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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Awareness is Illumination

Written by Mathew Naismith

Physical Awareness: This post is going on from the discussions I inserted in my last post which relates to paradoxes, for example, light exists in the same space as dark, time exists in the same space as timelessness and so on. What do we do when we want to become aware of something in a dark space? We switch on a light to become aware of what is in that space, light is all to do with awareness and dark is to do with an unawareness, however , light and dark still exist in the same space. Basically what this is saying is, awareness and an unawareness exists in the same space at the same exact time, even in a physical existence.

Within this reality, is not an unawareness and an awareness existing in the same space in the exact same time? This is all happening in the same exact space as the reality we exist in represents the same space. What this means is paradoxes do indeed exist, however, in other conscious realities that are unaware of the existence of the possibility of paradoxes, they don't. The reason for this is simple, light and darkness conceals the other from itself, in this case, even when a consciousness is predominately influenced or blinded by light illumination, such illumination conceals what is within the dark. Even when a consciousness is illuminated by light, such consciousness is quite unaware of what is in the darkness, in the first place, light makes us unaware of darkness!!

We still might think paradoxes just don't exist, darkness is unable to exist were light is.  When you switch on the light, where does the darkness go? It's gone nowhere because it's still there which is shown when you turn the light off again, the darkness reappears only because the light made you quite unaware of the darkness!!

Let's look at people who have the same number of male and female chromosomes, is not a male and female form existing in the same exact space and time as the other?  Let's look at the planet we are existing on, is there not a light and dark continually coexisting in the same space as on this planet?  Let's look at the universe itself, is not light and dark coexisting in this same space, being that the universe is represented by the space it exits in!!          

Non-Physical Awareness: All I have talked about so far is physical awareness, how physical light and dark determine what we will become aware of, of course the perception of  light and dark is determined by our five senses in this case. Our eyes can't see what they can't see and they can't see the dark while illuminated by light. In a physical state of existence, it is obvious we are always going to be  unaware of something!!  

In actuality, light illumination has nothing to do with becoming aware beyond the five senses. When we go beyond our normal conditioning of predominantly using our five senses, which are of course finite, awareness itself makes us aware of everything, even in the most darkest places. The reason for this is due to there being no true light or dark when in a state of awareness beyond the five senses. In this state, paradoxes don't even exist but they do still exist in other states of awareness that are influenced by the perceptions of  dark and light and time.

Indeed, even in a timeless state, a consciousness could so easily perceive that time doesn't exist therefore everything of time is perceived as an illusion. Being predominantly influenced by, for example,  time or timelessness, dark or light, gives us  preconceptions in that time can't exist in the same space as timelessness, the same of course goes with  light and darkness and anything we perceive that can't possibly exist in the same space at the same exact time.

Physically, when we go into a dark space and switch on a light, we illuminate that space to make us aware of what is in that space, illumination beyond the five senses and human perception doesn't work in this way, it works by being aware of all off what is beyond the perception of light and dark, time and timelessness.   

Basically what I am saying is, light isn't illumination beyond the five senses, in actually, the five senses delude us by making us unaware of perceiving beyond the five senses.  Indeed, it is obvious to how such a created delusional reality is created, the perception of light and darkness deludes us to a perception beyond the five senses. In a sense, such realities become an illusion only because these limited (finite) perceptions make us unaware of anything else beyond the limitation of the five senses. In this case, the five senses become all we are.

Now while in a state of time and dark and light, we can become aware of a timeless state, perceiving from this state, we can perceive that everything of time doesn't truly exist, it's all an illusion. This of course would make dark and light an illusion as well. This perception is of course not wrong but it's not totally right either, this is why right and wrongs, dark and light, don't exist but at the same time they do. This of course depends on the reality we are perceiving  through. While in a state of time, we will be influenced by the perception of time, while in a state of timelessness, the same goes as each state, when separated from the other, will give us a certain fixed perception making us quite unaware of other states. Within this perception, influenced by separation of one state from the other, for example, time and timelessness, dark and light, the perception of a wrong and right exist.

This however changes when we no longer separate ourselves from any state but perceive through the coexistence of all states. In this state, everything becomes an illumination, nothing is concealed for the sole reason this is the state of an observer  rather than a participator. In this state as an observer, light or darkness plays no part of what one can become aware of because all is revealed, nothing is concealed in this state as, the reason for this is again quite simple.

In recent posts, I've state that this timeless egoless state is who we truly are, this is only the case if we can perceive we are also of time and darkness and light. However, if we perceive that all of what times represents is an illusion, therefore isn't a part of who we are, this timeless state becomes anything but who we truly are. We are all of what is, including the illusion and delusions and everything that the darkness and light creates. Once you can perceive that everything you experience and are aware of is a part of you, no matter how delusional it seems, being aware of this illuminates you to everything. In a sense, once you can perceive that paradoxes exist in one state but not in others,  you are starting to become aware of your observing self, a self that illuminates everything without question.

