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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

True of the Heart

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is human instinct to be better or desire a better existence & of course you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t however this has very little to do with being true at heart, true at heart is making the most of what you have & not ask for more, looking at everything around you in more than one way not just negatively or positively & accepting everything for what it is at that point with a clear understanding that everybody & everything around you is another part of you. The most important thing to know to be true at heart is that everything of our environment no matter what it is is of you or if you like another you or part of you.  If you can’t look at a mass murderer or a rapist as being another part of you you’re not true at heart, it’s not easy excepting this in actual fact it’s extremely hard however once you truly realise that everything including the negatives in the world is just another part of you life becomes a lot easier & less conflictive.  

In past posts I mentioned about an autistic young girl who through egotism conquered her fears, who would have ever thought especially in the spiritually aware arena that not just ego but egotism would have helped someone else with their fears. If this young girl listened to spiritually aware people on the ego & judgment she wouldn’t have conquered her fears, see how if you look at things in more than one way how it at times comes together positively. To add to this I also known a number of people who after losing a certain amount of weight looked at life quite differently, to look good is of egotism but again it helps one to become more positive within ones outlook on life, yes of course it can also inflate ones ego too much however if we are aware in the first place this won’t happen. Being aware is the key here. So what has this to being true at heart? Making the most of what you have instead of desiring more, use what we have at hand to make the best of it.

We want to ascend into a better existence or pray for a better life but to do this we want more to make it work instead of looking at everything in a different more positive way & using what we have at hand, we basically want it all handed to us without putting much effort into it. There is very little effort in accepting everything around you as being a part of you no matter what it is, the hardest part is replacing one thought mode with another it’s as simple as that.  So how do we accomplish this? Again know for sure everything around you is a part of you, it’s really another you no matter what it is or isn’t. We have been programmed, from birth, to think that we are better or worse from others or our environment; this has occurred right throughout human history however instead of thinking in the mode of thought of better or worse think of indifferences because when you think on this it’s only our five senses that make it seem different & our five senses are only a part of who we are. Spiritually aware people will go into certain states of consciousness & feel everything as one, why can’t we do this right through our existence & in all conscious levels?

What seems negative isn’t necessarily negative & what seems positive isn’t necessarily positive but our five senses like to dictate otherwise which gives us our mode of thoughts to live by. What we need to do is look past this & see how at one or connected everything truly is, in this lies true acceptance even in physical life.