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Monday, 5 August 2019

Far Less Separation of Energy

Written by Mathew Niasmith

I do apologise before hand, this is a lengthy post, sorry.

"You can't ask too many questions!!" 

You can Nesther however this may not seem the case for a consciousness conditioned to time. Time, the finite, separates consciousness into numerous parts, in the process creating many more questions than what is really necessary. Why does a consciousness conditioned to the infinite as well ask fewer questions? Because the infinite is far less of motion, like with people who experience deep meditative states, far less questions need to be asked. In certain cases, even before a question can be formulated, the answer materialises.

Motion naturally separates energy; now imagine a motionless state of consciousness? Not easy for most people to imagine or comprehend to start with.

Think of time, finite existences, separated by starting and ending points and everything else in between, for example, birth and death. How many more questions are created by separating energy like this? Now think of a state of the infinite not separated by starting and ending points and everything else between.

Once you learn to quieten your mind from the intrusions created by time, the fewer questions you ask, but also the more answers you receive. I don't even have to ask a question in relation to my dream state, my dreams just tell me without asking questions. In saying this, while our environment is predominately influenced by the finite, the separation of energy, certain questions still need to be asked at times.

I am quite aware, as soon as I am no longer asking questions, is when I have reached a state of infinite consciousness. Most of the times I ask questions on behalf of other people, as they often ask questions primarily related to the finite instead of a balance of finite and infinite consciousness. Balance is truly the key Nesther, in my mind anyway.


A very good response Viviane.

Can a master reshape form, the material reality, at will and with ease?

Can a mere multinational reshape the material reality at will and with ease?

Because the reality is conditioned to the finite, the material, it seems a lot easier for a multinational to reshape a material world. Often a master won't bother with reshaping a material world, for it is of other people's will to keep it as it is anyway.

I do believe that a true master can reshape any reality, however, only a material consciousness desires to do this, primarily for its own benefit. A true master sees no benefit in gaining or possessing anything from a material reality.

I have definitely had my own consciousness reshaped by consciousnesses of infinite consciousnesses. It is like teaching a student something that they are not ready to learn, or at a certain stage to learn. Only a consciousness ready to learn from infinite consciousness is able to learn from infinite consciousness. When a consciousness is ready, even if that be a human collective consciousness, the ease of reshaping consciousness becomes easier for the master; otherwise there is no point if a consciousness isn't at that stage of learning.

The question isn't if a master can reshape any reality, it is if the consciousness of a reality is ready to be reshaped!! 

Freewill is of the infinite, so yes, we often use freewill for inner growth in a reality of the finite. This often gives us balance, balancing out the finite reality with an infinite reality or consciousness. No wonder we feel more harmonious and at home in this state.


Finite realities/consciousness are of starting and ending points of creation, limiting consciousnesses and realities to certain variables.

Infinite realities/consciousness has no starting or ending points of creation, making for a limitless realities/consciousness. Also, the finite separates energy/consciousness where the infinite units energy/consciousness.

Infinite adjective - Having no limits or boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude

Infinite noun - The unlimited expanse in which everything is located

Finite adjective - Bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent

Finite noun - Finiteness; The quality of being finite

There is no mistake why I often relate infiniteness to where everything derived from, including awareness/knowledge and wisdom. Simple conformation to what one has, to some extent, experienced. So often awareness/knowledge and wisdom is spoken from what one has only read and studied.


Viviane: True story as I knew the actual farmer.

A farmer told his farm worker to hold his ear to the tree while he raised an ax to a tree to strike it. The farm helper was amazed that he could here the tree suck in, like suck air in anticipation. To me, it is all to do with consciousness, even though trees may not be aware of their own existence like humans. The divine knowledge is the same.

This divine consciousness depends on our own consciousness in how this consciousness is received. It is very difficult for a consciousness of the finite to acknowledge and properly understand infinite consciousness as divine/infinite consciousness. Too many have become wholly conditioned to finite consciousness in my mind.

