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Friday, 5 October 2018

Unconditional Consciousness

In you, as in each human being, there 
is a dimension of consciousness far 
deeper that thought. It is the very 
essence of who you are. We may call it 
presence, awareness, the 
unconditional consciousness. 
Eckhart Tolle

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a hard time finding written material that didn't express some kind of conditions in regards to unconditional love. How many of us truly relate feeling unconditional love to being positive, right, good, etc? This is of course in opposition to being negative, wrong, bad, etc. If one was to even remotely experience a state of unconditional themselves, the absence of conditions related to being positive, right, good, etc, is evident. Once you truly experience this state, the perceptions of any conditions relating to unconditional love simply don't exist. Let's be honest, positive, right, good, etc, are but perceptions created by conditions however there is a reason why we relate conditions like, positive, right and good, to unconditional love.

To experience a state of unconditional love one must be of an unconditional consciousness, a consciousness of the absence of conditions like positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong. How many people think you have to be positive, right, good, etc, to be able to experience a state of unconditional love? Of course to simply feel unconditional love, which is different from experiencing unconditional love, takes a huge amount of conditions as just mentioned. I have lost count of how many spiritual forums I have been active on. I can't think of one that remotely expressed any kind of unconditional love, in actually to stay on these forums, certain strict conditions have to be continually met.

What if I said that any truly discordant entity will avoid any state expressing a true sense of unconditional love. I experienced this state when I was younger. I got myself into a situation that could have been detrimental to me. What occurred without effort is I expressed unconditional love which is quite different to simply just feeling unconditional love. The detrimental situation I found myself in was instantly reversed. When you are of a true unconditional consciousness, you will at times find yourself in situations like this because you have no conditions within a reality of duality. You don't have the expectations or demand that you have to feel good or positive all the times or even most of the times, within this lack of conditions in this state, you will experience all kinds of conscious states, not just the conscious states you desire to experience or feel. How many people have the strict conditions to only feel positive or of love and light? The conditions attached to these feelings are insurmountable. You must of course avoid anything remotely judged negative; this is not a true depiction of an unconditional consciousness or love. 

No spiritual forum I participated on remotely resembled what I am speaking of here, quite the opposite actually. On one spiritual forum it was more accepted to call people toxic and to speak of toxic vibrations on a regular basis. I spoke out against these kinds of expressions and I was immediately removed from the forum, remember, anything remotely discordant and abusive of energy, will not like being in the presence of an unconditional consciousness!! Yes, I also stopped interacting on certain spiritual forums simply because I was on a different journey, of course being removed from so-called loving spiritual forums shows that the forum was also not of my journey. It's one thing to be unconditional within your consciousness, it's another thing to be on a different journey, and yes, you may also feel you are not on the same journey as the human collective consciousness. Don't' feel obligated or attached to a journey that is no longer your journey.

Please remember, feeling that you are not on the same collective human journey doesn't instantly make the human collective journey negative, bad or wrong, it's simply a different journey to your own. I have had to detach myself from certain people in my life, not because they where negative, wrong or bad, but because I found myself on a different journey to theirs. Yes, you will find yourself detached from anything discordant when going into and experiencing states of harmony; at no time should this mean what you are detaching yourself from is negative in any sense.

We might then think that being in states of harmony takes conditions, the conditions being to become detached to anything remotely discordant. Experiencing states of harmony isn't to do with detachments, it's actually to do with conditioning (training) your consciousness to being unconditional. This means while you are on a different journey to others, this doesn't instantly make your journey to be a more positive journey because it's more harmonious. So to be more harmonious one has to be positive!! Having to be positive to experience states of harmony is clearly a condition. Avoid this kind of perception at all cost. Think on this, how many people experience their most enlightening experiences while going through some kind of trauma? How many people are becoming more aware due to the collective human trauma? Yes, there are a lot of people who think they are unconditionally loving and of a true sense of love and light when their obviously not. This is simply a part of the process of the collective human consciousness becoming more aware. Be patient with it but at the same time try to assist this consciousness on its journey. As you would of your children, you try to make the human journey of becoming more aware of their environment less traumatising, of course as of children, learning the hard way is the only way to learn at times.

I actually found the bellow written material didn't relate unconditional love to conditions like positiveness. Within a state of unconditional love, you don't have any perceptions of positives or negatives because there are no conditions within this kind of consciousness. You simply don't look at yourself as being positive and everyone else compared to you as being negative. This kind of perception or expression simply does not exist within this state, it can't. The reason these kinds of conditions cannot exist within this state is because any kind of discordance is unable to exist with the presence of this state. Any kind of separation and division, such as conditions, is discordant because it is simply an abuse of energy. I experienced this first hand when I found myself in a situation that could have been detrimental to me. I simply expressed a oneness with them no matter how consciously separated they felt they were from me. How many people are able to express a oneness with what they would call toxic or demonic? I should point out that the oneness unconditional love state I found myself in simply occurred without effort. There were no expectations or desire of expressing this state as there were no conditions to this state to occur.

