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Monday, 29 August 2016

It's an Amazing World/Existence

Written By Mathew Naismith

Looking upon my physical transformation at 52 years of age, all I can feel is total amazement, in actuality, I look upon my whole body and mind and I am totally amazed at my own transition as a whole. You might think I am over stating this but it's one huge WOW factor. My own transition in a reality based on time, is utterly amazing, this is because I am aware that most realities don't consist of experiences of massive transitions like this.

You look upon the Earth and the universe itself, it's amazing how the natural environment goes from one transitional stage to another, the cycles that everything goes through within a universe based on time, is, yes, amazing to say the least. In stating this, human consciousness, after how many centuries, still has very little idea how amazing our environment based on time is. This comprehension of course takes one to realise who they truly are as a whole. OK, time might be an illusion but this doesn't take away how amazing  a reality based on time is, the natural environment that time has created is beyond words.

Have I gone totally loony? It would seem so to a lot of people in even suggesting an assumed illusion is amazing beyond words, it's as if my ego controls me to stay within the illusion created by the ego!!

Firstly, only a controlling ego judges what is and isn't an illusion, a controlling ego doesn't want anything controlling it especially an assumed illusion. Even if the ego created the illusion, it doesn't want to be controlled by this illusion so it creates states of  non-illusion as opposed to states of illusion such a time itself. However, a non-controlling ego reacts differently, this kind of ego is not fearful of being controlled by an illusion or a non-illusion, this kind of ego will naturally react to life, as a whole, as amazing.

We might think what is so amazing about human consciousness being so chaotic and destructive, especially unto itself?

It's amazing that such a self-proclaimed intelligent life form has the belief it's intelligent in accordance with it's technological advancements. It's also amazing that such a self-proclaimed intelligent form believes it can express high intelligence void of wisdom. Take the yin out of the yang, what is naturally created? Destruction, you can't use high levels of technology void of wisdom, in actuality, the use of high technology has to be balanced out by wisdom to avoid self-destruction. It's amazing that such an intelligent form is trying to use high levels of technology void of wisdom and still think it's intelligent!!

Has human consciousness learnt anything from centuries of destruction?

It's utterly amazing that human consciousness has learnt little if anything from it's own past, how could a remotely intelligent form, that has all this experience before it, can still be as it was centuries gone by? It is obvious that no truly intelligent form tries it's hardest not to evolve but that is exactly what human consciousness has accomplished. In the whole scheme of existence, very few remotely intelligent consciousness has accomplished this, this within itself is amazing. Using high levels of technology void of wisdom isn't evolving, our intelligence in relation to technology has risen but our wisdom has obviously fallen. This has occurred before in Earths history when a conscious forms used high technology void of wisdom.

At present,  it seems that human consciousness is being influenced by external consciousness's that impel power, control and dominance. Of course if a more aware and powerful consciousness than human consciousness impels such actions, these actions must be the way to go. Human consciousness is being conditioned to believe there must be a superpower, or more precisely, a master race that is meant to dominate all other races. How often is this exact belief been expressed throughout human or Earths history? It's utterly amazing that a remotely intelligent form can think like this.

The question is now, is there a more dominant consciousness within the universe?

To me, Gaia is consciousness but this kind of consciousness is not actually dominant, it is however about cycles that allow everything within Gaia to evolve. There are however conscious forms that are dominant within the universe, human consciousness certainly hasn't got this on it's own, it would be a bit naive to think this in my mind.

The difference between human consciousness and these other forms of dominating consciousness's, is that these other dominating forms have used wisdom in conjunction with intelligence. It's wise to realise that intelligence doesn't mean intelligence is wisdom.

You could say that wisdom is yin and intelligence is yang, however, as yin and yang, each displays the same attributes as the other. What human consciousness seems to have tried to do, is extract wisdom (yin) from intelligence (yang), of course as of before in Earths history, extracting the yin from the yang or the yang from the yin, naturally and automatically causes a consciousness to destroy itself and it's environment. 

We might then think that this more intelligent dominating external consciousness, from human consciousness, hasn't destroyed itself. Once any consciousness destroys other consciousness's through dominance, it will eventually inadvertently destroy (extract) it's own balance within existence as a whole. It all comes down to dominance and non-dominance, control and non-control, yin and yang. Once one tries to dominate to extract (destroy) the other, all this creates is destruction of the dominant.