What makes divine consciousness so divine? It's infiniteness in my mind, a consciousness not limited to certain variables. What then makes human consciousness so human? It's finiteness, a consciousness limited to certain variables. We are not meant to be perfect, but we are supposed to hold true to our beginning or creator to some extent.       

Friday, 8 March 2019

Honesty and the Divine Spark in Everything

Written by Mathew Naismith

How would dishonesty react to honesty being honest? Dishonesty simply sees honesty as a huge threat to its existence and often reacts in accordance with what dishonesty creates, chaos, deception, hate, greed, control, separation through perceptions of negatives and positives, etc. Now, how does honesty react to dishonesty being dishonest? Think on this, is there any threat to honesty from dishonesty?

Before the invent of man or consciousness as we know it, was there any kind of a perception of dishonesty? Dishonesty is simply a creation of consciousness but a consciousness that perceives in negatives and positives, opposing separated forces battling it out for supremacy. Now, you might say honesty wasn't present either, even though honesty relates to it just is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. The universe was just is, with absolutely no perceptions of what was negative and what was positive.

Honesty is not a creation of creation, it is what creation is about. This might sound unreasonable but imagine if there were no perceptions of negatives and positives therefore biases to start with, where all energy is simply just energy. You can actually attain a mental state like this, where the ego has no control over consciousness. There are no perceptions in this state for there is no separation of energy, just a pure state of honesty and self-honesty which bring about feelings of love.

Recently, I had an altercation with dishonesty when being of open mindedness and honesty, pointing out the deception, manipulation and disrespect of dishonesty. Of course backing my honesty up with evidence doesn't help, for dishonesty will always react badly towards such actions. Any action remotely threatening the control dishonesty has over consciousness, will often be dealt with the full fury of dishonesty. Keep in mind, because dishonesty see honesty as a threat to its existence, dishonesty will often deceive itself and all else that honesty is on a crusade against dishonesty when in actuality it is the other way around.

Honesty is simply being honest, there is no crusade or campaign of honesty to rid us all of dishonesty, for in the presence of honesty, dishonesty is simply unable to be in control. Honesty simply takes away the control of dishonesty has over a consciousness, for in the presence of honesty, dishonesty is unable to control consciousness'. As soon as dishonesty tries to portray honesty as being on some crusade against dishonesty, dishonesty is simply telling me what dishonesty is quite unaware of. I often smile to myself at this stage.

Try to remembers, it is quite natural for dishonesty to be of chaos, deception, hate, greed, control, separation through perceptions of negatives and positives, etc, for this is its natural created environment. How could honesty see dishonesty a something negative when dishonesty is simply being within its natural environment?

Now, considering all the above, how will dishonesty, which is represented by hate and dark as opposed to love and light, going to react to light and love (honesty)? It will do exactly what it is doing at present within our reality, threatening reality with the full force of dishonesties fury. All we need to do is work at bringing forth the divine spark of honesty within everything. No matter how dishonest dishonesty becomes, this divine spark of honesty is always present, at no time will you influence the dishonesty in consciousness to become honest. As soon as you try to do this, dishonesty will protect its existence to the bitter end; at no time expect it not to. All we need and should to do is work on the divine spark of honesty within a consciousness, nothing more.

It is stated that Edgar Cayce, who was a clairvoyant in the early to mid part of the last century, that Russia will be the leading nation in the world in relation to spiritually. You may ask; how could such a notion become so spiritual? Easy, Russia will learn from its history, unlike the rest of the nations in the world who will still suffer from their history. Don't get me wrong, there will be pockets of people around the world who will be of the divine spark of honesty but the leading notion of this divine spark seem like it will be Russia. This will make Russia quite untouchable to the rest of the world's dishonesty and violence. Eventually and gradually, all the other nations in the world will desire to be of this divine spark.

The divine spark of honesty is the ability to use energy wisely instead of unwisely, this will give Russia a huge edge over its detractors/enemies, consciousness's of dishonesty.