Imagine existing in a reality where there is no need of positiveness because there are no perceived negatives, hard to imagine for a collective consciousness conditioned to numerus conditions. When a consciousness speaks of unconditional love while not also relating numerous conditions to unconditional love, I know this is a true depiction of an unconditional consciousness of a kind.      

Extract: Unconditionality is the inchoate vitality before formed thought. It presents no judgment about life or anything in it. We surrender to the flow of it. Without expectations or judgments, we are immersed in being. Unpredictability, variability do not look disorderly or strange as life unfolds moment-to-moment. It just is. We just are. Everything is rich, fascinating, and materializing in the moment.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Unconditional Love Unveiled

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is unconditional love of a mother towards her child or a faithful pet is towards their owner?

In truth, no on both accounts even though a form of unconditional love is being expressed. As soon as unconditional love is expressed, love is no longer unconditional. The conditions are, the child has to be of the mother and the pet has to be owned by their owner. Does a mother love a stranger unconditionally as they do their child? It's simply a form of unconditional love, not a true sense of unconditional love. So what is unconditional love unveiled, shown for what it actually is?

Can we express unconditional love towards flees, ants, lice and weevils, etc? The conditions to be able to express unconditional love in relation to these creatures are what? Even what we perceive to be unconditional love has conditions, at times insurmountable conditions only because all expressions are not of a true form of unconditional love. 

How often do we show a form of unconditional love towards another human, but not what humans rely on for their existence? We could not have created the reality of today without the existence of rock and wood, how many of us even show an ounce of appreciation for rock and wood? How many of us have shown a kind of unconditional love towards rock and wood? There are insurmountable conditions to our expressed love.

Everything that exists within a reality of motion is a form of an expression of one kind or another, expressing a truer form of unconditional love within this kind of existence is futile. However, even while experiencing an existence in motion, one can be of unconditional love as opposed to expressive of unconditional love.

First of all, try to imagine unconditional love not being of motion but motionless, a state often known as zero point, nothingness, pure awareness, emptiness, etc. Believe it or not, these states refer to the same state however, for example, how can nothingness also be of pure awareness?

From a consciousness primarily conditioned to motion, any state of motionlessness is going to be perceived as being of nothingness, totally empty, this would also have to mean empty of awareness. Imagine the wind not blowing. Just because the wind is not blowing, doesn't mean the wind doesn't exist or isn't present, it simply means the wind is virtually motionless. For many of us, if the wind isn't blowing means the wind doesn't exist. As of anything within a reality of motion, there is movement no matter how subtle it might be.

Now, imagine how a consciousness, conditioned to motion, would perceive a state of motionlessness. It would be perceived to be completely void of anything and understandably so.

Imagine being in a state where there are no conditions. Yes, certain humans have reached this state by simply being of unconditional love instead of trying to be expressive of unconditional love. There are simply no conditions to what your love is of, as soon as we try to express this love, we then define what this love is going to be expressed to. Certainly not to rocks and trees or the entire universe we rely on for our very own existence. Within this motion we have created huge amounts of conditions. Within all motions there are conditions, this is why unconditional love is of motionlessness, states of perceived nothingness/emptiness.

States of motion = conditions + love + expressions + separation

States of motionlessness = no conditions + unconditional love + non-expressions + union  

When you come across someone who is like being of unconditional love, are they expressive of unconditional love or simply naturally without effort exude unconditional love, there is a difference? Imagine having as much love for rocks and wood or Earth period as you do your child. Don't get me wrong here, not everyone who is perceived to be unconditionally loving towards Earth/nature is expressing unconditional love. Often these people will show less love towards humans for there actions towards Mother Nature as a whole.

This motionlessness state seems to be the ultimate state. Not at all. All of what is, is the ultimate state without separation of states of motion and motionlessness. Of course, only in states of motion can separation occur, especially the separation from a state of pure awareness to states of unawareness. I find this interesting, the further we become unaware in this separation, the more expressive of hate and of unacceptance we become. It is then quite understandable that less motion we express, the more unconditionally loving we become. Really, another expression for a state of unconditional love is a state of pure awareness or oneness; of course to become purely aware or of oneness takes one to free oneself completely of conditions.

I think to truly comprehend and understand what I am saying here, takes one to have experienced certain states of awareness as opposed to unawareness. There are as many experiences that can be experienced that will make us less aware, than there are experiences that will make us more aware. This is where wisdom comes into it; no experience can make you less aware within a state of wisdom.

By not separating states of motionlessness from motion is more of a Hindu/Taoist concept than a Buddhist concept, all is worthy and a natural part of existence as a whole. Yes, the ultimate state to human consciousness is going to be a state of oneness/pure awareness, however, once in this state, all of existence is realised to be worthy and of the ultimate state void of separation. This is unconditional love unveiled.      