What is also amazing is that these deemed negatives, bad, evils, basically in all, pain, when gathered up as a whole, is but a grain of sand on a beach. In all of existence as a whole, pain has the relevance of a grain of sand on a beach, only an imbalanced consciousness believes it to be otherwise.

I came across an insightful poem just recently, the poem is in relation to loving/appreciating the present via the following link.                     

My Reply
Indeed Nicoleta, appreciate the present, this is inline to observing or participating. The participator participates on the past and future where's the observer is observant of the present only. The past and future are always observed as being of the present negating a past and future, strangely enough, the participator negates the present!!

It's interesting to realise that the observer is of timelessness and the participator is of time which gives us a perception of a past and future. It's good to be a participator (time) but utilised without the balance of the observer (timelessness), the participator will always express destruction. Indeed, a worthwhile poem.

The point is to the grain of sand is, the participator will only perceive what they participate in, the participator will primarily perceive the grain of sand or primarily perceive any other grain of sand but the grain of sand representing pain. The observer however will perceive the whole truth in that the observer will perceive all grains of sand void of bias/judgment.

I will put this in another way. I've had an interesting life to say the least, only once in my life can I remember not being in physical pain, this was for a brief part of one day. Of course this pain being created from a chronic injury from the age of six years old, has caused a lot of mental pain as well. The point is, a lot of people trying to avoid the negatives/pain in life, would not have been able to utilise this pain to benefit others who are far more disabled as I have done. Also, would a person who perceives pain as just being negative, desist in taking pain killers like people like myself? I should also state that healing is likened to taking pain killers, however, when healing is exercised in a balanced way, healing most often helps us to become more balanced from an imbalanced state.

Even though pain in the whole of existence is but a grain of sand on a beach, doesn't make this grain of sand irrelevant to the beach itself. Basically, pain helps give our truer self balance, it's a necessity as yang is to yin and yin is to yang, however, the participator within this reality has either primarily perceived this grain of sand of pain or tries to ignore this grain of sand of pain, either way of perceiving creates an imbalance therefore destruction.

I know a lot of Western minded people think I have no idea what I am talking about but I can't emphasise enough on learning to become an observer, especially at present. The observer will give us back balance from an obvious imbalanced state of existence, this existence is of course primarily dominated by being a participator. Continuing to primarily participate to either perceive the pain or anything but the pain, will only create more destruction as any imbalance within a consciousness naturally does. I'm not stating this from some kind of human ideology, this is coming through me, and yes, I am supposed to share what is coming through me but of course not everything that comes through me. It is difficult to know what I am supposed to share or not at times, learning to be an observer is one of the things I need to share, this is made very clear. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Yin and Yang of Illusions and Non-Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post, as the heading portrays, is a depiction of illusions and non- illusions using the balance of yin and yang, meaning, what I’m simply doing is looking at illusions and non-illusions in a yin and yang way. The question of what is and isn’t an illusion keeps popping up, I hope the following will make this perception of what is and isn’t an illusion clearer.  

Before I go on, I think it’s a good idea to take a look at the following video to understand the principles of yin and yang better, this will in turn give us a much better idea of what is and isn’t an illusion.    

First of all the yin and yang symbol shows no separation from one to the other, they are intertwined and act as one. At times it is hard to perceive which is yin and which is yang because one can act as the other does, this is why there is no true separation, only a perceived separation.

You have got to wonder, why have so many spiritual and scientific teachings taught us to separate one from the other when there is no true separation to begin with? Of cause only through a controlling ego do we perceive separation.

This brings us to perceptions of illusions and non-illusions, to ask what is and isn’t an illusion in the first place, is to separate one from the other thus losing the principles of yin and yang of there being no true separation of any energy or non-energy source.

As of human perceptions, any inner perceptions that are different to human perceptions is judged as being more real. We think less in such inner states and in these states we perceive anything else is an illusion. At the same time other people's perceptions state that anything else but a logically thinking mind is an illusion. Of course the ego self tells us that one or the other is real over and above the other, within this perception, we have separation when nothing is truly separated. The real  illusion is thinking one perception has to be more real over and above another!!

