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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Soul-Our Truer Self

 Written by Mathew Naismith

Fixation to Attachments: It is funny how we trick ourselves in believing we only live one life or multiple of separate lives but to a soul that’s aware of itself sees it quite differently, all our lives are as one so what stops the soul & our human selves  from becoming aware of the truer nature of who we really are?  It all comes down to attachments but this isn't saying all attachments are bad just the ones we become too attached to which tend to enhance the negative aspects of our ego.  When our souls become fixated to one or two attachments from life to life we experience similar experiences, we learn little form this because the biggest thing we learn from is diversity & there is very little diversity when we have fixated attachments & human life is no different.

Let’s take a look at people who study all their lives for an example, they know all about what they have read & studies but where is the diversity in this, there’s diversity in what they know but where is the diversity in what they have experienced from their knowing? The soul & the creative source (God) works in the same exact way that is why God created souls to experience it’s knowing not just know of it’s knowing.  When we are fixated to just learning we are in fact missing out on the experiences through diversity thus we are in fact hindering our soul & human conscious expansionism & in actual fact stagnate within an attachment of fixation. A balance between knowing & experiencing is much more beneficial to one’s conscious expansionism than one or the other or a little of one & more of the other, balance is the key here!!

What we learn humanly has always been out there, we are actually only really remembering what is out there however experiencing this knowledge is different, no experience is exactly the same so experiencing knowledge is quite new as we all humanly & at the soul level experience something quite unique from everything & everyone else. Is this saying we never really actually learn but just remember knowing? Yes exactly which to many will sound too far fetch, why? Anyone who has a fixated attachment to knowledge won’t acknowledge such ramblings which is quite psychologically expected & in fact any fixated attachment will have the same deniable outcome.  

Fixated attachments give us opposing polarities thus conflict & the more our souls become fixated to one or two attachments we actually become more conflictive but on the other hand a soul that has very little fixated attachments will be more harmonious thus less conflictive.  So does this mean a soul that hasn’t got any fixated attachments will be all peaceful & harmonious in human life? No because again we learn from experiencing diversity plus the soul in question might have to have a certain persona to express themselves to teach others around them, a disharmonious person isn’t going to listen to an all loving person because they see it as a weakness thus ignore any teaching from such a person also sometimes one needs to yell to be heard as whispers are usually at times ignored however on the other hand if someone yells too much they too will be ignored which again comes down to balance between yelling & whispering.   This is what makes a good teacher, knowing the balance.

Attachments & Fixated Attachments: We should start to recognise from what is written in this & my previous post titled Persona of the Soul how diverse our souls are & how they have obtained their own unique persona/character, what is above is also below.  A lot of us don’t think about having a soul or are totally in denial in having a soul but even more people are unaware that every soul has its own unique persona just like we do as humans so what’s the big deal in knowing that we just don’t have a soul but our soul also has its own unique persona?  The big deal is in knowing this is we can then define what our attachments & fixated attachment are which are hindering our own conscious expansionism or awareness  but also define the difference between attachments & fixated attachments. The biggest plus is once we are aware of the soul & of the soul having its own unique persona we are then able to become more connected to our soul & the more connected we are to the soul the more aware & harmonious we will be.

So what’s the difference between attachments & fixated attachments? I’ve already explained about fixated attachments so I will focus on just having attachments without any fixated ideological mode of thought attached remembering even after death we are in thought as thought isn’t just of the physical brain like most of us think.  Like I explained in my previous post titled Persona of the Soul as we live life to life we accumulate certain attachments like the people we live our lives out with life after life playing out different roles which give us diversity on the other hand a soul who is fixated to a certain role of attachments will only keep playing out a similar role life after life thus become less diverse within its experiences.  The more diverse the said soul is from life to life the more consciously expansive the soul will be thus more aware & the more aware we are the more connected we will be to the soul, it really comes down to making the soul aware of itself instead of being blocked by fixated attachments however on the other hand just having attachments can be quite helpful & usually these other souls in whom you have an affiliation with will be your guides, who better?

It is an unusual feeling finding out you really have two personas, one is the persona of your soul the other is of your human self however each life has its own unique persona so in actual fact we have as many personas as we had lives but once you recognise the souls persona you will begin to become more & more of the persona of the soul for the main reason that it’s the real you plus if the soul has no fixated attachments you will feel a lot more at peace & harmonious because we then see all our lives as one thus feel less venerable & see what each life was all about which lessons the traumas of any said lives by quite a bit remembering traumas are also of fixated attachments. Once we realise our truer selves human life becomes a lot easier to live mainly because of our new found awareness in both our human & soul selves.