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Mystic Thoughts

Written by Mathew Naismith
Someone asked, “What is love?” I answered,
“You will know when you become ‘we.’”

Try to remember, the perception of God here represents one consciousness, a state of oneness, a singular consciousness instead of numerous separate consciousnesses.  

We, is in reference to no exceptions of negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, theist and atheist, black and white, dark and light. An example, I am of the light; you being of the dark are not accepted as we.

Love and light is not in counteraction or opposition to hate and dark, only through a perception of hate and dark can this be perceived. Too many people today use love and light in counteraction or opposition, this is not we but I, a separation by the ego from a perceived opposing motion!!

Has love and/or light an opposite? For many people, love and/or light doesn't have an opposite, this is of hate and dark perceptions. Why? We first think an opposite refers to oppositions, when only in hate and dark perceptions can this be perceived.

The Western mind in all of us is about separation therefore creates opposition, hate.

The Eastern mind in all of us is about union therefore creates compatibility, love.

God represents a singular consciousness therefore love no matter of what motion, for example of motion, dark and light. This doesn't mean this singular consciousness is loving, it simply means it's of love. The Western mind perceives God is loving when this singular consciousness, represented by what we call God, is of love, there is a difference.

Humans, in their separate forms, are loving, be it through God or anti-God. This singular consciousness, God, void of separation is this love humans express. It is also wise to be aware that opposites are only in opposition when perceived separations occur!!      

Monday, 26 February 2018

Genuine Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

This video was presented by a person who I took under my wing to all her friends; I looked after them because they were having trouble assimilating into Australian culture, very much on their own accept for a child. They were trying to assimilate that much that they tried to assimilate into a religion they didn't understand.

Because this person was from Cambodia, I gave them a book on Buddhism. It's OK to assimilate into another culture but you don't have to personally give up the culture you are conditioned to, this also means not giving up an ideology and/or philosophy you are conditioned to. Of course if the ideology and/or philosophy are in conflict with the culture you are trying to assimilate into, often compromises have to be met.

I am so proud of this person presenting such a video on genuine love to all their friends, my guidance has proven itself to be true. So often do we guide people down our own path when they have their own path to follow. Yes, be expressive of your own path, which may or may not be helpful to other people's path, but avoid leading people down your own path.

What does a teacher do, do they guide their students down their own path or guide the students down the students own path? The teacher is simply being expressive of their own path that may or may not be helpful to the students own path. As they say," You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. "You can guide a student to your own waters but you can't make them of your own waters, this is unless the student's path is a part of your waters.

You could imagine how I feel that someone I have guided presented such a compelling video to all their friends. Genuine love isn't of attachments or desire, it's of the release of attachments and desires, Even attachments to ideological concepts that teach/preach love are not of genuine love. Attachments period are not of genuine love but of a desired love.

My own path is not to follow ideological concepts that I attach myself to but to use these ideological concepts simply as a guide, of course other people's path is to become attached to ideological concepts and use them as everyone's path. One is expressive of genuine love the other isn't.

It's not about what the teacher feels but of what the student feels. Genuine love is all about what the student inwardly and outwardly feels; this is the teacher's role. The student within us must also be guided in the same way without losing the teacher's guidance of genuine love.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Buddha Nature!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Buddha nature actually refers to the truer self, primarily of the self void of the distractions and influences of the ego. The following question was presented to me on this matter.

Has a dog Buddha nature?

Actually P. Ru├ĘGer, a very good and wise question.

We could say that only domesticated pets can become this unconditionally loving, in this case the influence of Buddha nature is influenced by humans.

However, it is well documented that wild animals that have had their lives saved by human's show just as much unconditional love.

This then brings us to the point can animals, domesticated or not, be of Buddha nature.

Buddha Nature: "The terms refer to the notion that the luminous mind of the Buddha is inherently present in every sentient being, and will shine forth when it is cleansed of the defilements, c.q. when the nature of mind is recognised for what it is."

Are animal's sentient beings?

This is questionable: "In Buddhismsentient beings are beings with consciousnesssentience, or in some contexts lifeitself.[1] Sentient beings are composed of the five aggregates, or skandhas: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness."

Can animals also attain enlightenment?

To refer to attainment is to also refer to an effort exerted to obtain Buddhahood. It is questionable if animals, unlike human's who have to deal with egotism, have to attain enlightenment to become truly unconditionally loving, actually, it's doubtful.

I myself agree with the following as everything is of consciousness.              

"In Mahayana Buddhism, it is to sentient beings that the Bodhisattva vow of compassion is pledged. Furthermore, and particularly in Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Buddhismall beings (including plant life and even inanimate objects or entities considered "spiritual" or "metaphysical" by conventional Western thought) are or may be considered sentient beings."

Human's need to be enlightened to the facts beyond egotism, animals don't unless influenced to the extent of human egotism.


I also received the following query from another person, "But I can't help but believe that our essential nature will make itself known somehow, to remind us of who we really are." The following was my reply.