It's handy to realise that a consciousness that is of infinite perceptions, has no boundaries because it's not limited to finite perceptions, a perception that separates itself from all other perceptions, in other words a state of consciousness that separates itself from all other states of consciousness. There are absolutely no boundaries.......this is until we predominately exist in finite realities, realities defined by boundaries, in this state, there is no true illumination as there is no true sense of awareness, only what the light allows us to become aware of in place of the dark. Once you push something away by pulling something in, you have lost all sense of a true illumination, an awareness beyond boundaries and limitations.    

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Becoming the Light

Mathew Naismith

My last post titled, Nezha (哪吒), Shadow Breaker, got some interesting responses and queries which I responded to.  What I am saying is the darkness, or the shadow, is from illuminating our lower energy forms which in turn give off a shadow/darkness. It was stated that it’s not our own illumination that creates the shadow but objects within our glow that give off the shadow.

Yes this seems correct, the illumination itself doesn’t cause shadows however our illuminating selves do because we are illuminating; if we weren’t illuminating these shadows wouldn’t exist.  Shadows represent the less righteous parts of ourselves like when I mentioned a serial killer in my first post on this subject titled, There is No Darkness. If a serial killer was the most illuminating light energy form around they would not themselves cast a shadow accept if lower energy forms were in their light, serial killing would be the norm in this case throwing a shadow off of lower energy forms giving us the perception of darkness.  

To most of us a serial killer is a lower light energy form so we deem them as being of the dark because they are casting a dark shadow.  Because they are so dense, light doesn’t go through them but around them giving them a shadow however light will go through a less dense light energy form giving off little if no shadow.  The shadow is reprehensive of our righteous other selves, meaning our other selves are the people around us that cast such shadows.

We are warring species, the shadow this throws off from higher light energy forms would be great, just being here within a warring chaotic existence/reality gives us a shadow.  No wonder we perceive darkness has to exist.  

It was also pointed out that we should learn to see shadows as shades of light; I got from this that we should learn not to see just light or dark but different shades instead.  The following was my response to this.   

To me the shadows that befall our illumination is grey, there are no true opposites only within our perceptions.

A science minded person said to me recently, our perceptions don't create realities, my reply was what created the dark ages!!

Our perception of dark creates realities like this one because we perceive there has to always be an opposite and once you have opposites you have conflicts/chaos.

Yes, seeing shadows/darkness as shades of light is in my mind more appropriate. I think this is why true spiritually aware people are no longer caught up in the chaos, unless they want to be, they see everything more in a grey scale than opposing shades like black and white.

Recently another person said to me that if true darkness is just a perception so is the light. It's amazing how we have to think there has to be an opposite. My reply to this was there has always only been light, why do we perceive there has to be an opposite.

A lot of people perceive this gives us balance if we have opposites which is true to an extent. If we are at most in the shadow we perceive we need an opposite to show our way to the light however if we are mostly in the light we see opposites only gives us chaos.

To me finding the light through opposites is a strange way to go about finding the light, you have to contend with so much chaos doing it this way. There are no opposites, like you said the shadows are shades of light which I define as grey.....

Why do we perceive so much existing darkness exists even within our own shadow thus creating such a reality perceived on darkness?  To answer this, imagine being only able to perceive light, would we be warring and living in such a chaotic existence? The answer to me is no because a shadow cast from a light energy form is far less than a much denser light energy form therefore the shadow isn’t as dark. At this stage we realise darkness never existed even when we were in a much denser form disallowing light to go through us giving us a mush darker shadow.

So why do we perceive the existence of darkness exists? Like I said in my last post, we are unable to perceive beyond our own dense light energy existence so all we have to go by is our present shadow which is dark thus we perceive darkness has to exist.  So how do we become a much lighter light energy form to see that darkness doesn’t exist?  Listen to people who are of a lighter energy form if you can detect that is what they are, if not, you will have to sit and wait for the collective itself to find it’s way through it’s own perceived darkness.

In my mind we need another representative of light to show us light can exist without darkness…..

PS I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's not because you are not with it it's just this topic is very hard for me to clearly explain at this point in time for some reason.       

Nezha (哪吒), Shadow Breaker

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would share the following about a legend that is taught to Asian children to do with how our illumination will cast a shadow giving us a perception of darkness. This came to my attention by a person of the name of Fira Angel in reply to my last post titled Creating Darkness Through Our Own Illumination.

Nezha (哪吒), also known as Na-zha (Na-ja) or Nata, is a Taoist protection deity, originally of Chinese Buddhist mythology. His official Taoist name is "Marshal of the Central Altar" (中壇元帥). He was then given the title "Third Lotus Prince" (蓮花三太子) after he became a deity.

Fira Angel:
This is a truth taught to many children in Asian countries through the legend of NeZha. When he was possessed by a demon, he said that in the infinite space of hearts, there is always hope, therefore, complete darkness is not possible, yet light casts shadows, meaning that darkness must exist. He says that it is something we must live with. 

