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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Vibrational Energy Flows

Written by Mathew Naismith

Bugger, I wanted to add Sal C’s reply but this would make this post a little too long. This post was brought about by my interactions with Sal C so you can blame Sal C for what I wrote here, only joking J.  

Actually your reply Sal C is just a slightly different perception than what I have of what reality is, am I right, are either of us right???

In a human perspective it's real because we think this is all we are. As we become aware we realise it's not all we are, does this make our existence in this reality an illusion?  Yes and no.  In a human perspective, because we have now become aware of a much greater aware part of ourselves, this is what we want to be in totality, to me it’s psychologically based, we want to psychologically believe we are this more wondrous and aware self, full stop, however I believe there is another reason why we perceive that realities are illusions.  

The simplest way I can put this is that this pure consciousness in it’s total motionless state dreams, in turn we and realities are only a process of this dream state, this goes along with what is above is also blow, this makes perfect sense to me.  

There is a problem with this, I don’t believe our own dream states are an illusion, no there not real as such but there not illusions either, many of my dreams are telling or teaching me something. You could in this case look at dreams from this pure consciousness as doing the same, dreams are trying to tell this conciseness something  about itself and if it’s about itself is it a true illusion?

There is something else to consider, to me everything is energy, to exist this energy vibrates and the more this energy vibrated the more it creates, we and realities are a process of this vibrations of energy, the less we vibrate within ourselves the more in tune we are with this pure awareness. People have totally disappeared because they changed their vibrations that much they no longer resonated with realities like this one.  You could say they became a higher vibration through vibrating less, the disappearance of the Mayans are a prime example of this. There are also people out there that can disappear and appear at will just by changing their vibrational energy flow, this is also how healers heal, through vibrations.

The way I look at it is we are this pure consciousness but this consciousness is also energy, everything is energy including you and I and everything to do with realties, this in my view doesn’t truly make everything of realities an illusion. Yes the energy flow changes vibration, for example, being born and dying is a change of this energy flow, just because this energy flow changes it’s vibrations does this change make everything of realities an illusion?

To me no because no matter what this energy changes into it’s still energy, yes it’s vibrating at a different rate but it’s still none the less energy.
Let’s look at this in another way, you burn a tree, does this then make the tree an illusion because you changed it’s energy flow to another vibrational rate?  

What is accruing is we can become delusional in thinking this is all we are or thinking this pure motionless consciousness is all we are, we seem to be in my mind replacing one delusion with another as we become aware but this is only my perspective, don’t take this seriously.

There is also another perspective to consider which a lot of people acknowledge, this pure consciousness is nothingness, it isn’t energy it isn’t consciousness it’s nothingness, however,  this view/concept isn’t in line with the saying, “What is above is also below”, this is important because most other view/concept fall in line with what is above is also below.  How can you produce energy and consciousness out of nothingness?

Why I believe some of us perceive this pure consciousness is actually nothingness is because it is very motionless, in this state it’s as if, to a human, it is nothingness. I think taking on this view is due to ourselves perceiving from a highly vibrative state of vibratory flow to a seemingly totally motionless state that doesn’t seemingly vibrate.  Now if we looked at this from this pure consciousness to a highly vibrative state such as realities, would we perceive this pure consciousness as being nothingness?  I don’t think we would, because we can only perceive through a high vibratory flow rate, anything with a much lower vibration like this pure awareness is going to seem psychologically totally still, nothingness.   

To me everything was created through vibrations and the faster these energy vibrations are vibrating, the more they create, for example you and I and this reality in my mind were created form energy vibrations vibrating at a higher rate.  Take healing for an example; healers heal through vibrations by changing the energy flow of the vibrational rate of what is being healed.  

Vibration denote energy, is this saying that this pure consciousness energy flow isn’t very powerful through not vibrating at a higher rate?  Yes and no, it’s not really that powerful until it vibrates at a higher rate, you and I and this reality are prime examples of this power or greatness, this is why I think psychologically we  get hooked on power .  The strange thing is, this pure consciousness or pure energy isn’t that powerful within itself but through us and this reality it is. 

This is why I believe true spiritualists let go of all intentions of power or otherwise, it brings them closer to this pure seemingly totally motionless energy flow, pure consciousness or awareness.  To me all this pure consciousness or awareness is, is energy either vibrating at an extremely low rate or a high rate or something in between, it’s still energy, this is why I don’t think you and I and this reality are an illusion it’s all energy no matter what it changes into. We just can't perceive ourselves as just being conscious  energy no matter what creation we take on.   

Please don’t take what I have stated as being absolute, how would anything vibrating at such a high rate perceive anything, to any extent, that is vibrating at a very low rate such as this pure consciousness?  We in this state of a high vibrational rate can only presume/speculate.      

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lightworkers Energy Flow

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me it’s more about balance of energy flows that makes a lightworker what they are, this is why they are able to work in community based organisations without feeling the effects of what we call negative flows from others.  A true lightworker doesn’t feel this negativity in others, what they feel is an energy flow fluctuations without judging a difference between themselves and others. This is mainly brought on by their own balanced energy flow. This balance seems to deflect any negativity and in fact where most people will see a negative, lightworkers won’t.

Another difference between a spiritually aware people and a Lightworkers is spiritually aware people will avoid what they deem as negatives however lightworkers will most often do quite the opposite.  I should say here, don’t take what I say as gospel, it’s my own personal view.

So am I saying, if we feel what we deem as negative flows from others were not lightworkers?  It’s actually quite the opposite, if you don’t feel these deemed negative flows to start with you’re not a lightworker. What a true lightworker will do is deem negatives and positives as just energy flows, they won’t deem an energy flow as being negative or positive. This takes a while to get to this state of aware consciousness, it doesn’t happen overnight.  The funny thing is it usually takes a certain amount of human knowledge to get to this stage however not always of course.

This human knowledge doesn’t have to even be of a spiritual content to spark the lightworker within, I knew of a number of people who obtained their lightworker attributes through studying in psychology and/or sociology. We seem to deem, to be a light worker or a spiritually aware person, we need to study up on spiritual ideologies, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of ideological beliefs can hinder one bringing out the lightworker from within by fixating ourselves to one ideological standard.  Being a true lightworker to me is about balance.

So are we lightworkers if we are still picking up on what is deemed to be negative? If we are still defining a difference between negative and positive, I feel we are haven’t quite brought out all of the lightworker from within.  What we need to do from here is not to see a difference especially an opposing difference but just an energy flow fluctuation, when we can do this we have brought out the lightworker within I believe.  For example, if we are seeing the ego as just being negative we haven’t brought out the whole of the lightworker from within, being able to see the ego as just a different energy flow fluctuations is a good start to bringing out the whole of the lightworker from within. 

The below link describes what a light worker is in a slightly different way to what I did here.