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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spirituality-Living as the Dead

Written by Mathew Naismith

There is nothing negative in this unless you want to see what we are experiencing as being negative and of course that is quite easily done in such a chaotic existence.  This post isn’t about what we deem as being dead as in deceased but what other entities from the beyond (afterlife) call being dead.

I was replying to a post about eternal consciousness & in how this eternal consciousness lives beyond our known physical/mental awareness, all of a sudden I realised how now & again I will feel a message saying we are the dead. I dismissed this because how could we be known as the dead from entities from the beyond!! Quite easily, being dead to the beyond is being unaware not what we deem as being dead is, the more unaware you are the more you are living as the dead.

Whoopsy daisy, what have I been doing since my late teens??

The thing is it’s not deemed, by the beyond, that it’s bad or good living as the dead, it’s just another experience to be had.  I chose to continue to live as the dead at the human level of consciousness where most of us have only chose to do this at the spiritual/soul level of consciousness.  You would think I would have to be crazy to continue to live as the dead when I had a choice to do otherwise!!

Again it comes down to yet another experience chalked up on the board and no I’m not a masochist.  To be humanly consciously aware to deliberately causing pain to oneself is called a masochist, what would it be called if the soul or inner self chose to deliberately incur pain? That is exactly what everyone in physical form has done. To choose to experience a different part of this eternal consciousness isn’t really being a masochist but more aware!!

Living as the dead is being unaware however in experiencing such occurrences we are becoming more aware at the soul/spirit level of consciousness. Yes at the human level of consciousness we are dead but at the soul/spirit level of consciousness we are becoming more aware and that is what we are all about.  By being unaware of the difference between our conscious human self and our souls/spirit self is being dead by the beyond, this stands to reason however we become alive, even in our dead state, when we become aware of all this.

I should point out here, the more aware we become the more alive we are deemed to be.  The human race has evolved from a dead state of awareness to a much higher evolved state of awareness; we are literally beginning to come alive through heightening our awareness as the human race evolves. This is the reason so many of us feel we need to ascend to a higher conscious state of awareness, this is a very good sign.      

No wonder so many ancient cultures focused on the afterlife. We are never really dead just dead/ignorant at times to awareness itself, our eternal consciousness, while existing in what we deem as physical life.