind perceiving what it experienced while in a oneness state. In actuality, all of what is perceived exists in some way, it's just that anything determined by time usually doesn't represent our whole truer self.  

Experiencing oneness states are very tricky, so often through our minds perceptions can such experiences become a preconception......!!           

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Eternal Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

I seem to be doing this a fair bit, I will be writing about a certain topic and all of a sudden I can't write any more, the flow just stops dead. You could call this writers block, it is in a sense but I've stopped writing for a very good reason, usually that reason has something to do with synchronicity and this is no different. 

Transitory States of Consciousness: What do we most often fixate ourselves to, in other words what expression do we express the most? This seems like a strange question to ask but the answer is even stranger in my view. What do we traumatise over and allow to distract us from knowing our eternal selves?  

Transitory states of consciousness rings a bell, we most often traumatise ourselves over states of existence that are very fleeting, in our case this is referring to the human physical self. I find it quite unusual that we to day still allow a transitory state of consciousness to rule us in various ways, sometimes completely. 

The following will heighten this understanding, it's quite a tragic story of a girl who was viciously raped some years ago, she is no longer that girl today but what she still caries with her still to this day keeps the tragedy of that girl within side of her.

First synchronistic moment. I've known this girl for some years now, when a bloke (man) is walking towards her on a footpath, she still today crosses the road to avoid such a person, she avoids men period. I recently saw her which instantly reminded me of the differences between our eternal and transitory selves, the transitory self being human and the eternal self being the soul or spirit.

Second synchronistic moment. A recent discussion on releasing ourselves  gave me an insight of going into the light after our so called demise (death), I remembered releasing myself from all known human attachments, in other word all human transitory states of consciousness. This however doesn't mean we no longer relate to human states of consciousness, it just means we no longer relate to transitory states of human consciousness but to a state of consciousness that is eternal, this is our eternal selves.

Eternal States of Consciousness: Releasing ourselves of traumas is like going into the light, we no longer see or even feel transitory states of consciousness as being anything more than just transitory, a fleeting moment in one's entire eternal life. Anything remotely transitory no longer has any influences on us within this light. This is also due to the feeling that this light is our natural state, not some transitory state of human consciousness we make up as we go along. Now it's very difficult to see ourselves, after going through traumatizing experiences, as just seeing these experiences as transitory therefore meaningless, the human psyche I'm afraid doesn't work like this, it holds onto these moments only because it doesn't realise these traumatising moments are very fleeting, they are not of our truer selves.

The trick is to reprogram your mind to accept that our truer selves are not of this transitory states of consciousness, but a consciousness that is eternal in every sense of the word and the best way to do this is to imagine going into the light after our so called demise. Could you imagine being in a state of consciousness and knowing this is my truer state of consciousness, it's like coming back home after a long time away or awakening out of an extended dream state, it's our natural state totally void of anything remotely transitory or traumatising. In other words everything you experienced in a transitory state becomes null and void, it no longer has any traumatising effects on us.

This light feels comfortably worm and serene and natural, this is why it's easy for a lot of us to transform ourselves back into our natural truer selves. I remember looking back while in the light and thinking, "I'm releasing myself of everything I thought  I knew to be me".  It's truly not a scary moment mainly because this state feels a lot more natural than the transitory state of consciousness we awaken out of. The point is, we can all use this light to release ourselves from our present transitory traumas of life by just being aware of going into the light, you just might yourself remember the exact same thing as I have. Talk about this light with others, preferably someone close to you if you can, as such discussions just might remind you of your own experiences while going into and becoming the light itself.

Transitional Stage: Recent events brought to mind about a person I knew who killed herself by just going into the light, funny enough she was married to a spiritual healer. There were two autopsies performed on her, there was no reason for her demise.

Anyone who is aware can so call kill themselves, this isn't saying this lass wanted to kill herself  but at times it can be too easy to release yourself and go into the light at will,  it is indeed that easy. To do this however you need to be calm within yourself, within your mind, I certainly won't teach anyone to do this, for obvious reasons, but this light can make it a lot easier to release ourselves from our transitory traumas if we want too.         

Death after all is of course only a transitional stage from transitory states of consciousness to eternal states of consciousness, actually, what we call life is more like death because we are asleep or unaware of our truer eternal selves. The human perception is certainly quite interesting I must say!!     

I should also point out I don't try to remember anything, there are no intentions or desires on my part to remember such things, what I remember or have insights of is meant to be naturally without force. If anyone gets anything out of what I right about, that is meant to be. I just love going with the flow of life instead of against it, that's what I'm supposed to do but if you're meant to do something else, go with that not against it.

Light always represents a transitional stage, it is certainly nothing to fear.