" Europe is as a house broken up. Some years ago there was the experience of a mighty peoples being overridden for the gratification and satisfaction of a few, irrespective of any other man’s right. That peoples are going through the experience of being born again, and is the thorn in the flesh to many a political and financial nation in Europe, in the world… Q. What is the name of that nation referred to? A. Russia! (3976-8)” [Source]"

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Chosen Path

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've experienced some interesting interactions with other people recently. Are people like me critically judgemental or simply expressing what we observe in the absence of a black and white mentality? It's wise to be aware when people lash out at other people, it's good sign their being controlled by the ego. This reaction of course needs a depiction of one thing in reference to something else, for example, the comparing of a negative in reference to a positive. It's what I call a black and white mentality; it has to be one or the other.

When an ego in control lashes out in critical judgment, this has to be done through a black and white mentality, being that the ego in control is always positive and the critically judged is always negative. How often do people like me critically judge like this, it's simply wrong or right, negative or positive, black or white? Now, how many other people judge through a wrong or right, negative or positive, black or white mentality? It is however natural for the ego in control to turn the tables or the emphasis from itself to anything else threatening it's control and existence, people like me are a prime example of this.             

I will now share a recent post I posted on a forum that is in relation to this topic, I also inserted one of my replies I wrote.   


I don't get this, maybe someone on here can assist me with this.

People like me are often critically judged as being narcissistic, negative, egotistical, toxic and so on it goes, for simply expressing our own experiences and observations. People like me usually observe through the absence of a black and white mentality, an ego in control obviously finds this most threatening.

People's egos who judge through a black and white mentality, will often define anyone not of their egos liking narcissistic, negative, egotistical, toxic and so on, how else would anyone critically judged other people in this way?

Through the judgment of a black and white mentality, people like me are supposed to be (judged) narcissistic. Just recently I wrote a post stating first up that I know little of this particular subject, I also often state that a lot of what I write is channelled through me and not from me. I have even stated that what is being channelled through me I know very little about.

I'm also suppose to be (judged) egotistical, a strange egotism when I often express myself in a way that a controlling ego finds threatening, in the process making myself exceptionally unpopular. Just because someone expresses their experiences that questions the control the ego has over us, doesn't make the person egotistical but of course it will to an ego in control.

It's like a drug addict addicted to an addiction, the controlling ego will lash out at anything questioning it's existence and it's control. The controlling ego sees people like me as being a huge threat to it's control, of course the ego in control is going to lash out like this, just like a drug addict.

People like me are also supposed to be (judged) as being judgmentally critical. If I was to judge in accordance with a black and white mentality, of course I would be judgmentally critical. Honestly, I would be exactly like the people who judge people like me so critically through their black and white mentality.

Of course an ego in control is going to lash out like this, it's perfectly natural for an ego in control to lash our in fear of it's own control and existence. In actuality, if people's egos didn't lash out at people like me, I simply wouldn't be following my chosen path in life.


My Reply
Making reference to old energy patterns refer to the past, you can't have a perception of time without making reference to the ego as time is motion and all motion is ego.

So, if I was to refer to certain patterns as being old, I am in actuality making reference directly and mainly to the ego. 

Old is in reference to new, a black and white mentality, which can only exist in an ego based reality/existence.  This is exactly how the ego tricks us in thinking the new isn't of the ego when it's just as much if not more of the ego.  There is simply no new or old in relation the divine consciousness, why? The divine consciousness is infinite in nature, not finite, this simply means it's not based on time but timelessness. Because there is no time, the perception of old or new can't exist because the perception of old and new needs a starting point of origin to exist  to start with, there is simply no starting point of origin within the divine consciousness.  In actuality, the divine consciousness isn't above human consciousness, only the ego in control perceives this to be the case. One being over and above another is pure ego, nothing else.     

Also, having any kind of disdain for the old consciousness is egotistical; this includes having disdain for anyone who defends this so-called old consciousness.  In my mind, too many people into spirituality today exist in disdain, this is pure ego for only can the ego express disdain. 