This seems contradictory, one minute it’s saying complete darkness doesn’t exist and then in the next line it says it does, so which one is it? A lot of spirituality seems to be like this, contradictory, but only because we don’t read between the lines and when we do we might not understand completely what we are reading.  

A shadow isn’t complete darkness; it’s only a shadow cast by our own illumination or enlightenment. How can a shadow be cast by our own illumination when we are so illuminating, wouldn’t all darkness be illuminated within our presence? Yes and no, typical of spirituality, it’s but another paradox and to a nonbeliever would seem to be utter dribble.

When illuminating at our best and we come across people who are less illuminating and we are unable to illuminate these people to our own energy field, what is this telling us? We are not illuminating enough to change the shadow before us, we are still in most parts apart of this shadow.

How many people have been illuminating at their best and gone into a group of people and changed their illumination/behaviour? I’ve also done this, so it is possible but only if we are illuminating enough and are no longer a major part of the shadow.  In this case the shadow no longer emanates with us, we are no longer vibrating at the same frequencies as the shadow that we have cast by our own illuminations.  

Yes we can illuminate the shadow but only if we are illuminating enough and the shadow is no longer a major part of us and no we can’t illuminate the shadow if we are still very much a part of the shadow.   Oneness shows us we are always a part of the shadow however our illumination depends on how much a part of the shadow/darkness we are and how illuminating we are going to be to the shadow.  The shadow has always got to be a part of us because we are the ones casting the shadow/darkness. This reminds me of being a major part of the ego or not!!

The strange thing about illuminating others is they, at times, are quite unaware of this mainly because they can’t see your illumination, however if they are aware they too are of this illumination to an extent depending on how much a part of the shadow they still are. In my last post I mentioned a serial killer who is unable to see other people’s illuminations, that is why they feel no wrong in what they do and even if they did feel wrong it wouldn’t stop them from committing such crimes. Can these people be affected by someone who is illuminating with very little attachment to the shadow? Yes most definitely that is why some people can get through to them and others can’t.  

This brings me to the times I expelled ominous entities trying to disrupt me on more than one occasion, I just laughed at them and they just went away in terror on their faces. The reason for this terror is they believe, like we do, that darkness exists therefore evil exists and because they perceive this they carry this out creating a reality of terror for themselves and others.  Not realising this at the time, I became illuminated which showed these entities they are not of the dark as they presumed/perceived.

If you perceive darkness exist evil intent will exist within this perception as long as we believe this, however once you begin to realise true darkness doesn’t really exist and is only a shadow cast by our illuminations, you will illuminate all before thee in turn creating a reality of light instead of perceived darkness.   

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Creating Darkness Through Our Own Illumination

Written by Mathew Naismith

Switch off the illuminating effects of the universe, what do we have?  We still have energy and all energy emits some kind of light otherwise it couldn’t exist, true darkness just can’t exist as the following links will try to explain. Can we perceive darkness?  Most definitely, what I am saying is darkness is a perception not a reality to assist us to learn about ourselves.  How would we become aware of ourselves without darkness but this doesn’t mean darkness actually exists, I believe it’s only a perception we have to help us learn about ourselves.  You could almost say it’s an illusion but I believe all perceptions exist in some way as all thought are energy; all energy exists so perceptions are not a true illusion in my mind. Actually illusions can’t exist because they are still an energy source.  

Let’s look at the nonexistence of darkness another way. Take a serial killer, to us their dark; what if we, like the universe, extinguished all other light except for serial killers, serial killers would seem to be illuminating because there is no other stronger light to defuse serial killers light.  Let’s go further, extinguished serial killers lights, what else is illuminating? What is dimmer or emits less energy than serial killers? There is always something else so darkness actually never existed but within our perceptions.

Because we are illumining so much we create darkness through this illumining effect by out shining other energy forms which we now perceive to be dark because they are not illuminating like us. We are indeed defusing other less illuminating forms/sources of energy thus creating darkness but of course this is only a perception brought on by our own illumination.     

Extract: Is there such thing as true darkness? The answer is: no, not in this universe.  Our universe is flooded with radiation (light) and matter (particles) of all descriptions and energies, pretty much anywhere you go.

Extract: The team believes that the interactions between dark and ordinary matter could be more important and more complex than previously thought, and even speculate that dark matter might not exist and that the anomalous motions of stars in galaxies are due to a modification of gravity on extragalactic scales.

I think it’s absolutely great to realise darkness just doesn’t exist except within our own perceptions, everything around us that seems dark isn’t dark it’s just we outshine them making them look dark. Perceiving dark to me is a very good sign we are more illuminating than lower energy forms/sources.  You just wonder what other far more illuminating formes/sources of energy we can’t detect because of our own low energy emissions.  Do serial killers see other people who are far more illuminating? Actually no, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to kill; I believe the illumination of others would stop them. How would we then be able to detect other energy forms/sources that illuminate far greater than ourselves?  It stands to reason we wouldn’t however having the understanding that there is no darkness just might make you illuminate even more to detect other energy forms/sources that illuminate more than we.