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Thursday, 17 September 2015

5th Dimensional Mentalities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I will start by giving you an idea of what 5th dimension constitutes/represents.

Extract: Awareness of point, line, width and breadth, height, volume, time and spirit.  Linear time and space do not bind consciousness here.  There is NO illusion of separation or limitation. Instead, there is a constant experience of the One-ness of God/Goddess/All That Is.  On the fifth dimension we live in Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, and Unconditional Acceptance. We hold no judgement, guilt, or negativity towards the "lower" portions or aspects of ourselves that are striving to remember our "Higher Selves".  At this level, we are free to create new ways of thinking/being/doing through the seeds of unity consciousness.

I have been good friends with a yoga teacher for a number of years now, this yoga teacher isn't just into the exercises of yoga but the science and spirituality of yoga as well. This is important to remember as I found a number of teacher are only into the exercises of yoga, for example, I had a partner of one yoga teacher tell me spirituality has nothing to do with yoga, as you could imagine I was floored/surprised by this comment.

I brew a particular beer for this person and we sit drinking this beer under her house while playing pool with other people, it's a really good social event, no one gets sloshed/drunk on this beer because I water down.

There are quite a few people who would judge this action of drinking alcohol non-conductive to spiritual awareness and especially unproductive to entering into the 5th dimension,  if you met this person you would soon change your views on these kinds of misjudgements.

What some of us seem to be doing is trying our hardest to be perfect to become spiritually aware and enter into the 5th dimension, I'm afraid all this doing is giving us misjudgements in relation to 3rd dimensional expressions and actions. Within these actions of misjudgements of 3rd dimensional expressions, all we are doing is expressing even more 3rd dimensional expressions by reacting in a judgmental way.  This kind of mentality is all about separation, "I don't drink alcohol or do anything not conductive to spiritual wholeness". You have separation in that you are doing the right thing and other are not!! 5th dimensional mentality isn't about separation of any kind and it's certainly  not of being in judgment of any 3rd dimensional expressions or actions what so ever.

The next part of the post isn't going to go down too well at all with some people,  this is due to stating that no matter what your actions are, if you let go of all the 3rd dimensional expressions and fixations, you will enter into the 5th dimension. This means, if you are, for example,  a drunk or a yoga teacher, you will enter into the 5th dimension if you let go of all 3rd dimensional expressions and fixations.

To a lot of people, a yoga teacher, for example, would have to be well ahead of a person cutting off heads to enter into the 5th dimension, judgment (ego) would agree with this statement without a thought. The mentality of a yoga teacher is well above and far less destructive than someone cutting off heads, the ego influences us to think, "These people have a much lower form of vibration than a yoga teacher, there is no way these people could enter into the 5th dimension".

No matter how a person is now expressing themselves, either constructively or destructively, if they dropped all 3rd dimensional expressions, in other words changed their mentality, they would enter into the 5th dimension, the only human trait that says otherwise is an ego in control of a consciousness/person.

However, Being a yoga teacher, or practicing in any spiritual practice that gives us balance, will lend these people to a better chance of entering the 5th dimension, in other words any practice or expression that is constructive, will help us enter into the 5th dimension a lot easier. This is wholly due to the 5th dimension being only expressive of constructive expressions and actions.

I did say this was going to irk/irritate some people but there is more.

Yoga, meditating, Ti Chi, praying, chanting etc. are all 3rd dimensional expressions, you will not have to express yourself in this way in a 5th dimension, this is due to all these practices being a natural part of the 5th dimension without effort or motion. This might be hard to believe, then consider this, we use these practices to give ourselves balance, the 5th dimension is of this balance without effort.

Yes, to enter into the 5th dimension you don't have to just let go of destructive expressions but constructive expressions as well.  Once the ego becomes fixated to a constructive practice, the ego just can't let this go. The point is, we don't need to take these practices with us, they where only there for the 3rd dimension to assist us in 3rd dimensional existence, in other words they where there to assist us with 3rd dimensional mentalities.