Carolyn Field I think it does this Carolyn but we are too much within the influences of the ego to notice them at times.

Are you not aware of your essential nature? This is all it is unless the ego inflates it into something more comprehensible so that the ego can understand what it comprehends in the first place. Basically, to be more than awareness is ego.

In saying this, our egos underestimate a state of pure awareness, a state void of the influences of ego. Such an underestimation decreases the influence a pure state of awareness can have upon us. Our capabilities beyond ego is infinite in nature, there are simply no limitations.

Just to be aware is enough in a universe, a reality, of egotism.

I should also state that wild animal saving the life of other wild animals show a sense of unconditional love, even towards another species of animal.

Having sacred animals like cows or monkeys might seem ludicrous to the western mind but consider this, a show of unconditional love and respect is shown to another species. Does the western mind respect and show unconditional love even to other human beings? The western mind often shows total disrespect to other people's cultures, it's simply not conditioned to respect and express unconditional love towards anything not of its own. This is unless it can materially gain from this of course.

This now brings us to materialism, a state that has no desire or need of ethical or spiritual matters, animals simply don't have this dilemma. Animals don't have the dilemma of material, ethical or spiritual matters, they are totally free of these matters. They are then of course going to be able to express unconditional love a lot easier than most human beings!!

The essential nature basically refers to the fundamental element within all things for example, energy and spirit. Energy is of everything as the spirit is within everything, the truer self or the truer elements of self void of contamination through separation, for only the ego separates everything to quench its desires!! Animals simply don't have these dilemmas to battle with; it's totally unconditional, not just to do with love but everything as a whole without separation. How many spiritually aware people separate unconditional love form unconditional acceptance, especially in regards to our present environment, animals simply don't have these ego created dilemmas!! 

So are animals of Buddha nature, even possibly more of Buddha nature, our essential nature, than most human beings?      

Saturday, 17 February 2018

What Is a True Sense of Love?

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are certainly going to have a different perspective on this, giving that each of us are conditioned to a certain way of perceiving in our own way.

A true sense of love to me is a love with fewer conditions attached, not more. A good example of this is relationships, why do some relationships work and others don't?

It all comes down to the conditions we attach to the love within a relationship. In observation of a loving relationship, you will observe that fewer conditions are attached, for example, how many positives and negatives are expressed or even observed? Each perception of negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc, add more conditions to the love, of course the love, the relationship, in the end will fail if too many conditions are attached.  

Through new age spirituality, how many negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc, are expressed, even the word toxic has become a common phrase. These perceptions are putting more conditions on our love, not less, so how true is this kind of love really?

I was recently on the receiving end of this kind of love that had insurmountable amounts of conditions attached to their love. Just because we create our own reality, our own vibrations that we are comfortable with, doesn't make all other realities (vibrations) negative or positive but this is exactly what is occurring?

If you desire it or not, we are all a part of the collective consciousness, it's wise to moderate the conditions we put upon this relationship. Of course to desire to have to feel all warm and fluffy to express love is but another condition; this in turn creates anything but a true sense of love!! Did Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale always feel warm and fluffy? Their love had nothing to do with the desire to feel all warm and fluffy......themselves.

Participate in love by all means, but observe your own participation to make sure you are not putting more conditions on your love.     

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Harmony - The Key to Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is indeed ironical. I awoke this morning to the understanding of me writing a post about peace and love, being that peace creates a sense of love, not the other way around. Love is simply a natural process of being harmonious. As we quieten the mind, we quieten the disharmony within our mind while at the same time creating a sense of love. Peace/harmony is the key to love.

I wrote the following in a discussion relating to the topic of; what is your core element that determines your way of thinking and being. I wrote faith, in that I have faith that human consciousness will go along with the natural evolution and evolve from it's present consciousness. A lot of people said love but one person simply said peace, I wrote the following in response to this.

1: Indeed peace because how would one truly be of love if disharmonious? Harmony naturally and automatically brings us a true sense of love, love simply isn't the be and end all as it is treated today.

In the sixties it was peace and love, peace brings love, basically, love is part of the natural process of peace, love is only apart of the process as love derives from peace, not the other way around.

This is like today's perception of light which denotes awareness, as of intelligence, what is awareness void of wisdom; the same is with what is love void of a true sense of peace?

We are today so focused on light and love when light and love are determined by base factors like wisdom and peace. How many people today are focused simply on wisdom and peace? I think the sixties had it more correct than we do today in western spirituality.      

Stating simply peace is perfect, a true sense of spiritual understanding in my mind.

2: Indeed, peace to one person isn't peace to another person. Is a multinational in financial dire-straights at peace? Is a peaceful person at war at peace?

Of course we could say here that a multinational at peace financially isn't very loving but he is, he loves his wealth as much as a spiritual person loves another person. Even a true sense of love is ambiguous it would seem.

