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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Cloud Meditation

Written by Mathew Naismith

Cloud meditation is to do with daydreaming which can be a very simple form of mediation, what's so good about this type of mediation  is to do with it's simplicity. Because of it's simplicity, this kind of mediation can be practiced virtually anywhere at any time with relative ease.

Meditative daydreaming has nothing to do with fantasising our desires through  daydreaming though, it's to do with just being without question, in this case just being within a cloud and eventually becoming this cloud.

What's also unique with this kind of meditation is you don't focus on your breathing, focusing on our breathing can be a hindrance and frustrating for some people while trying to meditate, all you do with this kind of mediation is daydream or visualise. What's also unique is you can also do this with your eyes open.

At first, any form of daydreaming will do but try not to fantasise about your own desires too much, this is because when we come out of our fantasy, we can become  more frustrated due to our desires not materialising. Instead focus on being within a cloud, within this, you don't just hear the silence, you feel the silence. Once you feel this silence, you can then melt within the cloud itself, you then become the cloud itself within it's silence and it's buoyant existence.

We might think this is fantasying in visualising that we have become a cloud, not so, what you are doing is becoming one with your quietened self. We all, without exception, have a quietened and a not so quietened self, in other words we have a self in motion and a self completely void of motion. We are all aware of our self in motion but not many of us know of our self not in motion, this can however be obtained through various meditative techniques.

Our quietened self isn't a fantasy nor is being a cloud. The cloud represents consciousness, we also represent consciousness, there is no differential qualities between forms of consciousness, however, once we start to measure the qualities, we lose the ability to meditate. It's important not to define this is me and that is that, "there's an obvious difference because I'm obviously not a cloud"!! The only way we define a difference between one consciousness and another is through motion, it's this motion that measures everything and creates the reality we exist in, meditative practices take us away from this perception of motion.

We might think here that meditative practices are all to do with quietening ourselves, this however is only part of it, no matter what kind of meditative practice we practice in, we still experience motion. If you can remember meditating and experiencing a mindless state, this is still an expression of motion, however, I do think people can go into a totally mindless state but they never actually experience such a state because once it becomes an experience, it becomes of motion. I think a lot of people who deeply meditate do go into a truly mindless state at times that they never truly remember. A lot of people get to this stage, it's just they can't remember it, even if it becomes feeling it's still an indication of motion.  

It's obvious meditation has a lot to do with conditioning our consciousness to perceive beyond a perception purely of motion, it can certainly recondition our consciousness to perceive beyond the existence of ego. To recondition our consciousness is motion but it's a much more passive form of motion. It's also important to not try to totally go into a mindless state especially for a novice, instead allow you consciousness to progress through the stages of motion. One of these stages is focusing on your breath or working up from the lower chakra, depending on the meditative practice being implemented, we then progress from there.

I like cloud meditation because this technique has very few stages that one has to focus on, you can also practice this anywhere, even in the most noisiest places. Once you become the cloud, you naturally just go with the flow with very little visualisation needed. Being a cloud is very easy once you stop yourself from measuring different quantities or questioning what really is and isn't.

We might think cloud mediation can't heal or help us in ways that other meditative practises can, this kind of meditation has no intentions to start with, it has no agenda unlike other meditative practices.

Cloud meditation allows you to let completely go of all your perceived perceptions and intentions by just being straight up, yes it's still of motion but it's so so passive.