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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Spirituality-Superego Deceptiveness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Last night I had a dream of being a pauper walking around with only the cloves on my back with no shoes on my feet, I looked up into the sky & it was full of stars realising the stars represented light beings. I resisted the temptation of joining them not because I was happy within my predicament but because I was accepting of the life I chose before I was born.    

Again synchronicity is a funny thing because while I was logged on IONS a person commented back to me saying there is no ego, this of course came from a person who only seems to deductively reason however conducting my research on this matter I came across a site that should explain what the ego is to a person who only deductively reasons.  The following link is quite an interesting read for anyone mainly because it explains simply what the id, ego & superego are.

One of the passages was quite interesting I thought in relation with the ego as opposed to the superego.

“The ego has no concept of right or wrong; something is good simply if it achieves its end of satisfying without causing harm to itself or to the id.”

A passage in relation to the superego was also quite interesting.

“The ideal self (or ego-ideal) is an imaginary picture of how you ought to be, and represents career aspirations, how to treat other people, and how to behavior as a member of society.

The ego section reminded me of multinationals who are only there to fulfil their own desires through feeding the ego & by doing so can commit a lot of wrong without them knowing it or wanting to know what wrong they are actually doing. The part on superego reminded me of spiritually aware people who aren’t aware enough of the pitfalls of the superego which brings us back to my dream. We should seriously ask ourselves, did we choose the life we are now experiencing in the reality we chose to live in?  And the answer is of course we did!! The next question we should ask ourselves is, should we then be striving/desiring to become something more enhanced as opposed to what we chose to be in the first place? Any enhancement denotes a controlling ego, this controlling ego needs to control & what better way to control than to enhance ourselves above what we chose to be  in the first place.   

I’m not saying we shouldn’t change just we should be aware of the controlling effects of the ego when making such changes. My ego wanted me to go with these light being in my dream but my inner quietness said no what would be the point.  There of course would be no point but to fulfil my own egotistical desires for something better/enhanced than what I have at present. We realise we would have more control especially of our emotions if we went with these light beings which brings us back to the controlling ego telling us to go with them & take control. The big question here is, why do we need to take control? Sitting within our own complete quietness without a controlling ego will tell us we don’t have to be in control which is hard for the ego to accept & in fact quite strongly refutes any idea of not having some sort of control which of course for a spiritually aware person especially brings us grief at times.  

Having been on a number of spiritual sites I can honestly see that we can all at times be of the superego, just being aware of this will help us on our way & make our journey we have all chosen a lot easier to tread. There is another factor to consider as well, we don’t need to go somewhere else to be with light beings we already are!!  I really do hope this helps somebodyJ.