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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Avoiding Self-Deception

Written by Mathew Naismith

Within a reality obviously controlled by the ego, the order of the day is going to be self-deception, this is because the ego in control naturally creates self-deception through simply being itself, it's self only of what serves itself. Most often what doesn't serve the controlling ego is often deemed negative or toxic and most often ostracized, within this, self-deception of the existence of what doesn't serve our egos is ignored or destroyed, usually something deemed as negative by the ego.    

Yes, even an empath, a person who has the ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual, is expressive of pure ego when feeling bad or toxic vibrations. It might not be their own ego they are feeling but its still ego, an ego that separates one from the other. What ego wants to be a part of a toxic vibration? A consciousness less expressive of the ego doesn't have this problem of feeling toxic vibrations, for in this state no other vibration is of serving the ego.

I became aware of this years ego, that all I was doing is serving the ego when, on a continuous basis, I would intuitively experience unbecoming experiences from other people and their experiences. Don't get me wrong here; the ego has a part to play when we intuitively are made aware of certain circumstances, however, what a lot of us do is allow the ego to take control to serve itself through deception. The deception is to deem all that doesn't serve our own egos as negative and/or toxic, this is to separate our egos from anything that doesn't serve our egos desires. How many different and separate spiritual groups are formed today to simply separate the ego from what isn't serving the ego? The ego is simply feeding off itself to serve itself through other like minded people.

Now, what will be the immediate reaction of an ego of self-serving and self-deception be in regards to the truth here? People like me are simply deemed toxic only because we have told the truth, the last thing a self-serving ego desires is the truth in how it actually is. This is why a self-serving ego is self-deceptive; the ego denounces any truth that doesn't directly serve the ego!!

I have had people, who are supposed to be in the know, ask me why I become involved in things that are not of my own, basically, becoming involved in the environment around me that is not of my own vibrations. People like me are simply not controlled by the ego, in saying this, I have observed my own ego in action to the point of an ego in control, the difference is, being aware of this. It's all to do with being aware of when the ego is in control, which isn't easy, especially when the ego becomes self-deceptive to the point of becoming aware of only what serves itself.

People like me couldn't think of anything more destructive than to separate ourselves from what isn't of our own vibrations, to do so would be more of this ego controlled reality, not less. Yes, even a deemed toxic person like me are asked to join these groups in person. I simply make an appearance now and again.

Destruction can only exist within a reality that is separated by various vibrations, try being destructive in a reality where all is one, not of one kind of vibration but the embracement of all vibrations as simply vibrations period. What a lot of us seem to not understand or even comprehend, is it's the separation of vibrations that causes destruction and the creation of bad, negative or even toxic vibrations. It's within this separation of energy that causes one energy to become destructive to what another energy has created. You can't destroy energy itself, only of what energy creates. Energy in motion is ego so anything that energy creates is of the ego. Destruction simply relates to an ego in control, and yes, this includes energy sources like the sun.

More and more people are becoming more of an ego controlled reality, not less. The trick is, to be aware of the ego in control, of course this seems virtually impossible when the ego in control is self-deceptive to the bitter end. It's simply all about awareness; of course a true sense of awareness takes a lot of truth to be acknowledged, which is the last thing the ego desires. Simply being aware of this can help a great deal in overcoming our, the egos, created dilemmas. Yes, even in India self-deception is being embraced over and above the truth.

In deception while ignoring the negatives, of course the world is improving, this within itself is obvious in the ego self-serving itself. To be excessively positive is self-deceptive which goes right along with the present created reality!!

All that is needed is truth within our awareness, not deception within our awareness........

Friday, 20 July 2018

The Beauty of the Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is important not to simply look at the ego as being negative. Yes, the ego can be destructive and create a reality of chaos and misery, however, the ego can also be highly constructive and creative. Simply labelling the ego negative in anyway isn't the truth of the matter, in truth; the ego can be exceptionally beneficial to all of creation.

Western mind = ego

Eastern mind = egoless

Is the Western mind simply negative? No. Being that the Western mind represents ego in all cultures and its people, labelling the ego simply negative in any expression is only of half truths.

Considering that the Western mind dislikes being questioned about its own behaviour and takes any questing like this as an insult, truths, especially about itself, becomes unacceptable. Basically, half truths and lies become the order of the day, accepted over and above truths.

In truth, the Western mind, void of the balance of the Eastern mind, is a monster (destructive) unto itself and its environment. Considering that the Eastern mind doesn't take questioning about its own mind as an insult, you can see why, especially at present, why the Western mind needs the Eastern mind for balance. In truth, the Western mind needs the truth of the Eastern mind, especially in relation to itself. I have simply lost count how many Western minded people have taken what I say as an insult, while at the same time the Eastern mind seriously considers what is being said.

One simply wants to know of a desired truth; a truth that will enhance its stature, while the other considers all of what is said void of desire. Of course a mind of the balance of ego and egoless, the Western and Eastern mind, will also express desire but in a moderate way. In truth, the Eastern mind is of truth where's the Western mind, void of the balance of an Eastern in an ego reality, is of lies and deceit. It matters not if you are in an Eastern part of the world, if the main dominance is of a Western mind, lies and deceit will be present.

