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Thursday, 7 November 2013

To Evolve or not from 3rd Dimensional Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m trying to keep these posts short so I’ve only added Ros’s  (RealityOverScience)  & my own recent reply in this post. I have inserted the relevant link address to our discussion at the end of this post for further reading if anyone is interested.

The following reply from Ros was in reference to me stating; “I find it quite beneficial looking at oneness as the "I", nothing else exists beyond this "I" which we are all of. When I feel I’m becoming annoyed with another person it is just another “I” or part of the “I” I’m annoyed with which helps with acceptance & understanding”.

Thing is, we all have an inherent RESPONSIBILITY as part of, and on behalf of, all sentient life, to selfLESSly become Enlightened, because every ripple each person sends out there, billions a day, immediate with everything we do, including unexpressed thoughts and feelings, then not only effects/affects every other being, but then ripples through them to everyone else, who also send it on, and on and on and on it goes, like a sneeze that literally changes the world, an earthquake that alters the planet, and so on.

Eventually, it gets back around to YOU!

All those horrific things happening in the world, including the weather/WHETHER, are from collective *energies* that have been building toward those manifestations, so if you get to be self-ISH, and billions of other people choose that same route, that is one heckuva lot of STRESS being created, at every moment, from that collective IMBALANCE, and EVERYONE suffers the consequences of that.

Sentients are like little, but extremely powerful, energy machines, fuse-ing the world together. When someone looks away, trying not to be a responsible part of the real world, that in no way renders them immune to the real reality of it all! At every split second, they are still being effected/affected by, and continuing to effect/affect, the physics going on in the Universe!

If you go left, it pulls you right. If you go down, it pushes you up. If you think too much, it brings things into your life (physics from that collective) that make you feel, etc., etc., etc.,. Every inverse applies. So, if you assume you have more power in your life by looking away or hiding your head in the sand, you are only "deluding" yourself (a term used in lots of ancient texts of truth written in Sanskrit, among others).

There's NO freedom in denial, in other words.

You may be interested in the Sanskrit "aham," created from the first breath you take, and the last (or next). Look it up! There's a lot of beautiful stuff written about that, relative to your *I* attachment.

G’day Ros

I love these attachments Ros no matter what the consequences are, I feel we are becoming too serious with all this judgement towards anything related to the ego like attachments for example. I really do feel if we knew who we were we would laugh our heads off at our interactions in this reality & not just because of our attachments either. We are taking our judgement of attachments too seriously as well, it’s really no big deal however to change our reality we do need to think differently from just accepting these attachments the way they are mainly because they are quite destructive.

I don’t think judging attachments as being bad in some way is the way to go, this is but another fear based ideology to me.  

You mentioned reading about the Sanskrit "aham", the problem I have with that is to me it’s 3rd dimensional thinking, yes most of this 3rd dimensional stuff is still relevant however we must go on from this. I was talking a couple of people from India recently; they agree we must go forth as has any ideology from the past has done.  Take a look at Yoga for instance,   it came from Buddhism, Jainism & Hinduism, it evolved as does any effective ideology, the problem comes into being when we consistently rely on older ideologies to show us the way forward.  This is like relying on consumerist materialism to show us the way forward, it’s just not going to be fruitful in the long run.

How many times do we have to wait until certain older people in authority pass on before changes can be implemented to evolve further no matter what it is, old 3rd dimensional ideologies are the same.  We need to gradually implement newer ideologies that are going to take us forth from 3rd dimensional thinking.

We have a problem in the West they don’t have in the East, eastern ideologies are quite new to us Westerners but to the Easterners it’s basically been around since day dot & this is why they realise we need to move on & evolve.  We are treating these old ideologies as if they are new, but of course they are to us in the West, however if we looked back into our past lives we would find this isn’t really the case. All it takes like enlightenment is remembering who we are over all.

The biggest problem we have is ego here only because it’s a problem unbeknownst to us. Why are we grasping on desperately to old 3rd dimensional modes of thoughts?  Unbeknownst to a lot of us it’s the ego telling us to not let go because we have nothing else to replace it, this is represented by our insecurities.   If Sutras of Patanjali had this kind of fear Yoga probably wouldn’t be where it is today, we must learn from this.  

I would also like to add that the ego is only a problem to our human selves because of our ignorance to it, not seeing & understanding it’s pitfalls is the only problem we have with the ego.