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Saturday, 7 February 2015

To Manifest or not to Manifest??

Written by Mathew Naismith

That is indeed the question……..

Well not for everyone, when we see something good, that also makes us feel good, we run with it without question, this is normal human behaviour and this is quite plainly shown through our reaction to consumerist materialism for example.  A lot of people have just run with this way of life without questioning it, of course if they questioned it they would find it’s very destructive to our wellbeing. So is there any connection between spiritual manifesting and materialistic manifesting?

The following was in reply to the very question of spiritually manifesting.  

The problem with manifesting is cause and effect, push and pull effect, action reaction.

By pulling something in to push something out causes an effect and a reaction, how do we get around this? 

The universe itself is based on action reaction and so are humans, to manifest anything is in reaction is it not?  If the sun dies, what reaction does this cause, if a sun is created, what kind of reaction does this create?

The point is our truer nature isn’t governed by a universes law of action reaction; it goes way beyond this, trying to manifest anything in reaction is just going along with the laws and influences of the universe not our truer selves, in this we are totally governed by time when our truer nature isn’t of time. 

So how do we get around this? Try not to manifest anything in reaction to something else, just be aware of a more constructive existence; it’s all to do with pure simple awareness.

A problem for starters represents a reaction, we have caused this problem to occur through a reaction otherwise we wouldn’t have a problem.  I don’t have a problem with spiritually or materially manifesting, that is just a personal choice we make that builds upon a reality and this is the point.

We want to build upon a more constructive reality but we are using the same old tools of manifesting  but in a slightly different way, instead of materially manifesting we are now spiritually manifesting, we think this has got to be a lot better!!  

Right throughout human history we have pulled something in to push something out, this has always caused a reaction. You could relate spiritual manifesting to the creation of a sun, which creates life, and materialistic manifesting to the dying of a sun, destroying life. This isn’t far from the truth; however, we are still causing a reaction which causes further reactions. Spiritually manifesting supports and creates life but in doing so there is always a reaction to this, this universe is a good example of this, now look at what it created through this reaction, it created life but it also created destruction, action reaction.

Manifesting anything isn’t long lasting, it’s not eternal.  Yes spiritually manifesting will improve on our lives but will this manifestation last? No manifestation lasts because it’s all based on time, you cannot get away from manifesting anything which is of time therefore ephemeral (fleeting). Yes we could just once again look after our own selves and manifest a better existence for the rest of our lives; this to me seems a little self-centred though.

So how do we create an existence that is going to last if we are not going to manifest it, as any manifestation is based on time?

Stop thinking we are of time, out truer nature isn’t governed by time therefore manifestations, but we are hell bent on manifesting everything; no wander everything we have manifested has never lasted. Spiritually manifesting is no different to any other manifestation; it’s all governed by time.  

Instead of allowing the universe to govern us, I think it’s about time we became aware of being able to govern the universe, this can only be obtained through pure simple awareness of ourselves beyond time and manifestations.   

Monday, 23 June 2014

Thought and Thoughtlessness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I know I have covered this ground before but I am at present in a couple of personal conversations with others about science and spirituality in general on the net.  To most people what does science and spirituality depict especially in western thinking countries, opposing sides or a unison of different perspectives/ideologies?  

Before I go on, what has science and spirituality got to do with thought and thoughtlessness?  To most people science is about thought and spirituality is about thoughtlessness, this brings me back to my recent image depicting two opposing polarities either fighting it out for control or working together in unison to give balance. This image, and it’s message, sparked a few discussions.  Science minded people don’t believe in evil, as in like a devil, so any image depicting evil will be slammed without further thought.  When you first look at this image all you can see is evil plus the message underneath this image also mentions the word evil so to a science minded person this image and it’s message is all about evil even though they don’t believe in evil.

On the other hand there were spiritually aware people who didn’t
see evil in the image even though the message depicted the word evil a number of times,  it was two opposing polarities uniting together to give balance. This changed the interpretation of this message to there is no evil.  Being spiritually and science minded I saw both which is in sync with the spinning lady.

Now if we take this image and replace these two characters within the image with words like thought and thoughtlessness, science and spirituality, what is then the message within the image realising the character on the left is nasty looking and the one on the right looks pleasant? Which one is represented by science (thought) and spirituality thoughtlessness)?  But of course both science and spirituality believe they are of the pleasant character which leaves the other to be of the opposite character and we wonder why we have chaos in the world!!