Western mind = lies and deceit + motion

Eastern mind = truth and honesty + motionless

Remember, the Western mind in all of us will naturally take offence to what is being said here, this is unless the Eastern mind in all of us is influential upon the Western mind. Within a reality of ego, the Eastern mind is needed to quell the desires of the Western mind. In actuality, it's the Eastern mind that should be predominant in an ego based reality, not the Western mind.

Having spoken to a number of Hindus from India, it would seem the teachings in relation to the ego are becoming less and less at a young age, in effect, the Western mind is becoming more dominant, even in India!!

You have to realise that the Western mind in all of us is all about separation, especially separating itself from the truths of the Eastern mind. Yes, the Western mind can take on the teachings and influence of the Eastern mind. Sadly, most often this is done under the complete dominance of the Western mind, turning the Eastern teachings into a Western ideology in Western cultures. I have lost count how often I have come across this.

Considering all this, it's difficult to realise that the ego, the Western mind, can be beautiful and highly constructive. In its glory and in balance with the Eastern mind in all of us, the Western mind is simply spectacular within an ego based reality, a reality of motion as all motion relates to a form of ego. The more motion expressed, the more the ego is present.

The question is now, should we all simply become of the Eastern mind within an ego reality, especially a reality dominated by the Western mind? No, to desire this is to be just as much of the ego, the Western mind. Also, to replace the Western mind with the Eastern mind represents separation therefore of the Western mind. As Hinduism clearly shows how a true Eastern mind works, the ego and egolessness, the Western and Eastern mind, is never separated from each other in an ego based existence, an existence of a high degree of motion. The Eastern mind is simply made aware of the Western minds traits, of course this can't occur if the Western mind is predominant over the Eastern mind within an ego based reality.

It's sad to realise this but as always, the Western mind will take offence of all this, it's wise to be aware of this within all of us. In truth, there is no separation between the Western and Eastern mind, the ego and egolessness, only a perceived separation. Yes, you can go into states of pure ego and egolessness, in truth, at no time are they truly separated.

We, as humans, are yet to learn how beautiful and constructive the ego can be when in balance with egolessnss. Such a mind has no boundaries to it; it's simply infinite in nature, meaning, a consciousness like this will not kill itself off, unlike the Western mind is doing today........

Is it easy for a Western mind in a Western culture to realise its own shortcomings? The answer is obviously no but it's certainly worth the effort, only if one prefers to live in truth instead of live in lies!! As of usual, the Western mind will not take kindly to all that is said here, in my mind, it's wise to be aware of this.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Philosophical Freedom

Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher 

Written by Mathew Naismith

Philosophies of Lies and deceit
A vacant space
In the absence of truth
A spaceless space
No direction within
Simply vacant of truth and honesty
In this lays vacancy
A vacancy of mind
For in this vacancy
Truth is unable to exist
There is simply no substance
For without substance
Where is truth and honesty to abide
For in this vacant space
Honesty needs substance
A substance of truth and honesty
This is within itself
Is its beginning

MG Naismith

What this poem of mine refers to, is that truth and honesty are unable to be recognised thus often misunderstood in a philosophy of lies and deceit. Often quite deceptively to protect and harvest what comes from philosophies of lies.

I wrote the following to the questioning, is courage needed to express intellectual honesty? I was interacting on a philosophy forum and received hostility against proven truths and honesty, to me, the reason this occurred was obvious.    

Thinking about this more; the courage to see the lies and deception within ones own philosophies, is courageous no matter what the ism or ideology one follows.

Take note of the people who slam, for example, religion and its philosophies, you will note that they are themselves most likely of the philosophies of lies and deception. Example: When did truths and honesty supported by evidence become abuse and disdainful? When did facts and figures become of abuse and disdainful?

The answer seems to be when of and the protection of known lies and deceit. Any truth, especially proven truths to be true and of fact, will always be disdainful to any philosophies based on lies and deceit. Example: An OP can be noticeably deceptive within its intent but still be supported!!

Are facts and figures disdainful to the people of philosophies based on truth and honesty? Unlikely to any great extent.   

I have noticed the more facts and figures you support the truths you speak of, the more hostile some people get. Also notice that not all the people become hostile, why? They simply don't live by philosophies based on lies and deceit. It is very possible they may not know this themselves, actually, most often this is the case it would seem.

There is a lot of courage needed to tell the truth in ways other people don't want to hear them. If your philosophies are based on truth and honesty, you will always get a hostile rebuttal from the opposing camp.

Should an intellectual honesty take courage to express? It shouldn't but it does in today's reality.

Never chase truth and honesty within anything, for truth will come without effort once the philosophies of lies and deceit are put to rest.....MG Naismith

I chased truth and honesty in philosophy, there was little obvious truth and self-honesty to be found but in a few. Most people of the philosophies of truth and honesty will stay hidden, for they know what would occur otherwise. The reason I chased the truth in this manner, was to observe and become aware of the truth within the truth that philosophical lies and deceit exist within every corner of man, no matter of the isms or ideology followed.

A bit of self-honesty and truth goes a long way, to freeing ourselves from the bondages and limitations of the philosophies of lies and deceit.......MG Naismith

Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Non-acceptance of Truth Today

Written by Mathew Naismith

Today, telling the truth will not make you few friends but many enemies, this makes perfect sense in the age of false prophets, people and news. I have a lot of true friends but even more enemies; it's of course worth having more enemies because of the trueness of my friends!! I should also point out that the following will be quite controversial to some people.    

So what is truth and whose definition of truth are we talking about?