We could say that peace is also ambiguous as the peace and love of a multinational and a spiritual person is different. As a multinational is not at peace with being poor, a spiritual person is not at peace in being materialistic or destructive.

Simply, peace, like love, is ambiguous until it becomes true......

3: Of course, peace simply says it all. I go deep so that others have an opportunity to comprehend and understand a true sense of peace and love. Behind love a true sense of peace/harmony resides.

I handle the environment we presently exist in differently, I don't perceive a negative or a positive, it is what it is, as in it just is, void of anything having to be of one thing or another.

My wife and I haven't watched TV for over 9 years now, I do miss the docs though, not the news. The news these days is only of what they want us to be aware of.

It is obvious I needn't have gone deep with you, sorry for that Paul.


As we become more aware, part of the process of becoming aware is disharmony. We are certainly not going to like or feel comfortable with everything we become aware of; this is until we reach the process of being truly harmonious, not just to the things we desire to be of but to everything.

Humans are more intelligent and aware of their environment than ever, how harmonious is the world today? You see part of the process of becoming more aware is being disharmonious, however, no true sense of love will reside within a reality that is disharmonious.

We then get to a point of process were we only become aware of the things that are harmonious, everything we are disharmonious with are discarded or ignored. You see, when we are harmonious love is able to reside; all we desire at this stage of the process is to be of this love. This is of course quite understandable in regards to our present disharmonious reality.

At this stage of the process we are still in disharmony of the things we have rejected or denounced to simply feel some kind of love. At this stage this is not a true sense of love for there is no true sense of harmony, however, we do feel more loving because we are more at harmony. 

The next part of the process entails us to become wiser with our awareness. As of knowledge or intelligence, awareness void of wisdom is only ever going to be half aware for awareness, as of knowledge and intelligence, needs the guidance of wisdom to know how to use and respond to knowledge, intelligence and awareness.

This part of the process then allows us to be in harmony with everything we become aware of, only in this state can a true sense of harmony therefore love reside. I think that harmony and wisdom are the true building blocks to become truly loving, for only in true harmony can a true sense of love reside. Look at it like building a home for love to reside, without a home to reside in, love can never truly be at peace.......    

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Balance Creates Love

Written By Mathew Naismith

To me, a true sense of balance creates love through a natural process in states of balance, the reason I think this is explained in the following post I posted on a forum. Balance/moderation is simply bliss which creates a sense of love of everything void of bias or prejudice. A moderated thought process negates all extremes thus creating a true sense of balance that then creates a true sense of love.

As we go within, extremes have less of an influence over us, the extrication of these extremes are simply replaced with a sense of love. The reason for this is simple; extremes denote imbalances and lust/desire, by becoming less influenced by extremes bring balance which allows a truer sense of love to influence us instead of extremes. Influences from extremes are simply replaced by the influences of love.   


This is interesting, is a true state of balance of divine consciousness (spirit) or human consciousness (mind)? 

Considering that humans have always and probably always will express extremes, it is unlikely a true state of balance is of human consciousness; it's probably why human consciousness struggles to maintain some kind of balance in life.

When we presume and perceive that divine consciousness is love and that love is above all else, is this not an expression of an extreme. It's very human to desire the opposite of what one is existing in, especially if one is not physiologically happy with their present environment.

Consider this, is not saying that divine consciousness is primarily of love not stating an absolute? If we took away all the love and hate within the world, all we would be left with is bliss, the reason for this lies within these extreme expressions. There is no true sense of balance within extreme expressions, in one trying to over power the other all the times, a true sense of balance simply can't exist within such an existence.

So why do we perceive that divine consciousness is only of an extreme such as love?

Psychologically looking at this, human nature perceives what it desires to be of, not what it doesn't desire to be of, especially if it has any kind of disdain (contempt) towards it's present environment. It is simply natural for humans to desire something to be what it's not just to escape from its present environment.

It is natural when a state of true balance exists bliss and love are present, however, when a state of imbalance exists, chaos and hate are present and naturally so. So is divine conciseness (spirit) primarily of and expressive of love or balance?  If the spirit within all things was of an extreme, everything would also express and be of extremes but there simply not.

So if everything of the spirit within all things is balance, why isn't everything of balance?  Where you have yin and yang, is where you have balance but you also have imbalance, it's simply a natural law of existence as a whole.

Human represents imbalance where divine consciousness represents balance. To me, we presume too much while collectively in a state of chaos and mayhem. The divine consciousness, unlike ourselves, is not of an extreme of any kind, we simply perceive it to be so because of what we psychologically desire.

As of many Eastern teachings teach, balance/moderation is the key, not love.

“Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.” 
Lao TzuTao Te Ching

 “Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds' wings.” 
Jalaluddin RumiThe Essential Rumi

You can be still and still moving. Content even in your discontent.

Ram Dass

Thursday, 1 September 2016


Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is another attempt of a poem by me, this poem basically tells of why peace is so hard to obtain and keep. This poem was actually inspired by a Google community based primarily on peace. 