Do people like me truly defend this old consciousness?  When you truly live by the divine, what is old and new, black and white? This kind of consciousness in my mind can't possibility exist within the divine consciousness but many people obviously think it  does.  The ego can be exceptionally deceptive, it's wise to be aware of this, but as always, the ego will at all cost refute what I have stated here, or, it is simply unable to acknowledge what I have stated here. 

 Are people like me narcissistic or egotistical for pointing out the obvious? The ego in control will always say yes, however, the ego that isn't in control will say no for obvious reasons.  Please don't be duped by the ego, it's a tricky little devil but only when in control.   
I should point out, when people like me make reference to egotistical in relation to myself or others, this observation isn't of disdain like the ego in control  perceives, it's simply pointing out an obvious that motion is naturally limiting, nothing more. People like me simply don't have disdain for egotism for it's not of the divine consciousness to do so. If to the controlling ego defending old consciousness is ego, people like me are happy to be of the ego in the egos mind, for this shows we are not of the ego but of the divine.  Simply, the ego is a trickster, it will always accuse itself of being of itself, within this, the ego will always be in control.

Ok, I see now, acknowledging that the divine consciousness isn't of some higher stature than human consciousness is going to be impossible to imagine.

There is no true separation between the divine consciousness and human consciousness, within this understanding, how can divine consciousness be of a higher stature? Only through ego is everything separated and of levels/separations. 

As I understand it, divine consciousness only observes a difference in motion between itself and human consciousness. Human consciousness is merely seen as limited in nature, it's not judged as being of a lower stature to itself. Yes, the ego will see that a more limited consciousness as being of a lower stature, only can the ego judge in levels like this, this is not the case for the divine consciousness.

So if a consciousness is limited, it's of a lower stature!! Only to the ego in control is this the case, so why an ego in control? The perception of levels is all about control, the control and dominance of a lower level, in other words, control and dominance over a consciousness that is limited.

Divine consciousness simply means a limitless consciousness, an infinite consciousness in nature.   

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Being One with the Divine Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

I would first like to mention that the following discussion wasn’t altogether friendly, sadly enough, but it did bring forth a few views that I think should be noted. 

This discussion is about power and control but it’s also about how two different perspectives can come up with two totally different answers, how we live is certainly all to do with the way we perceive.  Now a lot of us are becoming spiritually aware, we are using different perspectives, instead of just using a human perspective we are now also using a spiritual perceptive, this at times can give us opposing views to others and even ourselves,  I think we all need to be aware of this. Another thing I think we need to be aware of is, the more aware we become the more we are changing, this can make it quite difficult in relating to others who aren’t changing.  Try to be patient with these people who are obviously finding it hard to change, we must remember, we are the one’s changing and they are the ones who are truly having a hard time of it with the changes and with us changing.  

Mathew - again we will, I suppose, have to agree to disagree. You make many judgments about power. I understand your disagreement with how many use it; but that does not make power itself evil. I understand that you do not like control; however, as Sunil also stated power and control are different things. By your standards the Divine is evil and wrong and controlling - which I do not find to be true; this being because the divine is powerful - by what you are saying then the Divine is controlling and evil because of being powerful. Seeking power is also different than being powerful - most that are seeking power are also not actually seeking power, but they are seeking control. You mention Hitler - he was not powerful; but he was very controlling. He was controlling because he was not powerful. The same with the Middle East - as a matter of fact where we see control there is not power; but the opposite a sense of being powerless. By your definition then I would say most spiritual teachings are also wrong? Repeatedly we find the Divine and Spiritual teachings ask us to stand in true power of the Divine and be powerful Divine beings - be as the Divine which is powerful. However, they also mention that we are not to seek power for the sake of controlling others. Here again it is not the power but the control that would be sought; which again control comes from where people are powerless.

You also mention about chaos not being spiritual; and yet that is exactly how the universe was created, out of chaos. Chaos does have many aspects to it that you associate with power; however, it is different from power. The divine does not see all of these things as "right" or "wrong" but each with it's own value. This is also how I choose to see things. Yes, there are people that use them for things that are not pleasant; but that does not make the particular thing that way. I have not changed things around to "fit" anything.