Truth is defined as being void of bias, prejudice and deception while of observation. Observation being not of participation as participation can often give a false representation of truth. The more of the observer we condition ourselves to be, the more of the real truth we will become aware of, for example, the more involved in a specific ideology we become, the more bias we are likely to be. The amount of participation in anything defines how bias our perceptions will become; this is unless an ideology teaches one to observe as well void of bias, prejudice and deception.

The following is a reply I gave to a person recently I would claim as being wise. Its bible related by the way.   


My Reply
I've actually heard the bible read in a number of different ways, this is how it actually should be. Yes, read within a certain context but not just of a certain context.

"For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect – if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time."

You can read this as people using the actual name of Christ to deceive, this is what people are looking for, however, Christ represents the word of God, how many people today act as Gods to the people void of taking on the name of Jesus but the representation of a God?

By not taking on the name of Jesus but acting as God's is even more deceptive. False prophets simply mean the average person taking on the role of falsity, they act on behalf of the self-proclaimed Gods while making out they are pure, they are wolves in sheep's clothing. This is how deceptive our current reality is, many people don't even realise they are wolves in sheep's clothing!!

How many new age spiritual people are conditioned to ignore the so-called critically judged negatives in the world today? So if they saw a child was being raped, this is negative and must be ignored. We must put things into proper perspective, these people are deceived to ignore the negatives so the negatives can persist which are created and ruled by false Gods.

How many spiritually aware people today critically judge the present reality as being negative, point blank? The perception of negative in opposition to positive is based on fear, the fear of being in the presence of negatives. A people living in fear are easier to control by the false Gods. It's certainly the age of false prophets/people.


Let's be honest, most people prefer to be lied to, deceived, as studies have proven, most people in the world accept lying (deception) as an every day occurrence in their own lives.

To lie, one would have to not accept part or all of the truth, even if it's only part of the truth, it's deception for only the whole truth isn't deceptive. Human consciousness only knowing parts of the truth about itself is deception, this of course includes me, the difference is, people like me know we are living a lie, in a deceptive reality. Now, try telling some kind of truth in a reality based on deception, you are going to receive a quick and often hostile rebuttal and/or refusal.

To only be aware of what one desires is a lie, to live this lie as the truth is pure utter self-deception.

Do we really want to lie and deceive ourselves any longer? The question is direct; the answers however are as ambiguous and numerous as the isms we hold dear and true.    

Friday, 28 October 2016

Living by Truths

Written  by Mathew Naismith

In the last few days, I've been preoccupied with an ascension group, a group of people feeling the affects of their environment around them, be it the physical reality or the conscious reality that is around us all. For these people, the conscious reality is changing, they are literally feeling it, not just consciously but physically as well. This change or conscious ascension isn't easy to navigate or even comprehend at times, a lot of us are indeed faced with reconditioning ourselves to quite a different conditioning than what we were initially conditioned to.
This reconditioning of our consciousness is indeed filled with dilemmas. Being that this reconditioning is less judgmental and less about serving a controlling ego period, we often find ourselves being more judgemental and even more egotistical. This is because any kind of transition will entail a period of inverts (reverses). I think this reason for this lies within the controlling aspects of the ego itself, it just doesn't want to lose control, hay, what controlling aspect would? What controlling human conscious aspect is just going to sit there waiting to have it's control taken away from it? No human conscious controlling aspect is just going to do nothing, it's going to fight back and vigorously.

At times we will feel we are taking one step foreword and two steps back, at other times we will feel we are taking two steps foreword and one step back. Considering we are trying to recondition ourselves form a long term controlling human conscious aspect, we should expect, at times, taking two steps back, after all, it' apart of the reconditioning or ascension process.

In recent days within this ascension group, there has been a number of incidences of instability. A lot of people who are into labels, would just judge this as being negative or bad in some way, within this mentality or approach, these people would miss out on the benefits of such instabilities. For people like myself however,  it's a different  matter, I couldn't think of anything more ascending than to honestly come forth and tell it how it actually is, even be it from or through instability. In my mind, the instability within this group is a sure sign of ascension, as of any instability we learn from, we also come forth with open hearted truths, this is instead of covering up the truth, especially with various labels.

As of a few posts since the instability within this group, the following post surprised me, what a welcome addition, pure utter direct truth. I've participated on numerous discussion boards, some of them I was either kicked off or I left because of the difference in mentality. Very rarely do I actually witness open honesty, not just in regards to other people but oneself as well. I found the following refreshing to say the least. I think it's worthwhile reading the comments in regards to this post.                 

Part of me is really hesitant to say this. I fear I'll be shunned, and pple will... well ya know.. but I'm wanting others to be open and have the courage to speak up about this subject and simply share whatever it is they feel, so I better walk the talk. 

What was the catalyst for my rant here was reading about someone who is going through a rage full angry period, and actually being told that they needed to "get help"! That this was not a normal thing for ascension along with other suggested" fixes" for this awful condition! 

I'm so incredibly worn out with hearing about low vibration and the absolute certainty that there's something to be DONE about so called negative emotions. 

DO whatever it takes to get out of them or else! 

I mean absolutely no disrespect nor to offend anyone, however 
The shaming done in this entire community by SOME, surely not all, is the same as religion, just done in a more sugar coated way. 

