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Monday, 4 July 2016

Love - A Possession Deterrent

Written by Mathew Naismith

A true sense of love is a deterrent against any kind of possession, even demonic possession, in actuality, a true sense of love distracts from any conditioning that is brought about by predominantly living by the five senses. It's true that a true sense of love detracts any kind of influence a controlling ego has upon us, love is indeed a very handy shield to acquire in such a chaotic world.

Possession: Predominantly living by the five senses, leaves us open to all sorts of external forces, even demonic. Now demonic isn't just in reference to demon looking creatures either, demonic actually means, 'Extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell". We didn't have a true sense of love for a God or deity for no reason, also, God's and deities gave us an awareness and a connectedness to a more aware and wise consciousness than man's consciousness. We actually protect ourselves against these destructive influences less than we ever have throughout human history. The more predominantly we live by the five sense alone, the more destruction and depravity we will witness.

When the churches become more about opulence and the power of the church than the love of a God or deity, what occurred? The religious Dark Ages come to mind for starters. Today we have CEO's like Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe literally taking water from African mouths and all they can say is, Water required for drinking and basic hygiene is a human right; that's 1.5% of global water withdrawal. I am not of the opinion that the other 98.5% is a human right." Where the water is taken from in Africa by Nestles, the people of that region no longer have a clean source of water!!

T. Boone Pickens, a water speculator and billionaire, stated, "There are people who will buy the water when they need it. And the people who have the water want to sell it. That's the blood and guts of the thing." It would seem it doesn't matter where the water is taken from and who dies from the lack of water so that certain people can become and stay billionaires. If you haven't got a clean reliable water source, you are living in a hellish environment. We are only talking about water here, this is but the tip of the iceberg from these obvious cold-hearted cruel people. This isn't judgment, this is clear cut observation, an awareness.

Now the question is, why are these people bringing hell upon the Earth and all it's inhabitants? For pure profit and control no matter what the cost. What actually entices them to do such a demonic thing? Possession, the offshoot of being possessed by profit and control is but the effect of the cause of the effect, they are, to me, possessed by external forces (cause) because they predominantly live by the five senses. There seems to be no love but the love of money and control (power), this of course isn't a true sense of love but a desire (lust) which brings us to the next topic of this post.

Lust (Desire): I certainly believe that by living predominantly by the five senses, in other word a controlling ego, that this can indeed leave us open to be possessed by external sources. Now what I mean by external sources is just that, we have the inner self  and the outer, the outer self is external to our true being. The outer self is also the only part of ourselves that is able to be possessed as inner self always stays pure from external influences, this is because it's shielded by a true sense of love where the outer self can be left un-shielded against external influences. The inner self being the spirit within all things.

External self = external source + finite + controlling ego + is able to be influenced

Internal self =  internal source + infinite + an ego not in control + is unable to be influenced

Once a consciousness becomes predominantly of the five senses, it automatically becomes of lust and desire thus negating any influence this inner love will have upon a consciousness.   

A consciousness has to create lust and desire for lust and desire to exist, it's not of our truer self (inner self), it has to be created where's our inner self has always existed without being created, even by some God or deity. A true sense of love is of the infinite where's the lust and desire are of the finite, this is why lust and desire are unable to exist within the inner self, ever, only the infinite can exist within the inner self. Yes, it's true, there is good within all things, put in a more precise way, there is the infinite within all things, the spirit.......!!

In all, it would seem a lot of us have stopped shielding ourselves against external influences that will quite automatically influence us to become demonic/cruel and very uncaring about anything but the lust of things. Once our external selves let down the shield protecting us against these external sources of influence, we become the influence itself thus forgetting who we really are. We have forgotten we are of the infinite and have forgotten that the finite is but an external creation as all creations are. The finite is known by many to be just an illusion, I don't myself totally concur with this!!       

Friday, 21 August 2015

Why Are We Expressing More Love?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think it's to do with balancing, the balancing out between our minds and our hearts. I wrote the following on a Google community recently in relation to this important balance between our heart and our head. 

The heart allows us to focus on the collective where's the head allows us to focus on ourselves, both are important.  

The heart allows us to love where the head allows us to think, balance is certainly the key. 

When the head is in control, love is left out in the cold, all hell breaks loose. When the heart controls the head,  we loose growth through awareness and stagnate.  

Love is on the cards for a very good reason, it will give us back our balance.  