When we invert the yin and yang symbol, does this change the principles of yin and yang, does separation occur between yin and yang? No, for the simple reason that yin and yang are entwined, they are existing as one even though yin is depicted as one perspective and yang as another perspective.

Now look at how most western thinking people perceive, we have to admit we do separate everything within our perceptions. Separating illusion from non-illusion is the same as separating yin and yang which is impossible to do without creating an actual illusion. Basically what I am saying is, as soon as we separate one from the other, we have created an actual illusion without perceiving that an actual illusion exists. When we perceive there is a separation of illusions and non-illusions, what are we doing? We are once again separating one from the other when no separation can possibly occur, within this, we have created an illusion.

When you go into a really deep state of consciousness, you realise there is no true sense of what is or isn’t real or what is or isn’t who you truly are because there is no separation of one from the other. We most often mistakenly perceive a thoughtless consciousness is the real consciousness or that any other consciousness is an illusion, within this perception, and that is all it truly is, we have created separation which creates our illusions. As soon as we separate one from the other by perceiving one is real and the other isn’t, we have at that point created an actual illusion as opposed to a perceived illusion.

So in whose perception is something real and everything separated from this perception isn’t real? Be honest, all we are talking about here is fixated perceptions, so is one fixated perception more of the real world than other perceptions? If you said yes, you have once again fallen into the trap of separating one energy source from the other making one of the energy sources an illusion, of course this is but a perceived illusion brought about by separation.

Let’s now perceive a pink flying elephant, within our perception influenced by gravity, we perceive that no elephant is able to fly to begin with, especially a pink flying elephant. Now put yourself into a reality not influenced by gravity, is now an elephant able to fly? You take away the perception of gravity, you give the ability for everything being able to take flight, even a pink elephant!!

To most of us, gravity is real, to some of us that have experienced zero gravity in various conscious states, zero gravity is real which often mistakenly makes anything of gravity unreal or an illusion, this of course includes the mind and anything the mind perceives.

What do we have with both of these perceptions? Separation, both of these perceptions are into separating one from the other which most often includes one perception perceiving that all other perceptions are an illusion. What do we create when we separate one from the other? Illusions…..the real illusions are not about one perception being right above all other perceptions, it’s about separating one from the other when no true separation exists and never could exist.

So what is real and what isn’t, what is wrong and what isn’t, what is an illusion and what isn’t? This is silly, as soon as we ask such questions, we have immediately created an illusion because we have once again separated one from the other by asking such questions to begin with. It is indeed all within the questions we ask, to ask such questions in the first place denotes a perception of separation. Try asking questions not influenced by separation and then see what answers come up, you will be surprised…..

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Spiritually what is Life?

Written by Mathew Naismith

What is truly life; is it existing in a physical reality or something else? Well life isn’t something else and it’s not physical realities, for life to exist there has to be a death so we have to define if death actually exists for life to exist, does death exist?

According to the following death certainly doesn’t exist, death exists for us because we are brought up to believe in death, the body and mind dies and rots away to nothing, this is death to us, the problem with this is we only have a transition of energy, you can’t destroy energy, however, energy can go through transitional stages that seem like the demise of our whole being.   

Extract:  After the death of his old friend, Albert Einstein said “Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  

Extract: Many of us fear death. We believe in death because we have been told we will die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know that bodies die. But a new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think.

So there is no such thing as death, does this then negate the possibility of life actually existing? Only in a sense.

What is life, what gives life its existence? In a human sense the existence of death gives life its existence, could there be a life existence without death, how would we know life exists without death, an opposite?  Without an opposite we wouldn’t know if we were living or not. Take yin and yang (male female), would yang know the existence of yin if we were all yang?  The yang cannot exist without the yin so if death doesn’t exist how can life?  

So does this mean life doesn’t exist?  In a human sense yes but not in a spiritual sense, anything that is creative and transforming you could define as giving life its existence, you could also say this also gives death it’s existence but that’s not true.  In a human sense you have life, therefore, what we have defined as life is to do with death, our demise gives us a sense of what life is, however, we are now finding out that death doesn’t actually exist. This doesn’t and shouldn’t negate the existence of life for the main reason; anything creative and transforming is a definition life.  What we really need to do now is think quite differently than we did before, yang can exist without yin and visa-versa.

Why is there a yin and yang, why do they seemingly exist?  