Thought and thoughtlessness give us chaos even though thoughtlessness is supposed to be all calming and collective, it still produces an opposite within it’s actions because it believes, without a doubt, thought is of chaos.  This brings us back to action reaction, push and pull.  By pulling thoughtlessness we are pushing thought away as if it’s something unbecoming, this gives us a reaction which in turn creates more chaos.  How many centuries have spiritually aware people been pushing away thought and pulling in thoughtlessness but the world is just as chaotic as ever if not more so? Is science as a whole reacting any better?  I can’t honestly see either science, which is represented by thought, being any more pleasant than spirituality which is represented by thoughtlessness but of course people of either camp believe otherwise which of course gives us more chaos.

Now let’s take another interpretation of this image into consideration, neither is good or bad just opposing forces coming together to give balance.  Take notice of the two hands together as one to give us balance, we neither have thought or thoughtlessness being depicted as either character as our main focus now in on the hands giving us balance between thought and  thoughtlessness. To me both science and spirituality have killed off multitudes of people, how many people is science killing off today and not just through it’s weaponry. The recent nuclear reactor disaster in Japan is a good example of this which is far worse than we are made to believe.

Which one now is depicted as the nasty character? They both are or neither is. If we are going to go along with both, we are only going to continue the chaos because both will see the other as the nasty character.  On the other hand if we go along with neither we will have balance which is depicted by the clenching of hands.  

Being aware of the push and pull effect will give us the understanding actions will give us reactions no matter what the action was in the first place. I know a lot of spiritually aware people don’t see their thoughtlessness as being a reaction but honestly it obviously is. If thoughtlessness wasn’t a reaction (pulling) why would we be wanting to be in thoughtlessness unless it was against thought? This action no matter what gives us an opposing force resulting in chaos….

The easiest way is to see no thought or thoughtlessness, no opposing forces battling it out but a culmination of all of being as one.   

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Positive Push and Pull effects.

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sorry but it seems I’ve been negligent in relation to positivity and the push and pull effect.  Positivity is a reaction which denotes a push and pull effect however if the positive reaction isn’t in retaliation or opposition to negatives it’s more of a subtle reaction. We get this in meditation, meditation is a subtle action of the push and pull effect, it’s not usually in retaliation to negatives. If it is in retaliation then it’s not as subtle however eventually we will release ourselves of this push and pull effect when practicing in meditation hopefully, thus in turn quietening the mind.

Why is it so hard to get into a meditative state at times? I feel it has everything to do with the push and pull effect. Notice next time when it’s difficult to go into a meditative state, you will find you are pushing or pulling at something in life. Physical existence is all about this push and pull effect but if we can positively and subtly correct our ways in how we react in life we will in turn create a new consciousness creative to life not destructive to life. In other words Instead of living under a constructive ego we can now live under a constructive ego.

Positivity and negativity don’t have to be of the extremes of this push and pulling, the closer to the middle ground we can get them the less extreme pushing and pulling effects we will create.

This pushing and pulling effect creates realities, the more extreme the negatives and positives are the more chaotic a reality is going to become; human history is a good example of that.  I think this pushing and pulling is of fragmented consciousness reacting to itself creating whatever reality the reactions are between this push and pulling.  The less opposing the reaction is between the push and pull the more peaceful a reality this will create, the more opposing the less peaceful a reality this will create.

Consciousness creates whatever that consciousness is. Consciousness is a very powerful energy form much powerful than man has ever produced including the nuclear bomb.  The sun doesn’t even come close with it’s push and pulling effects but what does come close is matter and anti-matter coming together which produces universes.  We shouldn’t underestimate consciousness, if we are being positive as opposed to negative we are creating another big bang however the big difference between creating something out of opposing opposites and non-opposing opposites is the outcome.  Matter and anti-matter didn’t oppose each other obviously so created constructively however if we use positivity in opposition to negativity we will create something alright, something destructive.  Human history is a very good example of this; it was created through opposing opposites instead of non-opposing opposites. In other words, this reality was created through a controlling destructive ego instead of a non-controlling constructive ego.  

Some people believe there are no realties, realties are an illusion so everything I just said about realties is irrelevant or is it? There is a fundamental difference between illusions and delusions; I believe we are delusional rather than being of an illusion. This might sound worse but it’s not.

You can’t create or have realities within illusions because they are not real however when we are delusional we live within our own self-created reality and yes they are real to us as this reality is to a lot of people.  The delusion is we are not being all we are however we are being what the push and pull effect of consciousness creates, this is probably too farfetched for most people. What I am saying is, this push and pull effect, like matter and antimatter coming together, creates realties that are real in a sense.  No this reality isn’t all we are but it was still created by fragmented consciousness reacting to each other either in opposing opposition to each other or non-opposing to each other.

