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Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Difference in Ego Tendencies

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting non-conflictive banter between me & another person on living by the heart or ego & the difference between expressing the ego to being controlled by the ego.  I do indeed respect bestearth’s reasoning.

G'day Mathew,

Thinking is what the ego likes. The sensable place to dwell must be the heart. It's the centre of the body and energy systems. The mind's thinking is like a shed full of tools when something needs to be measured/analysed. Then tools down and back to the heart, which is home.

The ego has no ability other than to 'think' of ways to control everything. It has no imagination, no creativity and it's only means of survival is to hijack the creativity and productivity of others. It hooks onto the traces of guilt, shame and uncertainty in others. It is parasitic in nature feeding on the resistant, struggling psychology of others.

If you don't have any guilt, shame, uncertainty, there is nothing for an ego to latch onto. An ego will never bother you.

The ego is a toxic whirlpool whose end point is suicide or some form of destruction. Toxic thoughts lead to toxic emotions to toxic actions to toxic body become toxic habits that inwhorl to every permutation of suffering and pain. The ambitious ego fancies himself as the king rat in a sewer. It is arrogant and seeks contention to keep itself alive. Because it has turned it's back on creation and the creator, its only power is to control and dominate others.

A good way to repel an ego is to ask them "How's your Spirit?" You'll get a perplexed look at the least because the ego is the opposite of Spirit. The ego thinks, the Spirit feels. The ego relies on cunning but it's intelligence is static. The Spirit relies on intuition and it's intelligence is fluid.

So I don't think we can think our way out of extinction. I don't feel there will be any extinction. We can''t feel our way out of extinction either because that would be a negative goal. We can feel our way into our own individual true self which leads to the true calling which leaves behind all concepts and flavours of fear for the expansive smorgasbord of Love's permutations. With no victims left the ego is out of business. This is the positive path that I believe connects us to creation and to natural understanding, joyful living and learning.

G'day bestearth

Yes indeed, once we see a problem or something to counteract the ego is at play & this is where there is no right & wrong comes into it, I've written about this a few times. I do however see a difference between expressing the ego to being controlled by the ego & again there is no right or wrong in being expressive or being controlled by the ego. Once we see a right or wrong the egos at play again & we have all done this even at times unbeknownst to ourselves.

Saying all this I think we can think our way out of this mess but only if we are aware enough, yes this is the ego at play again however the difference is in the awareness of being expressive of the ego as opposed to being controlled by the ego. Being human we can't get away in being expressive of the ego, every time we get dressed to what foods we eat all comes down to ego however the difference is in being expressive of the ego to being controlled by the ego. A person controlled by the ego will take some time getting dressed but a person being expressive of the ego will just wear clothing suited to the occasion. No matter what we do we are all expressive of the ego.

This all comes back to needing to think our way out of this mess which by the way at the spiritual level isn't a mess to me however at the human level it is & it's this expressiveness of the ego that will change this reality first mentally then physically I believe.  A lot of spiritually aware people will avoid conflicting with others which by the way comes down to judgement which is again expressive of the ego however for real change to occur at the expressive ego level, (human level), we need to be, at times, quite strongly expressive of the ego without being controlled by the ego for real change to take effect. The trick is not to become controlled by the ego again for in this lays more lies & chaos.  

I can see where you are coming from but it won't, in it's entirety, change this reality. Physical intervention is needed & the right kind of physical intervention that isn't controlled by the ego, could you imagine a reality not controlled by the ego but a reality just being expressive of the ego which we can't avoid in our present form?  Jesus, Buddha & alike weren’t egotistical beings just because they were expressive of the ego & they did need to be expressive of the ego for us to learn from them.

When sitting within my own quietens it would seem we need to do very little however coming out of this conscious state we do need to do something which again will be expressive of the ego. I do think while within this quietness we can be delusional & start to think we need to do very little but that has never been the case in anytime in human history.  We are expressive ego beings, that is unavoidable within our current state of being. Actually being aware of our awareness states is also expressive of the ego believe it or not so no matter what we feel& think it’s still of the ego I believe.