I think it's important not to get love confused with lust because lust is of the head, not the heart, for example, when a women or child is raped, this is lust, this is wholly driven by the mind not the heart. No one who truly loves could even think of raping  what they lust after, this is due to lustful thoughts being balanced out by love.  

Heart = love + collective + expressive of love + feelings + impulse + ego
Head/mind = lust + individual + expressive of thought +awareness + logics + egotism

The collective/individual: Now it's interesting to see the difference between the head and the heart in relation to the collective and the individual, the heart is of the collective and the head is of the individual. If you have noticed, people who are truly expressive of love, express this to the collective, not themselves, however, when a person is mainly expressive of love of  themselves, this is the head not the heart. In this case it's more about lust, for example, "People just can't help  lusting after me because I'm so beautiful and/or powerful". 

Now the head is of individualism, the reason for this lies in the way the ego is used by the mind. The mind, without the balance of the heart, becomes egotistical because the mind is about the individual, not the collective. When we become knowledgeable and aware, it's about the individual mind becoming knowledgeable and aware, it's not about the collective mind. This is even the case when the mind shares such knowing,  it's, "Look at what I know". However, when we balance out this knowing with love, we then start to share this knowing in a different way, it's then expressed as, "Look at what I'm sharing with you". With the heart balancing out the head, the expressions of the mind becomes about the collective instead of the individual, actually, there are people out there who become aware just to serve the collective mind.

Expressions of love and thought:  The expression of love has everything to do with feelings as expressions of thought is to do with awareness. Yes, feelings can bring on awareness but feelings are more about impulses rather than a thought, this is why at times we will become aware of something out of the blue for no reason. This is why impulses are all to do with the heart and logics has everything to do with the head/mind. 

If we were to primarily use the heart over and above the mind, our awareness would stagnate, it wouldn't progress or evolve, this is because the only things we would want to become aware of, would be love orientated, everything else not of love, would be ignored. 

If we were to primarily use the head over and above the heart, our awareness would evolve but our wisdom in knowing how to use this knowledge would founder (collapse) in on itself, basically destroy itself if not balanced out with the heart. This sounds like a reality I know of........!!!!!  

If you noticed I didn't primarily relate wisdom to the heart nor the head, this is because it's of neither but both when the heart and head are used in balance with each other. In today's society, this makes true wisdom scarce therefore very valuable to the collective, this is due to most people being either of the head or the heart.

Balance: This reality is primarily influenced by the head, it's too easy to counteract this by using the heart, the consensus is, the more heart, the better but it's not. By primarily counteracting the head with the heart, we are still lacking wisdom, wisdom can only be gained through balance, a good example of this was Confucius.  

The middle Confucius quote above I feel relates to evolving, to do this successfully however takes balance between the heart and the head as the last quote above denotes. This came from a man who used his mind but used his mind in balance with  his heart it would seem, we can certainly all do this.  

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Feeling the Rush II

Written by Mathew Naismith

I ended up with some interesting reactions in regards to my last post, the contrasting reactions surprised me somewhat. I’ve inserted one of the replies in this post from a Warren Sutherland as I found it quite interesting and compelling, I hope you will too.

Our True Identity is what's called a paradox: the physical self, and the reflected self.

Zero(reflection) One(physical) separating the understanding of our identity is the start of an amazing journey, leading to the center of who you are individually and the same truth all life shares.

The truth of your identity if realized, will put your ego in it's proper place.

The ego has its function, and is necessary in order to grow, improve the understanding of ourselves, otherwise we just grow complacent.

The mind is always comparing good and evil, rich and poor, past and future, greater than or less then and never equal to.

The mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.

Most think the mind is the most important organ in our body because of its contained wisdom.

However the heart has a more ancient wisdom and knowing that the whole body stems from the heart, contains a deeper more ancient wisdom.

The heart, that is where our true identity is known and it lives in the now or present moment.

Feelings are the true universal language, since we are always feeling something every moment of our lives it speaks truth more than our voice.

When someone is filled with emotion like sadness or anger they don't need to speak or say the issue, because the feelings are speaking loud enough.

Everyone can sense it, and know it without verbal confirmation because we pick up the vibrations that they send out and we interpret them to the best of our ability, that we can identify with.

Feeling who you are is the truth flooding through you, that rush feeling you were talking about is more pure light flowing in than we have ever allowed before.  