I'm an incredibly loving overall positive person who is going through an irritable angry and frustrated time. Along with the anger and frustration is a lot of pain and tears. To some this means that I "need help" 🙈 am in serious shape, and the list of "what to do's,' is endless! It reminds me of old time exorcisms! 
I personally do not one bit like being in this, especially for so long, but there's a reason for it and if more people would allow ALL feelings, have the courage to admit that they have them, and share this openly, there would be much less downward spiraling for some. Maybe If people felt more comfortable talking about it, the crap would probably pass much sooner.

I should say, what we need from these emotions would come quicker. 
Imagine that you are new to all of this. You're vulnerable and lost. 
You find yourself experiencing this rage etc. you come here or elsewhere only to read ALL of the numerous things to do, and do fast to get OUT of the baaad feelings, up to and including.. Seek Help!! Translation... There's something wrong with You!! 

Wow! I shudder to think how that could effect someone! And yes, our actions do effect others, even the most evolved, high vibrating of us has times when we are vulnerable to what others say and do. 
Now if I were spewing hateful hurtful things, by all means tell me to knock it off! I don't, haven't, wouldn't, and I'd bet big money that it's the same case for this person I'm referring to. 
Part of this process, if not THE most important part is to rid ourselves of judgment. Judgment of all kinds. Labeling anger as negative, and happy as positive IS judgment. Judging the emotion and the one feeling it. 
It may be childish of me but the quickest way to push me deeper into a space, feeling whatever, is to tell me I shouldn't be there! 

Many of the people who give suggestions and ideas for "healing" of course mean well, are doing out of the place of Love etc. and there's a need for that at times. There are also times when support, compassion, an "Oh me too" or just an etheric hug is all that's needed or ' asked for!' 
This person didn't say, please tell me what to do about this, or I need to hear all the things that I already know, AND said that I have done. They simply specified how they felt, and asked if anyone else was going through it. This is the case so often. 

I guess I just struggle with the fact that SO many, SO often feel the need to FIX! 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Life and Times of Joe

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following isn't a fictional story, it's purely based on actual events that took place throughout a persons life that I will call Joe. The story is about a life of slow agonising torture 24/7 that Joe experienced throughout his life and the way Joe was treated by his family. Even after all that happened to Joe, Joe was still on the playing field. The playing field refers to a persons life of being knocked down and getting back up again. It's likened to a sports field, once on the field, you try your hardest to stay on the field, meaning, stay in the game.

As Joe found out latter in life, Joe wasn't brought up in what you would call a normal family life. So  many people were so amazed at the stories Joe told of his childhood and family life latter on in life, one being that Joe was left with a clinically diagnosed chronic injury starting at the age of 6 years old. To this date, at the age of 52 years of age, Joe is still having to deal with this and many other things that occurred to Joe in relation to his family. Yes, Joe has many scars and bruises but he's still on the playing field to one  extent or another.

I will start Joe's life story at the age of 6 years old when Joe's life took a sudden turn that primarily influenced Joe's life for the rest of his life. The following story will only show an outline of Joe's life.

Trauma: Joe, at the age of 6 years old,  incurred an injury that was latter diagnosed as a chronic injury in his adulthood, a fully dislocated elbow that wasn't put back into place. The radial head become fully dislocated from the rest of the elbow. Could you imagine a child going through the physical pain and subsequent mental trauma of such an injury left unattended throughout their childhood life. Even to Joe, in his adulthood, has no idea how he coped with such an injury, especially with this kind of injury while going through childhood.  Did this injury take Joe off the playing field? No, he kept playing on to the best of his ability.   

School and Work: Joe struggled through school, exams were a nightmare, so often did Joe lose control in his writing hand, the pen just kept dropping out of Joe's hands through lack of feeling, this made exams virtually impossible for Joe to finish. Joe's concentration levels were also all over the place due to the severe pain that Joe took no pain killers for. Joe however completed senior high school.

While still attending school, Joe often worked at a national park in the school holidays, he also assisted his mother to clean the house every Saturday. Joe helped his mother out more than any other sibling. Still with a fully dislocated radial head/elbow, Joe then completed an apprenticeship in Carpentry/Joinery. Joe then went on to perform in labouring work that able people didn't want to do because it was too hard of work. Joe latter on went back to work in his trade, working for builders and eventually himself.

This kind of heavy continuous work soon made working in this manner virtually impossible to do for a living. Joe, a few years on, worked with other disabled people tutoring them in woodworking, numeracy and literacy. At this stage Joe found out why he accomplished as much as he did while going through, at times, extreme trauma, he had to prove he was just as good as able bodied people. It's amazing how a disability can either bring you down , or, impel you to succeed to the best of your ability. Joe so often saw this in his students/clients that he now saw this within himself.

The Holiday: While visiting his mum, Joe saw that his mum wasn't well. Joe and his wife virtually saved Joe's mother from imminent death, Joe's mum didn't look well when staying with her husband and daughter so they took immediate action. While Joe's mother was in hospital, his mother gave Joe and his wife all the financial details, Joe's mother knew what would happen to her finances if she didn't do this. After butting in and saving mum's life and now being given the financial details from Joe's mother, all hell broke lose in the family in relation to Joe's sister and father.      