Sunil - thank you for re-stating my point and expanding on it, that these are different things.

G'day Jesse
I'm not sure why you are putting words in my mouth; I didn't say power was just plain evil. In regards to judging power, I don't have to judge, it's a clear observation that power can be extremely destructive, and as I also said, it can be constructive, power is very ambiguous, for me too ambiguous to be used in conjunction with spirituality, there was no mention of evil.

So I'm saying, within your own personal perception, that the divine has to be evil, again were did I mention that power is plain evil, please point it out. You are using the word evil way too much; I think you better look within and not externally.

Why does the divine have to be powerful or empowered? In a human sense this consciousness is powerful but in a spiritualist sense it's not, the reason for this is simple, once you begin to perceive in a spiritual sense as well, all notions of power and control no longer come into thought, this is due to becoming aware that you are one with the divine rather than being humanly separate to the divine.

The biggest problem between you and I is, you seem to be looking at power in a human sense and I’m looking at power in a spiritual sense. Of cause the human self will perceive that a higher consciousness is all powerful, the reason for this is that humans keep themselves separated from this higher self by thinking this exact way, all other higher consciousness has to be all powerful when in fact we are all a part of that higher self. Because humans find it hard to perceive they are of this divineness, a lower form of consciousness, they perceive this divineness has to be all powerful only because this divine consciousness is more aware. Can you see how it’s only a perception that we are not of this divine nature and by thinking this way we are keeping ourselves ignorant and permanently in chaos?

Jesus never wanted to be idolized, you know why? He saw no separation between himself and the rest of the people of the world, what was in him was also in all of us, he wanted us to stop idolising and see ourselves in our true nature, the divine nature. Idolising any power in any higher consciousness is going to keep us right where we are, ignorant to our true nature and in chaos. How many people who have been all about power and control created even more chaos? Jesus was obviously not about power but about oneness, about the oneness of the divine in all of us.

Yes the universe was created out of chaos but it wasn’t just destructive within this chaos was it?

It is quite clear you don’t want to see where I am coming from, I can see where you are coming from but it is obvious you don’t want to see where I am coming from.

One more thing, I also could use other people on here to prove my point but what would be the point unless I wanted to give the ego even more control over my truer self, seriously think on what you have written here!! Don’t worry, I still at times react in the exact same way which of course only creates even more chaos in our lives.

Peace Jesse…..

PS In a human sense power and control are different things but in a spiritual sense there not, there is no separation of anything within the divine, this is why the divine consciousness doesn't judge. You are humanly separating everything which in a human perspective is quite normal; this is why humans judge so much, they are into separation not oneness with the divine.

There is quite a big difference between a human perspective and a spiritual perspective, the spiritual perspective can’t see power within itself or anything else because it sees no separation but humans do, this is the human perspective which I think keeps us from our connectedness to the divine within. We are indeed going to go through some rough times while becoming spiritually aware, the main reason for this is we are mixing the human perspective with the spiritual perspective, this can be quite daunting to us but it can be even more daunting for others around us, I think this is worth being aware of.  Becoming aware of the differences between humans perspectives and spiritual perspectives will help with the process of becoming spiritually aware I believe, it’s really all to do with becoming awareness itself and this to the human self is quite daunting.  Just be caring and patient with the human self and all will be fine in the long run.  

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Divine Feminine and Masculine

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is a strange topic for me to right up about, I’m not sure how accurate I’m going to be but I will do my best on what I know and remember about the divine feminine and masculine energies. I thought I would start by inserting a reply I gave to the second link displayed in this post.

I came across someone recently talking up the divine feminine but in the same breath talking down masculine energy. To me the divine feminine energy isn't about talking down anything including the masculine energy, it's nurturing/valuing not neglecting or mistreating in a bias manner and it's certainly not judgmental.

It is obvious that the masculine energy has been abused but it doesn't make the masculine bad in some way just misrepresented by our actions. Yes the masculine has to judge, how else would it know to protect, if a lion was about to attack a child, the masculine energy becomes instantly protective and aggressive.  This of course doesn't matter if one is male or female; actually because the female is maternal the female will probably be more aggressive in her protection especially concerning her own children.