The antiquity of peace
as ancient as it is
is still within us all
being so hard to keep
in these days
you wonder
of it's presence
it's still
it's quiet
it's harmonious
it's tranquil
we wonder
is it still their
as it is
and we still wonder
of it's presence
as it should be
as peace is
this is
as it is
and we still wonder
the presence of peace
is as it should be
anything else
is not peace

~Mathew G~


Elusive Peace: Peace seems to represent everything that motionlessness or timelessness represents, it's still within it's motionlessness, it's quiet within it's motionlessness, it's harmonious within it's motionlessness and it's tranquil within it's motionlessness. So is peace based on this motionlessness instead of perceived love? 

Love is full of motions because of the emotions behind love, you can't experience love without emotion, try expressing love without causing motion, it's just not going to occur because love is based on emotions which are primarily of motion. Now try expressing a true sense of peace, it's absolutely motionless because this is what peace is primarily based on. Now try finding this peace within a chaotic highly motional dimension, peace seems to not exist anymore because it's motionless, there is so much motion out there that this motionlessness is overwhelmed by excessive extreme motions.

Because we are so desperate to override this highly motional chaos, we will use anything that seems to quell all this motion that is overwhelming peace. We are at present using love, which is highly motional, to quell another highly motional state of existence, basically fighting fire with fire. Fighting fire with fire can be very volatile, especially when the wind turns. What actually occurs when you fight fire with fire? Destruction to save even worse destruction, well, hopefully. Sometimes this is the only way to fight fire but in the end it's the quietness of the fire that actually quells the fire, not fire itself.

Now does this mean we shouldn't use love even in conjunction with peace?

Not at all, it's not the use of love that is giving us problems, it's the way we are using love that is the problem even when used in conjunction with peace.

Peace Creates Love: We first think that peace is created from love when it's the other way around. A good internet friend of mine expressed that inner peace has to be established before a true sense of love can be expressed. It's true, try expressing love when you have no inner peace to start with, any love expressed in this way, can't be possibly true, most often it's proved to be so in the end. Basically, this kind of love is euphoric as it's based on the finite, it's transitory especially when pressed or tested.

Now what about using love in conjunction with peace, even after we have established that it's peace that brings forth love, not the other way around.

Let's firstly look at love and peace, love represents motion, peace represents motionlessness. Considering that all motion is time based, love is of time which means peace is of timelessness as it's of motionlessness. This also means love is of three dimensional aspects while peace is of anything but a three dimensional aspect. We basically have a representation of yin and yang, love and peace.

Love = motion + time + three dimensional + finite + yin

Peace = motionlessness + timelessness + non-third dimensional + infinite + yang

Yes, they represent opposite values to each other, however, they are only opposing opposites when we use them in an imbalanced way. Used in a balanced way, one becomes the other, for this to occur though, we must realise it's peace that creates love, not the other way around. It's obvious many of us are nowhere near realising this, pushing for peace in this way, isn't going to bring peace, this is evident in our present state.

Now what if we used love and peace in a balanced way, will this automatically bring peace and love to the world?

Human Family: No, not when we try to bring love back into a situation that is not peaceful in the first place. Try perceiving the human consciousness (race) as a family unit, this is your family with the surname(last name) of human. Now this family unit is obvious within it's discord, basically, a non-peaceful family unit, as of our own selves that are not at peace. Can we instil love before this family unit is at peace? The answer is no, now consider this, human consciousness is nowhere near at peace but we are still trying to instil love!!

Try instilling love within a family that is in discord, the collective human consciousness as a whole is no different. Certain family members will rebel against such brash actions and justifiably so as is the same with certain members of the human race. Using love and peace in conjunction, doesn't mean we use them at the exact same time either, it means using them in balance overall. We must remember here, it's peace that automatically brings the love back into a family unit, used in unison by the family itself, love and peace within the family becomes infinite.

All we need to do is focus on peace, and love is sure to follow.......Mathew G

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Love Brings Peace to the World??

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was recently invited to join a Google community titled, "The Peace Makers", I immediately posted the following. Before I get into this, ask yourself, can you bring the love back within a family in discord before creating peace first?  The world in discord around us is no different.  


I'm not sure what anyone else thinks on here but I think we need to focus more on peace than love. 

Love is too ambiguous because it could also mean the love of greed, love of killing, love of abuse, love of pain. Love, for a lot of people, relates to pain where's peace relates to what it directly states.

Isn't peace the result of love?

My Reply
Not at all, the need for peace automatically creates love within the action of peace, however, love does not automatically bring peace within itself.

Let's say I love to dominate my wife, where is the peace in that?

Let's say I love being a warrior? Where is the peace in that?

Now, if a husband who loves to dominate, dominate when in peace?

Can a warrior still love being a warrior when in peace?

There are many people in the world who love raping children, what kind of peace has this created?

How many people love the feel of power and controlling others, is this automatically creating peace? Quite the opposite of course.

