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Monday, 22 June 2015

The Secrets We (All) Hold Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Oneness, there is no secrets from oneness for oneness is one because it’s  holding onto no secrets from itself,  it’s truth upon itself for this oneness holds no truth back from itself”.

Oneness is all about a consciousness being truthful to itself, it’s about holding no secrets from itself, within this consciousness, truth predominates consciousness. The opposite actually occurs within a consciousness that isn’t of this oneness, a fragmented consciousness, a reality of individual consciousness’s. As you could imagine, truth within such a consciousness isn’t going to predominate, actually quite the opposite in a sense!! In oneness you have truth, however, in a fragmented consciousness you have fragmented truths, there are no lies however, just un-whole truths. Within this, we (all), while consciously experiencing a reality like this one, hold on to secretes within.

I have knowingly, while experiencing certain cycles, withheld secrets within myself, I have not allowed myself to know certain secrets within. We all do this knowingly or unknowingly but why?

Could you, as an individual consciousness, express all parts of consciousness itself without being ignorant to these secrets? To express certain parts of consciousness, you need to be ignorant, for example, warring, we wouldn’t express this unless we were ignorant to these inner secrets we all hold within. Basically what we are doing here is holding back the truth to be able to express such consciousness and not just be aware of such conscious expressions. It all comes down to this one consciousness, that many of us call God, not just being aware of itself but expressive of itself.

This doesn’t mean this one consciousness (God) is warring, you can’t be expressive of warring if you are in a oneness state, you can however be expressive of warring if you are in an individual state of consciousness.  It’s the individuality of this one consciousness that is expressive of warring, not the oneness of this consciousness.

I have friends who are well connected spiritually who say I am special, even well connected spiritually aware people who I just meat tell me this. They are actually picking up on my awareness so they call me special. I laugh at this because how could one part of oneness be special and another part not and still be a part of this oneness? The thing is, we are all apart of this oneness with no exceptions. Special to me is people, or parts of consciousness, who are expressive of all of what consciousness is, it takes a very special consciousness to try to stay ignorant while being so expressive of all of what consciousness is. To me this is a very special reality, we are able to be expressive of all of what consciousness is, not just be aware of this but expressive of it.

I know a lot of other people think the opposite, this reality is this that or the other, it’s certainly not special to them. The thing is, you are supposed to think this otherwise how could you be as expressive of consciousness as you are?  

A lot of people are also trying to find this oneness within a fragmented consciousness, you will never do this because oneness can only be found within oneness itself, it can’t be found in any other state of consciousness but a conscious state of oneness, this however doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, actually we are supposed to. You can however find oneness within yourself while existing in a state of a fragmented consciousness, this can only be done if we are not expressive of this fragmented consciousness at the same time. Finding this oneness within, has everything to do with truth, not fragmented truth, in other words you have stopped holding onto your inner secrets that we all hold onto.

Basically oneness is all about truth in it’s whole form, once you find this within, you have no more secrets that you are withholding from yourself, you have basically freed yourself from ignorance. Once we free ourselves from ignorance, a chaotic  expressive consciousness can no longer exist within your consciousness.  

Supplement: There are people out there who are far far more aware than I will ever be, I have no intentions of  becoming this aware, not while I am able to be expressive of all of what consciousness is and not just be aware of this consciousness. It’s far more special to me being expressive of all of what consciousness is than only being aware to it, this is a very special reality/world. The thing is, the more aware we become of how special this reality is, the less expressive we will be, the choice is certainly ours, however, how long are we going to be able to be as expressive as we are without these expressions destroying themselves? The wise move would be to become aware of how special this reality and all it’s individual consciousness’s are before such expressions destroy themselves, the strange thing is, this destruction is but another expression of this consciousness!!