I found the following links explained both the divine feminine and masculine energies quite well.

Extract: The Healthy Divine Feminine offers tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing, flexibility and fertility.  Feminine intuition is one of our most powerful tools for guidance, and we all have it. 

The Healthy Divine Masculine is fearless, courageous and loyal.  “He” is our guardian protector.  When in balance, the masculine protector does no harm.  His gentle strength brings harmony and peace to where there was conflict and separation.

Extract: While the Goddess and Divine Feminine movement has allowed for the gradual uprising and recognition of the beauty and sacred connection of the feminine (most often embodied by the female), all too often it is in its own denial of the beauty and benefits that the Spiritualised masculine energy can bring to the party.

I think what some of us are doing is confusing divine energies with Earthly energies, earthly energies aren’t divine energies, they are reprehensive of our physicality where’s the divine are more representative of our heavenly/celestial energies.  Some people call these heavenly/celestial energies our spiritual selves but to me all of what’s created by these heavenly/celestial energies is of the spiritual.

Divine energy is heavenly/celestial, everything other than this is earthly or of the physicality of ourselves, these energies are quite different. Earthly energies are noticeably of judgement; they have to be to exist in such a physical reality.  I have a view if you judge this reality of being judgemental or wrong /negative in some way you are only expressive of the Earthly feminine/masculine energies and not the divine feminine within. I might be wrong but the divine feminine energy can’t judge for in giving judgement one becomes aggressive, the divine energy isn’t aggressive.   The divine feminine energy to me is nurturing of all without judgement.

So what about the divine masculine, is it aggressive therefore judgemental like the Earthly masculine energies?  Just like the divine feminine, the divine masculine is somewhat different to the earthly masculine, the divine mescaline judges where’s the  earthly masculine can be judgemental. Again there is a big difference between judging and being judgmental, judging can be very constructive like saving a child from drowning or a lion attack or being creative in anyway however being judgemental is seeing a wrong and a right. I have a view, which might not be correct of course, that there is no wrong or rights in the divine. The universe was created through no wrong or rights in mind that is why not all planets are like Earth, if the universe was created through a judgmental view every planet, solar system and galaxies would be the same but it’s not.  

The divine judges what will be created but it’s not in judgement on how they will be created because there are no wrong or rights, Jupiter isn’t wrong just because it can’t sustain life as we know it, it’s just a creation with no wrong or rights attached. We are creations from the divine, are any of us wrong or right compared to each other?  The divine, either it be of the feminine or masculine energies, is not in judgement of a wrong or right but the earthly feminine and masculine energies can be, they don’t have to be though. It is obvious we have abused our masculine energies but is there a wrong or right in this? To the divine no but to the earthly yes, at the earthly level we are in judgment but again we don’t have to be, this isn’t mandatory just because we are living on an earthly plane.

The divine in all of us isn’t judgemental of a wrong or right, it judges what to create like conceiving children for instance, we judge to have children or not and when we will bring a child into the world but where not being judgemental in this. Being judgmental is like thinking all children are spoilt brats therefore are wrong so we won’t conceive children.  

I could be very wrong in this but I see the divine feminine and masculine energies being quite different to our earthly feminine and masculine energies, I think we really need to beware of this difference.  The divine does not judge a wrong or right, there are no wrong or rights in the divine energies but of course that is just my opinion. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Infinite Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all what is infinite wisdom, what is meant by when we say infinite wisdom? From the Cambridge dictionary; used to show that you do not understand why someone has done something and that you think it was a stupid action:
In action: The authorities, in their infinite wisdom, decided to close the advice centre.

Well I’m actually not meaning it exactly in this sense, what I do mean is that wisdom is limitless and eternal so what wisdom could be this limitless and eternal?  Some people would say God or the source of all creation and others would say someone who is very knowledgeable especially about most of everything that there is to know about however in my mind neither is exactly true.