These practices, to me, actually came from the 5th dimension but were devised  to be expressed in a 3rd dimensional way to assist us, it's the fixations to these expressions we now need to let go of. For some people this isn't going to be easy, it's served them so well in the 3rd dimension, I suppose people into cutting off heads, 3rd dimensional mentality has served them well as well. No matter how you have expressed yourself in the 3rd dimension, to have any experience of the 5th dimension, we need to let go of all of what 3rd dimensional mentality represents. 

I apologise if I have offended anyone, all I can do is tell it how it is.  

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Perfect Balance within a Reality of Duality

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve been a little busy lately on numerous discussion boards and communities, what comes out of these discussions are amazing and at times worrying. You see I am an advocate against bullying; this has been something that has been taking up my time recently.  

I was going to share my recent write ups on bullying but I really need to leave this alone at the moment, instead I will focus on different facets of spirituality by sharing some of my replies on these boards and communities with you.  

The following is in relation to judgement and living in the now.

The strange thing is, if everyone just lived in the present, the now, we would have total peace and harmony, this is mainly due to judgement, how can we judge when there is no past or future and how can our egos take ownership if there is only the now? Just be to me is of the now.

Just be is in my mind taking on a non-dualistic mentality as opposed to a mentality based solely on duality, our existence is still in a reality of duality but our mentality is of non-duality, to me this is perfect balance, I could be quite incorrect with this though but for some reason I don't think so.

But Then

Now the following reply of mine is going to sound contradictory to the above.   

Judging judgment as just being bad is awfully negative to me but that is what a lot of self-proclaimed positive people do.

Ego/judgement is a necessary element within human existence, it can't exist without it.

The problem really is when we misjudge and continually misjudge, all wars are caused through misjudgements, "my way is better than yours so I will force my way onto you". Look at the Dark ages for example, my way is better than yours, Hitler was the same and the religious extremists today are but further examples of misjudgement.

What would happen if we didn't misjudge, would there be any conflicts? Surprisingly, if we weren't misjudgement each other, this would mean we are understanding of each other, you can't create conflict through understanding, it's misunderstanding that creates conflict not judgement itself.

I utterly concur with you Lisa, good one.

These two replies of mine were in reply to different topics, the first one titled, Acceptance of what is---the truth of enlightenment....  and the last one titled, The Purpose of Judgment. They are different titles but they both spoke mainly of judgment.

Can we in a reality of duality stop judging altogether, yes but is it necessary? The answer is no as the last comment explains, we need to judge and it’s the way we judge that defines a reality. The point in living in the now helps us to balance out a dualistic existence with a non-dualistic mentality.  Taking on this mentality doesn’t mean we won’t judge at all, it just means we will judge a lot less and at times not at all.  Taking on such a mentality will actually totally stop us from making misjudgements.

In a non-dualistic mentality you cannot judge period, to balance this out, we then also take or keep our duality mentality as well which helps balance out our mentality between non-dualistic mentality and a dual mentality within an existence of a reality of duality.  

Dual mentality = judgments + misjudgements + past + present + future

Non-dualistic mentality = the absence of judgment period + the now

We should remember it’s our mentality that creates realities, if our mentality isn’t balanced; anything could happen and is happening, existence then became random and chaotic.  

Let’s now look at combining a non-dualistic mentality with a dual mentality giving us a balanced mentality.

Duality and non-duality mentality = judgement + past present and future + the now

Notices that within this balance misjudgements and the absence of judgement period is excluded, this is because misjudgements and the absence of judgement period aren’t a part of a balanced mentality.  Within this balance you no longer have conflicts; this is due to there being no opposing trait, once you drop misjudgements, the absence of judgement also become null and void within a balanced mentality in a reality of duality.

If I was to exist solely in a non-dualistic reality, there would be no need to have this kind of balance mainly because there is nothing to balance; it’s all of the same thing, this isn’t the same with existing solely in a reality of duality however.  If we don’t have balance in a reality of duality, this imbalance causes chaos and destruction quite automatically and the less we are balanced within our mentality, the more chaos and destruction we will create.

This is where I feel a balance between non-dualistic and dualistic mentalities is a must if we want to create a better more balanced existence within a reality of duality.