Mind: To me the mind is ego which is human consciousness however our feelings are more to do with universal coscnioiuness, if the ego mind is in control, (the master), it can turn these universal conscious feelings/messages into lusts/desires I believe. You can see now how the mind, while being the master/controller, is able to manipulate and screw up a perfect message turning it into what I call fragmented consciousness which is what human consciousness is, in my mind and everybody else’s mind I feel.

Heart: The heart or heart centre of ourselves, once brought forward, can quite automatically, like Warren stated, “will put your ego in it's proper place.” This means if you haven’t found your heart you will always struggle to tame the ego, in other words, stop it being the master. Meditation and other spiritual practices certainly help with this however you will always have to struggle with it to one extent or another.  

I would advise here that no one look at struggling with the ego as a bad thing; this will only bolster the ego to become even more controlling unless you want it to be more controlling that is!!  

I have on many occasions come across people who said they have no or little ego however when pressed you, and sometimes they, find out they really didn’t have the ego controlling factors under the master of the heart but the mind. Believe it or not, the heart centre of oneself never lusts but the mind consistently lusts this is why it’s a good idea to quieten the mind through various practices.

This is funny stating the heart never lusts but when you think on this when we feel love, love only becomes lust when we think not when we only feel.  It’s the mind playing it’s usual tricks on us.  However the ego isn’t bad just because it plays these tricks on us, we make it seem bad when we allow it to be the master rather than the slave to the heart and our feelings.

Emotions: Warren is quite correct again in mind when he mentioned about how we should be able to pick up on other people’s emotions, empaths of course are good at this. The problem with most of us is we allow the ego mind to master it over our heart centre and feelings, once we learn to allow the heart and the massages from our heart, (our feelings), to become master over the ego mind we will become empathic quite automatically I believe.

The rush: It’s amazing when we become more aware and knowing of this rush how it can and does transform our lives but only if we want the heart to master over the ego controlling ways. The heart never really becomes master/controller but a pacifier to the ego, in other words the ego becomes slave through pacification of the ego passively. It’s truly beautiful and electrifying only because we still have an ego but an ego that is pacified and not dominant for once.  

Again don’t take anything written here as the utter truth, it’s only an expression of feelings!! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Difference in Ego Tendencies

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting non-conflictive banter between me & another person on living by the heart or ego & the difference between expressing the ego to being controlled by the ego.  I do indeed respect bestearth’s reasoning.

G'day Mathew,

Thinking is what the ego likes. The sensable place to dwell must be the heart. It's the centre of the body and energy systems. The mind's thinking is like a shed full of tools when something needs to be measured/analysed. Then tools down and back to the heart, which is home.

The ego has no ability other than to 'think' of ways to control everything. It has no imagination, no creativity and it's only means of survival is to hijack the creativity and productivity of others. It hooks onto the traces of guilt, shame and uncertainty in others. It is parasitic in nature feeding on the resistant, struggling psychology of others.

If you don't have any guilt, shame, uncertainty, there is nothing for an ego to latch onto. An ego will never bother you.

The ego is a toxic whirlpool whose end point is suicide or some form of destruction. Toxic thoughts lead to toxic emotions to toxic actions to toxic body become toxic habits that inwhorl to every permutation of suffering and pain. The ambitious ego fancies himself as the king rat in a sewer. It is arrogant and seeks contention to keep itself alive. Because it has turned it's back on creation and the creator, its only power is to control and dominate others.

A good way to repel an ego is to ask them "How's your Spirit?" You'll get a perplexed look at the least because the ego is the opposite of Spirit. The ego thinks, the Spirit feels. The ego relies on cunning but it's intelligence is static. The Spirit relies on intuition and it's intelligence is fluid.

So I don't think we can think our way out of extinction. I don't feel there will be any extinction. We can''t feel our way out of extinction either because that would be a negative goal. We can feel our way into our own individual true self which leads to the true calling which leaves behind all concepts and flavours of fear for the expansive smorgasbord of Love's permutations. With no victims left the ego is out of business. This is the positive path that I believe connects us to creation and to natural understanding, joyful living and learning.

G'day bestearth

Yes indeed, once we see a problem or something to counteract the ego is at play & this is where there is no right & wrong comes into it, I've written about this a few times. I do however see a difference between expressing the ego to being controlled by the ego & again there is no right or wrong in being expressive or being controlled by the ego. Once we see a right or wrong the egos at play again & we have all done this even at times unbeknownst to ourselves.