It is obvious yin and yang create transformations as life creates death, yang on its own isn’t capable of creating and transforming, does this mean yang on its own defines death? In a sense it does, the yang on its own is incapable of creating transformations, however, because yang is aware of yin, like through realities like this one, yang is never truly of death.  It’s all down to awareness and it’s this awareness that gives life its existence. You could say here that the opposite of awareness is ignorance, therefore, ignorance is of death if awareness is of life?  The thing with this is ignorance is also of transformations, it seemingly gives us death through wars for example. Death in any sense just doesn’t exist but life does through creations and transformations.

Realities like this one are all about life and more life as they give consciousness an awareness of all it is, it’s of duality and non-duality, time and timelessness all in the same moment. Only being in duality OR non-duality can death exist as only being aware of yin OR yang can death exist. Thinking only in duality gives us death as only thinking in non-duality gives us death but, thinking in both gives us interactions and transformations, a creation of life itself. You could say non-duality is more about death than anything; it’s totally of non-transforming and creating brought about by no interactions, therefore, there are no transformations and creations, you have nothingness, in other words death. 

The thing is, non-duality can’t really exist if duality in any sense exists, it’s a delusion to think non-duality can exist in the same moment unless you are aware of there being a yin and yang, duality non-duality.  All what exists for some people is non-duality and all what exists for other people is duality when non-duality and duality create transformations. Just knowing about non-duality has made us aware of existing in duality, you cannot get away from yin making yang aware of itself and visa-versa, it’s all to do with creating transformations. This is how duality has created yet another transformation by making us aware of non-duality, yin making yang aware of its own existence and visa-versa?  This is life itself, there is only life……..                  

Extract: Think about the quantum physics [1]. Quantum physics has proven by physical tests that a higher field of consciousness (information field) in the universe exists (Alain Aspect [2], Amit Goswami [3]). The ruling string theory [4] assumes that it has our material universe there are many other dimensions of energy. The former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Professor Hans-Peter Dürr believes that the brain by thinking a field of consciousness (quantum field) forms that can exist after the death of the body in the higher dimension further [5]

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What’s Above Is Also Below

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following was a reply I gave to a person who believes time is an illusion.

The funny thing is, time doesn't or can't exist within timelessness. Everything is of this timeless consciousness so how can time exist when time can't exist within timelessness? This is a good point which enforces the belief that time actually can’t exist. 

The question now is, can this timeless consciousness actually create anything including an illusion? It can’t because you need a starting and ending point of creation, each illusion and each creation has a starting and ending point, where is the starting and ending point within timelessness? We don’t have one so if an illusion exists so does time!!

What we actually have here is an illusion of an illusion if time doesn’t exist which means time really does exist because we still have an illusion; it’s a creation so we need a starting point for this creation to exist which means time also exists.  As soon as anyone mentions that time is an illusion, they are actually endorsing that time really does exist unbeknownst to them!! 

So where does this leave us with time being unable to exist or have been created by timelessness, how was time created?  This tells us that time has also always existed as timelessness has always existed.  

To me timelessness is of a non-fragmented consciousness (awareness) and time is of fragmented consciousness (ignorance), does being in ignorance make time an illusion because it’s a fragmented ignorant state of consciousness?  I don’t think so however, thinking that this ignorant state of consciousness is all we are is a sort of an illusion because this isn’t all we are, only the ignorant can think this is all we are.

So if everything, other than time, was created from this timeless consciousness, how could have anything been created by this timeless consciousness if this timeless consciousness can’t create anything in the first place? 

In timeliness everything has always been, it’s always in the present moment but only as pure conscious. Now I’m going to theorise that this consciousness enters into time and becomes a consciousness of time to be able to become created. This can only happen through a consciousness of time. 

Is time an illusion?  Either way we answer this question denotes that time does surly exists!!    

This reply to this person actually seems that I have separated everything within time and timelessness, time representing a different consciousness to timelessness but that isn’t quite correct for the main reason it’s still all of a consciousness no matter what.

I like the quote that goes like this, “What is above is also below”, what is above is also represented by what’s below. I look at timelessness as being the male or sperm that fertiliser’s time that is represented by the female or egg. Time is the incubator and creator of timelessness’s interaction with time, the female which is the true creator of life.  As the same with the human species, one of course can’t do without the other. This of course gives us a yin and yang no matter what consciousness we are referring too, this seems like separation but it’s not, no matter what the consciousness it is it’s still consciousness.

