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Thursday, 1 October 2015

12th Dimension - Holographic Observation

Written by Mathew Naismith

The Observer: Fist of all I need to explain what is meant by holographic. Holograms are to do with; the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holography, length, width, depth. What I am going to state is that these holographs are created from blueprint plans that are still motionless until put into motion by a consciousness, this of course takes an observing consciousness to put these blueprint plans into motion and create a holographic image, in our case a 3rd dimensional reality.   

The observer is referring to a consciousness of the 12th dimension, a consciousness that is observing, what is sort of  like, a blueprint plan of all the other dimensions. In our case in the 3rd dimension, this  observation created a full holographic 3D image. In actuality, these blueprint plans are always being observed, but like any blue print plan, these plans don't come to life until expressed, in other words put into motion by a consciousness, the universe itself is a good example of this in my mind.

You can observe a blueprint plan without expressing it, but as soon as it becomes a thought, only at this point is this plan being expressed by a consciousness.

I'm not saying that there are actual blueprint plans in the 12th dimension, this is the only way I can explain how things are created from the 12th dimension. Because there is no time within the 12th dimension, there is no past or future, only the now (the present moment), this means everything exists in the same moment. This is due to everything having been already written, this however doesn't mean we can't change our destiny though.

What would have happened if we listened to the wisdom being expressed by some great people in the past like Jesus, Confucius, Rumi, Buddha and so on?  Our life would be somewhat different to what it is now, both scenarios of listening and not listening to these people were already written, we just had to choose collectively which one to live by.

There is absolutely no thought within the 12th dimension, this dimension is purely of observing without expression so how do these plans, that are already written,  become an expression in the first place?

Creation of Souls: At the very moment the 12th dimensional consciousness becomes thought, this is when this consciousness becomes an expression,  such consciousness's are then no longer of the 12th dimension. You could say at this precise moment is when souls are created.     

These blueprint plans within the 12th dimension are actually alive unlike actual blueprint plans creates by man. For man to create a blueprint plan, this already took thought therefore motion, however, the blueprint plans within the 12th dimension already exist but only as an observation even though these plans are already alive and in motion. 

For man to draw up blue prints takes thought therefore motion, to the person drawing up these plans, these plans are already alive within their thoughts, all they need now is to be physically expressed in 3D. As soon as man even thinks of drawing up plans, he has gone past observing to expressing, this is quite different in the 12th dimension even though the plans already exist.

The big difference between man's plans and 12th dimensional conscious plans is to do with time and timeliness. Man's blueprint plans do not come alive until they become thought, this is  due to man being influenced by time which needs a starting and ending point. 12th dimensional consciousness works quite differently mainly because it's not influenced by time, there is no starting or ending point due to timelessness, everything has always existed as there is only a present moment (the now).

In other words within the 12th dimension, there is no starting point of thought to draw up plans as there is no time, this means all thinking processes have always existed within the 12th dimension.  However, this isn't saying that 12th dimensional consciousness is of thought therefore motion, it's clearly only an observer without thought. Once consciousness is of thought, it becomes of motion, this is precisely when souls are created I feel.

You might think this 12th dimensional consciousness has to go beyond observing to thinking to create souls, this isn't the case because everything, including souls, have always existed but only as a blueprint. In other words these souls are not as yet of a holographic form. 

Look at it like this, when a certain blueprint  plan comes into action within time, this is when the souls consciousness observes and thinks of it's part within the blueprint plan, this is when the soul is created. You must remember here, these blueprint plans are determined by time within dimensions of time so have a starting and ending point of creation, this isn't the case in the 12th dimension which isn't determined by time. 

Holographic: Being holographic means 3D, a perception of length, width, depth. This perception of  length, width, depth, created a 3rd dimension consciousness, usually a consciousness that is unable to perceive beyond 3D perceptions. This doesn't mean holographs are only of a 3rd dimension though, even in the 5th dimension we still perceive in 3D, length, width, depth, but with an added perception of 5D. This means such consciousness's will also be able to perceive through 3rd dimensional physical form. It's like perceiving everything as vibrations without form.

The strange thing about the 1st and 2nd dimensions is you perceive in 3D and 5D, however, all consciousness is used and abused as a 3rd dimensional entity brought on by a high degree of egotism. You don't however have a high degree of egotism within the 5th dimension to contented with, the difference between the 1st, 2nd and 5th dimension is the extreme expressions of egotism within the 1st and 2nd dimensions.

Not every dimension is holographic but they can be holographic to a degree, actually, once a consciousness goes beyond the 5th dimension, it's no longer of a holographic  expression. Does this mean that these consciousness's beyond the 5th dimension, are unable to perceive in 3D? As we are mostly unable to  perceive beyond 3D, they too are unable to perceive anything of a 3rd dimensional consciousness, the only consciousness that is able to observe all dimensions is the 12th dimensional consciousness. This doesn't mean, like us, that these consciousness's from other dimensions don't know of other dimensions, it's that they are unable to perceive other dimensions not of their own conscious perceptions. The only way to perceive other dimensional consciousness's, is through experiencing these dimensions.

The 12th dimensional consciousness observes us as a holographic image, this same consciousness also, at the same moment, observes other dimensions not of holographic images. The only way it can do this is through only being an observer, as soon as any consciousness becomes expressive of a dimensional consciousness, it looses the ability to observe other dimensional consciousness's. In actuality, none of us have lost the ability to be the observer, right now at this precise moment, you are also observing your own and every other consciousness no matter what dimension they are experiencing. No matter how involved you become of other dimensional consciousness's, you are still being an observer, this is wholly due to you never being truly disconnected from the 12th dimension. 

We are at the same precise moment being a participant of these dimensions as well as observing these dimension, we can only perceive this if we perceive beyond these holographic dimensional images.