Joe and his wife latter on saved up for a long holiday, because Joe's mother was getting over from a bout of cancer, they asked Joe's mother to come on holiday with them knowing that Joe's mum could cause trouble on the holiday. Yes, even after saving his mother's life, Joe's mother could turn on Joe at an instant. Joe's mother sadly turned on him and his wife while on holiday. After an argument occurred, Joe's mum walked out and then returned to collect her belongings clearly stating that she was being taken care of and that she was booked on a coach for home. Joe and his wife the next morning, with no mother in sight, decided to go on with their holiday as Joe's mum was quite adamant that she was being taken care of and she was booked on a coach to come home.      

After coming back from their holiday, Joe found out that his mother completely lied about what occurred, Joe's mother stated to the rest of the family that Joe and his wife left her completely stranded. To this date, the whole of Joe's family use this against Joe and his wife. Joe's family continually bring this up in conversation while telling Joe to stop telling the truth of what went on in his life. Joe's mother recently passed without making amends sadly enough.

The Blog: Joe's family get upset about Joe telling his life story on his own blog, they also get upset when some other family member tell Joe the truth in what is being said to them by other family members. Joe just sits back and wonders how his family would deal with the trauma he has had to deal with all his life when they get so upset over trivial things.

Joe's blog is about his life, it tells the truth of what is and was. While knowing it would upset his mother while dying of cancer, Joe's sister told what Joe was writing on his blog knowing that it would traumatise her mother even more. Joe's older brother then told Joe off for basically writing the truth and upsetting his mother even though Joe wasn't the one who told his mother about the blog.

Family Embarrassment: It would seem that the whole of Joe's immediate family just don't want to know about the truth, they so often are more accepting of lies and deceit than the truth, especially when they can use it against Joe and his wife. Yes, being aware can be painful at times, the alternative just isn't a choice for people like Joe. Joe's whole immediate family have used lies an deceit to turn on Joe, they obviously needed an excuse to hide the truth so they used lies and deceit. Joe's family are unable to use any kind of truth on Joe for all this would do is prove that Joe isn't the person they are trying to make out.

Is Joe a total embarrassment to the family? Being left with a chronic injury since he was 6 years old and receiving very little comfort from his entire family, certainly seems his an embarrassment to the family. It's human nature to try to cover up an embarrassment and to shut people up who tell the truth in how it actually is in anyway they can.  

The Truth: Joe wants to evolve from the conditioning of lies and deceit but Joe's family doesn't, this will always cause people like Joe further trauma but is it worth it? Joe has gone through a life of continuous slow agonising torture day in day out in regard to his injury, on top of this he has a family with no remorse or feeling for what Joe has gone through, in fact they think his some kind of low life. I think the way Joe's family is behaving is there the victim, and no doubt always will, because this acting the victim will hopefully cover up the truth they don't want to acknowledge.

Joe is still on the playing field, yes, ever so beaten up but still in the play, no acting the victim, just get on with life and make the most of it. Yes, this will take pulling away from his family who often act the victim for only a victim is a victim to cover up the real truth.

Is the truth all worth it? Joe obviously thinks so, he's still on the field telling it how it actually is, not how he would like it to be. Is Joe a victim of circumstance, a victim of life's traumas? Not at all, he is still at play playing it how the game should be played, not how others want it to be played.

I'm speaking from actual experiences....... 

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Truth of What Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

"Being aware of the truth of what is, not what our ego's desire it to be,  is balance, a balance not governed by control".....Mathew

How many of us would love to take control of our chaotic destructive reality? This is actually a strange reaction, it's control that created such a reality in the first place. Is it likely that more control will create a more constructive reality?  Very unlikely, control isn't of balance, it's of one or the other over another.  

Any control is of the desires of the ego, control can only be expressed through the ego and a controlling ego at that!!

What would occur if everyone stopped trying to take control? Pure and utter balance within the present reality,  this of course would dramatically change this reality from what it is. The truth of the matter is, we don't exist in a perfect reality, this is why the ego tries to always take control, it wants a reality that it desires, it doesn't want a balanced reality for in this balance there is no control. A controlling ego fears balance, it fears the universe it exists in because it has no control over it. The reason a controlling ego has no control over this universe is due to the universes reality being of balance.

"A controlling ego will always fear acceptance of what is, this is because it fears sitting in the quietness of what is, this is why the ego will always try to control the truth of what is".......Mathew  

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Secrets We (All) Hold Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Oneness, there is no secrets from oneness for oneness is one because it’s  holding onto no secrets from itself,  it’s truth upon itself for this oneness holds no truth back from itself”.

Oneness is all about a consciousness being truthful to itself, it’s about holding no secrets from itself, within this consciousness, truth predominates consciousness. The opposite actually occurs within a consciousness that isn’t of this oneness, a fragmented consciousness, a reality of individual consciousness’s. As you could imagine, truth within such a consciousness isn’t going to predominate, actually quite the opposite in a sense!! In oneness you have truth, however, in a fragmented consciousness you have fragmented truths, there are no lies however, just un-whole truths. Within this, we (all), while consciously experiencing a reality like this one, hold on to secretes within.

I have knowingly, while experiencing certain cycles, withheld secrets within myself, I have not allowed myself to know certain secrets within. We all do this knowingly or unknowingly but why?

Could you, as an individual consciousness, express all parts of consciousness itself without being ignorant to these secrets? To express certain parts of consciousness, you need to be ignorant, for example, warring, we wouldn’t express this unless we were ignorant to these inner secrets we all hold within. Basically what we are doing here is holding back the truth to be able to express such consciousness and not just be aware of such conscious expressions. It all comes down to this one consciousness, that many of us call God, not just being aware of itself but expressive of itself.

