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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spiritual Neutralities

Written by Mathew Naismith

When we look upon this chaotic reality most of us want something quite the opposite especially if you are spiritually aware and/or an empath. The reason for this is due to our awareness and the more aware one is the more chaotic vibrations we will feel and/or the more we will want to feel good. This I feel is the reason most of us want something quite the opposite of chaos, hate and destruction.

There is a problem with this however, action reaction, this is Isaac Newton’s third law. You’re probably thinking what has physics got to do with spirituality!! As above, so below, this is universal law. For an example, if you create a heaven a reverse effect occurs so you get hell, love and hate and so on all work on the same principles.  Like yin a yang, one can’t exist or create without the other, hell creates hate and chaos where’s heaven creates love and harmony.  The more extreme these opposites become the more daunting it is for us because we are the meat between the sandwich, in other words we are somewhere between these two extremes being pulled and tugged by both extreme opposites.  

The answer of course would be to choose one or the other like love and harmony over hate and chaos, heaven over hell, however there is a problem with this I believe, we are still creating an opposite which comes back to action reaction.  This also goes in line with cause and effect; you create a heaven for yourself but inadvertently create a hell for others.  

We can create a heaven on Earth however where in the universe are we also creating a hell for other living entities? We can’t keep ignoring the cause and effect, action reaction for our own benefit, we must start thinking collectively!! Yes I know it’s hard to not think selfishly in this way, the rest of the universe will take care of itself but it doesn’t work that way I feel, we must start considering the whole of the collective.  This is of course if we want to stop creating such extreme opposites especially as a collective race of beings.

When I talk about opposites like heaven and hell or hate and love I’m not talking about how we perceive these opposites to be but how the collective sees them.  It is impossible for any of us to imagine hell or heaven through the collective consciousness, all we can do is imagine these opposites at the human level of conscious understanding.  This is saying, by neutralising our existence we will feel like we are in heaven mainly because of our long lasting chaotic existence, we don’t really have to create a collective conscious kind of heaven, most people wouldn’t be able to emotionally handle this kind of heaven anyway.   

What do I mean by neutralising our existence?  Rid ourselves of extremes, cease desiring love over and above hate for example or visa-versa because all we are obviously doing is creating more of the opposite, action reaction, cause and effect!! The trick is to be aware that there is no difference between love and hate, heaven and hell however there obviously is so this is impossible to accomplish.

In who’s perception is there a difference between love and hate for example? At the human level of understanding there is a difference however at the collective conscious level of understanding I believe there isn’t.  Hang on; I gave the assumption earlier that through the collective consciousness hell and heaven are so extreme we couldn’t possibly imagine them to be so extreme, now I’m saying at the collective level of understanding there are no differences/opposites, this doesn’t make sense!!

The collective is of the whole collective so if a certain collective race of beings is seeing opposing extremes that is what the collective consciousness sees but this consciousness also sees there are no differences as well.  This is because there are beings and/or other energy life sources that also live in a neutralised existence.  

I wrote about time and timelessness and how they coexist in the same consciousness, time and timelessness are extreme opposites to each other however the reason they can coexist within the same consciousness is because of the consciousness they exist in.  In our present consciousness only time seems to exist however when you shift into a different conscious state of awareness our perception changes somewhat to what that consciousness is conscious about. We are only conscious to time so we have an opposite which is timelessness, what if we neutralised this consciousness based on time to a consciousness between time and timelessness, neither one nor the other!!

What if we did the same with heaven and hell, neutralised them by bringing them together as one in a conscious state that sees no opposing differences. To me this would be real heaven; I believe there are beings that live within this neutralised conscious existence mainly because they live within a neutralised conscious existence they created.  Heaven and an opposing reaction hell have nothing on a fully neutralised existence.  When in heaven you always know there is an opposing hell however in a neutralised conscious existence there is no fear of such opposites, fear totally become null and void.  Yes you know there are heavens and hells in other conscious states of awareness however these extremes have no chance in becoming a part or affecting your neutralised conscious existence once you become truly consciously neutralised.  This is done by automatically neutralising anything that comes within your field of effect, your own neutralised consciousness.  I did this for a very short period of time years ago strangely enough but didn’t realise it until now.