This won’t make sense to anyone who goes in and out of timelessness, a consciousness that feels like everything is as one with no separation or differences what so ever. In this timeless consciousness we can also feel that there is only one consciousness, this is a normal human reaction bought on by human feelings. This I feel is caused by our brief interaction with this timeless consciousness however once you experience this state of consciousness enough, things become a little more clear mainly because we are no longer influenced by human feelings and perceptions of this timeless consciousness.

To me time has always existed as has timelessness, they are truly partners, they are different consciousness’s but consciousness still the same, it’s through the interactions of these two consciousness’s that creates just like males and females.

Let’s look at this in a different way using energy as an example. It was said to me that energy can’t be created therefore time doesn’t actually exist because time seemingly creates energy. The thing is time doesn’t actually create energy as such; it changes energy through the interaction of the consciousness’s of time and timelessness, through this interaction it seems to create new energy but it’s only a culmination of an already existing energy that creates different energy flows and fluctuations. Timelessness (male, yang) is an already created energy and time is (female, yin), the creator of various energy flows.

Let’s look at what we have so far.

Timelessness = male (yang) consciousness + sperm + non-creative
Time = female (yin) consciousness+ egg + creation

Now if we take into consideration what is above is also below, what sex is more dominating and abusive on Earth? The male of course (the yang) at the human level. What sex or consciousness is being taught to us that is most important to us?  The male (yang), timelessness over and above the female (yin) time which many of us denounce as an illusion, we are still abusing the female or time itself or Gaia if you like.  We are still, while being primarily dominated by the yang, trying to denounce the importance of time which is represented by yin by making out this yin (time) is an illusion. What is above is also below!!

So what is going on here? Time = female (yin) consciousness+ egg + creation but it is also represents a fragmented consciousness where’s timelessness is representative of a non-fragmented consciousness. I must emphasise here, don’t judged a non-fragmented consciousness as being better than a fragmented consciousness. A fragmented consciousness of time means we can create various energy flows from a non-creating consciousness which is represented by timelessness. Can a male incubate and create others in his own image?  You would wonder why God is said to be male wouldn’t you?  I think we all know the answer to that!!

It is so easy, when going in and out of timelessness, to think this timeless state of consciousness is all we are, it feels that way because all we are experiencing is timelessness, a dominance of the yang energy without the balance of the yin energy.  What is happening at the human level? We are allowing the same thing to happen at the human level, the yang energy is all dominating which gives us the perception the yang energy is more important than the yin, the ego loves to think this but that’s not true in my mind, where would the yang be without the creative yin? 

I personally do not put the consciousness of timelessness above the importance of the consciousness of time; I never really have since my awakening in my mid-teens.  It is understandable that we desire the peace and tranquillity off what timelessness gives and it’s understandable to think this is all we are, the ego wants that more than anything but the point is, we shouldn’t keep trying to separate one from the other, the yin form the yang.  This is exactly what we are trying to do when we state and believe that time is an illusion, point blank.

We could also easily think that time represents the opposite of peace and tranquillity but it doesn’t, it’s our abuse of time through our ignorance that causes such chaos. Take the abuse of females from males, would we have chaos if the male wasn’t abusive and neglectful in the first place? 

I’ve had many instances that I could have stayed in the consciousness of timelessness away from this chaos but I never neglected and abused time.  To me the yin (time) is as equal as the yang (timelessness), yes this goes against a lot of beliefs that time is an illusion but the reason I think we want to believe time is an illusion is because of our male dominance, God has got to be a man and the consciousness of timelessness has got to be all we are, I just don’t think so, it just doesn’t add up to what is above is also below!!

I would like to also point out that time is representative of ignorance and timelessness awareness, this doesn’t mean time, the yin, is ignorant, the reason time is so ignorant is because of the abuse and neglect while in time.  This is the neglect of this timeless consciousness in favour of abusing time that gives us our ignorance.  Time itself isn’t ignorant, it’s as aware as this consciousness of timelessness, it’s just the way we use time that makes time seem so ignorant.  Another thing to consider, when in a timelessness state of consciousness, how neglectful and unaware are we of time?