Don't make the mistake and think this kind of love isn't as passionate as a truer sense of love, in actuality it's more potent and life changing mainly because we exist in a 3rd dimension. This kind of passionate love is about a huge amount of motion, the 3rd dimension is primarily of motion, this is why this kind of passionate love has always dominated us in the 3rd dimension.

Can we sit and just pray for love and peace within a 3rd dimension primarily of motion? The answer to this question is obvious.

To bring peace to the world, we need to stop thinking love will bring peace to the world when only a true sense of peace will bring love to the world.

Please don't be offended by my way of perceiving, it's too obvious to me that love does not automatically bring peace but peace automatically brings love. In all, we need to focus more on peace than love, especially considering love will come automatically in the
expression of the motion of peace.

The essence of love is peace in it's purest form. Thanks for this thought provoking post.+Mathew Naismith
My Reply
Very well stated, too many people think the other way around, "the essence of peace is love in it's purest form". There is a huge different especially considering that love within it's motion is ambiguous to say the least. Peace automatically creates love, love does not automatically create peace.                 

Thank you for the invitation! I am at peace with all things around me through my acceptance of those things around me! 

My Reply
Indeed , it's all about peace bringing love to the world, not love bringing peace to the world especially when we consider that many people have a passionate love of power and money over peace.

I also posted the following on this community

What brought around the protesting of the Vietnam war? Most people would state love and then peace when it was the other way around. War brought a need for peace that then created a sense of love, it was a need of peace that automatically created love, not the other way around.

What occurred when the soldiers came home from the Vietnam war, the people who put love before peace abused these soldiers, however, the people who put peace before love, didn't abuse these soldiers, the reason lies in that peace before love, this allows peace to automatically create love. Within this motion, the sense of love is more sincere. These so called loving peaceful people who attacked these soldiers, loved hating war/conflict, of course this love created conflict not peace and love. We are once again making the same old mistakes, how many times have I been attacked by these so called loving people?


We exist within a dimension that is primarily about motion, this means for any true and real change to take effect, a lot of motion needs to be expressed. We are not going to make any real changes while sitting around praying, chanting, meditating, for love and peace. This would be fine if we existed in a dimension that is far less about motion but we don't.  Consider this, how long would have the Vietnam war continued for if we all just sat around praying for peace? The Vietnam war ended when it did because people of peace and love took action, they expressed a surmountable amount of motion. I used the word surmountable here for a very good reason.

We also have the idea that the one hundred (100) monkey theory will work as well, peace and love starts from one and eventually a hundred, it will then overcome all other motions and expressions. If we were all monkeys this would fine as it did for one monkey starting off cleaning sweet potatoes, but were not, we have a huge amount of controlling egos to contend with. You might have a hundred monkeys that are of peace and love, but in opposition, you also have another thousand monkeys for every hundred monkeys.

Consider this, if all these monkey's did was sit and think/pray of cleaning these potatoes, would have the chain reaction of cleaning these potatoes started? For some reason a self-proclaimed intelligent consciousness thinks it would have!!

However in saying all this, motion creates more motion but it's all to do in how we express motion that makes the difference. Could you imagine if the people protesting about the Vietnam war tried to create peace from love, no amount of this kind of motion would have worked. If it wouldn't have worked then, why would it work now, considering we are still existing in a 3rd dimension that is highly motional?

It's obvious it's not working, how many people are in protest about what is occurring in Palestine at this very moment? Where is the true sense of love here? It just doesn't exist because love is primarily put before peace, basically, love is meant to create peace, it is quite obvious this isn't or going to occur for reasons already mentioned in this post.

How many people in the world were deplored over the Chinese running over their own people in tanks? Basically the whole world, now how many people are deplored about far more horrific events occurring in Palestine but by another conquering race of people? So where is this peace that was created from love, it just doesn't exist because peace naturally creates love, not the other way around.

There is supposed to be all these people talking and expressing unconditional love, it's really a huge laugh and totally fake/false when you consider the outrage of the Chinese incident, that lasted a very short time, compared the what is and has been occurring in Palestine for some years now. How many conditions are put on this so called unconditional love? Insurmountable, this is proven within it's own actions and responses.

Now consider this, would this unconditional love be obvious within it's falseness if this love was created from peace in the first place? It's very unlikely because peace isn't ambiguous like love is. Peace has no boundaries or biases but love obviously does, it's peace that creates unconditional love, not love that creates unconditional love, this is very obvious within it's present expressions.

The discussion on this community is continuing, the following is in response from me to further replies from other people.  


So what you are saying that someone who is not peaceful within, can express a true sense of love to create peace within, very unlikely.

A true sense of love can only be felt when in peace in some sense, it's this peace within that determines the love we express, not the other way around as you are clearly stating.

This is exactly why we see people chopping off heads who have a love of their beliefs, this is a true sense of love if you like to believe it or not. Are you going to judge otherwise? Good luck with this because all this kind of judgement will do is cause more conflict, not less.

