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Monday, 18 March 2019

Being Spiritual

Written by Mathew Naismith

There can be quite a big difference to what is perceived to be spiritual between the eastern and western mind. To the eastern mind, spirituality isn't primarily based on love, harmony and being positive where the western mind often bases New Age spirituality on love, harmony and being positive. Often in this case the perception of God doesn't figure for a lot of people, even though the perception of God is of a pure state of oneness. Love and harmony are simply a derivative of being spiritually connected. This love and harmony is also embraced by easterners but knowing that spirituality is not limited to just a few aspects as love and harmony.   

To the eastern spiritualist, spirituality isn't limited to certain aspects but is of all aspects, even of the aspects we don't desire to include in spirituality. Hinduism and Taoism are prime examples of this where the balance of negative and positive are apart of being spiritual, leading to a more aware and wiser state of being. It is not a separation of negative and positive, unlike in western spirituality, it is the culmination of negative and positive. To understand this, a truly connected spiritually aware person does not desire being positive over being negative for positive and negative work in unison as one. What does the western mind do instead? Separates the negatives from the positives and calls this spiritual!!    

I once came across a person who was crippled up, they were experiencing extreme discomfort and pain. I have never come across anyone so spiritually connected. Look at it this way, how many people experience their most enlightening moments in life while experience trauma, a so-called negative to the western mind? Trauma and pain can either be learnt from or suffered from, very much like humans learning from history rather than suffering from history. Of course this does take wisdom to do this which we have, in the modern age, replaced wisdom with what we desire.    

Try to remember, the western mind in all of us can be excessively critical, this includes critically judging what is and isn't spiritual to the western mind.

When you get to a state where you can ask any question and get an immediate correct answer, you know you are on your way to being spiritually connected. When you no longer need to ask questions to get an answer, you are spiritually connected. Only in this state do you then realise that the questions we asked were not formulating the answer to the questions, for the answers to what ever questions we ask always existed!!             

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Answer before the Question!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had all intentions of not writing today, but like any intentions we have, they soon go astray when we allow ourselves to be governed by the flow of life. The following was inspired by a person of the name of Kriti, this post is based on answers being always in existence and how intuition, and even synchronicity, is wholly based on answers before questions can be humanly formed.

 I was inspired to write this via +Mathew Naismith's post. I have included a copy of his original post in the blog.

He says a wonderful statement urging us all to seek answers without asking questions, for once. I do understand what he is trying to say here. It doesn't literally mean 'stop asking' but simply tells you to not focus on the question too much. 'Seek correctly'.
It is an overwhelming feeling when you are simply seeking something and a lightbulbs switches on. You feel 'the knowing' and then realise the question. It happens. It is an understanding almost like that received from a guru.

My Reply
True, the only way we can find the truth in duality is to ask questions, however, we must become aware that while in duality, we will also get numerous and varied answers from the same questions, it's a reality of duality after all.

The questions are created from the answers not the other way around; however, we have perceived quite the opposite in duality.

Duality means to divide, separate, so in this we look at the questions forming the answers instead of the answers being of the questions, this is how duality works, it separates and divides. We should also realise the answers don't even form the questions, if the answers have always existed so have the questions.

In duality, we separate the questions from the answers which make finding the truth a lot more difficult. This is where becoming aware of non-duality can help, we realise that the answer and the questions are not separated at all. We also realise the questions don't create the answers, the answers were already there.

Should we be asking so many questions?

The more questions we ask in duality, the more numerous and varied answers we will get, obviously this will only add to the chaos.

How does intuition work? It doesn't work by asking questions, the answers just materialise and only then can we form a question from the answer, for example, how did I know this, only then after receiving the answer do we ask questions, amazing isn't it?

Synchronicity works in a similar way, you intuitively receive the answer but you’re not sure of the answer, what then happens, you get conformation through synchronicity. This is brought about by not asking questions, too many questions keeps the mind ignorant not the other way around.

It's funny in duality how we have turned everything upside down and inside out and we wonder how we created chaos!! 

You are going to find this funny; I’m also into science and philosophy, the brain doing over time to create even more chaos and destruction.  I’m actually into the sciences and the kinds of philosophies that, as Kriti stated, “Seek correctly”, in other words seek for the truth correctly without adding more chaos and destruction to our lives.  

What do questions denote and what are we spiritually supposed to be doing?  Questions of course denote thinking when we are supposed to be thinking less not more.  

Why do they say for us to think less, in other words quieten the mind which also means stop asking so many questions? The more we quieten our minds, the less chaos and destruction we will create.

Hang on a bit, how many questions do I ask in my posts, is this not adding to the chaos and destruction?  As Kriti stated, “Seek correctly”.  I already know the answers before I ask the questions, or so I think!!  The point is I am aware that the answer always exists even before we can humanly perceive a question, do most scientists?  Again the answer is already there before the question, in other words it’s the answer that brings forth the question within a reality of duality, not the question bringing forth the answer. At times we will ask a question and receive an answer but I know the question never actually formulates the answer.

Why is it so important to be aware that all answers have always existed? Once we realise this, we tend to automatically rely more on our intuition than questions to give us answers, we are no longer relying on questions to give us the answers, remembering, too many incorrectly asked questions gives us various and numerous answers even to the same question which only adds to the chaos and destruction. Why are there so many religions and sects within these religions?  As Kriti stated once again, “Seek correctly”, they obviously didn’t seek correctly otherwise they would have come up with the same exact answer.

In all, we should be aware that intuition doesn’t rely on questions to give us answers; you could very well presume that intuition is of non-duality; to me this presumption is awfully close to the truth.  

Try to avoid asking question before you know the answer for within this state of awareness becomes harmony.