No matter if it’s fragmented consciousness, which relates to thought, or non-fragmented consciousness, thoughtlessness, it’s still consciousness. If I cut my finger off is that finger no longer a part of me even though it’s physically no longer a part of me? No of course not, just because fragmented consciousness isn’t whole doesn’t make it no longer a part of the whole of consciousness.  If we thought we were just the finger that is a delusion not an illusion, also you can’t honestly say the finger no longer exists just because it’s no longer a part of us? To me if you call this reality an illusion that is exactly what you would be saying, “the finger no longer real, it’s an illusion!!”    

I think it’s important how we use consciousness, in any form, to create our present/future/reality. Being aware in how consciousness reacts to itself is fundamentally important if we want a more peaceful existence without so much extreme positive and negative pushing and pulling.

Please again don’t take this post as gospel, it’s only one person’s ravings.  

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Spirituality and the Push and Pull Effect II

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is a recount of a discussion I had with a bloke by the name of Eddie. I found this bloke quite enlightening so again I thought I would share but another conversation with him which started off on the topic of unconditional love.  It is quite interesting where this conversation actually went too.

We realize the unconditional true love the moment we simply allow all to come, stay and go as they like without the slightest movements of pushing or pulling but simply be. As long as all are happy so am I ~ Love.

Eddie Lau I love your perspective on this.

It's hard for people to just let it be without having the urge/desire to push & pull, they’re not aware by letting it just be without a desire to influence, life becomes quite magical & serine~beautiful Eddie.  

Just be without effort naturally is one with the nature of all itself. It is simple but we choose the hard way by seeking endlessly for the truth which we already are therefore we suffer.

Eddie Lau It makes perfect sense Eddie only because we are aware. 

Mathew Naismith We can only realize ourselves the moment the effort/intention to realize/seeking ceases.

Eddie Lau Yes, I woke up to this some time ago, it took looking at my attachments as a falsity, how can you become attached to something you never own!!

It must be scary finding out you never even own your own thoughts, I always somehow knew this. If you don't own your own thoughts you own nothing & if you own nothing you have nothing to become attached too.

I have emotional feelings for people, places & things but I don't own or possess them. Having no attachments doesn't make one emotionless. 

Mathew Naismith Oh yes, life goes on emotionally with different perspective called compassion knowing all as one whole entire nature itself doing our very best without attachment or trying to control being this or that now or becoming this or that in the future.

+Eddie Lau I believe what you are talking about here takes wisdom to be aware of.

It's funny because I don't understand why most people aren't this wise to understand this, it's a far better way to live than the way they have chosen to live, it's beyond most people's imagination.

Most people make the mistake in attaching attainments to love when love can exist without such attachments.

I was chatting with a lass recently abut unconditional love, she attached pain to love, you can't love without having been in pain at least once. I said we have got to get away of the perception of relating pain with love.

In a reality of total unconditional love pain can't exist because the energy of this love is non-penetrable to anything not of that energy form like pain for instance.  

Mathew Naismith We are already the wisdom itself the moment we claim nothing is belonging to us including the wisdom itself. All are indeed the one mind/nature of abundance. Free all as they are so that all frees us as we are.

It is ignorance or delusion not seeing things as they really are but we see things the old habitual ways that we are use to it clinging to what is known fearing the unknown. Therefore we keep seeking and running endlessly chasing our own tails.

I can never exist without you. We can never exist without the all that we can sense. Everything that we can sense are our teachers including our sharings here reflecting on each other on our curiosities and insights.

In reality, the existences were the continuation of the pasts renewing itself to the future endlessly and the only freedom is the wisdom or the understanding of nature/mind while life goes on and on without affection, not affecting the wisdom that was never born and will never dies. 

Eddie Lau Very good answer Eddie, yes we are wisdom itself, I suppose all we have to do is remember this. 

"I can never exist without you", I have stated this a few times which of course to a person who only perceives in oneness can't grasp. It takes individuals to make a collective, oneness is a collective of individuals. Me, as an individual, is just as important than the collective.

The only reason we become aware of oneness isn't through the collective but individuals playing their part. Everything around us is individual parts of the collective, without these individual parts we have no collective.

I also have a lot of people saying we shouldn't think, just quieten the mind & everything will be alright. We have a mind for a reason, yes quietening the mind will improve our living conditions but we have stopped utilizing the mind. All we really have to do is reprogram the mind with different programs that include wisdom.

The way we are using technology today isn't wise obviously, we don't counteract this by dumping the mind but reprogram the mind with different more wiser programmed programs.     

I couldn't agree with you more when you stated, "the only freedom is the wisdom or the understanding of nature/mind while life goes on and on without affection". Trying to counteract the mind/thought with thoughtlessness is going right along with the push & pull effect, yes we are chasing our own tails.