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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why Dimensions Are Not Levels!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was asked to elaborate on my last post about dimensions, I'm reluctant because the post I wrote about dimensions wasn't that well written, it also took me 4 hours to write, this is because I sort of turned everything upside down. Most concepts tell us that consciousness  starts off at the 1st or 3rd dimension and go from there until we become one with the creator, I'm actually advocating that all consciousness starts off at the twelfth dimension and can, but not necessarily, end up at the 1st dimension. Instead of a consciousness from the twelfth dimension progressing or ascending from this dimension, it seemingly regresses or descends from this state.

Ascension: Something to consider here,  there is no ego what so ever in the twelfth dimension, would not a consciousness, with no ego, express itself in a more humble way if the need arose? A consciousness with a controlling ego on the other hand would actually act and perceive the opposite way, it would always want to ascend, this is why we think all consciousness is ascending from a lower level to a higher level of the twelfth dimension, or another way of putting it, to be one with God's consciousness.

The point is, all of what is, has come from one source, in my perception, everything came from the twelfth dimension, or if you like, the light. No matter what dimension a consciousness is experiencing, it's initial beginning was from the twelfth dimension, this only becomes unapparent when a consciousness experiences dimensions that keeps a consciousness unaware of it's initial beginnings. Even a consciousness experiencing the 1st dimension was initially created from the twelfth dimension, it matters not how unaware a consciousness becomes of this, all consciousness, to me, was created from the twelfth dimension, not the 1st or 3rd dimension.

Consciousness does not have to ascend or descend from any dimension, any consciousness at any time can just stay within a certain dimension, this is until a consciousness expresses an intention to experience another dimension other than what it's experiencing in the present. There is however no true perception of ascending or descending in the twelfth dimension, even in other dimension of wisdom there is no perception of this, this can only be perceived of a consciousness that isn't wised up to their being no true ascending and descending. If there is no ascending or descending of a consciousness, there is no levels of consciousness.

We have twelve dimensions, to a 3rd dimensional mentality these are perceived as levels, this is quite normal perception for this mentality of the 3rd dimension to have, this however isn't the same in dimensions of a wiser consciousness. There are no levels for a consciousness with no or little ego, only experiences to be had.

Levels: Each dimension actually makes up a whole consciousness, even the twelfth dimension isn't a whole consciousness without the other eleven dimensions. If these other eleven dimensions had no purpose, they couldn't exist even as an illusion. I cannot imagine a twelfth dimensional consciousness even creating an illusion for no purpose what so ever, everything has it's reason for existing in some way.

Illusions indeed have a purpose. Many people in the 3rd dimension have no perception of  other dimensions,  this is why many people can't  imagine a creative energy source of some kind existing, in this case of a creator, we are talking about the twelfth dimension, you can understand why so many people can't perceive a creator or a point of a conscious creation of some kind existing from a 3rd dimensional state.

The only way to experience a true 3rd dimensional state, is to perceive in levels, however, these levels are determined by what a 3rd dimensional consciousness is aware of, if it's not aware of other dimensions existing, it's even unable to perceive these dimensions as levels. The 3rd dimension is all about measuring, if it can't measure it, it doesn't exist, this isn't the same in dimensions that are conductive towards wisdom. When their is no purpose to measure, there are no levels, this includes the twelve dimensions.

When a conscious becomes aware of these twelve dimension in the 3rd dimension, it automatically perceives these dimensions as levels, this is quite normal. This is when we perceive we have to be ascending from the 3rd to the twelfth dimension. Perceiving these dimensions as levels is actually a good thing because we will perceive to be ascending, you certainly don't want to descend to the 2nd or 1st dimension unless that is your intentions. Perceiving levels actually assist us in going to a more aware state of consciousness, people who can't perceive these dimensions, especially as levels, will most likely stay in the 3rd dimension or even go onto the 2nd dimension, depending on the intentions and mentality.

The ego actually serves us well here in helping us to perceive levels, the ego wants to ascend not descend however!!    

Mentality: We could change this 3rd dimension into a 2nd dimension or we could change this dimension into a 5th dimension, in actuality, both are likely to occur, this however doesn't mean we will all experience a 2nd and 5th dimension at the same time. What will occur is a persons/souls consciousness will only perceive, thus experience, a 5th or 2nd dimension. No consciousness but the twelfth can experience more than one actual dimension at one time, this is due to the mentality that is a part of each dimension.

Each dimension has it's own unique mentality, could you imagine a destructive mentality existing the 11th dimension?  It couldn't occur as each dimension has it's own kind of mentality. Could you imagine a highly constructive 11th dimensional mentality existing in a 2nd dimension of utter destruction? Any consciousness existing in the 2nd dimension would become instantly constructive, such consciousness's would then no longer be of the 2nd dimension for only a destructive conscious can exist in such a dimension.

A destructive mentality cannot exist in a highly constructive dimension but a constructive mentality can exist in a highly destructive dimension. Destructive mentalities cannot enter into a constructive dimension and influence the consciousness's experiencing such dimensions, this is due to the influence of constructive mentalities. This is wholly due to there being way too much love and understanding in a constructive dimension for a destructive consciousness to have any influence what so ever upon such a consciousness.
The opposite however can occur, how many people have been influenced by Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Rumi for example?  Am I advocating that these people were from another highly constructive dimension? They might not have directly come from these dimensions but they, in my mind, were well connected to dimensions more constructive than the 3rd dimension.  This is due to wisdom not being a strong attribute of this dimension, if it was, this dimension would no longer be of a 3rd dimension, it would become a more constructive dimension driven by a more constructive mentality. To me, these people obviously had a more constructive mentality.

Religion/spirituality: The role of spirituality/religion are apparent to me, they help keep us connected to the twelfth dimension, when we no longer use religion/spirituality, we loose our connection and become basically lost even at the soul level. Even the belief in a God of man or of many God's and Goddess's, assist us with this connection, these beliefs certainly didn't occur by accident, you could say they were preordained to assist us no matter what dimension we are experiencing.

This connection however becomes more difficult to attain or acquire in a destructive dimension like the 3rd dimension but especially in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. You could imagine the disconnection experienced in the 2dn and 1st dimensions, it would be insurmountable. A well connected consciousness however would of course be able to stay connected even in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. These dimensions of utter destructing can create the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but only if these consciousness's/souls stayed connected.

The 2nd and 1st dimensions, or any dimension, are not levels, they are experiences. Levels usually go from the lower level to the higher, this isn't the case in relation to dimensions, you actually do quite the opposite so it's not actually a level we scale up, it's mentalities we experiences as we go through each dimension. These experiences are not bettering a soul or consciousness either, they are just experiences, yes, they can produce the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but this isn't an attainment/achievement, it's a privilege.