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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What Actually Produces Judgement?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Education and judgement: We ask the question, “What actually produces judgment?”, and we come up with ego, you obviously can’t judge or misjudge without an ego being present for only through the ego can we judge. This post however isn’t just about the ego producing judgment but how the ego produces (creates) this judgement.

We can express ego traits without being in judgment,  it’s called observing a situation without comparing one situation to another, for example, “it’s a beautiful day just because it makes you feel good”, you’re not comparing this to a day that made you feel bad. Judging is comparing one to another and forming a critical opinion, one being more worthy than another to experience, in this case a day that made you feel bad can influence us to make judgment on this day by experiencing a day that didn’t make us feel bad. We then judge this day to be worthy of experiencing, this however actually doesn’t tell us how judgment is formed until we become aware of an imbalance, an imbalance that causes us to judge a situation instead of just observing a situation without judgment or prejudice.  

Yes, I’m saying judgment is caused by an imbalance, an imbalance brought about by how we think, it’s an imbalance of the thinking processes we are conditioned too from birth.  How many people are brought up on a certain style of education, like for example, an education predominantly influenced by religious teachings or hands on skills like farming or even, and probably especially, an education based purely on academics. I have observed on numerous occasions, that highly educated people can also be highly prejudice against anyone not  educated to the same degree, actually, I have even observed these people show prejudice against more highly educated people than themselves. There is an obvious imbalance here and it’s all to do with the way we are taught to think.   

The following is a reply I received from one of my posts, strangely enough, this person didn’t read my actual post but the replies I received from another person in judgment of my poor grammar and writing skills. I’m certainly not the best writer around but I do have my own writing style that doesn’t suite everyone. I come from the bush and my writing style can most often reflect this, I’m OK with this but some people aren’t and that’s Ok too.

The following reply I received, and my subsequent reply back to this person,  reflects on a certain kind of education, a style of education that the governments of the day desisted in financially supporting in Australia. The kind of education is question obviously offered, to a point, a balanced education.               

Good old Yallourn tech, no it was "a" technical trade orientated school! We need these types of schools back so the current teenagers get some good quality skills behind them, instead of being keyboard warriors, like some person above! Which he must have gone to "an" elementary school!!! 

My Rely

Technical trade schools were about obtaining a balanced education between hands on skills and technical thinking, not many educational establishments these days teach on this level. 

As of anything, balance is the key like a balanced diet for example or a balanced mentality which helps one analyse situations and people without bias, it would seem Theadore lacks this kind balanced education. 

As usual , one can know all there is to know and still not  know how to use this knowledge, a balanced education gives one this knowledge I believe. 

My post is about everything being in the now, meaning, when you think of the past, present or future, it's all in the present moment. Yes, my grammar isn't perfect, too much country comes out in the post at times but that is my writing style, that is who I am and I'm proud of it no matter how many flaws it has according to others with an obvious unbalanced education. 

It's sad that they closed these schools but this is a typical  knee jerk reaction you will get from people with an unbalanced education. We wonder why the worlds in a mess, it's dominated by people with a high level of education who know nothing in how to use this knowledge in a balanced way.  

All this knowledge is fine but do we know how to use this knowledge wisely and in an unbiased way? Wisdom gives balance to knowledge, knowledge obviously doesn't give one wisdom, this is obtained through a balanced education which the world lacks at present. 

Prior to going to a technical college, I was  also educated at what was called a technical high school, these schools were also shut down by the government of the day.

Wisdom; comes from a balanced outlook that  comes from a balanced education, not from the huge amount of knowledge we can store inside our heads, if this was the case, the world wouldn’t be going through what it is at present. There is no wisdom in chaos and destruction, we are not lead by wisdom but by a highly educated system which obviously doesn’t know how to use this knowledge constructively.

My own education sadly lacked spiritual teachings, even though I was educated in technical skills, I lacked the balance of spiritual teachings , to a point, I made up for this. How many schools today even teach philosophy? Philosophy can teach you to think outside the square, outside conditioned teachings.

It’s not what we know or how much we know, it’s how we use  what we know that shows how wise we have become. This wisdom isn’t obtained through what we know or how much we know, it’s produced by a balanced education and the more balanced an education is, the less you will judge and misjudge. Wisdom isn’t about judgment, it’s about observations without judgement and prejudice, this I feel can only be obtained through a balanced education.

If you lack a balanced education, try balancing this out with your own studies. I don’t myself think much of human knowledge and know how, in a lot of cases it certainly lacks wisdom in my mind, however, if this education is helping to give you balance, go for it by all means, we need more people with a balanced thinking process that stops us judging and prejudging as we are at present.

Can a balanced education lesson our judgmental attitude? In my mind most definitely.