This doesn’t mean this one consciousness (God) is warring, you can’t be expressive of warring if you are in a oneness state, you can however be expressive of warring if you are in an individual state of consciousness.  It’s the individuality of this one consciousness that is expressive of warring, not the oneness of this consciousness.

I have friends who are well connected spiritually who say I am special, even well connected spiritually aware people who I just meat tell me this. They are actually picking up on my awareness so they call me special. I laugh at this because how could one part of oneness be special and another part not and still be a part of this oneness? The thing is, we are all apart of this oneness with no exceptions. Special to me is people, or parts of consciousness, who are expressive of all of what consciousness is, it takes a very special consciousness to try to stay ignorant while being so expressive of all of what consciousness is. To me this is a very special reality, we are able to be expressive of all of what consciousness is, not just be aware of this but expressive of it.

I know a lot of other people think the opposite, this reality is this that or the other, it’s certainly not special to them. The thing is, you are supposed to think this otherwise how could you be as expressive of consciousness as you are?  

A lot of people are also trying to find this oneness within a fragmented consciousness, you will never do this because oneness can only be found within oneness itself, it can’t be found in any other state of consciousness but a conscious state of oneness, this however doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, actually we are supposed to. You can however find oneness within yourself while existing in a state of a fragmented consciousness, this can only be done if we are not expressive of this fragmented consciousness at the same time. Finding this oneness within, has everything to do with truth, not fragmented truth, in other words you have stopped holding onto your inner secrets that we all hold onto.

Basically oneness is all about truth in it’s whole form, once you find this within, you have no more secrets that you are withholding from yourself, you have basically freed yourself from ignorance. Once we free ourselves from ignorance, a chaotic  expressive consciousness can no longer exist within your consciousness.  

Supplement: There are people out there who are far far more aware than I will ever be, I have no intentions of  becoming this aware, not while I am able to be expressive of all of what consciousness is and not just be aware of this consciousness. It’s far more special to me being expressive of all of what consciousness is than only being aware to it, this is a very special reality/world. The thing is, the more aware we become of how special this reality is, the less expressive we will be, the choice is certainly ours, however, how long are we going to be able to be as expressive as we are without these expressions destroying themselves? The wise move would be to become aware of how special this reality and all it’s individual consciousness’s are before such expressions destroy themselves, the strange thing is, this destruction is but another expression of this consciousness!! 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Awareness Changes the Reality We Experience

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've been quite busy recently conducting myself in various discussions, the strange thing is, nothing was being channelled through to me until now. This is odd because usually certain discussions open up something like portholes in time and even interdimensional time, realities beyond human perception and knowing. One thing I don't do is intentionally force or desire to channel, I allow this to just occur but only if it is appropriate, if I deem what is being channelled through me isn't appropriate, I will not allow this to be channelled through me.

Everyone can channel, it's actually a normal thing to do not an extraordinary thing to do, the thing with channelling is one can become as aware as they like which indeed changes one's own reality even to the extent in changing one's reality on a physical level even to the extent of what happened to the Mayans.

I'm going to cheat again and insert a reply I gave on this topic of channelling and awareness changing the reality we experience. There was a consensus in this discussion that certain pieces of information from the past wasn't viable because off the time difference, channelling knows of no such barriers, like many spiritual practices, it goes beyond time barriers, this means we can indeed become aware of knowledge and awareness void of human perceptions in the present, the now.

I wonder how many people on here believe in the existence of the antediluvian period?

I know there are some people on here who don't consort to channelling, which is fair enough, but we must consider this, you can directly channel right into to a certain period of time and extract or become aware of knowledge and wisdom from wince it was created, in other words obtain knowledge and wisdom void of human perceptions to one extent or another.

I have myself received channelled messages beyond human perception and time, the strange thing is, anyone can do this but do we truly want or need to do this??? That is certainly the question, do we want to know the truth? The answer to this question is obviously no, if we did, we wouldn't be living in a chaotic existence, we couldn't be because awareness changes the reality we experience. In our present state of existence, you can quite obviously see how ignorant we are and want to be, it's quite destructive and chaotic which shows you how ignorant we chose this conscious mentality to be.

Why did the Mayans disappear? They went through some dreadful times and they were about to experience worse times through the advent of the conquistadors. What saved them was one person who told them the truth but only if they wanted to know the truth. To my knowledge this event wasn't recorded,what happened is they saw a need to become aware which is very similar to what we should be doing today, they chose to no longer exist under a mentality predominately influenced by chaos and destruction.

Please don't take this as gospel or absolute truth.

The funniest thing about excepting truth is we mostly only except the truth as we perceive truth to be, anything beyond this perception isn't truth, the funny thing is, every truth has a certain amount of truth to it no matter what this truth is, if it's of science, religion,mythology or what ever, each truth has a real truth about it as it's all a part of consciousness itself. If we take on our own truths, we will not see the bigger picture of what all these truths represent as a collective, this is important to understand when channelling, don't allow your own perceived human truths to stop you from seeing the bigger picture otherwise all you will channel is your own truths, nothing more.

If we only see and accept our own truths above all other truths, we are not going to change a thing, we will keep expressing a mentality that is predominately influenced by chaos and destruction for man only has one truth, his own. This of course leads us to being ignorant to any other truth beyond our own thus creating a chaotic destructive existence, in other words this reality didn't come by chance, we created this reality through our own truth, our own ignorance of the bigger picture.