Because spirituality is about the collective as a whole, how would we define what is or who is of infinite wisdom and who isn’t? You can’t actually do that without fragmenting the collective and once you have fragmented the collective you are no longer spiritually talking about the collective as a whole because of it’s fragmentation.  We could say God is the representative of infinite wisdom but what about the rest of consciousness. By stipulating God is the infinite wisdom of everything within existence, are we still talking about the collective as a whole? No not really because we don’t see ourselves of being of that infinite wisdom, that is wholly and solely of God’s domain however by doing this we are no longer talking about the collective as a whole.  The same would be if we were talking about people who are highly knowledgeable; we are still fragmenting the collective. So how do we get away from fragmenting the collective and still pinpoint what is meant by being infinitely wise and in whom is this infinite wisdom referring too?

Before we answer this question, what first of all makes one wise, is it knowledge and experience? In a human sense knowledge and experience would define wisdom, what about in a divine sense, would this be the same? Actually I don’t think so because I don’t believe infinite wisdom is of time therefor wisdom doesn’t come about through knowledge and experience because knowledge and experience are of time, time creates knowledge and experiences. Knowledge and experience just can’t exist without time to gain such knowledge and experience.  

So if it’s not knowledge and experience that creates wisdom what could it be? The only thing left is the divine but infinite wisdom can’t be just of the divine because again we are fragmenting the collective; there is no collective as a whole in this so what else could  infinite wisdom be referring too? Yes the divine isn’t of time but we are still fragmenting the collective whole.

The infinite wisdom is obviously referring to the whole collective which means you and me as well. How could this be when most of us are noticeably not of this infinite wisdom?  Ah but we are, we are just ignorant or unaware of such things that is why anyone who is more knowledgeable than we would seem to us to be infinite in their wisdom.  If we are all of this infinite wisdom how come we don’t show it?

There are two reasons for this, one is we think infinite wisdom comes through knowledge and experience and two we are just unaware of our prominence of being infinitely wise, it is actually our divine right, in other words it’s natural to us.  Because we only think in time, all wisdom has to come from knowledge and experiences and of course some of it does however infinite wisdom isn’t of time as is of the divine. The problem is we just don’t see ourselves as divine beings so we interact with each other in less than a divine way which is how we created a chaotic reality I feel.  

It seems so funny to me we can’t see ourselves as divine beings living unaware of our infinite divine wisdom, if we actually accepted this at the collective level to be true, this reality would change quite dramatically for the betterment of all. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Divine Mentality

Written by Mathew Naismith

It would seem our mentality through history has changed very little, we are pretty much doing the same onto others as we did thousands of years ago, warring & slavery of one kind or another are good prime examples of this.  You would think by now we would have taken on, as a collective, some of what divine mentality is all about!!  

Yes sure we are not burning people at the stake, chopping off hands and feet in most countries or flogging people in public but this has little to do with how our mentality has evolved from these barbaric practices.  There are many people today, if they could, would be doing just what they did thousands of years ego which shows how our mentally has changed very little over time.  If we are still slaughtering each other for power and greed our mentality hasn’t changed that much at all over how many thousands of years however all's not lost!! 

There have been many prophets & enlightened people teaching us some of what divine mentality is so we can save ourselves. This hasn’t failed completely but we still have the minority who only have some kind of awareness of divine mentality.

 What is divine mentality?

The teachings of people like Jesus and Buddha are a prime example of divine mentality as of other prophets & alike. We have had the opportunity time and time again to expand past our antiquated mentality collectively but have chosen, on mass, to proceed with our archaic designs.  I believe divine mentality is any mentality and awareness beyond our present archaic mentality, the strange thing is human history shows time and time again how groups of people and individuals in the past became aware enough to overcome this archaic mentality.  We usually call these people wise.

Now we can say that it’s knowledge that gives these people wisdom but to me that’s not quite correct, you can know all of what is to know and still not know how to use this knowledge, this is where awareness comes into it.  Our heightened awareness tells us all of what we know or will ever know comes from the same source however if we are stuck in an archaic mentality we can’t be aware past the knowing of this archaic mentality  and we will presume all of what we know comes from human knowledge.