Get rid of the peace within side you and see how much love you have left......I worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, once you bring peace back within a family unit, love usually automatically is recreated but you think otherwise. Try bringing love within a family of discord before creating peace.

Love clearly does not come before peace, this is evident but so many people think otherwise and we wonder why the world is getting worse!!.


For anyone interested, here is the address for the peace makers Google community. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Using Love in a Balanced Way

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consciousness is likened to a pool of water, one drop of rain causes a ripple that is soon enveloped within the stillness of the pond, however, numerous drops of rain cause the pond to become chaotic as each ripple, caused by the drops of rain, fight against each other. Because of such turbulence, the pond then becomes murky.

Try to imagine human consciousness as a pond of water, to much of a good thing can cause an imbalance within the pond turning it murky. At present, I perceive human consciousness as being murky and it's becoming murkier. The reason for this stems from an imbalance of too much rain or not enough rain. To much of one thing applied in an imbalanced way, will cause the water (human consciousness) to become murky through  chaotic interactions and counteractions, this is likened to rain drops fighting against each other.

Pond = human consciousness

Water = love and light

Balance = harmony

Imbalance = chaos

It is obvious that any kind of counteraction will cause the pond (human consciousness) to become murkier, it is therefore obvious that any love used in an imbalanced way, will cause the pond to become murkier instead of clearer.

As we become spiritually aware, we feel we naturally become more of love and light, we then naturally feel human consciousness (the pond) couldn't get enough love and light, especially in relation (retaliation) to a chaotic reality. Psychologically all we have done is humanly responded to a chaotic situation in retaliation, this is a natural human psychological response in situations like this. I know there are spiritually aware people who don't think psychology belongs in spirituality but it does, used in the correct way, it quietens the mind. In actuality, any spiritual practice that quietens the mind, is a form of  psychology.       

How is the pond (human consciousness) going to respond to too much water (love and light) at a given time, especially when the pond is not structured to take this amount of water in the first place? Human consciousness (the pond) is unable to sustain or comprehend this amount of water (love and light), too much of an imbalance will cause more chaos, not less. Too much chaos will also cause the pond to become structured in a different way, we might think this is what we want but what if the pond (human consciousness) just became another muddy back water due to it's restructuring!!

When leaders of the world today get up and clearly state they are going to kill as many women and children as possible (Palestinians), which is also being supported by western countries, is this a sign the pond is clearing. What about western leaders clearly stating they would kill Jesus if he lived today, these kind of thoughts and actions are no longer being stated behind closed doors. These actions are certainly not a sign that the water is even starting to become clear, in actuality, it's a sign human consciousness is becoming a muddy back water. The reason for this is clear to people like myself, too many ripples upon the pond is turning the water of the pond murky.

Now let's again perceive human consciousness being a pond, what would occur if the pond was drizzled upon instead of rained upon? The ripples caused by the drizzle causes far less chaos upon the pond of water than rain, within this, there is a balance between the pond of water and the drizzle, drizzle of cause being a lot more passive and thoughtful of the pond of water (human consciousness) than rain. This is the point, balance between the pond (humans consciousness) and the water (love and light) but this is clearly not occurring at present manly because we are still in a retaliative mode of thought and reasoning.

If we look at the pond (human consciousness), it is full of water (love and light), this is different to a pond full of mud (love and dark). It's very hard becoming aware in mud but a lot easier in a clear pond of water...Mathew G

We might think I should have stated hate and dark instead of love and dark, not at all, this is due to many people also passionately love to kill, love war and conflicts, love to hurt and cause pain with the same passion than any other kind of expression of love. We can deny this as much as we like but this denial won't help us make the pond water clear again, no kind of an unawareness or blatant ignorance will.  

I must be a horrid person stating all this and yes, I have been  judged by many as something unbecoming in some way, especially in relation or comparison to themselves.

A couple of days ago I saw a lass (female) that I know get into her car with her dog outside of my house, I immediately got my life size toy dog and went outside to wave my friend off using the paw of my toy dog to do so. I am a fifty two year old bloke with no  inhibitions, this is quite obvious to all my friends. The other day one of my wife's friends asked my wife if I was drunk because I was acting without inhibitions. When I lived in a small town, a lot of the town folk thought I was taking some kind of drug as I was mostly always cheerful and happy. This is who I am even though my writings may be misconstrued, sometimes deliberately, to portray me as some kind of monster or demeaning entity of some kind. I do however have constant readers of my blog perceive me as the person with a toy dog.

Yes, maybe I feel to much for a consciousness struggling with itself trying to clear the water of the pond. I  can see a consciousness trying with all it's heart to clear up the pond water when all they are doing is adding to it's murkiness, this is obvious in the way some people are today expressing themselves in plain view. In all however, what the human collective consciousness chooses to do, it will do as this is it's path but we must be aware, there are other paths this human consciousness can still take, this is all I am portraying as always.