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Monday, 28 April 2014

The Key is Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: There is a little confusion in what I call programs.  I refer to programs as being of belief system, ideological views and concepts that we use to train/program our minds turning what I deem as universal awareness into knowledge, giving our mind a better understanding of this universal awareness/consciousness. Religion and scientific studies are but an example of these programs we use to make ourselves more aware.

I had an interesting reply to my last post titled A Positive Reaction; there is no need for programs in a oneness state because the mind is completely still. I couldn’t agree more, any true oneness state denotes complete thoughtlessness therefore there is no need for programs or reprogramming in this state. There is one problem however, if we were meant to be thoughtless why would we have a brain that needs programming, we would actually be brainless if that was the case but where not?

The brain is programed through us becoming aware and the more aware we are the more this awareness denotes our brain being programed. The brain is as dumb as a door nail without awareness which the brain turns into knowledge but once we turn this awareness into knowledge that is where I feel we go off course.    

To me all awareness comes from the same source either it be scientifically aware, spiritually aware, medically aware or whatever, all awareness comes from the same source which makes it universal.  What changes this awareness within our brains is the program we use to turn this awareness into knowledge.  

Once you become at one in certain states of consciousness you are aware of everything there is to be aware of, at this stage, believe it or not, this awareness isn’t knowledge, it’s our ideological programs that turn this awareness into knowledge. For example, religion is a program and so is any scientific studies, these are all ideological views programing our minds to decipher this universal awareness  to what we have been culturally brought up to believe.  For an example; my wife and I went on a cruise to some of the Coral Sea islands recently, on some of these islands cannibalism was practiced until these people where reprogrammed by religion, they of course no longer practice cannibalism.  

Science endeavours are no different, once we knew the world was flat now it’s not through furthering our awareness which increased our knowledge that the world was no longer known to be flat.

Our awareness and consequence knowledge has furthered our awareness and knowledge and the more aware we become the more knowledgeable our minds are becoming, this all takes programming our minds in certain ways.  There are two main problems in programming our minds however, one is there are numerous programs out there that program our minds differently to other programs. For example, the multitude of different and sometimes opposing religions shows this.   This denotes a fragmented consciousness which is what gives us the chaos we have today, different cultures and social status are also of this fragmentation.   

The second problem is the lack of wisdom.  You can obtain all the knowledge in the world and still have no idea in how to use this knowledge wisely, the way we live today is a prime example of this.

This brings us to why so many spiritually aware people defuse the effects of such programming through going straight to the source of all knowledge and awareness without seemingly using any program to do so.  This program, and yes it’s still a program, takes us directly to oneness states of consciousness. The reason this is still a program is we are aware and knowing that we are in this oneness state of this consciousness.  If our minds knew nothing of this oneness state we wouldn’t know we were experiencing this oneness state, we just wouldn’t be aware of it.

In this awareness state of oneness there I no programs because there is no knowledge to build such a program because again there is no need of such programs in this oneness state, awareness is all there is.  While in this oneness state wouldn’t we be aware of this oneness state without actually having to know it? Yes but to get to this state of oneness in the first place we still need a program to inform our minds about this oneness state, the mind still needs to become further aware through a program.   Once you are there you realise you no longer need a program however if you are still finding it difficult to reach this oneness state this still takes a program to do so.  Yes I know our egos want us to believe we never needed a program to reach this state but my egoless self says otherwise.  

We have a brain which needs programming no matter what we become aware of, that is unavoidable unless we become detached from our minds but even then to become detached it still takes a program to do this in the first place.  

The key is balance between our mind and mindlessness and what gives us this key is wisdom. Believe it or not wisdom doesn’t even exist outside of the mind but it is the key to mindlessness or thoughtlessness/stillness.  All that reside in this universal awareness is pure awareness; wisdom isn’t even present however wisdom is the key to this universal awareness for beings in a state of mindfulness.   Again our egos want us to believe that wisdom resides outside of the conscious mind but to me it doesn’t because all what wisdom is, is the key between the mind and this universal awareness and to use this wisdom correctly the mind needs to be programmed to do so.  

It all comes down to a program but to program our minds wisely.