How does being ignorant to any other truth but our own going to create a chaotic existence?

Our own truth is a part of a bigger picture, if this picture is fragmented through the unawareness of other truths that make up the bigger picture, what have we created through this fragmentation? Fragmentation means disorder, in other words chaos which consequently creates destruction within the existence of this chaos.

It's vital that we become aware of consciousness beyond man's perceptions, man's own truth, but only if we want to live in a more harmonious existence, it is quite obvious most of us don't otherwise we wouldn't be experiencing chaos in any form in the present moment, if we expressed a more harmonious mentality,it would be an impossibility to experience such chaotic experiences.

Channelling; is but one tool we are lucky enough to have at our disposal to acquire an awareness beyond human truths and perceptions, certain forms of meditations, OBE's and so forth, give us such awareness but again only if we want to perceive past human perception to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is only scary to see if we are fixated to our own truths, our own ignorance, once you are able to go beyond these fixations, you realise there was nothing scary in the first place. Actually the only scary thing there is, is staying ignorant and wasting away our time and experiences on Earth but this again is but another experience within itself.                      

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Time, the Mother of all Creation

Written by Mathew Naismith

Please, please, if you are absolute within your views that time is an illusion, please don’t take what I’m about to say personally.  I have simultaneously been in discussion with a number of people recently who believe without a doubt that time is an illusion even while they are existing in a fragmented consciousness and a consciousness of fragmented truths.  

I know if I truly knew the absolute truth I wouldn’t be able to exist in time or even perceive to exist in time, my vibrations would change that much that I would simply disappear similar to what happened to the Mayans.  When listening to others speak of absolute truths, we must try to remember they can’t possibly be speaking of absolute truths. I’m not sure how anyone in their present state of awareness can say without a doubt time is an illusion. Time to me isn’t all we are but it’s not an illusion without a doubt.  In time we can receive fragmented parts of an absolute truth but never the whole of an absolute truth. What I think we seem to be doing is trying to make this part of an absolute truth whole by surmising what the rest of an absolute truth is about, this of course distorts what absolute truth we do have making it nothing like absolute truth in the end.

Why do so many of us want to believe without a doubt that time is an illusion? When we go into a timeless state of consciousness, away from the influences of the consciousness of time, we feel whole and at peace and fully aware, we can even become awareness itself so this must be who we truly are making anything of time an illusion. The ego does not like the balance of the yin and yang, it either wants to feel good or bad.  In this state of timelessness we really do feel good especially in regards to a consciousness of chaos. Would not the ego deceive us by making us believe time has to be an illusion in this case? 

While in this timeless state, are we aware of time? No for the main reason time can’t exist within a timeless state so again time must be an illusion!!

Most of us in a consciousness of time don’t even know of the existence of a timeless state of consciousness, does this make a timeless state of consciousness an illusion?  Most definitely and adamantly for a lot of people, so while in a state of timelessness, wouldn’t this also be the case, knowing without a doubt that time is an illusion? It is quite obvious most of us would think time is an illusion in a timeless state of consciousness, so do all the people who experience a timeless state of consciousness believe without a doubt that time is an illusion?  Most definitely not like some people in a consciousness of time don’t believe timeliness is an illusion!!    

So where is our balance when we adamantly believe time or timeliness is an illusion? This again comes back to the ego not wanting a balance.  Don’t be fooled about time, time gives this pure consciousness of timelessness balance and a way to create experiences from this pure awareness. To me this pure awareness is nothing without the influential balance of time, the creator of life itself.  It basically gives this pure consciousness life as a woman gives life to a new born baby, yes we still need this pure consciousness to help give life but because this pure consciousness is of timelessness, it can’t itself create life.

Why is time seemingly of ignorance and fragmented consciousness and even chaos?  Are we not ignorant of time when in a timeless state of consciousness?  While in a consciousness of time, most of us are ignorant to a consciousness of timelessness, this is why time seems so ignorant; the funny thing is, while in timelessness, we are ignorant to time but we most often refer to this timeless state of being of awareness.  The reason for this is we do feel more aware but only aware of a consciousness of timelessness, it’s a new awareness for us so we are going to feel more aware. 

Time is of fragmented consciousness however this fragmentation of this pure consciousness allows this pure consciousness to be expressive of all it is. To be expressive is to be of the ego but even the ego is of this consciousness otherwise the ego wouldn’t and couldn’t exist like everything else of this consciousness.  If in this timelessness everything has always existed so has the ego.  

Why is time seemingly just of chaos? You could presume this is because of the fragmented consciousness but I don’t think it is, so what is causing us this chaos in time when we don’t feel chaos period in timelessness?  This comes back again to the ego not wanting balance, this doesn’t make the ego bad just that we have allowed the ego to control us instead of using the ego to be expressive of this pure consciousness  in a balanced way.  Once the ego takes control we have lost balance which gives us chaos.  What balance do a lot of us have between time and timelessness? We don’t have balance because we have allowed the ego to take control and tell us what an illusion is.

I know a number of people who believe time or timeliness is an illusion aren’t going to comprehend this, when you are in a true timeless state, all you want to do is be in time and visa-versa.  But when you are in a true timeless state there is only awareness nothing else, how could pure awareness desire to be in time again, that is impossible?  Balance, a balance between time and timelessness, yes it’s impossible if we are unbalanced but when we become balanced anything is possible. If I wasn’t balanced between these two consciousness’s I wouldn’t be aware of either time or timelessness, depending in which consciousness  I am aware in, like many people in time aren’t aware of a consciousness of timelessness.  