Saying all this I think we can think our way out of this mess but only if we are aware enough, yes this is the ego at play again however the difference is in the awareness of being expressive of the ego as opposed to being controlled by the ego. Being human we can't get away in being expressive of the ego, every time we get dressed to what foods we eat all comes down to ego however the difference is in being expressive of the ego to being controlled by the ego. A person controlled by the ego will take some time getting dressed but a person being expressive of the ego will just wear clothing suited to the occasion. No matter what we do we are all expressive of the ego.

This all comes back to needing to think our way out of this mess which by the way at the spiritual level isn't a mess to me however at the human level it is & it's this expressiveness of the ego that will change this reality first mentally then physically I believe.  A lot of spiritually aware people will avoid conflicting with others which by the way comes down to judgement which is again expressive of the ego however for real change to occur at the expressive ego level, (human level), we need to be, at times, quite strongly expressive of the ego without being controlled by the ego for real change to take effect. The trick is not to become controlled by the ego again for in this lays more lies & chaos.  

I can see where you are coming from but it won't, in it's entirety, change this reality. Physical intervention is needed & the right kind of physical intervention that isn't controlled by the ego, could you imagine a reality not controlled by the ego but a reality just being expressive of the ego which we can't avoid in our present form?  Jesus, Buddha & alike weren’t egotistical beings just because they were expressive of the ego & they did need to be expressive of the ego for us to learn from them.

When sitting within my own quietens it would seem we need to do very little however coming out of this conscious state we do need to do something which again will be expressive of the ego. I do think while within this quietness we can be delusional & start to think we need to do very little but that has never been the case in anytime in human history.  We are expressive ego beings, that is unavoidable within our current state of being. Actually being aware of our awareness states is also expressive of the ego believe it or not so no matter what we feel& think it’s still of the ego I believe.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

True of the Heart

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is human instinct to be better or desire a better existence & of course you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t however this has very little to do with being true at heart, true at heart is making the most of what you have & not ask for more, looking at everything around you in more than one way not just negatively or positively & accepting everything for what it is at that point with a clear understanding that everybody & everything around you is another part of you. The most important thing to know to be true at heart is that everything of our environment no matter what it is is of you or if you like another you or part of you.  If you can’t look at a mass murderer or a rapist as being another part of you you’re not true at heart, it’s not easy excepting this in actual fact it’s extremely hard however once you truly realise that everything including the negatives in the world is just another part of you life becomes a lot easier & less conflictive.  

In past posts I mentioned about an autistic young girl who through egotism conquered her fears, who would have ever thought especially in the spiritually aware arena that not just ego but egotism would have helped someone else with their fears. If this young girl listened to spiritually aware people on the ego & judgment she wouldn’t have conquered her fears, see how if you look at things in more than one way how it at times comes together positively. To add to this I also known a number of people who after losing a certain amount of weight looked at life quite differently, to look good is of egotism but again it helps one to become more positive within ones outlook on life, yes of course it can also inflate ones ego too much however if we are aware in the first place this won’t happen. Being aware is the key here. So what has this to being true at heart? Making the most of what you have instead of desiring more, use what we have at hand to make the best of it.

We want to ascend into a better existence or pray for a better life but to do this we want more to make it work instead of looking at everything in a different more positive way & using what we have at hand, we basically want it all handed to us without putting much effort into it. There is very little effort in accepting everything around you as being a part of you no matter what it is, the hardest part is replacing one thought mode with another it’s as simple as that.  So how do we accomplish this? Again know for sure everything around you is a part of you, it’s really another you no matter what it is or isn’t. We have been programmed, from birth, to think that we are better or worse from others or our environment; this has occurred right throughout human history however instead of thinking in the mode of thought of better or worse think of indifferences because when you think on this it’s only our five senses that make it seem different & our five senses are only a part of who we are. Spiritually aware people will go into certain states of consciousness & feel everything as one, why can’t we do this right through our existence & in all conscious levels?

What seems negative isn’t necessarily negative & what seems positive isn’t necessarily positive but our five senses like to dictate otherwise which gives us our mode of thoughts to live by. What we need to do is look past this & see how at one or connected everything truly is, in this lies true acceptance even in physical life.