Awareness of more than we know gives us wisdom I feel, this goes along with a quote I wrote recently; “Knowledge is knowing what we are aware of, wisdom is being aware of what we don't know!! “

Divine mentality comes about by being aware of what we don’t know which of course is what is defined as wisdom.  I inserted this quote on the thinkers community and it was a big hit, no one argued it’s definition.  If we have no realisation of being aware of what we don’t know this denotes the archaic mentality I’m writing about here today however if you have some sense of correctness of this quote you are starting to delve into the divine mentality I feel.  

I believe everything come from an intelligent divine consciousness, all we need to do is remember who and what everything is and truly believe it.  In the mean time we should try not to idolise in others what we are. People like Jesus and Buddha never wanted to be idolised but listened too to take on some of their divine mentality so we may help ourselves.  

We are all divine beings but we will only become aware of this if we take on divine mentality!!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spirituality-Feeling the Rush

Written by Mathew Naismith

Becoming spiritually aware can be totally electrifying exciting our emotions to emotions that we never thought existed or could never possibly experience in such a reality.  We can feel utter bliss where’s before we felt despair so of course we are going to protect these feelings against anything that remotely threatens such emotions.

What would be the point in becoming spiritually aware through many trials and tribulations to have it squandered away by yet more negativity. At the human level of understanding we are going to avoid this and rightfully so but have you ever asked yourself, “Why are my emotions so electrified?”  Most of us will say it’s because of our newly found awareness but that I feel is only partially so. What if we had always lived with these electrifying emotional feelings, would the effects of such occurrences be as compelling and electrifying?

If we didn’t have such a contrasting reality to these electrifying feelings would these feelings be as electrifying?  I believe divine beings don’t get such a rush as we do as their emotions are more controlled by being consistently in this state of physical omission. It’s the norm for the divine to feel this electrifying ecstasy so until they come in contact with less aware beings this rush doesn’t seem to exist for them in the same way it does for us. What I feel gives them this rush is less aware people’s reaction to such spiritually induced emotions; they can feel our electrifying reactions to these emotions.

The big question is now, who is really divine to whom and is spiritual awareness all about feeling this electrifying ecstasy? I feel it’s all about feeling this electrifying feelings, that is what makes us aware of the light within in the first place, after this it becomes the norm like a lot of actual spiritualists have obtained to one extent or another.  The question is now is, where do these electrifying feelings and this light come from in the first place?

That’s an easy question to answer, from the divine within.

Actual spiritualists don’t get this rush mainly because it’s of the ego unless it has a purpose beyond their desires.  They still feel extremely enlightened but it’s different to the actual rush that a less aware person experiences, it’s very similar to a divine entity as it’s a far more controlled emotion mainly because their emotions aren’t driven by the ego. 

So what is the difference between an enlightened person and a divine entity? 

One still has an issue with the ego and the other hasn’t.  A spiritualist knows the ego is always present; it’s all around them for starters however a divine entity doesn’t have this problem, that is what makes them divine I suppose.  The divine are able to experience and enjoy these emotional rushes through less aware beings without the threat of the ego becoming controlling again. Yes spiritualists can do this but only to a certain extent, they are quite aware they are not divine or should be aware of such things.

This comes back to the question, who is divine to whom, really? Is it what gives the divine these rushes or is it the divine that gives rushes of electrifying emotions to less aware beings? To answer this clearly we should remember these rushes create pure light that is why they are so emotionally electrifying to us.  What gives a light bulb it’s glow, electrifying an element of course, what is above is also below, same principle believe it or not!!

The paradox is, if we didn’t have the divine within we wouldn’t glow however I feel if we didn’t have the lesser aware self the divine wouldn’t glow as it does through lesser aware beings as ourselves.  The divine is the electricity and we are the glow, a balance made in heaven believe it or not as they both serve each other. 

Please don’t take what I have written here as gospel, it’s not.