To me time is just as real as timelessness; they are of different consciousness’s but of consciousness all the same.  I just appreciate and acknowledge the mother of time, that is it!!

PS I should also mention, timelessness isn’t actually of absolute truths as time isn’t of absolute truths, it’s the balance between these two consciousness’s that is the absolute truth, well to me anyway.  

Supplement: The way we perceive time to be and what it is, is two different things. Time to me is a consciousness as timelessness is a consciousness. With our limited consciousness, we perceive time to be other than what it is. 

You’re not measuring anything in a true sense but defining a consciousness that creates. A non-creating consciousness is timelessness.

Time therefore to me is a consciousness that creates or a consciousness that is able to create like the universe for instance from pure consciousness.    

Monday, 27 October 2014

The Truth?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I’ve been in discussion about time and how some people deem everything of time of being an illusion and others don’t, like myself, which one is of truth, they both can’t be right can they??  The point is, everyone has their own reason why one truth is more of truth above all other truths therefore, one truth has to be right over another making all other truths wrong in some way.  This isn’t quite correct in my mind.

I think the reason for this has to do with us trying to find the truth especially through knowledge, actually trying to find the truth by any means can be distortive of truth itself.  The reason for this is we are usually searching for truths that are in line with our own consciousness, our own truths that we can simply consciously understand, in other words we are looking for truths within knowledge that are going to fit within our own conscious understanding.  How many of us, when we take on a certain truth, deny any other truth being more correct above our own consciousness understanding?  By searching for truths through knowledge, we are only going to be accepting and aware of knowledge that fits within our own truths or our own conscious understanding. If we can’t consciously understand knowledge from another consciousness, we are not going to accept the truths from this consciousness as being the truth even when they are in there own way.

I personally don’t think we should be searching for the truth especially through knowledge, so what other way can we become knowledgeable of ourselves and our environment if it’s not through truths?  We don’t have to become knowledgeable through searching for truths thus distorting the truth even more, this is defined as becoming knowledgeable through truths, the other way is becoming wise through awareness.  

I think the fundamental difference between searching for the truth and acquiring awareness is, one is trying to find the truth that suits our present conscious understanding and the other is acquiring awareness to expand on our understanding especially of other kinds of consciousness’s.  One has no intention of accepting any other truth from any other consciousness and the other is open to all other forms of consciousness’s and their understandings.   

Truth = a conscious understanding
Awareness = is open to all conscious understandings

Trying to become knowledgeable through truths isn’t obviously going to make us very aware because we shut ourselves off to all other knowledge and awareness from other consciousness’s, this is done as soon as we take on, that our truth is above all other truths, this of course distorts the truth to our way of  consciously understanding.

Becoming wise through awareness has the opposite effect; we are only acquiring awareness not searching for awareness. In the very act of acquiring, we are not searching for a specific truth to suite our present conscious understating, thus negating all other conscious understandings, we are only acquiring what is at any given moment in time. This act allows us to be more accepting of other conscious understandings. You will also notice there is no push and pull effect with acquiring awareness to searching for awareness, there is no action reaction but just simply acquiring.

So what are these different conscious understandings? A devout religious person isn’t going to be able or want to understand how a devout science minded person’s conscious understanding is all about, so any knowledge from a devout science minded person isn’t going to be of the truth and visa-versa.  Whose knowledge is wrong and whose knowledge is right?  Neither is wrong even when the said knowledge is in opposition to another.

This would mean, if the scientist has knowledge that a God’s consciousness doesn’t exist that is correct but when a religious person has knowledge that a God’s consciousness does exist that is also correct, they can’t be both correct or can they?

What gives us a wrong or right response, one truth being more of truth over all other truths?  This can only occur if we are searching for the truth especially through knowledge, acquiring awareness doesn’t give us this dilemma.  This is due to ourselves accepting that all conscious understandings have their own consciousness giving such consciousness a different perspective of ourselves and our environment, this however doesn’t answer the question, does a God consciousness exist?

What is making us answer this question or any other question like this? The search for truth above acquiring awareness, which in the very act of searching, distorts the truth; this question can only be answered as we become more aware and not through the searching of truths.  

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Truth, An Incorrect Evaluation

Written by Mathew Naismith

I found the following quite interesting so I thought I would share it with you today. It’s basically saying maths and science has got it wrong, there not about truth but an assumption of a truth. I’m also into science as well but I didn’t take offence to this mainly because science is but a tool, used incorrectly, it will produce flawed results.  I also don’t take any ideological principles to heart, they are again but tools.     

The following is an overview of Chapter-1 on TRUTH

Truth is unique and universal. This means you and I cannot define truth. Truth comes only from nature.

We are not alone. We can never become alone. We are all working simultaneously and interactively all the time. Thus we cannot have freewill. Only a lonely person can have freewill. But loneliness is impossible. You have to eat, you have to breath. We are part of nature and tied with it. We are objects of nature just like all other objects.

Math and Science are all all wrong. We give two examples, one from math and one from science,  to illustrate. You have to read them carefully to understand them. This will require some math and science background. However, if you read you will still get the root cause – why they are wrong.